Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams


Chapter 013 - 13 – 8th login – The Truth Of The World

8th login – The Truth Of The World
I can only look at that scene…
The scene where you are beaten by those wyverns…
I can’t move my body right now because my leg has been bitten by one of the wyverns. I can only clench my fist as I hear you writhing in pain.
It must be really painful…
But, why are you keep looking at me?
I couldn’t stand it…
Tears start to come out from your eyes…
You’re also making a smile…
I can hear you saying something…
What is it? I couldn’t hear it properly…
What are you trying to say? Please stop trying to say anything and try to run…
As your eyes closed, I finally get your message…
“I Love you master…”
I could see that you still have some hit points remaining… you could still withstand the damage from this attack. But, why are you closing your eyes?
Why are you saying that you love me?
Is that your last words for me?
You have enough courage to say it to me…
You haven’t even heard about my feelings…
Please don’t die…
I close my eyes because I couldn’t look at it anymore…
Bam… one of the wyverns delivers another attack at you…
I can’t hear anything from you anymore…
You’re not even moving an inch…
Your hit points bar is now glowing in red. I can see one points still remains. You’re not dead yet, aren’t you?
But, why is your blood falling down from the sky like a rain?
I mustered up all of my energy to stand up. I can still walk a little bit even though I’m dragging one of my legs. But, why do I start to cry?
My mind doesn’t think that you have died. But, why is my heart saying the opposite?
Aaah… I get it… I remember what you have told me once when your foot got hurt…
“Different from regular player wound that would disappear if your health point is full, if we get hurt, the scar will remain”
What’s going to happened to you now?
As I look at you now, you’re covered in blood. I can’t even recognize your body anymore. How can it happen?
Those wyverns… one of them are raising their claw again… they are going to kill you, you know….
What’s going to happened if you died? As I’m wondering about that, another scene pops out in my mind.
“You will be able to hire another Sakuya, but that other Sakuya is not me.”
So, if you died your memory will be gone right?
You won’t remember the day when we’re seeing the great sakura tree. You won’t remember the day when you’re dancing happily. You won’t remember anything about me, won’t you?
I don’t want that…
I don’t want any other Sakuya…
I want you…
I have promised that I’ll always protect you…
I have promised that I won’t let you die…
So, please stay with me…
But, the wyvern’s claw is now moving towards you…
I screamed as hard as I can…
Right now, I’m feeling something inside my heart…
Pain, depression, sadness, agony, hatred, anger… all of those feelings mixed inside of me… and it’s growing bigger into something that I don’t know… ugh, my head hurts…
Suddenly, the time seemed to be moving slowly.
I don’t know what’s going on, but I remembered this feeling… it has happened before… that time, I saved you from those people… so, can I save you again?
Hikaru can see that Kuro is now standing beside him crying. Kuro is shouting when he look that the wyvern is going to attack Sakuya once more. All of the surviving players can see it too. The claws that’s going to hit her once more.
Hikaru closes his eyes. He couldn’t bear to watch anymore. He expect to hear another ground breaking noise, but it’s not coming. He’s hearing a loud clanking noise instead. He opened his eyes and searching for the source, and what he’s seeing now, is something that he couldn’t even believe it.
Kuro is blocking the wyvern claw using his katar. He manages to stop the attack. When the other wyvern sees that, they let out a roar.
Kuro shake off the claw to the right and climbed it. It couldn’t be called climbing in fact, because he’s actually running on top of the wyvern.
He’s heading toward its head. Noticing him, the wyvern then moves his mouth trying to bite him.
But Kuro is doing something unimaginable.
He curls his body up and jumped directly into the wyvern’s mouth.
He is being eaten by the wyvern for sure.
Silence fills the place but the wyvern then let out a painful roar.
From behind his neck, the silver tip of Kuro’s katar can be seen. Another tip then popped out from the front side. After that it was moving in a circular motion around the neck. The movement slowly gets faster until its moving fast enough like a propeller. It’s definitely one of assassin’s skills, the moon slash.
The wyvern stands still and not moving.
The head suddenly falls down severed from its neck.
