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Chapter 015 - 15 – 10th login – Advanced Class

10th login – Advanced Class
It’s been a few days since Sakuya decided to stay with the blue rose guild. She decided to help them to get stronger. The first way is to help Hikaru, Kongou, and Leona to upgrade their class to advanced. Because of their involvement in the battle against the wyvern, the three of them has reached level 50.
“Hikaru, Kongou, and Leona, could you guys tell me what advanced class that you’re aiming for?”
“I want to be a knight. I want to be able to fight like a hero in anime.”
Hikaru is saying that with full of confidence in his words.
“I was thinking to be a wizard, but now I’m considering the possibility to take on summoner class.”
“A wizard will be a wise choice if you want to be a damage dealer. On the other hand, a summoner class will allows you to use your summoned monster for your advantage on battle. It’s all depending on you though.”
Sakuya is kindly giving an explanation to Kongou who is still thinking about his advanced class.
“I was thinking about taking druid class, but considering our lack of healing skill I think I’m going to be a cleric.”
“don’t’ be mistaken, druid class also have some powerful healing spell, but in the end it’s all up to you.”
“I think you’re right.”
Leona who seemed to be the most knowledgeable between the three of them is actually thinking seriously about the advanced class that she’s going to take.
“I guess we should start with Hikaru. We should get him to his advanced class first.”
After hearing Sakuya decision, Hikaru seemed to be happy. After all, he is the one with a burning passion to get stronger.
“So, what should we do now? Should we wait for him or what?”
Kongou is asking the question. He feels a little bit disappointed when he hears Hikaru is the first one to advance.
“No, all of you are going to come with him. He still have to do the knight class job change quest and you guys can take your time to decided your advanced class. You guys may even decide it on our way to the knight headquarters.”
“By the way Sakuya, do you know each class job change quest?”
“I do have some information about that, but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.”
“Judging from the way you say it, is it really hard?”
“Hard is not the way to put it. It’s troublesome because it need a sequence of completion.”
Hikaru is curious about the quest, but rather than asking that, he’s more interested to know how many players are on their advanced class. He needs to know how many players that’s stronger than him right now.
“I see… by the way, do you know how many players have reached their advanced class?”
“Hmmm… let me check about it… 8.282 players are qualified to change their class, 1.832 players are undergoing the job change quest and 470 players are on the advance class already.”
“Out of 1 million players, I can’t say that’s a lot.”
Leona is analyzing the situation carefully. From the number of people that plays the game, she’s expecting bigger number.
“Even though leveling up is one of the purposes to play a game, some players is enjoying their life here and take it easy. Not to mention there are a lot of things that you can do in here which is not required a high level to do. There are also players that don’t adapt well to the hunting system and decided to focus on profession system.”
“What’s a profession system? It’s the first time I hear about it.”
Kongou is asking about it out of curiosity, because even Leona who’s the most knowledgeable among them looks confused.
“Do you know that there are things that you can do in here like crafting, tailoring, sculpting, fishing, smithing, cooking, farming, and lots of other profession that you can do? Some of it requires a specific class to do it like crafter, blacksmith or chef class, but most of them don’t have any requirements. There are 105 professions available and the things you produce can be sold to NPC or other players. It’s another way to gain gold and some of it even offers experience. There are even some players that are well known among NPC for their skills. You can check your profession and your proficiency for it in the reputation windows. That’s what we called as profession system.”
“You sure know a lot about the game Sakuya.”
“What are you talking about Leona? After all, I’m a NPC. Hehehe”
Sakuya is replying with a smile for the party. But, Leona is still confused with her explanation.
“But, isn’t reputation window only showing your battle records, like duel, kill, death, and arena participation?”
“That’s right, but if you’re taking a profession, a new sub window will appear on it. To take a profession you have to firstly learn from the corresponding NPC, that’s why for some regular player the windows won’t show up. I think that’s enough chit chat, let’s get going shall we?”
The three of them then giving replies at the same time. They check their equipments and get ready to depart.
“Huff… Huff…”
Ryuuji is breathing heavily. He is working out in a treadmill with a lot of cable connected to him to monitor his condition. He’s been running for three hour nonstop. On the other room, Dr. Hans and Aaron are closely watching his progress.
“His physical body is rather weak Mr. Aaron. I think he will have to spend some time in the gym before he has the same physique with his avatar.”
“How long will it takes Dr. Hans?”
“Two weeks is the fastest. One month at the latest. His avatar is not that good and full of muscle, it’s just a normal built, but his real body is in a really poor condition.”
“What do you expect? He spent his entire day inside the game except for eating and bathing. Just proceed as we planned.”
As time goes by, Ryuuji’s body is nearing his limit as shown at the monitor.
“Okay, you can stop Ryuuji. Your body has reached the limit. Please rest before we continue with the battle session”
“We’re going to recover your condition first before we proceed within the virtual world. You may leave and rest in the mean time.”
Ryuuji still doesn’t believe in people, but he’s accepting the fact that these people have saved him once. He’s also shown for a way to stay with Sakuya once more. Until that day, he decided to hang on and do what he can. In the midst of that, it seemed that something is building up inside of Ryuuji’s body. He didn’t know why, but it feels like his body can keep on going way past his limit.
Just a little bit more…
“Are you ready Hikaru?”
Sakuya, Hikaru, Kongou, and Leona is now in front of the knight headquarter. Hikaru then take his first step inside the building and walks bravely.
“Yosh… here I go.”
Hikaru then enter the knight headquarter for the first time. He is amazed to see a lot of people in shining armor roaming around the hall. He then walk towards the reception desk and greeted by a wonderful lady in armor.
“Good morning, how may I help you?”
“Umm… I would like to change my class to a knight.”
“Please wait a moment.”
The lady then bows down a little and starts to check on something on the invisible air keyboard. And seconds later, a windows pop out in front of Hikaru.
“Your job change quest has been processed. Please return when you have finished the task. Thank you and have a nice day sir.”
“Thank you. I’ll be back soon.”
Hikaru then goes out with enthusiasm. He meets up with Sakuya and check the quest window.
Knight Class Job Change Quest
Required level: 50
Deadline: No time limit
Quest description: A knight is a warrior that stood in the frontline, brimming with confidence and bravery. Having mastery in swordsmanship and respected by the people. To become a knight, one must pass the test from Holy Knight Brand. Meet with Holy Knight Brand in the Avalon castle.
“Sakuya, it says that I have to meet with Holy Knight Brand in the Avalon castle. So, should we go there now?”
“No, let’s wait for Kongou and Leona first.”
“Uumm… that’s right… by the way, where did they go?”
“I asked them to take their advanced class quest too. They should be back in a few minutes.”
They’re waiting for a few minutes until Leona and Kongou come back from the headquarter.
“So, have you guys decided your advanced class?”
“Yeah… I’m going to be a summoner. But, my quest is rather vague.”
Kongou then open his quest window and decided to check it again.
Summoner Class Job Change Quest
Required level: 50
Deadline: No time limit
Quest description: A summoner is someone that is bestowed with wisdom to interact with spirits and granted power to use them as a battle companion. A summoner is required to have a deep understanding about the spirit world and spirit essence. To gain the knowledge about the spirit, meet with Olaf the wise man at the Memoria city.
“Don’t worry, it’s all like that. It seemed to be unclear at first, but as the quest progress, you will know the meaning.”
