Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams


Chapter 001 - 01 – 1st login – A New Beginning

1st login – A New Beginning
Clear sky can be seen at Setagaya city. The sun is shining bright, telling people that summer is near. That day, in the big building of Sakuramachi high school; a boy is looking out through the window.
He looks like just a regular high schooler boy, around 17 years old. His skin looks rather pale but it matches his wavy black hair and grey eyes. His body is pretty short if you compare to anyone around his age, and he is also pretty thin. To make it simple, he is just your regular high schooler boy.
“The sun is so bright. The sky is so clear. The birds are flying happily outside the window. But here I am trapped in this classroom. This life is so boring. I already ordered a Syder last month but it hasn’t arrived yet.” He was talking to himself and let out a sigh.
“What are you looking at Hikaru? You’re staring at nothing the whole time.” Someone greets him from behind, surprising him. He almost fell of the chair because of that.
“Aaah… Kongou, you scare the hell out of me.” Hikaru said while regaining his balance.
“So, what are you spacing out for?” ask Kongou.
Kongou is Hikaru best friend. They have been together since elementary school. Kongou is taller than Hikaru. He is in the school soccer club. Because of that, his skin is darker than Hikaru. He also has an ideal body proportion for an athlete. His short brown hair and his sharp black eyes, giving him a reliable look.
“I’m just thinking… We’re still at the lunch break. It is still a long way to go until we got home.” Hikaru replied to his friend question.
“Hahaha… You’re right, but look at the bright sight. Two more days and we’ll have our summer break.” Kongou answers to cheer his friend.
“I wonder when our Syder will arrive. I can’t wait to play Rebirth Online.” Hikaru said as he looks outside.
RO (Rebirth Online) is one of the most played online games right now. The pre-order have gone through 500,000 players, and now, 3 months after it launches the user have gone through 1million worldwide.
It was the first VRMMORPG that signed an exclusive contract to use the Syder. That makes it to be the most anticipated games right now. It takes time to have 1million user. Because the production of each Syder have to be done carefully.
Rebirth Online is a game from FFAID Corporation. Beside the new implemented virtual reality graphics, its game system also seem to be much more balanced than any other games. The classes available are all interesting and the wide varieties of monster become another selling point.
Just then, a text from Hikaru mom came in.
“Hikaru, your package has arrived.”
“Yes… Finally… At last…”
Hikaru stand up from his chair and shout loudly. But a few seconds later, he is embarrassed. The whole class is staring at him right now. He decided to look at his friend Kongou. But Kongou was shouting too while looking at his phone.
I guess his Syder has arrived too… Hikaru muttered to himself.
“Do you have it already Hikaru?”
“Yes, my mom just sent me a text. We will login tonight right Kongou?”
“Of course… Finally, our Syder arrive…”
“Oooh… I can’t wait to get home and play.”
“What class are you going to take Hikaru?”
“I don’t know yet Kongou. But it seems like I will take the swordsman class. It’s really cool if I can be a knight. Like the hero in the TV. Fighting trough enemy, sweeping them down with my broadsword. “ He said that while imitating the gesture from the anime he always watched.
“What about you Kongou?”
“If you’re going to be a knight, I will make an archer or a caster. You will need someone to support you right? And that is my job.” Kongou says that with his thumbs up.
“Yeah… But probably I will need a lot of support then. Hahaha…” Hikaru answered to tease him.
With the excitement in his heart, Hikaru get past trough the classes quickly. He then rushed his way to his home.
“I’m home. Mom, where is my package?” Hikaru asked with full of curiosity.
“I put it on the table, but you cannot open it unless you change your clothes and finished the meal that I have prepared for you.” Her mother says that while coming out of the kitchen.
His mother is in her late thirty, but her beauty will make younger woman envy. Her slender and tall figure is just like a model. Her long black hair and grey eyes is just looks like Hikaru.
“Okay…” He replies quickly. After changing clothes, he go to the kitchen. he grab a sandwich from the table and a carton of milk from the refrigerator. He finished the sandwich in the blink of an eye and then gulped down the milk. As if he doesn’t need to breathe.