From inside Hikaru can see that Kuro is alive and covered in blood.
The neck following the head starts to fall to the ground. It’s massive body causing a small earthquake when it falls.
After that, without any other delay, Kuro moves out heading to the other wyverns.
Facing two wyverns at the same time seemed to be impossible.
To kill 7 wyverns, 49.970 players have fallen as a victim.
But, the remaining survivors believe that he can do it. After all, he just kills one wyvern in an instant.
One of the wyverns is unleashing a skill again.
The water that’s coming out from its mouth easily dodged by Kuro, but some remaining player get hit and died.
The other wyvern follows up the attack after he notices that Kuro is still alive. It whips his spiked tail towards him.
Kuro jumps to avoid the tail whip and surprisingly enough, he landed on top of it.
He then starts to run from the tail towards the head.
The wyvern is surprised and trying to shake him off. But, Kuro is still moving and managed to reach the wyvern’s neck.
The wyvern now looked panic and starts to flapping his wing. The wyvern is trying to fly to escape from Kuro.
When the wyvern starts to take off, Kuro throws one of his arms around the neck to hold on.
Using his other free arm, he then start to stab the wyvern.
When Kuro has landed the first stab, the wyverns didn’t show a lot of reaction.
Kuro then pull back his katar, and stab the wyvern’s neck again in the same location.
This time the wyvern is growling a little.
Kuro keeps repeating the same pattern. He pulls back his katar, and stabs it again. After a few attacks, the wound get bigger and now the wyvern is howling in pain.
The wyvern dive towards the ground and turned his body. He is trying to land on his back to crushed Kuro.
A few second just before they’re going to crashed to the ground, Kuro locked his leg to the wyvern’s neck and letting go of his other hand.
He positioned himself on top of it as if he was sitting on top of the wyvern.
He then raises his katar and crosses it on top of his head. He then unleashing one of his skills, the cross slash.
He directed the attack to the hole from his stab earlier. He forces it to rip open and creating enough space for him to get in.
He then jumps inside the wyvern’s body to protect him from the falling impact.
Slam… the wyverns crashed on to the ground.
The wyvern is still alive and it’s now trying to move his body. But, before he could stand up, he’s screaming in pain.
From his chest, Hikaru can see a silver thing is shining. It’s the tip of Kuro’s katar.
It’s moving down slowly to the stomach area, and keeps on moving. After it reaches the bottom part, it goes back to where it comes from. It reaches the starting point and it disappears.
The wyvern is growling once again and Hikaru see from the cut, someone is forcing it to open.
He sees hands coming out.
Those hands grabbing on to the fresh flesh of the wyvern stomach and pushing it wide.
From the wyvern stomach, Kuro emerges again. It’s amazing to see how he managed to come out alive.
The wyvern slowly calmed down and finally falls into its eternal slumber.
Kuro’s battle is not over yet. He still has to face the last wyvern.
The last wyvern is not moving from his place while he watched the battle earlier. It is calmly analyzing the situation. He recognized Kuro as his enemy and trying to figure out the best way to kill him.
They are just staring at each other eyes without moving an inch.
They know one mistake they make will be the end of their life.
Hikaru watched from the sidelines nervously. All of the surviving players too expecting for another amazing duel.
Kuro is the one to make the first move.
He’s moving fast towards the wyvern.
The wyvern then baring it fangs and let out a massive sound. But, Kuro is not wavering a little bit, he keep running forward.
He leaps while thrusting his katar, pointing at the wyvern’s head.
It is all happened so fast.
The wyvern then stopped moving.
It is as if he was turned into a stone.
Kuro’s right arm is now located deep between the wyvern’s eye.
He pierces the wyvern’s skull and damaging the brain.
He pull out his hand slowly and heading to Sakuya.
Sakuya’s condition is now something that you wouldn’t want to imagine. Her body is crushed and now is in a bad shape. Kuro is crying once more while looking at her. He falls to his knees and grabbed her body. He holds her in his arm gently and his tears start to fall on her face.
Around twenty players that survived, has now regained some health. They are all able to move again and surrounding Kuro and Sakuya.