Sakuya is giving an explanation while smiling.
“How about you Leona? What class are you going to take? Cleric, shaman or druid”
“I’m thinking about taking the druid class. After all I have already accepted the quest.”
She opens her quest window to make sure that she didn’t pick the wrong quest.
Druid Class Job Change Quest
Required level: 50
Deadline: No time limit
Quest description: druid is given with a protection from nature. The power of nature grants them the ability to heal using the life force that’s flowing deep inside the land. They are also given the ability to control plant and trees. To be able to see the flow of life force and understand the nature voice, speak with Grandia the guardian in Illidian forest.
“So, which quest should we done first Sakuya?”
“The three of you are going to do it at the same time. You’re going on your separate way. After all, the quest is only valid for your own.”
The three of them is surprised to hear her answer. They’re sure that Sakuya will accompany them to complete their quest. But, judging from her words, they have to do it on their own.
“Don’t worry. I’ll still help you. Let’s register each other as friend first so I can monitor your condition.”
The three of them then have their name registered on Sakuya’s friend list. They are preparing themselves to go on their own quest. They’ve been partying since level 6 so; it’s the first time for them to do quest on their own. They’re feeling worried but excited at the same time. I can do this. That’s what’s on their mind right now.
“Okay, you guys should go to complete your quest. If there is a problem, make sure to contact me. I’ll be glad to help you. When you finished it, I promised to cook anything you want.”
“Yes mam.”
The three of them then go to the town portal and looking at each other.
“I guess we will have to do our best on our own for this quest. Let’s meet up later when we’re already on advanced class.”
“Just make sure that you guys don’t come crying at me, if you failed on the quest.”
“I should be the one to say that Leona. I’ll be the fastest between us to complete the quest.”
Kongou is saying that to Leona while points his finger at her.
“Just where did that confidence come from Kongou?”
Leona is replying to him in an all high manner.
“Come on. Let’s give it our all should we? It’s not the time for us to leisurely chatting. Let’s hurry so we can eat Sakuya’s cooking tonight.”
Hikaru then speak up and it seemed to give them a boost of morale.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to eat some Degaru crab soup and triffle steak.”
“So, let’s finish it fast and surprise Sakuya.”
The three of them then go on to the town portal and travels on their separate way to finished the class quest.
Hikaru then arrives at Avalon, the city of vanguard.
There is a big castle standing at the top of the hill. Tall brick wall spreads from one side of the city to the other end. Making the city surrounded by brick wall and mountains. A firm stone gate becomes the only way in and out of the city. The city building then graded from the top of the hill to the bottom neatly. Show the great skills of the architect.
He is stunned with the beautiful architecture of the city and how grand the buildings are. What’s more surprising is the size of the castle that stands on top of the hill. It’s so big until it makes up for 1/5 of the city. There are also a lot of players that is using Avalon as their hometown. It’s because it is the east continent capital city which is full of natural resources.
He takes a quick look to examine the city and then walks towards the Avalon castle.
Yosh… I got no time to waste today…
When he enters, the castle inside is far more majestic. Even if the outside appearance is made of white stone that’s dazzling when it reflects the sun light, the inside is not losing to that. The floor is covered with marbled stone that’s making a cloud pattern. It is as if you’re walking on the sky. The wall is covered with beautiful paintings and statues decorated the corner.
After mesmerized in the castle design, he then regains his composure and walks towards the castle guard.
“Excuse me sir, do you know where I can meet with Holy Knight Brand?”
“Oh, you must be one of those people that want to be a knight. Sir Brand is currently supervising the soldiers training in the west atrium. Just walk straight down this alley and you’ll find him.”
“Thank you sir.”
Hikaru then follows the guard’s guidance. He walks down a long alley and he arrived at the west atrium. The atrium has such a huge space and very tall ceiling. It almost looks like as a field. On the other side, broad windows are opened giving a view of a beautiful garden. The Avalon castle is really well designed to please everyone that visit.
A lot of soldiers are training at the atrium. They are all swinging their swords at the same time and repeating a same pattern. It seemed that they are practicing their form. Hikaru then looking for Sir Brand. He instantly recognized him. Standing in front of the soldiers, a man is watching the training.
Hikaru can feel his aura brimming out. His confidence, his leadership, his bravery, you can tell all of that just by looking at his face. A lot of scars on his face show how much battlefield have he gone trough. Leading the human army to victory against the dark force legion ten years ago in the game history make him recognized as a holy knight by Rozenhal Empire which governs the eastern continent.
Hikaru approaches him and is greeted with a wonderful smile.
“Young man, what business may have taken you to come here? Are you perhaps interested to join the training?”
“Let me introduce myself sir Brand. My name is Hikaru and I’m interested to become a knight.”
“My my… look what we have here. Such a young lad is willing to take the chivalry road which is full of suffering and misery.”
“So, what should I do to become a knight sir?”
“Don’t be so hasty. Firstly you have to know the fact that becoming a knight is not as glorious as what people think. We have to involve ourselves in a bloodbath and raise our swords in place of the others. It’s not an easy matter. When you’re a knight you have to protect those who need help and hold on to justice even though it means to kill your own family. Are you really up to it?”
After saying that, a windows pop out in front of Hikaru.
Will you proceed with the quest and choose knight as your advanced class?
If you decline the offer, you may take another advanced class quest. But, if you proceed with the quest, you can’t change your decision.
Hikaru then takes a deep breath and decided to proceed with the quest.
“Yes sir. Please tell me what to do in order for me to become a knight.”
The quest window then gets updated.
You have chosen knight as your advanced class and now you will have to complete the quest before changed to your advanced class. Listen to sir Brand speech for further instruction.
“Very well young man. Seeing your determination I’ll tell you what you have to do to become a knight. At first I was a weak boy that can’t even defend himself. But, when I realized my powerlessness I decided to get stronger and protect other that is dear to me. On the process I found about the three things that you need in order to be a knight. The first thing is bravery, the second thing is justice, and the third thing is power to back up your bravery and justice. You have to prove that you have these three things within you.”
“So, how should I prove it to you sir?”
“Let me see your bravery first. In the north of Avalon city, you can find an abandoned mine. It’s dark and full of monster. But, before it was abandoned a man left behind a precious gem in the deepest part of the mine. He was going to use it to propose to his girlfriend. Without it, he doesn’t have any courage to do it. So, in order to help him, retrieve the gem from the dungeon without killing any monster. Are you up for the challenge?”
“Yes sir. But, what’s the gem looks like?”
“Don’t worry about it; you won’t miss it when you see the gem.”
“Okay sir. Off I go.”
His quest window then pops out and get’s updated.
The first test of bravery. Find the precious gem left behind by a man inside the abandoned mine. The gem is located at the deepest part of the mine. To show your courage, you must find the gem without killing any monsters inside the mine.
Hikaru then leaves the castle and heading towards the abandoned mine. The abandoned mine is a dungeon with level range of 50-55. It wasn’t an easy task considering he has to go to the deepest part without killing any monster. Is it really bravery? It should be more of recklessness. That’s what’s on Hikaru’s mind.
He arrives at the mine and he can see some players gathering in front of the entrance.
“As we have told you. If you pay us, we can escort you to the deepest part of the mine.”
“But, 10.000 gold is too much. How about 8.000?”
“Very well then.”
The players then gone into the dungeon. So, there are some players that are taking advantage from job change quest. But, I won’t ask for escort like them. After all, it’s a test of our bravery.
