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Chapter 014 - 14 – 9th login – A Different Morning

9th login – A Different Morning
Sakuya is just sitting there. After she realized that her master is gone, she suddenly passed out. Seeing that, Hikaru comes to her and checking her condition.
“Hey, are you alright?”
But Sakuya is not giving him any response. He then decides to bring her to his guild base. Hikaru remembers that Akari was there too. He’s looking at Akari, but she is now crying.
“Why? After I finally see you here. Why are you disappearing again?”
Hikaru can see that She’s now not in a good shape. He doesn’t know what he should do with her.
“Akari. Are you okay? Do you want to come with me to blue rose base?”
Akari then answers in a sobbing voice.
“I’m sorry. I’ve got to go somewhere.”
After she said that, she stands up and logged off from the game. Hikaru is concerned about her, but he now has a more urgent matter to take care of. He then moves out to blue rose base.
I have to go see him now.
That is the only thing in Akari mind. She takes off her Syder and immediately goes out from her house.
She only have only place that she’s going to visit. It’s Ryuuji’s house.
When she arrived, the door isn’t closed and Ryuuji’s mother is on her knees inside the room. She has a troubled on her face. Akari then decides to ask about what happened.
“Oba-san, what’s going on?”
“They have taken Ryuuji.”
“Who are they? Why did they take him?”
“I don’t know… I just don’t know.”
“What happened to him?”
“He’s unconscious and there’s some blood flowing out from his nose. I don’t know why.”
After hearing that, Akari is now more worried about Ryuuji’s well being. But she should act strong to support Ryuuji’s mother.
“Don’t worry Oba-san. I’m going to find him.”
Just like how I found you inside the game. I’ll find you again.
Hikaru finally arrived at blue rose guild base while carrying Sakuya at his back. When he gets in, his guild member is already waiting. They want to know, what happened next in the battle against the wyverns. But before that, Hikaru lowered Sakuya and put her in a bed.
Hikaru then tells about the battle to the guild member. He tells about Kuro’s action. How he blocks the wyvern claw to safe Sakuya. How he get inside the wyvern’s mouth and severing the neck. How he holds on to the wyvern’s neck, go inside it and cut open its body. Also how he finished the last wyvern by buries his arm deep in to the wyvern’s head.
Kongou, Leona, Roberto, Shibo, Akane, and Kenta are shocked and have their mouth open the whole time. They couldn’t believe in what has just happened. Even Hikaru that sees the whole thing in action couldn’t bring his senses to accept it.
They are more surprised when Hikaru explain the circumstances about Sakuya’s condition. They don’t want to believe that Kuro is disappearing into thin air. The one who’s receiving the biggest blow is Leona. After all, she has a crush at Kuro.
The member then discuss about what should they do with Sakuya. They could let her stay in the base, but who’s going to watch over her? That’s the problem. Hikaru then volunteer himself to guard Sakuya until she wakes up. It is also because he’s the one that brings her here in the first place.
The other members logged off after that, but a moment later Akane come back in to the game. It seems like she has something to discuss with Hikaru.
“Hikaru, what do you think about Kuro?”
“What do you mean?”
“How do you see him as a man?”
“Hmm… that’s a rather difficult question. He’s strong definitely. Judging from the way he protects Sakuya, he’s a good guy. Why are you asking this?”
“Well, you see. Akari is going to search for him right now. You know that she has fallen in love with him. But, in reality he’s bullied a lot and becomes a shut in. Akari play this game so she could meet up with him once again. But now, someone abducted him and I’m afraid that she’s going to involve herself in something dangerous. If something bad is going to happen, could you protect her for my sake?”
“Even if it’s weren’t for your sake. I’ll still protect her.”
“Thank you.”
Akari then tells Hikaru that she’s going to look after her sister. She logged off and leaving Hikaru behind. Hikaru now, is thinking by himself.
I want to be strong… Strong enough to protect those who are important to me… I’m also going to protect Sakuya while Kuro’s away.
He made a strong resolve for himself. He already decides about it for a long time, but today he was reminded again at how weak he is. He then unconsciously fell down to sleep.
“Dr. Hans, how’s the condition?”
This time, it’s Mr. Rainer that comes to visit Dr. Hans at his room.
“She’s now resting. Her condition is getting better and the recovery is a success.”
“I’m glad it was okay. I’m really worried when you tell me that she’s going to died. We don’t have a backup plan and she’s the only who is showing some promises among the thousands NPC.”
“Yes, I know. I’m well aware about the fact. So, what are you going to do next?”
“I hear, Aaron has gotten his and on a valuable piece.”
“Oh. That’s right. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not. But, he’s the trigger.”
Rainer then thinking for a bit and giving an order to Dr. Hans.