“Here, I know some healing. Let me help.”
From the crowds, a player approaches and try to use a healing spell. While Sakuya body is covered in a green light, Kuro is looking at Sakuya’s health bar but it is not regenerating.
“Stop it… it’s not working…”
Kuro voice is trembling when he said that. Akari is now looking at him. She has promised to herself that she’s going to help him. She should do something now. But, she’s afraid. She’s looking at the girl in Kuro’s arm. Is she his lover?
Some of the player is now giving some suggestion for Kuro.
“Why don’t you let her die? She should be able to be revived at the town right?”
Akari seemed to approve with the suggestion, but Hikaru is clenching his fist and gritted his teeth.
“She definitely cannot die. She’s a guardian. She’s a NPC.”
Hikaru is speaking in anger. He didn’t know that these players are so dense.
“Well, the system should have a back up data for her right? You could just ask them to load a new one. Let’s just collect the drop from the wyvern right now.”
Some of the players are nodding in agreements. Akari and Hikaru couldn’t believe at what they just hear. Even after Kuro saves their life, they’re now doesn’t care a little bit Sakuya. Although they also cried a while back, is it only an act?
Hikaru is trying to attack the player that just talked, but he was stopped by Akari. She shook her head and turns her head towards Kuro. Hikaru understands what she’s trying to say. He doesn’t have any rights to get mad at them. Kuro’s should be the one to be angry. But, even him who stood up against three wyverns to save Sakuya is now silent. The surviving players are now leaving Kuro and Sakuya. Only Hikaru and Akari remains.
“Ugh, it’s not good.”
Dr. Hans looked panic while looking at the monitor.
“His mental state is unstable. Furthermore, there’s no response from her. Ugh. What should I do?”
He was moving back and forth in front of the monitor while thinking.
“I can’t let my research to be ended like this.”
He seemed to be really concerned about something important.
“Aaah, I know. There’s a pawn that I can use in this condition. I’ll let him do his job.”
He was heading towards a computer in the room. He’s typing really fast and the monitor is displaying lines of number that’s moving as fast as his hand.
“It’s perfect. He’s there. With this, my research can still continue. Huahahaha.”
He was laughing really hard and you can sense the evil intention behind it.
“I think I should inform Aaron about this.”
“Kuro let me handle this.”
That voice has been repeated for him a couple times.
“Kuro, can you hear me? Let me help you.”
Kuro didn’t seem to be aware of his surrounding anymore. He surely has lost his mind. But, that man that has been calling out for him isn’t giving up. He grabs Kuro’s head and raises it upwards so he can see him.
“Kuro, it’s me Genki. I’ve been given an order to safe Sakuya.”
When Kuro hear that, he finally returns to his sense. He looked so glad to see Genki.
“Really? Can you do that?”
“I don’t know yet, but I’ll do my best.”
“Thank you.”
Genki then release Sakuya from Kuro’s arm. He laid sakura on the ground and start making some gesture in the air.
“Game master authority control calls for debugging system. System recovery windows open.”
After saying that, Sakuya body is lifted from the ground. Her body is now floating in the air and surrounded by blue light. On the other hand, Genki seemed to be typing something on his pop out keyboard.
That is happened for more than ten minutes. Hikaru and Akari are watching the scene closely while resting. While Kuro on the other hand is not even blinking. After a couple more minutes, the blue light that is enveloping Sakuya’s body has vanished. You can see that her wounds are completely healed. After that, Kuro quickly come forward to hold Sakuya in his arms once again.
“So, how is it Genki? Are you able to save her?”
“Her wounds are completely healed, but I don’t know if she will regain her consciousness.”
“Thank you.”
Kuro is now giving Genki a smile. He then looked down at Sakuya and his face is showing a gentle expression.
“Wake up you sleepy head. You’re going to be late to make dinner.”
Tears are flowing out from his eyes once more. He keeps looking at Sakuya and when his tears fell down on her face, this time he can see some reaction.
Slowly, Sakuya opens her eyes. Genki, Hikaru, and Akari are relieved when they see that. While still trying to shake off the dizziness, Sakuya is looking at her master expression and asked.