Hikaru is coming after them and it seemed to be easy. Some of the monsters have been killed and the path is clear. But, the path starts to branch out into ten smaller roads. He chooses the right path and it’s divided again into smaller path. He seemed to be confused and now he can hear some sound.
Criing… Criing… it is a sound of a chain being pulled on the ground. The sound must be coming from a level 53 underground miner monster. It’s a zombie type monster that looked like a miner. With a pickaxe in one hand and chains on the other. What should he do now?
Hikaru is getting anxious. He has to move forward but he can’t kill the monster. Is it possible for him to get past the monster unnoticed?
The sound is getting louder and sweat start to drip from his forehead.
Damn it… I got no other choice but to face it head on…
He then runs towards the sound and he found an underground miner in front. He decided to just keep running. He easily dodged the miner and then run past him. The miner seemed to try to catch him but his movements is too fast, but rather than put it that way, the underground miner movements is the one that is slow.
Fiuh… I get past him quite easily… yosh… I can do this…
Hikaru then keeps moving forward. With the help of the minimap system, he easily mapped out the first level of the dungeon. He found the stairs and move down deeper in the mine. Getting past underground miner is easy, but in the next level the hound dog is much more agile and fierce.
He looks around carefully to watch for any hound dog. When he sees that the way is clear, he moves slowly. Thankfully the group that comes earlier seemed to have cleared out the hound dog. He easily goes down to the third level of the dungeon.
Based on the forum, he knows that it only have 3 levels but, when he arrived at the third level, he found another stairs going down. Is it really the right way? He then decided to ask Sakuya for some advice.
“Hello, Sakuya. Are you busy right now?”
“No, I’m not busy. In fact I’ve been waiting for some news from you. What’s wrong?”
“Do you know about the knight first quest to find a precious gem? It said it is located at the deepest part of the abandoned mine, I’ve arrived at the third level of the dungeon which is said to be the deepest part from what I’ve read in the forum. But, there’s a stair going down. Is it the right way?”
“Hikaru let me ask you one thing. Are you on the deepest part of the mine right now?”
“I don’t think so. Because there’s still a stairs going down.”
“So, what are you confused with? Just keep going down until you reach the deepest part. Hehehe.”
“I see. Thank you Sakuya.”
Hearing her answer, clear up some thoughts from Hikaru mind. He then decided to walk down the stair that is heading to somewhere. But, the stair is seemed to be endless. He has walked for around fifteen minutes but it still doesn’t show any sign of an end.
I must keep on going…
He walks for another ten minutes until the stairs stop and arrives at a dark alley. He can see a light source on the end of it. He walks down the path and arrived in front of a bonfire. He is surprised to see a man covered in a black cloaks sitting. He looked normal at the first glance, but Hikaru finally realized that the man was a skeleton. His body is made of bone entirely. His eyes are glowing red and he is holding a shining blue gem on his hand. So this is the gem that he should retrieve. There’s no way he would mistaken it for any other ore.
“Kakaka… welcome young man. I have to congratulate you for finding me. It’s quite rare for me to have some guest down here. I guess you’re here to retrieve this precious gem. Am I right?”
“Yes, you’re right. I’m here for that gem. Could you give it to me?”
“Kakaka… look what we have here. Do you really think that I will give it to you for free?”
“So, what do you want in return for that gem?”
“Such naivety. After all this time I’m living here, I have live my way in simplicity, so I don’t want anything from you. Even this gem is not something special for me. It’s just a mere decoration. What I want is something that is exciting and thrilling. Kakaka.”
His laugh is somewhat scary. Because there is no more flesh in him, the laugh that he let out is just plainly a sound of his jaw bone clattering. Hikaru is scared a little but he still asked the skeleton.
“Just tell me, what do you want then?”
The skeleton then taking out bottles from his cloaks. There are five bottles which he lined in front of him. Each bottle contains suspicious liquid with different color.
“As you can see, in front of you there are five bottles. One of them is a special health potion and the other four contains poison. If you drink the poison you’ll die instantly, but if you drink the health potion, you’re health will be increased for an hour. You just have to drink one of these bottles. If you drink the health potion, the gem is yours. Kakakakaka…”
It seemed like a crazy task. So, what should he do now? Should he take the risk to drink one of the mixtures? Is there any other way? Can he take the gem from the skeleton instead? He inspected the skeleton to find out, is it possible to defeat him? But, the skeleton seemed to be able to read his mind.
“Don’t even think to take it by force, or you’ll end up just like the man that come before you and his party.”
“Eehh… I’m not thinking anything. By the way, what happened to them?”
“They are foolish enough to raise their swords against me. I think the best way to put it is I helped them by showing the way to the underworld. Kakaka.”
Ugh… even the party earlier is killed by this skeleton… I guess I have no other choice…
“Very well. I shall take your challenge.”
Hikaru is worried but he doesn’t have any other choice. He definitely can’t die here and redo his journey here. He is lucky enough to have a party to clear out his path. It’s better for him to die trying rather than die fighting him.
He examines the bottles one by one. It’s colored red, green, blue, yellow, and black.
Health potion should be colored red right? And blue is for mana. That’s the usual color, so this time, those two should be the trap right? It’s either green, yellow, or black. In this kind of situation isn’t the most suspicious one is the right one? Should I take the black one then? But, it really looked dangerous. Argh… I don’t know which one I should take…
The skeleton can clearly see that Hikaru is troubled. He then speaks up and breaks the silence.
“Kakaka… don’t worry too much about it and just drink. Kakaka…”
“Okay then… whatever…”
Hikaru quickly takes the bottle with the black liquid. He open the cap and some weird smoke is coming out from inside. Hikaru nervously swallowed his saliva. He looked at the black liquid and drinks it quickly while closing his eyes.
Gulp…gulp…gulp… he finished the potion in one go. He can taste the black liquid that’s more like a cough syrup. He can feel that his throat is very hot. Does he drink the wrong potion? But he hasn’t died yet. Does it take some time before the poison effect takes place?
“Uhuk… uhuk…”
Hikaru then coughing because of the tingling sensation on his throat.
“Kakaka… you’ve done well young man… you can take the gem with you as promised.”
“Thank you.”
Hikaru then takes the gem from the skeleton and walked back outside of the dungeon.
So, the black potion is really the correct one right? Hahaha… I guess my choice is right…
After he goes out of the dungeon, his quest windows get updated.
Test of bravery completed. You have found the precious gem. Report to Holy Knight Brand about your success and wait for further instruction from him.
He walked back to the town and meet with sir Brand.
“You’ve done well young man. That’s the correct gem. Now, can you deliver it to the man? His name is Rudy and he lived in miner’s cove nearby. It’s located south from Avalon.”
“Alright sir.”
Hikaru walks down to south direction from Avalon city. Until he arrived at miner’s cove. Miner’s cove is a city of miner. Based on the name, a lot of player has taken miner as their profession in this city. Being a miner brings a lot of fortune to the players. The gold they get is based on the quality of ore that they found.
As the city of the miner, miner’s cove have a lot of small building that serves as jewelry shop or material shop. The city itself is not too big and surrounded by hundreds of mine. The cart used to transport the mineral found inside the mine become the main attraction of the city.
Hikaru then decided to find Rudy. He doesn’t know how to find him, so the best way is to ask a NPC. He decided to ask a watcher NPC that’s keeping a lookout at one of the outpost tower.