“I’m done. Ugh…” he is eating, drinking, and talking too fast. He almost chokes himself there.
After that, he takes his package and return back to his room. He opened the package and examines the content. Inside the package there is a black box made from metal in a size of a toaster, one manual book for Rebirth Online, and a device that looks like a helmet for space pilot.
“Is this the Syder?” Hikaru looks confused.
The helmet isn’t too thick but has several light sensors on it. In the back of the helmet you can see a cord that is connected to the black box. He doesn’t know what to do next and decided to read the manual book.
He opens the book and found the setting up guide. It says to connect the black box to the power source. After that, plug the network cable to the back of the black box. Put in your helmet, find a relaxed position (lying down is recommended), and then turn on the power from the black box. The last step is closing your eyes.
It seems easy. He sets up the network cable, plug in the power cord, equipped the helmet, and lying down on his bed. With anticipation he pressed the power button.
“Eeh… Nothing special…” He said with disappointment.
He then decided to close his eyes. Then, some weird texts start popping out in his mind.
Setting up the Syder for the first time. Welcome player to the world of Rebirth Online. For the first time set up it may take for a while. We will adjust the Syder to your brain waves preferences. Once it is synchronized, we will take you to the creation room.
The texts then disappear and new texts start popping out.
“Five sense checking: smell.”
When the words smell comes out he can smell a sweet taste of a milk tea in front of his nose. After that, besides the smell text check marks appear.
“Five sense checking: taste.”
At the same time he can feel a candy that’s really sweet inside his mouth. Another check marks appear.
“Five sense checking: sound.”
He then starts to hear the sound of water in the sea and another check appears.
“Five sense checking: touch.”
When the text came up, he feels a shiver run down his neck. He can feel that somebody is touching all around his body. It only happened for a few seconds and another check mark pop out.
“Five sense checking: sight.”
Just for a few second, a bright light shine in front of him. He tries to close his eyes, but it is closed already. The light then changes color to red, green, and blue. After that, another check marks appear.
The screen is then cleared and another text came out.
“Finalizing the setting up guide, advanced senses test will be started.”
He then starts to hear a girl’s voice.
“Can you hear me?” The girls asked him.
“Yes.” He answered.
“Okay then. Can you feel the temperature?”
He doesn’t really understand what she means. But when he tries to feel the temperature, he can sense it. It feels like the sun giving of his warmth to his skin. It’s warm just like the summer time.
“Yes.” He answered.
Something amazes his mind. He can feel the temperature, and he is able to talks just like normal.
The girl then pinched him hard in his arm and asked:
“Do you feel the pain?”
“Ouch, yeah, it hurts.”
“Now, can you feel that you’re standing?”
“Hah? Whoa! Yes I’m standing” he answered with a little confusion. He’s feeling that he was laying down all the time but suddenly he feels that he is standing.
“Okay. For the final test, can you feel all of the muscle in your body? Can you feel your arm, legs, and try to move them?”
“Okay.” Hikaru answered and then he starts moving his arm and legs as if he was stretching before exercise.
“Okay then. It settles it. Now, open your eyes.”
Hikaru starts to open his eyes and smile. He can see the sun start setting down in the sea, the smell of the ocean, the feel of wind passing through his body, and the sound of a few seagulls in front of him. Amazing… This is probably the word that’s running through his mind right now.
He then remembered a girl that is talking to him earlier. He looks for her and found her besides him.
“Who are you?”
“Welcome player, my name is Irina and I’m your guide to the new world. I will help you setting up your character. You can say that I’m a costumization NPC (Non Player Character).”
Amazing… Hikaru talks to himself. A talking NPC in front of him. Short girl around 14 years old, long red hair and thin figure. But she is looking with her blue eyes as if she can see trough him.
“So what nickname do you want to use?” the girls is asking emotionlessly.
“I will just choose my name, Hikaru.”
“Would you like to customize your looks sir? Or would you like to go with your actual looks? We can read your self-awareness from your brain and load it up for you. But if you want to looks different, we can take you to the creation room.” Irina explained.