“Kuro-sama… why are you crying?”
Kuro then showing her the most gentle, kind, and caring smile she ever seen.
“I’m glad you’re okay Sakuya…”
Kuro then hugs Sakuya as hard as he can. He then whispers something that makes her confused.
“I think I’m at my limit already. Let stay like this for a while. Because after this, I don’t think I can see you anymore. Good bye… Sakuya. “
After saying that, Kuro’s body started to turn into black covered in shadow. Starting from his leg and starting to spread out. His body also started to disappear little by little.
“What’s happening?” Hikaru is asking Genki impatiently.
“I don’t know. It’s something that I have never seen.” Genki is now typing at his keyboard and looking at the pop out windows in front of him.
“Ryuuji-kun…” Akari falls down to her knees and started to cry.
Sakuya was hugged by Kuro so she didn’t realize what’s happening to his body. But, she can feel that he’s going to go somewhere far away. Her tears come out naturally from her eye and she’s also saying her parting words.
“I’m sure we will meet again master. When you came back, I’m going to cook your favorite food. Don’t worry Kuro-sama… I will not die when you’re away.”
Kuro let go of the hug, and now the black shadow starts to infect his face. Sakuya can see his smile that started to disappear into thin air. She keeps on looking into Kuro’s eye and before it is vanished she say it once more.
“I love you… master…”

Knock… Knock… Knock…
Someone is knocking at the door in a hurry.
“Wait a minutes please.”
The door is opened and you can see a middle aged woman inside. She was shocked to see a lot of people in front her house. They all wear the same black suit and glasses. She doesn’t know what they want from her.
“I’m sorry, is this Kuromaru Ryuuji house?” one of the man in suit is asking politely to the woman.
The woman is surprised to hear that. She then asked a question to him because it’s suspicious
“Yes it is. I’m her mother. Do you need anything from him?”
“I believe that your son is in danger now.”
“What do you mean? He didn’t even go out from his room.”
“We don’t have a lot of time to explain about this. So please, excuse us.”
Some man then goes inside the house by force. The woman can’t stop them from going in, so she surrendered and decided to follow them. They arrived in front of Ryuuji’s room and try to open the door. It seemed to be locked so they decided to break it.
“Stop it.” The woman tries to stop them but it’s too late. What’s more surprising for her is her son condition.
His son is lying down on his bed wearing a weird helmet on his head, and there’s some blood coming out form his nose. She looked panic and demanding for some explanation from the man in suit.
“What happened to him?”
“Don’t worry, we will safe him.”
“Tell me! What’s going on?”
“I’m sorry, that’s confidential.”
Those men then carefully taking off the Syder and then carry his body.
“Where are you going to take him? Hey..! I’m going to call the police.”
“Those police won’t be able to safe your son. We’re the only one who can. If you’re really wished for your son safety, please trust us.”
When she heard that, she falls down to the ground. Her strength is leaving her body. She can’t believe in what that’s just happened. She is now sobbing, calling out for his son.
A young man is running hurriedly towards a room in the end of the hall. He opened the door quickly and curiously asking a question as he enters.
“Dr. Hans. Is it true that the boy has done it again?”
“Yes, he even keeps it going for a while.”
After hearing that, his eyes are widened and he shows a big smile on his face.
“That’s great. So, how’s his condition?”
Dr. Hans stops for a moment and while correcting his glasses, he answers.
“Regarding that matters… I believe you should get him now Mr. Aaron… his brain waves has been unstable for a few minutes. If this keep continue, we may lost him.”
“Ugh… I’ll do what I can.”
The man then leaves the room again as fast as when he came in. He didn’t realize that dr. Hans is grinning behind his back.
It hurts… my head hurts…
I remembered after that I was moving differently. I can see the wyverns attack. I have enough power to stop them. I also remembered when I killed them. Is that, really me?
I also remembered when those player that I saved acting like some dumb creature. I think I made the right decision to never trust them again.
But among them, I can also see one of my former classmates. She was staying besides me until the end, together with a boy that I saw at one of the event. Can I trust them?