“Good day sir, do you by chance know a man named Rudy? I’m here to deliver something to him.”
“Ooh. You’re looking for Rudy. He lives in the city outskirts. You can find him if you walk down this river.”
“Thank you sir.”
Hikaru then walks on the side of the river. It doesn’t take long for him until he arrived at a small house on the riverbed. Hikaru doesn’t see anybody outside of the house so he decided to check whether there’s someone inside the house.
“Hello, anybody is in there?”
Someone then gives a reply in a coarse voice.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Hikaru and I’m looking for a man named Rudy. Do you know him?”
“What do you want from me?”
“Whoa, so you’re Rudy then. I’m here to deliver a gem for you.”
After Hikaru finished his sentence, the door quickly opens. Form inside; a man then jumps out at him.
“Is that true? Are you telling the truth? You’ve found my gem?”
“Yes. It’s here.”
Hikaru takes out the gem from his bag and handed it over to Rudy. He sees at Rudy condition and he seemed to be in a miserable state. His hair is messy, his clothes are torn up and he looked so skinny. He doesn’t know what happened, but surely something must have happened to him.
“Ooh… my precious gem. I’ve finally get it back.”
“So, are you going to propose to your girlfriend now?”
The expression on Rudy’s face quickly changes. He’s showing some sad face.
“I think that’s impossible for now. She has been taken by duke Morgan of Heingell manor. Duke Morgan is the one who governs the area in here. He’s applying high taxes for us; my girlfriend’s father can’t pay up so she’s taken instead. There’s just nothing that I can do.”
“But, that’s just not right. I’ve never heard of something like that.”
A quest window suddenly appears in front of Hikaru.
Knight second test of justice. A man named Morgan has been extorting the villagers to pay up taxes and doing as he pleases in the area. As it appears that he has done wrong, are you willing to uphold justice for the villager and deliver judgment to Morgan?
I see… so this is the second part of the quest. I guess, I have no problem with this.
“Don’t worry Rudy. I’ll help you to rescue your girlfriend.”
You have taken the quest. Go into the Heingell manor in the west and teach Duke Morgan what justice is.
“Thank you Hikaru. Let me show you the way to the manor.”
Rudy and Hikaru then go into the Heingell manor. They arrived at the manor. The building looks like an antique villa built in the 1800’s the design is classic and gives out a creepy vibe. Just when they are nearing, the front gate opened and a horse drawn carriage come out.
“That’s it. That’s the duke Morgan carriage. If you want to meet with him, now’s the chance.”
“Okay, understood.”
Hikaru then runs to the road and blocked the horse path.
“Who’s there?”
A manly yet elegant voice can be heard from the carriage. The carriage door opened and a noble man in tuxedo comes out. His golden colored hair is curly and arranged neatly. His moustache is showing some manliness.
“What are you doing young man? Don’t you know that it’s dangerous to stand in the horse way?”
“I’m sorry sir, but if I didn’t do that I won’t have any other chance to meet with Duke Morgan.”
“I can accept your way of thinking but your action is just too reckless. So, please state what business do you have with me?”
“I’m here to ask you to free Rudy’s girlfriend.”
“Oooh… that man girlfriend. I know the girl that you mean. But, why should I release her?”
“Don’t you think it’s wrong to kidnap someone?”
“Perhaps, you’re mistaken. I’m not kidnapping her. I’m just taking her into my custody.”
“But you’re doing it against her will aren’t you?”
“Let me ask you one thing first, why are you doing this?”
“I’m here to teach you some justice.”
The look on Duke Morgan face is now somehow delighted. He is smirking and then laughs.
“Hahaha. So, what is this justice that you’re going to teach me?”
Hikaru then stops for a moment and start to think. He doesn’t even know what justice means. What is this justice? Is it only doing something right and fighting against evil? That’s not the only things that means justice isn’t it?
“I’m not sure yet, but I think what you’re doing is wrong.”
“And how can I be wrong? I provided the villager in here with protection against monster. In return, they have to pay tax. Is there something wrong with that? If they can’t pay me in gold, they can pay me up with something else, for example giving me their daughter.”
Hikaru then gets more confused. Judging from what duke Morgan said, that’s completely make sense, but something still is not right.
“That’s just something that you’ve thought by yourself. You should ask the villager opinion. A one sided opinion like that can’t be called as justice.”
“So, aren’t you contradicting yourself? Your own opinion about me then can’t be called as justice too.”
Hikaru seemed to realize that there’s no way to talk this out. He also found it impossible to argue with Duke Morgan. So, what he should do now?
“I don’t think I can make you realized your mistake by using words. I don’t want to spend my precious time by talking to you. I’m going to force you to understand. Rover, could you please teach this young man some manner?”
A man with a huge body appears from behind the carriage. He seemed to be duke Morgan personal guards. As Hikaru takes out his swords, a quest window appears.
You have failed to persuade Duke Morgan by words. Justice is not something that can be easily accepted by others. Sometimes there is no need for words and action is needed. To convey your feeling of justice to duke Morgan, defeat his personal guard, Rover and prove your points.
Rover takes out his broadsword. Judging from the way he held his swords, he is a skilled mercenary that was hired by Duke Morgan. But, Hikaru doesn’t waver a little bit. He wants to be strong, stronger than anybody else, so there will be times like this where he has to fight against stronger opponents. Therefore, he is always ready to take on anybody.
“The fight will be first strike. The one that land an attack to the opponent first is the winner.”
“Okay, I’m agreeing with that.”
Rover and Hikaru readied their weapon. They are moving in circle, watching their opponent’s movement. Rover is the one to make the first move. He jumped forward while slashing his sword. Rover’s movement is rather slow, so Hikaru can easily dodged it, but when his sword misses and struck the ground, it let out a loud voice.
Hikaru can see the hole on the ground because of that attack. Rover’s attack maybe slow but it has such power in it. If Hikaru takes even one hit it could be deadly. So Hikaru won’t think about blocking attack. He has to dodge it if he wants to win.
Rover then moves again to launch another attack. This time the sword is aiming for his arm. Hikaru does his best to blocks the attack. He already decided to dodge it but it’s too late. He doesn’t have any other choice other than blocking it.
Ugh… his attack is so heavy…
As Hikaru swords is pushed because of rover strength, it other edge is nearing Hikaru’s chest. Just a few centimeters before it hurts him. But then he remembers about Kuro’s battle against the wyvern. Remembering the way Kuro block the wyvern claw and shake it off. Hikaru then slant he sword a little bit to the right to change rover’s sword direction. He successfully pulls it off and rover sword is now heading down towards the ground. But Hikaru right shoulder is grazed in the process because he couldn’t execute it perfectly.
But, Hikaru didn’t stop there. When rover sword is heading to the ground, Hikaru’s sword on the other hand is now free. He then points the tip of his sword to the back of rover’s neck.
“Game over.”
That’s what Hikaru said. Rover then drops his sword and surrender.
“So, Duke Morgan… will you surrender and let Rudy’s girlfriend go or not?”
“I’ll set her free.”
“One more. Can you lower the tax rate?”
“I really don’t want to do it, but I guess I have no other choice. I admit my loss.”
“So, do you now understand my justice?”
“I still don’t get it, but I’ll do as you requested.”
After a few minutes, Rudy’s girlfriend is released from the manor along with some other girl. Hikaru watched as Rudy’s proposing to his girlfriend with the gem on his hand. The quest windows then pop out once again.