“Let’s try to see if she really has a will on her own. Set up a trap for her. It’s a good chance for us to capture her.”
“Ooh… you’re very cunning indeed Mr. Rainer. I know that it’s going to be a huge success.”
Dr. Hans didn’t seem to give him a compliment. It’s the other way around.
“Hahaha… don’t flatter me too much. After all, I still don’t know about the card that you’re still hiding.”
Rainer then giving Dr. Hans a glare. You can see a little bit changing in Dr. Hans’s expression, but after that, he tries his best to look normal.
“What are you talking about Mr. Rainer?”
“Nothing. Hahaha.”
Sakuya slowly opened her eyes. She’s now aware that her master has disappeared. She’s recalling the memory of her last moments with him. She put her hand on her chest and making a prayer.
Master… I hope you’re okay…
After that, she realizes that she’s now in an unfamiliar place. She’s checking her surroundings. She is inside a room. It should be inside a guild base. But, who’s the one that carries her here? She then sees Hikaru sleeping beside the bed.
Oh… this boy… I’ve met with him before… he seems to be sleeping… I shouldn’t wake him up…
Sakuya carefully move out from the bed so Hikaru won’t awaken. She goes out from the room and found the kitchen. The kitchen is different than the one on her guild base. Blue rose kitchen always have the perfect utensil lined up on the wall. It’s because their leader Roberto chooses chef class for his advanced class. Sakuya is happily looking at the equipments and start to move.
After a few hours sleeping besides the bed, Hikaru finally wake up. He can smell something good coming out from the kitchen. He walks there and surprised at what he see. On the table, what seemed to be a full course menu from a fine French cuisine is present. Starting from the famous “egaloo” foie grass, until the sweet “royal” honey madeleine. Although some of the ingredients from this game are acquired from monster, they still looked amazing and delicious. Sakuya is the one who prepare all the food. While setting up a table, she greets Hikaru with a smile.
“Ooh, it seems like that you have wake up. Please, sit down on the table and enjoy the food.”
“I’m really sorry, but you don’t have to do this.”
Although he says that, Hikaru drool is already coming out from his mouth.
“Hahaha. Don’t worry about it. You can think of it as a token of my gratitude.”
“Well, if you insist.”
Without any further delay, Hikaru then starts to eat the food. Not long after that, Kongou logged in and join the feast.
“So, how’s the food?”
Hikaru and Kongou give her a reply at the same time.
“Roberto cooking is good, but this is on another level.”
“Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad that you like it.”
Sakura is grinning while looking at the two. But, while eating, something crosses Hikaru’s mind. He didn’t think about it before.
“Sakuya. Is it really alright for you to do this?”
“Is there something wrong?”
“I mean, you have just lost your master. You don’t have to force yourself. You can cry if you want to.”
Her smile disappears for a moments and she looked sad for a few seconds. But after that, she comes back to her usual smile.
“Thank you for your concern Hikaru. But I’m okay. If I’m crying now, my master won’t forgive me. I won’t do something that will make him sad. After all, I believe that he will return soon.”
Hikaru is relieved when he hears that, but something is surprising him. Sakuya know his name.
“Wait, you just call me Hikaru right? How do you know my name?”
“Hehehe. Do you forget already? I met you at the beginner’s town fountain. You were there with Kongou too.”
“I see. I remember it now.”
Hikaru then tries to remember their member their first encounter. He never forgets that scene, where Sakuya is dancing gracefully on the fountain. He remembers about their conversation about Kuro. He knows how much she admires him. So, what should he do now?
“Sakuya. I promised you, I’ll protect you until your master come back. So, please tell me how I can get stronger. I want to be stronger to protect you.”
“Oh my…”
Sakuya is surprised when she hear that. But she can see the determination from Hikaru’s eye. She then decides to help him.
“Sure. I’ll help you to get stronger. I’ll teach you everything I know.”
“Not fair. I want you to teach me too.”
Kongou is protesting when he know that Sakuya will help Hikaru.
“Don’t worry. I’ll teach you too. Ouch”
When he’s still talking, someone hit his head from behind.
“You better not go easy on them or they’ll get full of themselves.”
Kongou tried to protest, but when he sees Leona behind him, he fell silent. Leona then starts to fidgeting a little bit and shyly saying something that will make everybody surprised.
“Um… if you do not mind… could you teach me too..? Please…”
Hearing that, Hikaru and Kongou is shocked. Leona who always acts so high and mighty is asking for help from someone.
Sakuya is smiling when she hears that. She immediately gives Leona a reply.
“I don’t mind it. I’ll do my best to teach you. Hehehe…”
When they are talking, the rest of the guild member is logging in. Roberto, Akane, and Shibo are already there. Roberto then asks Sakuya.