Right now, my only friend is Genki. I’m really glad that he was there. I he’s not there, I don’t know what’s going to happen to Sakuya. Yeah right… Sakuya…
I remember I was hugging her as I start to disappear. I still remember what she said to me. Even, her feelings for me. I’m happy that she could think of me that way, but is it possible for me to be together with her?
Ugh… what am I thinking? I don’t even know where I am. I don’t even know if I’m still alive.
I remembered when I was covered by that shadow. So, I am dead right?
Well, my head is still heavy.
I guess I’m going for a long deep sleep…
The men in suit, carries Ryuuji’s body into the FFAID Corporation building. They didn’t take the regular elevator in the building. They enter an elevator that’s been disguised as a regular room. The numbers shown on the panel is also surprising. It’s labeled, b1, b2, b3 until b20. Is this building having that much basement level?
They arrived at the lowest level of the building. When they get out from the elevator, a lot of people that seemed to be a doctor are already waiting. They put Ryuuji at the patient trolley and quickly head to a surgery room.
After a few hours, they finally finished. Ryuuji is now held at a ward with lots of medical equipment attached to him. He finally regained his consciousness after three days. When he wakes up, the nurse is calling for the doctor. He got examined once again and the doctor says that he’s okay.
In the afternoon, a young man in a modest suit comes in to meet him. The man sits on a chair beside the bed and start to talk to him.
“How’re you feeling?”
“I’m feeling a little bit heavy when I try to move my body. But other than that, I’m okay.”
“We’re glad that we’re able to save you.”
“Can you tell me what’s happened to me?”
“I’m going to tell you about that indeed. I’m also asking for you to help me.”
“I don’t know if I could help, but I’m listening.”
The man then shows a serious face and start to tell about the story.
“My name is Aaron. I’m one of the three founders of FFAID. FFAID has three main factions because of that. We have my division, Rainer’s division, and Sakaki’s division. My division is the one that’s been managing the game system. Rainer’s division is the one that’s in charge on the game AI, and Sakaki’s division is the one that’s controlling the game progress.”
“Why are you telling me that?”
“Hmph…” the man didn’t give an answer to his question and start to talk again.
“Do you know how can we acquire the Syder? It’s all started a year ago when Sakaki’s daughter is involved in a car accident. She survived but her brain is dead. He was desperately trying to find a way to safe her. One day, he found Dr. Hans Schneider thesis about a brain reader device. In there, Dr. Hans making a really bold statement. If it was possible for human to read the information within the brain and mapped out the brain, it was no longer impossible for us to send it back. If this can be done, even a dead brain can be revived.”
“That’s seemed to be impossible…”
“Hoo… do you think so?” the man is now smiling to mock Ryuuji.
“Don’t you realize that the first step and the second are possible? After all, you’ve experiencing it by yourself when you played Rebirth Online. We successfully reads your brain, thus we’ve been able to monitoring your condition so far. We also successfully sending image to your brain. That’s why Sakaki is really hoping that he can find a way to save her daughter.”
Ryuuji is confused when he hears the explanation. Why is Aaron telling him about this? He still doesn’t know Aaron motives.
“Do you enjoy playing the game Ryuuji?”
“I never really think about it. But if it’s a yes or no question, I could say it’s a yes.”
“Very well… do you even know why we’re making the game?”
“Hmm… to let people play it right? Or making money out of it?”
“Huahahaha… how naive… do you know each Syder only cost for $500. Even we’ve sell 1.000.000 unit, we can only gather $500.000.000. That’s not even half the amount that we spend to build this company. The game maintenance cost, how much do you think it is?”
“Around $50.000 a month?”
“Huahahaha… I really like your answer. But, to put it frankly that’s the correct amount for a regular online game. For Rebirth Online, the monthly cost is almost $1.000.000. We’re having a deficit every month.”
Hearing the amounts needed, Ryuuji is surprised, what kind of game needs that ridiculous amount of money?
“You must be surprised. Why do we keep something that is non profitable and only causing us to loss our money? To tell you the truth, this game is made by us to be a perfect research lab.”
Ryuuji is shocked to hear the truth. “What, do you mean?”