“How does the creation process work?” Hikaru ask in curiosity.
Irina raises her hand and makes a weird gesture. A few seconds later, a plain human head shows up in front of him. No face, no eyes, no ears, no mouth, no nose, no hair, just plain.
“Here’s the appearance customizer. You can think of anything you like. How your character looks, what color are your eyes, what’s the shape of your lips, how long are your hair, and much many more. You can make your character as perfect as you want to be.”
“Hmm… as perfect as I want to be… it’s still MMORPG any way…”
“Yes, many players choose an avatar that’s completely different from what they looks like from the real world. It can be said to be protecting their privacy. Because of that, many players that is using their real appearance in the real world is protected too. If they meet up in the real world, they can feign ignorance if that’s just some stranger using their face.”
“Whoa… amazing… but, I’m happy with my appearance now. I just want… you know… to be a little bit taller. Hehehe… can I do that?”
Irina makes another gesture. After that, Hikaru is surprised to see a perfect copy of himself in front of him. Just like when he’s looking at the mirror.
“Whoa… is this me? I didn’t look that bad… Hehehe… so, can you adjust my height? Maybe ten or twenty centimeters taller.”
“Confirmed… Adjusting the avatar height.”
The Hikaru avatar in front of him is starting to be taller slowly, and stops after become taller for about twenty centimeter.
“Okay, that’s perfect. Can you change my hair too? I want it red and permed.”
“Changing color variable for hair. Changing hair style as instructed by player. Done… Is there anything else you want to customize sir?”
“Nope, that’s perfect.” Hikaru is grinning. He looks satisfied with the avatar that he will use.
“Okay then, your character avatar is registered. What do you want to be in this world?”She asked again.
“What do you mean?” Hikaru answered with a little confusion.
“What class are you going to choose?”
“Hmm… I want to be a knight. But what are the classes available?” Hikaru asked to Irina.
Irina then makes another weird gesture. A few seconds later, a lot of small windows appear in front of Hikaru. Each window contains information about a class and their respective skills. It explains about each class special traits and advantages.
“Rebirth online have 6 basic class to choose from, swordsman, fighter, archer, thief, caster, and commoner. These basic classes can turn into advanced class when they have reach level 50. As you can see, in front of you there are windows that tell each class details.” Irina explained.
Hikaru is examining each class carefully. As he look at each class windows, the appearance of his avatar in front of him is changing. When he pick swordsman, his avatar is equipped with leather armor and carrying a sword. When he pick caster, his avatar is wearing a robe and carrying a staff. Finally when he examines the knight class, his eyes is sparkling.
“It is exactly with what I have in mind. Knight class is really cool. I have decided to be a knight Irina.”
“Oh… So, you will go with swordsman as your basic class sir?”
“Yes, I’m going to take swordsman class please.” Hikaru quickly replied.
“Okay then, please wait a minute. Registering character name: Hikaru… Id number: 998670… Basic class: swordsman… Confirming the registration…” She then talks loudly while making a gesture as if she was typing at a keyboard.
“Thank you for waiting Hikaru. Your character is now registered. I will now change your appearance to your avatar. Please wait for a moment.”
After Irina said those words, a sudden light envelop Hikaru body and his avatar. He can feel that his body is stretched and he is becoming taller. After the light disappear, Hikaru is now in his avatar.
Just then Hikaru felt something heavy is pulling his arm down. A sword appears in his hand. He’s jumping in happiness and unsheathes the sword from its scabbard. He tries to swing it around and then feel some kind of self satisfaction. After that he put the sword back to it sheath.
“Okay then, let me tell you about the system interface.” Irina said with her emotionless tone.
“If you try to focus your mind, at the top left corner of your eyes you can see your Hit Points, Mana Point, and Experience Points. Hit points is basically your life points, if it reaches zero, you will die. If you die, you will be re-spawned at the town re-spawn point, but you will have experience and gold penalty. Mana points are basically your energy to use skills and spell. If it reaches zero you can’t activate a skill that uses mana. Experience points are needed to level up, but rather than the amounts of experience it will show how many percent you have. Can you see it?” Irina asked to Hikaru.
