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Chapter 018 - 18 – epilogue, author notes, extra login (3rd book)

In the monitor room, Dr. Hans is closely watching Sakuya’s movement.
“So, how is it going Dr. Hans?”
“Oh, Mr. Rainer. It’s all proceeding smoothly. Just like what we have predicted, she takes on the bait.”
“Ooh… Splendid… now, we just have to wait for her to come.”
“She seemed to make a significant progress every time. That’s pleasing for me.”
“With this, I’m getting closer to my goal. Hahaha…”
Mr. Rainer then left the room. When he left, he didn’t see the expression that is shown by Dr. Hans.
“Hehehe… there are three of them, yet not single one realized my true motives. Hahaha. They’re all brilliant yet stupid.”
But, he didn’t realize someone hears all of that.
From the small gap between the doors, a pair of eyes is taking a peek. That eye is somehow familiar.
“Just like what Mr. Aaron said. He seemed to have something hidden. I don’t know what that is, so I can only keep an eye on him for the time being.”
The pair of eyes then disappears in the dark hallway leaving a faint echo.
Now that’s left is for me to find out about where they keep Yuki.

Author’s Notes
Uwaah… I know that my English proficiency skill is still far from a good one to write a novel, but I’m still writing it anyway… I can’t believe it I’ve made it this far… I really enjoyed the times when I’m lost in my mind thinking about the plot. And finally the first arc is finished… do you guys find it interesting?
For those who find my writing style and found a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes that’s annoying you… I’m truly sorry… I’m going to improve little by little. I promised.
Anyway, how’s the story? I’m putting up the excitement about the book on the first chapter… does anybody of you ever think about that? The brain limiter? The ultimate AI? The way to revive a dead brain? Hohoho… I’m an evil mastermind after all…
Some people are telling me that Kuro has been exploiting the system. But, there… I’ve tell you all my reason… do you every think about the game aspect when you watched SAO or Log Horizon? Trapped in a game… well that’s great… but, how? Is a human brain really that simple?
I’m writing this with a lot of thoughts about the possibility that I could be implemented in our world… maybe a mad scientist found out about my idea and put it in his next project… but if it would happened, I don’t think the WHO will approve of it… Hahaha…
There’s still a big surprised that I have in my bag for you guys… are you ready for it… I’ve been telling you some fact at the first chapter of this book, but do you think, is that all? Worry not; it’s going to be more interesting. Isn’t the last boss always appears as the last enemy? Hahaha… can you guys guess about the dark future that’s waiting for them? Can you imagine what’s going to happened next? Should I start by killing some character? Hehehe… I still have two more arcs that I want to write about… so maybe I’m still going to write two more books at minimum…
As you can see this novel doesn’t have any illustration, picture, or whatsoever. So, I’m looking for someone to be my illustrator, editor, or even my publisher. I really appreciate if you can do that. Maybe get my novel some anime or a figurine? Hahaha…. but I won’t put my hope too high. I already got someone to draw the cover for me and do some illustration but not for free T_T… I’m hoping for the results soon…
Anyway if you’re interested in helping me, you can contact me trough my email: and thank you for spending your time reading my novel. If you have any question, review, or comments make sure to drop me an email too… Thank you…
Best regards,

Ryan Darmawan…
Extra Login
I don’t know if you guys really read the extra login, but I’m spending a lot of time to write it up. I want to make you guys understand about the system and the plot. But, it seemed like nobody is reading it… and it gets me into a pretty bad mood… So, for this book extra login how about we open some Q & A corner..?
Q: is this going to be an action based novel?
A: hmm… I don’t know… I’m bad at writing the battle scene. I also want to put a lot of romance in here. What do I know is it’s going to be somewhat psychological?
Q: where do you get the idea to write about the novel?
A: I’m getting a lot of source for this. Sword art online, log horizon, yureka, the moonlight sculptor, and a bunch of MMORPG game.
Q: when are you going to write more about the other character beside from Kuro and Sakuya?
A: I’m planning to write and tell you about some of the character, but for now I’m focusing at Kuro and Sakuya’s arc.
Q: how do you know about the brain stuff and so on? Do you do some research?
A: yes, I’m taking a lot of time to search some information online about the fact. Like the impulse speed, the brain limit, and much more. I want to make it realistic. I want to get you guys thinking… whoa… it’s really are possible… Hehehe…
Q: did this game is mainly about farming? Player reaches high level from just killing regular monster. Any quest or something like that?
A: this is what most people asked me… worry not. In this book, they’ve encountered some quest and some back story.
Q: what about the game customizations? A game where I have to use my real face is so lame. Isn’t the selling point to play a game is that you could be someone different?
A: this is an old question from when I wrote the first book. I’ve taken in the comments and made revision.
Q: how can Kuro be so powerful?
A: it’s because he’s able to push brain to his limit. As for his high level, he struggle for that. He always determined to be a strong person.
Q: what exactly is Sakuya?
A: Sakuya is an AI that is someday going to be an ultimate AI. That’s what Rainer thinks though.