“The three of us made this game for our own purpose. Sakaki purpose is to heal his daughter, Rainer is a bit shady, but hearing from my agent it seemed like he wants to make an ultimate AI. You know that Sakuya is healed by Genki right? He’s doing that because he was ordered. Why should we waste our time for a single NPC, but Sakuya is the one closest for his purpose. Strangely enough she has something that’s called freedom. She’s also showing some sign of individuality. She could think of a solution by her own. And that’s what he wants.”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Do you know, what’s the purpose of creating an ultimate AI?”
“Isn’t it to help human life? I mean, it could be used to make robots that will help human daily activities right?”
“Ooh… what a great idea. But, you’re wrong. Why would he spend a lot of money to get something that’s so useless? There’s only one thing that I could think of. He’s planning to make an AI for military purpose. He’s creating a killing machine that could move flexibly on the battlefield. Just how much money a country is willing to pay for that technology you think?”
“Ugh… did he really plan that?”
“After all this year knowing him, it’s not impossible for him to plan something like that. Therefore, your beloved Sakuya is in danger. Sakuya AI level is not perfect, but close enough. When she reached her maturity stage, she will be taken from you. Her kindness, smile, even love, all the things that will distract her on the battlefield will be removed. You don’t want that to happen don’t you?”
“Ugh, no. I don’t want that. Can you tell me a way to stop it?”
Aaron then stops for a while and show his true color.
“That’s why I’m asking you to help me. I also have my own research. Right now, this game is supported by me, Sakaki’s, and Rainer’s finance. If even one of us has achieved our goal and backed out from here, can you think what’s going to happen?”
“The game will have to be shutted down right? Wait… I know what you’re trying to say. They couldn’t afford the cost and will turn it into a regular game right?”
“Hmm… very smart… but, if only one of us has completed it, there’s no guarantee that Reiner will stop. That’s why I’m asking you to help me and Sakaki to complete our goal.”
“I can agree to help Mr. Sakaki saves his daughter, but what’s your goal?”
“I’m trying to remove the brain limiter.”
Ryuuji doesn’t understand about a thing that Aaron said.
“What do you mean?”
“Do you know why the Syder have to get the WHO acknowledgement although it’s considered as a game console?”
“Hmm maybe because it has something to do with our brain?”
“Hahaha… what a smart boy. It’s true. It’s because the Syder is confronting directly with your brain. That’s why it’s dangerous. Dr. Hans has been suffered all this time, because he was mocked by his entire colleague. He’s trying to deal with something that’s still full of mystery.”
“So, what’s your point?”
“Uh… you’re quite an impatient boy. Let me explain it to you slowly so I can enjoy it. Do you know, in dangerous condition, a human can act differently? When a fire happened in a house, a little girl could lift a heavy table that’s blocking her way out. Or when a person is chased by a killer, he could run faster than usual. Do you know why?”
“I don’t know.”
“But, you have experienced it before right? The first time is when you safe your beloved Sakuya in the town. The second one is your last battle against the wyvern. Do you now know about the reason?”
“I realized that I was moving differently from usual. I could move faster, my attack is also stronger, but I don’t know why.”
“It’s because your brain has released its limiter. Do you remember what my group division do is again?”
“Err… in the game system right?”
“Yes. We’re making the game system. How do you think it works?”
“I really don’t know.”
“Hahaha. That’s alright. It’s something that’s out of your knowledge. If we’re telling everyone to stop stealing food from a stall, do you think everyone will do it? That’s the same principle behind the game system.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s like when you close your eyes and I tell you to imagine if there is an apple in front of you. You will believe if there’s one and you can see it in your mind. Even though there’s no apple. We’re not putting an order inside your brain to stop stealing, but we’re making a restriction. We’re making you believe if there’s something that you cannot do. This restriction will hinder you from stealing. You will still be able to steal, but it won’t happen in most of the case.”
“Is that how you explain my ability to kill greenhorn and lime inside the town? But, what about the speed and power I have when facing the wyvern?”
“Yes, you’re able to kill players inside the town but our restriction is a strong and absolute one. To break it you can only do one thing. That’s releasing your limiter.”