“Hmm…”Hikaru really try to concentrate and he can finally see it at the left top corner of his eyes, the HP, MP, and Exp bar. He then replied: “Yes.”
“Okay then, let me tells you about the command list. In rebirth online there are 8 main windows, status window, inventory window, skill window, friends’ window, party window, guild window, quest window, and reputation window. You can access these windows by shouting them. Give it a try and open your status window.”
“Okay then, here I go. Status window…”Hikaru calls out for the interface and a status window comes out in front of him, floating in the air.
In there he can see his HP, MP, Exp, attack, defense and there is something that he didn’t know the attributes parameter. He then decided to ask to Irina:”hey Irina, what is this attributes?”
“Attributes are how you determine how you want to make your character. It is divided into 6 areas, VIT (vitality) it’s determining your max Hp and defense. STR (strength) is determining your attack power and will increase your maximum carrying weight. AGI (agility) is determining how agile you are. CON (concentration) will determine how accurate can you hit the enemy and how fast you can cast your skill. INT (intelligence) is determining your magic attack, magic defense and maximum MP. LUK (luck) is determining your critical hit rate and your item drop will increase.” Irina keeps replying in unemotional tone.
“So, how can I upgrade this attributes?” Hikaru asks while showing a little bit of interest.
“You will get 5 attributes points each time you level up.” Irina replied.
“I get it know, but can it really be applied? Because I don’t think it’s really important.”
“It is indeed applied to this game. For example if you increase your AGI, the system will help you to move faster, but if you move too fast, it’s hard to hit the enemy, and CON will help you to concentrate better to hit the enemy. But if you focus on these two attributes too much, you will be fast and hit the enemy precisely but with no damage and low defense and health. So it’s really important how you divide your attributes.”
“I see. It makes sense now. But, do I really have to shout for the window every time i want to open it?”
“You don’t have to do it every time, just think in your mind and it will be opened. You can try it to open the inventory window.” Irina explains.
Hikaru then try to think and as if he was talking to himself, he calls out inventory window. A window then appeared in front of him.
“Do you succeed?” Irina asked.
“Yes, it’s right here, can’t you see it?”
“No, player windows can only be seen by the player themselves, it is designed to keep privacy. But more importantly inventory window will show you your currently equipped equipment, and your inventory list. At the top right of the window you can see the weight limit for example 800/3000. 800 is your current weight and 3000 is your maximum carrying weight. It doesn’t matter how much item you’re carrying as long you didn’t pass the limit.”
“But how do I put item in my inventory? Just put it in my bag or something like that?”
“Yes indeed you are correct. If you can see to the left of your waist, there is a small bag know as adventurer’s bag. You can put anything in there. Your wallet also located in there. To take an item out of the bag, you just need to put your hand inside and think of the item. Just like how you open the inventory window. Try to take your wallet out.”
Hikaru then tries to put his hand inside the bag. The bag is empty, but then he try to muttered to himself, wallet. And he suddenly feels that there is something in his hand. He takes it out and a small purse is what in his hand. He opens it and looks like there are only a few gold coins in there.
Huh… I guess a beginner like me won’t be given a lot of gold at the first time. He looks a bit disappointed and put the wallet back inside the bag. He then asked Irina: “Okay, what’s next?”
“I will explain to you about friends’ window. Friend window will show you your list of friends online and their level. To be friends with them you have to shake hands with them and said, “Let’s be friend”. His name will automatically show up. There are actions available for your friends, which is message and telepathy. You can write a message to your friend or you can call them and have a private chat with them. This two can be done easily just like how you open the inventory windows. After all what you think in this world, we can read the brain wave and execute it as a command.”
“Okay I get it. What’s next?”
“Next is party window. Party window will tells you about your teammate’s condition, although their HP and MP bar will show up at your top left corner below your name, the party window will tell more information. It will show their location and level too. To make a party just ask to them, “will you join my party?” and if the person answer “yes” his or her name will automatically show up at the party window. And the maximum number of people in a party is 20.”