“Sakuya. I already hear of what just happened. I think it would be best for you to stick with us from now on. So, will you join my guild?”
Everybody didn’t think that he will ask her to join the guild. After all, Roberto seemed to have some grudge with Kuro. His sister complex for Leona is exploded when he know that Leona have a crush on Kuro. So, nobody every think that he will ask Leona to join.
Sakuya then bows a little while still smiling.
“I’m sorry. I already have a guild. Although it’s only me and Kuro-sama but I have to be in it when he comes back. But, I think I could stay in here for a while. Is that okay with you?”
The rest of the guild is a little bit disappointed when they hear that. Akane then asked her something.
“That’s alright. You can still be in the same party with us right?”
“I’m sorry but I have to turn down your offer again. I’ll help but I don’t want to be in the same party. I don’t think that I will be much of use. Leona is a better healer than me.”
“That’s not right. I mean, I haven’t upgraded my class yet.” Leona is confused with Sakuya’s answer.
“That’s not the point. I don’t have any healing spell other than God’s grace.”
“If you see my master battle, he doesn’t need any healing. Even I can’t really tell that if he even needs my help.”
The blue rose guild is shocked when they hear that.
“So, what do you spend your skill point for?”
“Hmm… I have some cooking and dancing skills. Other than that, I’m using it for attributes and status enhancement.”
The guild couldn’t believe in what they just hear.
“That’s an odd way to spend your skill point. If you don’t mind, could you tell us your skill set?”
“I don’t mind. Divine power level 10. Barrier level 10. Holy blessing level 10. Cooking mastery level 5. The dance of time level 5. increase speed level 5. Spirit guidance level 5. God’s grace level 5. Holy order level 5. Army of God level 4. The power of church level 3. Purification light level 3. Hand of God level 3. Angel’s whisper level 3. Song of faith level 3. Eizenwaltz’s symphony level 3. Holy patience level 2. Angel’s voice level 2. Atelier kitchen level 2. Jar of life level1.Heaven’s gate level 1. And there’s still 2 skill points remaining. I don’t know what master planned to do with it.”
The rest of the guild has their mouth open wide hearing that. They just hear a strange combination of skill and the most surprising thing is her level. If one skill point is gained when you level up, just how high is her level? Hikaru is thinking about that and counting her total skill level. He finished the calculation and screaming in disbelieve.
“Waaaiiit!!! You’re level is 92?”
The guild just realized that when he say it. They didn’t think about it before but now, each of them is counting by them self. After they confirm that there’s no mistake, they are all looked down.
“I’m hunting all this time and I’m only at level 59.” Akane is sighing at the corner of the room.
“I want to take back Leona from him, but how do I do it?” Roberto is now sulking at the other side.
“Just how high is Kuro’s level?” Kongou is asking Sakuya in curiosity.
“I’m sorry but that’s confidential. Hehehe.” Sakuya gives the reply while smiling.
“Kuro-sama…” Leona just said that words and her eyes are sparkling.
On the other hand, Shibo is surprisingly calm. He tries to analyze the situation.
“Hey, Sakuya. Tell me. Just what kind of skill set that Kuro have? Is it mixed like yours?”
“I think there’s no harm in telling you. But I can’t give out the details. I think he have at least one skill each from commoner advanced class except for dancer and chef.”
After that said, nobody seem to be surprised anymore. When they hear Sakuya’s strange skill set, Kuro’s should be even weirder.
“So, that’s why even though I’m in the same party with you, I’m not going to be helpful. Furthermore my level will get reduced and that’s dangerous for me. I hope you guys understand. But, don’t worry. I’ll still go with you and teach you a lot of things.”
“That’s alright. You’re willing to go with us and teach us is already a big help.”
“Okay then. The rest of you can eat the food too. I still have more in the back.”
After that, the blue rose guild member is eating a lot. They’re usually just playing for fun, but now they have a reason. They have Sakuya to protect and she also can help them in return. They couldn’t wait for the next hunt.
How’re you doing?
I can’t see you right now.
I get a little bit anxious when I remember that you’re not by my side.
But, master…
Today when I wake up, I found myself in a stranger’s room.
I’m cooking in someone else kitchen.
I’m talking to some players that I just met.
Aren’t I’m doing great?
I promised that I wouldn’t cry anymore.
You’ll be surprised to see how strong I am when you come back.
So… please continue to look after me when you’re back.
Today… I cook all of your favorite’s food.
I put up a smile on my face. The smile that you like.
But, you’re not here…
Today… is just a different morning…
I’m just a regular woman. I have three childhood friends and they still stuck with me even though I’m already 23 years old. I know very well that they love me. But, I can’t accept all of them. After all, I’m following what my heart says. I’ve chosen one of them to be my life companion.