“You keep saying about the limiter. I don’t get it.”
“Do you know about one of our greatest creators that have inventing a lot of things, Albert Einstein?”
It seemed like the question is more like a mockery for Ryuuji.
“Yes, of course I know about him.”
“It is said, that he only uses 7% of the maximum potential of a human brain.”
“7%? Really? I can only think that he’s already using all of his intelligence.”
“That’s because there’s a limiter in the human brain. A regular human can only use about 3 to 4 %. If they can use 5% they are a genius already. So, what if we can go past that limit and fully utilize the human brain? Do you know what’s going to happen?”
“Whoa… I can’t even imagine it.”
“So, Ryuuji. Are you willing to help me? If we succeeded, we’re going to bring humanity on a whole new level.”
“Yes, of course I want to help you. But, what should I do?”
“You’re still going to play like usual, but we’re going to monitor your condition all the time. You won’t be able to meet with Sakuya for a while because we’re going to do a thorough investigation about your body condition. We’re asking you to stay in here and do what we told you to. The first thing that’s going to happened, maybe we’re going to ask you to do some exercise. We want to know the difference between your real body and your avatar. So, are you interested? We’re going to pay you too.”
“I have no problem with that. Are you really going to pay me too?”
“Yes. How about $10.000 a month?”
“Whoa. I agree.”
Ryuuji is surprised to hear the amount that he’s going to get. He’ll get money while all he needs to do is play and do some check up. But, is he really able to do it?
“Mr. Aaron. I’m sorry for asking you this, but do you think I can really meet up with your expectation?”
Aaron then thinks for a while and gives him a reply.
“Yes you can. Among more than 1.000.000 players out there, you’re the only one that’s been able to break the system limiter. That’s why you’re the one with the most potential to someday break the human brain limiter.”
“By the way, do you know what happened after I fought with the wyvern? When my body is covered in shadow and started to disappear.”
“That’s probably because you’ve lost your connection to the game. But, it never happened before so I couldn’t tell you for sure.”
“So, what happened to my body at that time? Why do you bring me here to get a treatment?”
“At that time, your brain is overheated. You’re also having a nosebleed. That’s what happened physically. At that time, you could say that you get almost the same symptoms as a heatstroke. Although the heat source is coming from your brain.”
“Is it dangerous?”
“It’s not that serious, but you’re body is not ready for it. That’s why you also have to get some exercise. What happened at that time is the first process to break the limiter.”
“What’s the first process?”
“It’s your brain processing speed. Do you know an impulse is travelling 390 feet per second? That’s the regular speed that the game system uses to send you information. But when you’re trying to break the limiter, it moves ten times faster and causing a massive amount of heat. That’s why you could feel like the time is standing still while you’re able to move freely. We’re calling this state overdrive. When you’re in overdrive, there’s a limit to how long you could use it. You basically go past your limit last time and almost burn your brain cell. We’re bringing you here in attempt to save it.”
“So, isn’t it dangerous?”
“We believe in order to break the limiter; you should be able to maintain your brain condition in an overdrive state. Don’t think too much about it and just played as usual. We’re going to move step by step. If your current state is only 5% of the maximum potential, we’re going to make you able to utilize that condition. After that we’re going to increase it to 6%. In 6% you’re going to maximized it again. We want you to get used to it first. We won’t force you to go past your limit.”
“I understand. So, I have to be able to maintain that condition normally right?”
“Yes, you’re right. Do you have any other question?”
“For now, I don’t think so.”
“If you’re ready I can take you to your new room. You don’t want to stay in here any longer don’t you? After all, this is where Sakaki’s daughter is treated for half a year. Well then, I still have some appointment so I’m going to see you later.”
“Yeah, see you.”
After that, Aaron leaves the room. Ryuuji on the other hand feels excited. He’s going to take part in something that could change the world. He never really thinks about it before. The human brain potential.
In the next morning, a man in suit comes to escort him to his new room. As he sees the bed where he was staying for the past few days, he could see the name plate. It says “Yuki”. Is that Sakaki’s daughter name?

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