“What about the exp and items divided?”
“I will explain it later when you will have your first battle.”
“Next is guild window. You can make a guild if you registered it at a guild hall in town. A basic guild limit is for 100 people. If you want to add more members, you can apply for guild rank upgrade in the main guild headquarters. The advantage of a guild is you can rent a building that can be used as a base. Each base will have their own warehouse to keep their inventory and can be used as a re-spawn point. But to make a guild and rent a building takes a lot of gold.”
“Hmm… This game seems a little bit more complicated than what I thought. So, when will I get to fight the monster?”
“Oh… Are you ready for your first battle Hikaru?”
“Yes.” He answers.
“Let me explain about the quest system first. In rebirth online, if you take a quest, the quest window will automatically update each time you completed the mission. In the quest window, you can check your quest progress and the list of quest that you have completed. You will get rewards for completing a quest. There are also recommended quest for your level that you can take. To take a quest, you have to talk to the NPC. If you’re in a party, all of your party members have to be present in front of the NPC.”
“Okay, I understand the quest system. It’s similar to any other MMORPG.”
“Yes it is. To have your first quest, you can take it from me. Just say that you’re ready to take the tutorial quest.”
“Irina, I’m ready to take the tutorial quest.”
“Okay, commencing tutorial battle, spawning 5 level 2 slime.”
Just when she finished his sentences, 5 weird looking creatures appear out of nowhere. They looked like a ball and bouncing forward little by little. The quest window also pop out and updated. “New quest: kill 5 level 2 slime. Rewards: 500 golds.”
“In battle, you just have to kill 5 monsters whose one level higher than you to level up, or 25 monsters at your level. If you battle with monster 1 level below yours, you have to kill 125 of them.”
“I see. So it’s pretty simple with the level calculation.”
“Let me explain it in percentage. If you kill a monster that is 2 levels higher than you, you will get 100% Exp points. Monster that is 3 levels higher than you will give 500% exp, but you won’t level up 2 levels at once. 100% experience will be used to level up once, and the remaining 400% will be recounted. If you kill a level 4 monster, you will end up as a level 2 with 80% Exp. If you are on a party, the Exp will be evenly shared. It is easier to hunt in a party, but you have to kill more monsters.”
“So I just have to kill one monster that is two levels higher than me to level up right? Hahaha… I get it now. It’s pretty simple.” Hikaru said with full of confidence.
“But the battle is not that easy.” Irina replied.
“If you don’t believe me, try defeating the slime in front of you. “
Hikaru then takes out his sword and try to slash at the monster in front of him. But it’s not as how he expected. He managed to graze the nearest slime but it doesn’t seem to be taking much damage.
“What’s the meaning of this Irina?”
“As you can see, above the monster is their HP bar, they have been damaged by your attacks but your attack are not that effective. You have to hit them properly if you want to inflict more damage. Just like how you battle in the real world.”
“Tch… so this is what you mean by it’s not so easy.”
“By the way, try opening your skill windows. In the skill windows you will see all of the skill available to your class. Every time you leveled up, you will be given one skill point. It can be used to take the skill that you want. So, the combination of skills and attributes each player choose is unique. Although you may want to consider the skill that you take. For example a level 1 player like you can take the Gravity Slash skill. But, your mana point won’t be enough to activate them. As for your level, I recommend for you to take Power Slash. Choose the skill that you want to take and distribute your skill point. After that, try to use the skill by shouting the name or call it out in your mind.”
After hearing Irina explanation, Hikaru then decides to level up the Power Slash skill. He then tries to use the skill to attack the slime. “Uryaa… Power Slash.”
Power Slash is a basic move from swordsman class. It has an effect of doubling the damage of a normal attack.
With the skill executed Hikaru finally managed to hit the slime and depleted its HP to zero. Then slime then scatters like a firefly. His exp bar then increased to 20%.
“Well done, but there is 4 more slime to go Hikaru”. Stated Irina, she has been watching the whole battle from the sidelines.