Knight second quest of justice completed. The meaning of justice for each person is different, therefore a knight must hold on to their own justice inside the heart. Report back to holy knight Brand for the last task.
Hikaru then give his goodbye to Rudy and return back to the Avalon. The sun now slowly sets down and make him realized that this quest has taken a long time for him to complete. He goes back into the castle and speaks with holy knight Brand.
“I’m surprised to see you made it this far young man. You truly have the quality to be a knight. Now, we should found out about your power shall we? A knight should have enough power to protect those who are dear to him. A knight without power is useless. So, will you prove your strength?”
“Yes sir.”
“I like your determination. So soldier, draw your sword and fight me. If you managed to even land an attack to me, it’s your win.”
Hikaru is shocked when he hears that. He didn’t expect to fight against the holy knight Brand. Even if it was a test, it stills something surprising.
“So, are you ready?”
Hikaru is forced to draws out his weapon. He doesn’t have any other choice and a new quest window show up.
Knight last test of power. Even if you realized the difference in power between you and Holy Knight Brand, in order to become a knight you have to show your strength. A player that fails to do that can’t be a knight.
“For your information, I’ll only do defending, so you can come at me from anywhere.”
Hikaru can see sir Brand form. He is different from rover that he fights before. He has a perfect form with no sign of weakness. Hikaru is thinking hard for a way to attack sir Brand.
“What are you waiting for young man? If you do nothing, you will not be able to achieve anything.”
After sir Brand provocation, Hikaru launches forward. He slash his sword vertically but easily blocked by sir Brand. But he doesn’t stop attacking. He turns his body and executes one of swordsman skill, the whirling slash. Once again, Hikaru’s attack is stopped by sir Brand easily.
“Your effort is good, but you’re lacking in determination.”
I’m lacking in determination? Just what does he mean?
Hikaru keeps attacking sir Brand without stopping. His flow of attack seemed to be moving smoothly but none of it is able to land on sir Brand.
“What’s wrong young man? Your mind seemed to be somewhere else. It’s not the time to doze off.”
Hikaru is annoyed hearing sir Brand provocation, but something is not right. Sir Brand is too strong. No, it was him who was too weak. Regardless of that, he can only keep attacking.
Twenty minutes on the attack made Hikaru run out of breath.
Huff… huff… I’m tired…
Hikaru seem to be exhausted but the expression on sir Brand face is still calm. It seemed that he didn’t feel tired even for a little bit.
They keep doing it for half an hour until Hikaru seemed to be depressed.
It’s impossible… I don’t think I have any strength to continue…
“Okay, that’s enough. You’ve shown me your power.”
Hikaru is surprised to hear that words.
“I’m sorry sir Brand. Does it mean that I’ve failed the test? Let’s continue this. I still can keep go on.”
“That’s not what I mean. You have passed the test, any more of this and you’ll push yourself too far.”
“I see.”
After that, Hikaru collapsed on the ground because of the exhaustion.
“Hikaru, please remember this. To be a knight, you have to be brave. No matter what happened even though it’s unexpected you have to take on everything with courage. The first test to take the potion, to tell you the truth, there’s no poison. What we want you to realized is that you have to take action even if that’s mean you have to sacrifice yourself.”
“I got it sir.”
“The second test to prove your justice is to make sure you that you know about the justice that you hold. Everyone thinks differently in the meaning of justice. Regardless of that, you must keep hold on to your own justice and never stray from that path. Can you promise to me that you will keep walking in the path of your justice?”
“I promised you sir.”
“The last test of power is to understand your own strength. There will be a time where you face an enemy that is stronger than you. Even if you know that you have no chance of winning, you have to keep on fighting. Even if your body is weak, you have to keep your heart strong. Now, do you understand what it means to be a knight?”
“Yes sir.”
“Now, stand up soldier.”
Hikaru then stands and give a small bow to holy knight Brand.
“I am Holy Knight Brand, hereby declaring Hikaru as one of the knight who will protect this country. Stand proud and be strong soldier. No matter what happened, a knight must never stray away from the justice.”
After that said a light covers Hikaru body. His current armor is disappearing into his inventory and a white armor is now equipped. He is rewarded with a knight basic armor and a windows pop out.
Knight Class Job Change Quest Completed
You have successfully completed the quest and recognized as one of the knight by Holy Knight Brand. A knight should be brave and hold on to justice. A knight should have enough power to protect the weak.
Quest Reward: Swordsman class upgraded to Knight, one set of basic knight armor, knight skill tree unlocked.
“Thank you sir Brand. I’ll not let you down.”
Hikaru then goes out of the castle with a big smile on his face.
I wonder how well Kongou and Leona are doing… I guess I’ll go back to the guild base and wait for them…
“Ryuuji, let’s start your battle practice.”
In a hall that’s located in the FFAID Corporation building, Ryuuji is undergoing training. They we’re trying to make Ryuuji’s real body get used to the battle just like within the game world. They are giving Ryuuji a weapon. Although it’s not a katar like in the game, this thing is close enough. It’s a tonfa. It’s a stick that’s looks like a police baton.
Ryuuji isn’t able to cope with the training at the start, but his body seemed to be remembering all the fight that he has inside rebirth online. His movements steadily getting better and move swiftly. He was accompanied by a man that has a muscular body. The man wearing something that should be an army uniform and have a buzz cut hair.
“That is for today. Your movement is getting better. It’s a surprise that you never took any martial arts training before.”
“Thank you Mr. Rod. You’re a great teacher as well. No wonder you’re once a trainer for the U.S army.”
“Hahaha. That’s just an old story. Now I’m just an old man. Anyway, you should take a shower and rest for tonight. Your muscle surely will be in a lot of pain tonight. We’re taking it easy tomorrow and we’ll continue in the day after tomorrow. When you’re body is exhausted, it will have to take time to recover. Doing training in the right time after your body is resting will causing in super recovery and muscle building. It’s pretty common nowadays.”
“Thank you Mr. Rod. I will take my leave now.”
After Ryuuji leave the room, Aaron comes and talked to rod.
“So, what do you think about the boy Mr. rod?”
“Oh, Mr. Aaron. The boy is amazing. I couldn’t believe that he was an amateur.”
“Yeah, he got me surprised as well. It’s amazing to see how fast his movements get into a synchro with his avatar. His battle ability is now on a professional level. No one will ever guess that he was such a skilled fighter.”
“Yeah. With the boy making progress, I think that plan of yours seemed to be no longer impossible.”
“Hahaha… there’s still a long way to go. Anyway, don’t speak about that carelessly. We don’t want to spill the beans and be heard by someone dangerous aren’t we?”
“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Aaron. I’ll remember that and be careful from now on.”
“Don’t worry. Well then, I still have some errand to finish. If you’ll excuse me.”
“Okay sir. See you later.”
Aaron then leaves rod in the training hall. Rod is smiling and laughing loudly.
“Hahaha… I never think that it was possible before. Just a little bit more and the world will fall into our hand.”
When the three of them walks into the town portal, Kongou is heading to Memoria city. Memoria city is full of buildings that looked like chapels, full of stained glass and have a bell on top of every building. Many canals run through the city and you can use a gondola to enjoy a tour around the city just like a replica of Venice. A big and tall clock tower can be seen standing in the middle of the town. Every hour, all of the bells chime together making a loud noise that can be heard at every corner of the city. This is Memoria – the city of time
“Let see… it said that I need to meet with Olaf the wise man, but where should I find him?”