Q: who’s snow that’s talking to Sakuya?
A: probably most of you can guess it already… snow is an English word for yuki…
Q: why is your grammar and spelling mistakes is a lot? Aren’t you proof reading it?
A: this is one of the most common questions… I’m sorry about this but English is not my mother tongue language. I also did the editing myself, so… please give me some consideration… I’ll do some revision if it’s really that bad. In fact the first book 1st revision is finished…
Q: how long is the story going to be?
A: probably it’s going to be around 5 to 8 books. I don’t want to spend more time on it because it’s only a hobby of mine. I have to move on in my life and face the reality.
Q: what is going attract the reader? The story?
A: yes, it’s definitely the story. Because some people are really giving me a harsh comments about the game aspect. They call it boring, and so on… I couldn’t argue though…
Q: who is Dr. Hans?
A: he’s just some weird person. A lunatic if I should tell you. Sometimes he’s calm, sometimes he’s crazy… I still have some surprise about his story.
Q: how fast can you write?
A: I write about 10.000 words a day maximum… taking it into consideration one book should be finished in four to five days, but it’s impossible… Hahaha…
Q: what RPG game do you play?
A: I played RO, Dota, RF, FLYFF, Dragonica, and a lot more.
Q: who’s your favorite’s character?
A: Kuro… I’m just a weakling like him… he resembles me a lot… he’s someone that I would like to be… I want to be strong like him…
Q: who’s Sakuya if you have to compare it to an actress?
A: I haven’t even thought about it… I’m always think of her as a yamato nadeshiko… a princess… so, if you could find an Asian girl with a long hair, white skin, and pretty… that’s her… Hahaha…
Q: you said that English is not your mother tongue language. So, where do you come from? What language do you use? What’s your nationality?
A: I came from Indonesia… I use Indonesian language… my nationality is Indonesian.
Q: why is the story so short for a novel?
A: I was trying to write a light novel, but I don’t think I’m doing it right… because of that, I’m just ending each book whenever I fell I have write enough.. Hahaha…
Q: what’s your favorite anime?
A: I really like to watched a lot…but if I have to say, the one with a romance in it and less ecchi… for instance, sakurasou no pet no kanojo… hyouka… the highschool boys life something… angel beats… guilty crown.. lelouch the rebellion.. And much more…
Q: what kind of manga do you read?
A: I read all kinds of manga… I usually spent more than 8 hours a day to read manga.
Q: why are you using Japan as the setting?
A: hmm… because I like it… I love their culture… I hope that someday I’ll be able to visit the country…
Q: based on the personality, who’s the easiest to write about?
A: Hikaru… he’s the second main character in this story… he has a bright personality, straight forward… and have a lot of place to grow…
Q: what kind of girl is your dream girl? You write a lot about pretty girl in the book, so which one do you prefer? Sakuya or someone else?
A: as for description only, I like Sakuya the best. Long hair, red eyes, white skin, further more she’s wearing a shrine maiden clothes…but for the personality, I like Leona the best… a little bit tsundere… Hahaha…
Q: do you have target that you want to achieve by writing this novel?
A: I don’t have anything in particular… it would be great if it could get an anime, manga, and figurines, but most of the time I’m just writing it as a hobby. You could say that it’s one of my aspirations.
Q: when you think about the game system, what do you have in your mind?
A: I want it to be a game with medieval setting, like ragnarok… that’s one of my favorites game. I’m thinking a lot about the PK system too… sometimes you just want to chop another player head don’t you? To make the law, I created the prison… I don’t want to have some weird scene in the novel about “H” stuff… although that one scene from Lime is pretty bad… other than that, I want it to be a game with a fun hunting system. But people who read it don’t think so…

Q: if you get to play the game in the real life, what class are you going to choose?
A: there’s a lot of class that I want to try… I can’t decided it… but if I really have to choose one, I’ll be a wizard… one of favourite character, se7en is making its debut in the story..
Q: if someone creates the Syder and the game, would you like to play?
A: no… I don’t want to… I’ll wait until a new version is out… I don’t know if it’s going to be safe.
Q: how many hours you spend every day to write?
A: it’s about three to four hours in total.
Q: what’s your hope for the future?
A: I hope I can finish the whole story as fast as I can… Hahaha
Q: do you have any words for your reader?
A: dear reader… I’m sorry for my poor English proficiency… I’m just hoping that you will enjoy my story… please tell your friends about it okay? Hahaha… and thank you for all of your comments… it really helped me a lot… as for the question I’ve answered some of it in here… see you guys on the next volume…

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