That day I was so happy when he proposes to me. I know that I will be happy if I’m with him.
On a bright day, I’m walking slowly when I enter the church. I can see you’re standing there looking at me with your big eyes. You’re white tuxedo suits you perfectly. I can see a happy expression on your face. But, that expression didn’t last for long.
I can see a person standing from the crowds and run towards you. Your body collided and you fell into silence. The color of your tuxedo slowly changing from white to red. It’s now tainted with blood. I can see a knife rested deep on your chest. The person that collided with you stands and he turn out to be one of my childhood friends.
“If I can’t be with you, then nobody can be with you either.”
He then pulls out the knife that has hurt you and now runs toward me.
“Let’s be together in heaven.” He said.
I was shocked and scared at that time. I don’t know what to do. But, a man suddenly appears, standing in front of me. He is my last childhood friend. He tries his best to defend me.
“Why are you doing this?”
“What else I can do? You’re also understands what I mean. After all, you love her too.”
“I do love her, but this is not the correct way to show it.”
“I don’t care.”
They are now fighting each other. It is rather one sided where the person with a knife keeps attacking and the other one keep dodging the attack. The security then comes in to help. They point out their guns and demanding him to drop his weapon.
He then stops his attack but he doesn’t seem to be surrendering. I don’t even know what’s in his mind. He then draws the knife towards him and points it at his own neck.
“I would rather die than life alone without you.”
After that, the knife pierce trough his neck and he falls to the ground. I run to you to check your condition but I can’t feel your breath or pulse. Are you really gone?
My mental state is unstable since that time. I’m keeping my distance from people. The one that always been besides me now is him. He always tries his best to console me. Until one day, he asked me to experience something new called the virtual reality.
At first, I didn’t care at all. But, he keep persuade me to try it. Seeing his affection towards me, I finally give in to his invitation. That day, I’m entering a new world. Although it was a game. It feels so real.
I’m seeing something new. I’m feeling something new. I’m feeling that I’m not the same me anymore. I’m in a virtual reality world. But rather than calling it virtual, I prefer to call it alternate. It’s my alternate reality. That’s the place for me to run away from the real world.
Whenever I’m inside the game, he was there with me. In this new world, I fell at ease because he was there. Will he stay with me forever?
After that, we played all time to refresh my mind, but unfortunately it’s successful in a strange way. My mind is twisted and I’m finding joy in something odd, killing. I’m starting with killing some monster. When they are shrieking at their death, I’m finding it pleasant to hear.
My curiosity then grows, what happen if I kill another monster? What kind of sound will they let out at their last moment? Wait… in this game there are people that killed other people… in other words, they are monsters too… so, I can kill them right?
I think he already realized the change inside me. But he keeps silent all the time. Does it mean that he really loves me? Will he still accept me despite my condition right now? I hope that he will stay with me forever.
I’m starting to kill another people inside the game. I’m now called a PK (player killer). Afterwards, I killed a lot of people and finally acknowledges as a reaper. The one with the highest kill inside the game. But, why he decided to leave me now?
He is helping me when I’m killing those players. Isn’t that mean, that he already accept my situation? So, why does he left? Doesn’t he love me? The reason he stay with me all this time is because he loves me right? So, does it mean that he doesn’t love me anymore?
Please… somebody tell me… am I wrong?
I always think that my life is boring. I come from a wealthy and respectable family. Whatever I want, I’m always able to acquire it. My look is enough to be mistaken as an idol. My intelligence is capable to get me past trough high school without studying. But, there’s one thing that I don’t have.
I don’t have people that kindly enough to be besides me for who am i. I don’t have people that accept me the way I am. They just be there because of their relationship with my family. Because of that, I don’t know how to interact with other people.
Whenever I talk to someone, I just put up a facade. I think of them as annoying bunch. Even this life is annoying.
Until one day, I enter a virtual game world. Inside of it, I think I can be different. I can be anything I want. Maybe, one day I’ll find someone that will be my friends. Someone that can accept me.
When I play the game, I realized some points of the system that I can exploit. I’m choosing an offensive caster as my class, and I put all of my stats into intelligence attributes. I’m rather slow at casting the spell, but one skill is enough to kill a monster instantly. Taken that into my advantage, I lost myself and hunting alone for the whole time.
I don’t join any party yet because I don’t need any help, also, I’m afraid to interact with others. After 15 years I spent in my life that is full of lies, i just don’t know how to speak with people.
When I reach the second class, things start to get annoying. I don’t know how but the rumor is spreading fast. I became the player that breaks the time records to reach advanced class. After that, strangers start to look for me and asking me to join their guild or their party.
They want to be my friends for their own benefit… In this world, can i find someone that accepts me for who I am? Without any ulterior motives and purely for friendship… will I find my companion someday?

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