Kongou then strolling slowly in the town. He’s taking his town to look at the beautiful buildings around the city, until he bumped into someone. The man apologizes and continues to walk. That collision makes him realized that he should find Olaf.
“Crap… I lost myself looking into the buildings… but, I have no idea where Olaf is. Oh, that right. I should ask Sakuya about it.”
Kongou then make telepathy to Sakuya.
“Hello Sakuya. I’m sorry to disturb you, but do you know where I can find Olaf the wise man?”
“Ooh… Kongou, don’t worry. I just finished telepathy-ing with Hikaru. He seemed to be having a hard time to decide his action on the quest. By the way, about your question where to find Olaf, it’s a bit tricky.”
“Ugh… that doesn’t sound like fun at all. So, could you tell me about the details?”
“To find Olaf the wise man, you have to find him in the city. He is an old man carrying a long Oakwood staff and wearing a long purple robe. His beard is so long until you can see it from meters away. He is always moving around so the only way is to search the city.”
Kongou then making an image in his mind about Olaf, and he recall he sees someone similar to the description when he’s strolling around.
“Whoa? So, that man is Olaf the wise man?”
“Have you met him already?”
“Yeah, I just bump into him recently. Thank you Sakuya, I’m going to cut off our conversation. I’m going to run after him, I hope he’s still around.”
“Okay. Good luck with your quest and don’t be shy to ask me another question if you need.”
“Thank you. See you later Sakuya. Just prepare Degaru crab soup for me.”
Kongou then quickly return to the road that he just takes. He’s searching for Olaf. He’s looking right and left, to search the entire road. He finally sees the end part of Olaf long robe that’s been dragged on the ground.
“That’s him. I won’t let him go.”
Kongou run as fast as he can and he finally grabs Olaf purple robe. Olaf looked to be surprised to see him.
“You’re the young man from before. Do you need something from me?”
“You’re Olaf the wise man right? I’ve been walking around the town searching for you.”
“Yes, I am Olaf the wise man. What kind of business do you have with me lad?”
“I’m here to take summoner class quest. It said that I have to meet with you to gain the knowledge about the spirits.”
“I see… but I think it’s very unfortunate that I can’t help you. As you can see right now, I’m just a helpless old man that just roaming around the city.”
“That can’t be true right? So what about my quest?”
“I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do. As you know, a summoner is bound by the spirit trough their summoning book that’s known as Encarta. My Encarta was stolen from me by a woman named Luxia. If you can retrieve the book to me. Perhaps I can help you.”
A quest window then pops out in front of Kongou.
Olaf the wise man has lost his Encarta. Will you help Olaf and choose summoner as your advanced class?
If you decline the offer, you may take another advanced class quest. But, if you proceed with the quest, you can’t change your decision.
After seeing that, Kongou gives his reply without any further delay.
“Alright, I’ll retrieve the Encarta from Luxia. Can you tell me where I can find her?”
The quest window then gets updated.
You have chosen summoner as your advanced class and now you will have to complete the quest before changed to your advanced class. Find about Luxia location from Olaf information.
“Very well, young man. I can feel that you’ll succeed in defeating her. To tell you the story, Luxia was my disciple once. But, one day she fell into a grave sin by making a contract with a lich king. She was corrupted and thirst for power. With the help of the lich king, she managed to steal the Encarta from me. In her current condition I don’t even think that you can beat her. But, you have a slight chance to retrieve the Encarta. Are you up to this?”
“Yes, just tell me how to take it back.”
“Luxia have a big weakness that she doesn’t realize. Whenever she cast a spell, she can’t move from her position. So, your biggest chance is to steal it when she is casting.”
“That seemed to be easy.”
“Hehehe… how foolish, boy… don’t you get what I’ve just tell you. She have a contract with a lich king, therefore she will probably summoned him in her battle with you.”
“Whoa, I didn’t realize it, so when you say I have a chance; you’re lying to me aren’t you? It means that it was impossible right?”
“No, you still have a chance. Whenever the lich king is summoned, Luxia will need to recover her mana. Summoning a lich king cost her entire mana. So, if she summoned the lich king, she will need some time to recover. She will use that time to use meditation and that’s your chance.”
“I get it. But don’t you think it was impossible for me to take on the lich king alone?”
“It is not impossible. After all, the lich king has a really fatal weakness.”
“What do you mean?”
“I can’t tell you any further information, other than that; you can find Luxia at the tallest clock tower in this city.”
“Ugh. I guess I don’t have any other choice. I’ll leave for now.”
“Good luck young man.”
Kongou then walking to the city plaza and his quest windows updated on the way.
To learn about the spirits from Olaf, you must retrieve his summoning book “the Encarta” from Luxia. She is a summoner that made a contract with the lich king. If you’re able to retrieve the book and return it to Olaf, he will be able to tell you about the spirits.
“Yosh… let’s do this…”
Kongou then take a quick glance around the city from the plaza. He’s looking for the tallest clock tower. He found one clock tower that’s insanely high. He moves towards the building and arrived at the door.
He checks the front door and it was unlocked. He goes inside and found a stairs going upwards. When he reaches the top level, he arrived at a spacious room.
“Oh my… look what we have here. Such a tasty looking young man.”
Kongou is surprised when he hears a woman’s voice coming from the corner. What he see coming out from the shadow is a gorgeous woman with a voluptuous body. Long straight red hair and shining yellow eye. She wears a cloak that makes her looked like a vampire. She licked her lips and that scene is somehow erotic.
“It’s been long since I have such a feast. So, how do you prefer your cooking method?”
Kongou didn’t believe what he just heard. Even though from Olaf description he can imagine that Luxia is a little bit corrupted, but he didn’t even think that she could be this crazy. He just heard that she is going to cook him. That’s enough to explain how twisted her mind is. He is now afraid to engage a battle with her.
“What’s wrong young man? Are you stunned by my beauty or you’re thinking about how I will enjoy my time tasting you? What a pervert.”
Once more, the words that comes out from her mouth is really absurd. Kongou finally decides to talk with her.
“I’m here to take the Encarta.”
“Ooh… I was wondering about your purpose in coming here and yet you disappointing me. You’re just another one of Olaf’s dog. How about you forget about him and let me teach you some discipline?”
She takes out a whip and a candle on the other hand. She is looking at Kongou with an eye that’s full of lust. In a blink of an eye, she turned from a mad woman into an S&M maniac in front of Kongou.
“Ugh… I’ve got no time to waste here. Give me the Encarta now.”
“My… quite a pushy boy isn’t you? You definitely need some of my spanking.”
After saying that, her eyes suddenly changed. It’s now giving a cold look that pierce trough Kongou bones. It sends a shiver down his spine and he can see Luxia taking out a book from behind her cloak.
Ugh… it’s bad… I get careless and give her some space to cast.
Just like what he thinks, it was too late for him to stop her. In a few seconds, a scary looking skeleton emerging from the floor. The skeleton is wearing a black armor and holding down a big black sword. The most distinguish thing is his helmet that have a really big horn that’s pointing sharply to the ceiling.
Kongou can see that the lich king that’s just summoned is a nightmare for him.
“Please enjoy this and obediently be my pet afterwards.”
Kongou see Luxia casting another spell. It must be meditation. Meditation is one of caster spell that enhance their mana regeneration but will render them from doing anything else in the mean time.
Now, here’s my chance to take the book. But how do I get past this lich king?
Kongou examining the situation and he can see the lich king is coming.
Olaf said something about the lich king weakness but, what is that?
When the lich king slowly nearing, he stops just a couple meters in front of Kongou.
Eehh, what’s happening?
Kongou notice that’s something is strange. He closely looks and he found the reason. There’s a chains from the lich king’s neck that is connected to the ground.
So, the lich king has a limited movement. That’s his weakness… now, what is the best way to get past him?
Kongou then runs forward charging at the lich king. Although Kongou is an offensive caster, his real body is that of an athlete. He is a regular member of the soccer club, so he’s pretty agile. He can see the lich king attacks and dodge it.
Heh, that was easy .I think it would be better if I take a melee class after all.
When he has dodged the lich king, he entirely forgot about Luxia. When he looked her way, a fireball is coming.
The fireball hit Kongou and he can feel the heat. Although the damage is not that great because he have a high magic resistance but the heat is still troublesome.
I let my guard down… I’m so reckless… I changed my mind again… I’m not cut out to be in the frontlines.
Just when he finished thinking, the lich king sword is moving downwards toward him. He nearly missed to dodge that one. He managed to roll to the side but the sword grazed his right arm. The attack just now is draining his health. The disadvantages of a caster class are their low of defense and health. Another attack like that and Kongou can say goodbye to Luxia.
Think, think, think…
Finally Kongou get some idea. He think that it was weird for Luxia to be able to do summon in this room where attacking and using a spell in a city is forbidden. He’s trying to cast some fire spell and small flames start to come out from his hand.
Looks like my guess is right. This room is special. It’s acting like a field. Yosh, I still can make it.
Kongou start to cast small fireball. To reserves his mana, he cast lower level fireball. He is skilled at that because he gets a ton of practice. Where his skill isn’t meant to do some damage but to distract the enemy.
The lich king doesn’t take a lot of damage but the fireball that’s directed toward its eye blocking his vision. He is slowly taking a step back until him finally standing in front of Luxia. That’s what Kongou is aiming from the start.
In that position, Luxia can’t use spell freely because some of her vision is blocked by the lich king. Meanwhile the lich king vision is rendered useless. So he is now just acting like a wall that’s pulling Luxia down.
When he sees that chance, Kongou run forwards once more. He moves between the lich king and finally grabs Luxia shoulder.
When Luxia wants to struggle, she notices the fire that’s been raging fiercely on Kongou other hand. She slowly lowered her hand and decided to surrender. Her cold look changes from those of a hunter wolf to a pet puppy.
“Tch… you got me good. Now, you can do anything you want.”
Her eyes widen and sparkling. She’s a bit shy but you know what she wants. It looked like that she was going to take off her cloak but Kongou words stops her.
“Are you stupid or what? You know that you’re attractive and you’re seducing me on purpose aren’t you?”
Although he is embarrassed he tries to look cool. He just took the book from Luxia hand and walked to the door. Seeing that Kongou is about to leave, Luxia looked sad and said.
“Is my body not good enough for you?”
Kongou then looked back to Luxia and said.
“Even if you don’t do that, I’m really attracted to you. It’s just that I have something more important to do.”
Kongou then walked down the tower with some regrets in his mind. He is having some wild fantasy about Luxia.
Damn… if only she wasn’t such a masochist…
With those regrets fill his mind, he finally arrived at the meeting place with Olaf. Olaf is already waiting and Kongou gives him his book. A small quest window appears.
You have successfully retrieved the Encarta. With the Encarta in hand, Olaf will be able to teach you about the spirits knowledge.
“You’ve done well young man. With this, I can finally tell you about the spirits.”
When he said that, the book in his hand is glowing. It opened by itself and from the inside a lot of small spirits come out.
“As you can see. There’s a lot of spirits in the world as much as oxygen in the air. There are a lot of types and each spirit has their own personality. You can make a contract with a lot of spirit but they will become harder to control. Now, let me introduce you to the spirits. Ignis the spirit of fire, aqua the spirit of water, terra the spirit of nature, raitei the spirit of thunder, wraith the spirit of darkness, lumi the spirit of light. These are the six basic spirits that you can summon. The ability to summon either a skeleton or golem is common but these spirits can guide you to a new dimension. I’ve tell you all about the spirits. I hope you can use them well.”
“Thank you sir.”
After that, the spirits return to the book and surprisingly enough, the book is given to Kongou. When he receives the book, a blinding light covers his whole body. A few seconds later after it subsided, Kongou appearance is new. He’s holding a book in one hand and his scarlet staff on the other. His purple robe is replaced by an elegant cloak. After that, the windows that conclude his quest pop out.
Summoner Class Job Change Quest Completed
You have successfully completed the quest and recognized by Olaf the wise man as a summoner. A summoner should be able to make a contract with a spirit and use them in the battle. With the Encarta given by Olaf, a summoner should be able to form a pact and maintain their relationship with the spirits.
Quest Reward: offensive caster class upgraded to summoner, one set of basic summoner attire and the Encarta, summoner skill tree unlocked.
After that, Kongou walks happily towards the portal.
“Degaru crab soup… here I come…”
When Leona opened her eyes, she has arrived at Illidian – the fairy hideout. The city is made of tall trees with branches that are connected to each other. Strong vine can be used as stairs and lots of fireflies flying to be a light source. What make Leona surprised are the fairies that are flying all over the city.
Although Leona knows about the fairies, it’s the first time she meet with them. A fairy looks like a baby but they have wings growing out from their back. Some of them can speak in human language but at most of the time, they’re using the fairies language which sounds like a song for players. Their voices mixed up well and turn out as a heavenly music for those who hear them.
So cute… I wonder if I can take one with me…
That’s what’s been ringing in Leona head. Leona who seemed to be the most knowledgeable and have an all high attitude is becoming a different person. Just like when she is mesmerized by Kuro, her eyes is dazzling and sparkling while looking at the fairies. She went into another world there for an hour until Sakuya is telpathy-ing her.
“Hello Leona, how’re you doing? Out of the three of you, I haven’t heard anything from you. I wonder what happened to you.”
When she hear that, she panickly making up of an excuse.
“I…I….I’m sorry Sakuya. I just lost my way at Illidian. Can you tell me, which way is the forest?”
“Okay. If you’re at the town center, you should head east towards the dark colored tree, at the end of the road; you’ll find your way to the forest.”
“I got that. Thank you Sakuya. You’ve been a great help.”
After that, Leona regains her senses and walked towards the east. He followed the dark colored tree path and found the forest entrance. It looked shady and dark. But, if that’s the way, she’ll enter it.
When she enters, she is surprised to see where she is. The Illidian city which is lightly dimmed is completely different. The forest that she is in now is bright. The plants in the area is colorful and many wild animals rustling in the deep.
Leona is examining her surroundings. This forest seemed like a recreation area. A recreation area is a field where there is no monster. It is made for sightseeing and for a place for player to rest. In rebirth online the existence of recreation area show how advanced their technologies are. Because the environment created is so peaceful, amazing, and beautiful.
Leona keeps walking down the path until she sees something astonishing. A talking rabbit.
“Hi there, how’re you?”
Leona quickly runs towards the rabbit faster than the wind. She grabs the rabbit and rubs the rabbit to her cheeks.
“So fluffy… so cute…”
“Uumm… can you put me down?”
“Whoa, I’m sorry rabbit-chan. It’s just reflex. I can’t hold myself when I see cute things.”
“Don’t worry about that. More importantly, you’ve come here because you have business with me right?”
“I don’t know if I have something to do with you. I’m here to find Grandia the guardian.”
“What a coincidence. Welcome adventurer. For those who seek for guidance from the mother earth, I’ll show you the path. My name is Grandia.”
“Whoa, so you’re Grandia. I don’t know about that, I’m sorry. Nice to meet you Grandia-chan.”
“You’ve come here to ask for guidance from the mother earth aren’t you?”
“I don’t know. I was told to come here because if I meet with you, I will be able to see the flow of life force and understand the nature voice.”
“That’s probably the same thing. Right now, close your eyes. Can you hear the nature calls?”
“Umm… what do you mean?”
“Can you feel the life of the forest all around you?”
“I don’t get it.”
“Don’t worry. It will be strange if you succeed right away. To be able to see the guidance from the mother earth you must understand her blessings for this world. Are you willing to hear her voice?”
After that, a quest windows pop out in front of Leona.
Will you ask for mother earth guidance and choose druid as your advanced class?
If you decline the offer, you may take another advanced class quest. But, if you proceed with the quest, you can’t change your decision.
When she sees that, she confirms her resolve.
“Please, tell me how to hear the voice of mother earth.”
With that being said, the quest windows get updated.
You have chosen druid as your advanced class and now you will have to complete the quest before changed to your advanced class. Follow Grandia guidance to hear the nature voice.
“Very well. Let me tell you about her blessing first. Do you know that all the life in this world is born out of the Mother Nature grace? The air that we breathe in, the food that we eat, the material that we salvage, all of that comes from mother earth. Without her mercy, we’re going to be in a time of darkness. No food, no air, no natural resources, the world will fall on despair. Up to this point, are you following me?”
“Yes, please continue.”
“Trough her blessing we are able to continue live. But, not a lot of people can see that. When you have realized this, you will see the flow of life that she’s giving. You will start to see the world differently and slowly but sure you’ll start to hear her voice. For instance, this leaf. What do you think about it?”
“It’s a green colored leaf?”
“That’s correct but you’re missing the big picture. When this leaf fall to the ground, it will rot and become a fertilizer for the ground. Even though it comes from a tree, when it dies, it will return to the tree. Can you see the flow of life now?”
“I understand what you’re saying. Please continue.”
“To hear the sound of mother earth, you have to hear the sound of your surroundings. Please close your eyes and try to catch all of the sound around here.”
Leona then closes her eyes and tries to hear the sound.
“I can hear some birds chirping, the sound of water from far, a squirrel on the back, and the sound of wind brushing off some tree.”
“Splendid. To be able to hear the mother earth voice, you have to learn about the nature. Now close your eyes.”
Leona closes her eyes as instructed but after a few minutes’ passes, she didn’t hear anything else. She decided to open her eyes and suddenly she’s not at where she was before. She tries to open her minimap but it’s not working. In the midst of the confusion, her quest windows show up.
You’ve been challenged by Grandia. If you’re able to find your way out from the forest, she will recognize you as someone who can hear the mother earth voice.
Leona is making a conclusion. So she only needs to find a way back to have her class upgraded. It’s too easy for her.
But, after minutes walking in a circle around the forest, she seemed to have lost her way. It seemed to be impossible for her to get lost. After all, before the minimap implemented, she is the one that always guide Hikaru and Kongou to dungeon and they never even get lost for once.
Ugh… where am I?
She tries to contact Sakuya but there’s no luck. All kind of communication to the outside world seemed to be cut off. But, even under these conditions, she doesn’t seem to be in a panic.
I have to remember what Grandia said to me. This quest should have some meaning behind. Does she want me to be aware of my surroundings and hear the voice of nature? I guess there’s no harm in trying…
Leona then closes her eyes. She just stood there for minutes. She slowly becomes more aware of her surroundings. She can hear the sound of birds, some other small animals in the forest, and more importantly the sound of winds is so loud and seemed to be heading somewhere.
This must be it…
She then quickly follows the sound of the wind. The path is getting narrow but it seemed to be the correct way, until she arrived at a vacant lot. In there, the sound of wind suddenly stopped. She closes her eyes again and this time she hears something else. It’s the sound of water.
She continues her way by following the sound of water. The dark forest is now much thinner and becomes clear. She arrived at a garden. In the middle of the garden a small portion of grass and flowers decorated the land. Encircling the garden, a small stream of water is flowing clearly. She then sees someone familiar. It’s Grandia.
“Hoo… you’re unexpectedly fast. You’re the fastest to clear the forest.”
“Thank you for the compliment. It’s all thanked to your teaching.”
“Hehehe. I’m glad that it was useful. To find your way out from the dark forest, you have to remember that the mother earth always watching over you. In the form of gushing wind or a flow of water, she’s taking care of you. If you’re able to hear her voice, you’ll be able to ask for her help. For example the ability to grow trees from the ground shouldn’t be impossible.”
“Yes, I’m very well aware of that fact.”
“That’s good. I think I don’t have anything else to tell you. May the mother earth give you her blessing. Remember the nature will always stand by your side.”
“Thank you.”
After that, Leona body is surrounded by light. Her appearance is somehow refreshing. The robe that is always covering her beautiful blonde ponytail hair is now changed into a light red colored tunic. She didn’t realize it but her new outfit really shows the curves of her petite body. Her quest window then gets updated.
Druid Class Job Change Quest Completed
You have successfully completed the quest and received a blessing from the mother earth. A druid is loved by the nature and able to ask for the nature’s help. Wherever they go, they will always protected by mother earth.
Quest Reward: supportive caster class upgraded to druid, one set of basic druid outfit, druid skill tree unlocked.
“Hey Hikaru, that’s not fair. That jumping rabbit leg is mine.”
“I’m just paying you back. You’re eating all of the Degaru crab soup by yourself.”
“That’s not my fault. It’s just because you arrived late.”
“You could’ve saved some for me.”
The commotion on the blue rose guild hall is coming from the kitchen. As promised, Sakuya is cooking their favorite’s food. Although by the amount of food available, it should be called as a party instead. Roberto, Shibo, and Akane can be seen enjoying the party too. But, in the middle of that, someone is calling for Sakuya.
“Sakuya… I think there’s info about Kuro’s location.”
“Snow… is that true?”
“Yes. The data is just inputted recently. He is spotted heading towards the far east continent.”
“That’s sounds like a lie. The Far East continent is yet to be released next month. Therefore it should be impossible for him to travel there. Furthermore, if he’s online I should be able to see his status in my party windows.”
“I know, but it seems like someone from the corporation purposely put that data. We don’t know yet if it was true or not. It also could be a trap to catch you.”
“Eehh… why would they want to try to catch me?”
“Have you forgotten already? You’re the closest one.”
“I’ve heard that coming from you for more than a thousand times yet I still don’t know what you mean. Anyway, if even the chances are slim, I’m taking that possibility.”
“Very well. I’ll try to find more information then. See you later.”
“Thank you snow.”
Sakuya then looked depressed for a second after their conversation ended…
Moments later she returned to her usual expression and smile and continues to blend with the rest of blue rose guild.

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