After a few minutes of battle with the lowest rank monster in the game, Hikaru finally leveled up. It takes some time before his body can adapted to this world battle system.
“Congratulations Hikaru. You have leveled up and get 5 attributes points. You also got a skill point. Each time you leveled up, you will get attributes points and a skill point. There are some skills that can be upgraded to level 10. So you will get stronger as you leveled up and distribute your attributes and skill point. Let me also tells you about the item drop and gold drop system. Every time you killed a monster they will give you gold and sometimes an item drop. Gold drop will be automatically added to your inventory, but item drop will falls on the ground when you killed the monster. Item dropped by a monster can only be taken by the player that killed the monster or another player from the same party. Items dropped have duration of 30seconds in the ground before it disappears. If it is killed by another player, the item drop belongs to the player that deals the most damage.” Explain Irina.
“I see… But the battle is harder than what I thought. Is it possible that people who practice martial arts in the real world can fight better in here?”
“Yes it will help, but until a certain degree. Because in the real world there are no skills like in this world and there are no monsters to practice with.”
“Well… I guess it’s really hard to level up in here.”
“That’s why the level required to advance is 50. We need to make sure that you really understand your class skill before advancing.”
“I see… So that’s the reason… By the way, is there anybody who already achieved advanced class?”
“Let me see… 58.000 are in level 1-10… 253.000 are in level 11-20… 346.765 are in level 21-30… 310.050 are in level 31-40… 32.024 are in level 41-50… 160 are in level 51-60… 20 in level 61-70… 1 in level 81-90… Finally, 0 are in level 91-100… Almost every class already has a player who advances.”
“Whoa… You really know a lot… 160 in level 50-60, 20 in level 60-70, and 1 in level 80-90 means that it is possible to reach that level… Yes I get it now. But is it possible if a high level player tank for a newbie and let them kill it? Let’s say they are leeching their friends.”
“To eliminate the possibilities of someone last hitting your monster, killing it, and get all the experience, this game system works on percentage. So if a party battle with a monster until it has 1% HP remaining and someone outside the party hits it with a blow that powerful enough to kill it, the killer only gains 1% of exp.”
“If that’s how it works, then is it possible for high level character to leech their friends by partying with him?”
“To make sure that every player is playing without cheating or leeching, when a party is formed, the level difference of the lowest member of the party from the highest member of the party is limited to 5. For example, if a level 10 player tries to make a party with level 1 player, the level 10 player automatically becomes a level 6 player as long as that player remain in the party. As for their attributes and skills, we have the record of each player. It just like their character is going back in time. For the experience, it will be evenly shared, but the high level player experience needed to level up is still the same.”
“I see now, so if a high level player decided to help their friends, they will have their attributes and skill reduced. The experience isn’t that much too.”
“The biggest disadvantages when partying up with a lower level player is the risk of PK’ed (player kill-ed) by high level player. In Rebirth Online, we have a different type of PvP (player versus player). We have the arena, where a weekly match is held and there are rewards for the winner. We have duel, a private match between each player and it will be recorded in the reputation window. But, we have what we called a FFA (free for all) field. It is a map where the monster will give EXP and gold rewards bigger than usual, but you can be attacked by other player and get killed. Many players are hunting for another player in this ground because there are rewards for the highest kills and deaths record every week.”
“That’s sound hard. So, it is better to hunt in FFA field but we have to keep an eye on other player. Thank you Irina… I think I get it now.”
“You’re welcome Hikaru. I guess you have already covered the basic and now I can warp you to Edelweiss the town of beginner.”
“Yes, I’m ready. But one last question. Are you really an NPC?”
“Yes, indeed. The NPC in this game have a higher intelligence than normal AI (artificial intelligence) out there who can only tells what it’s been programmed. We, the NPC of this world can search through the network from our database about what you want to know and give a proper answer. I could say that our system is highly advanced. All of the NPC in this game can answer almost your entire question about the game.”
“That’s amazing… Okay then… I am ready for my adventure.”
“Oh, one last thing I almost forgot. In your bottom right corner you can see your status bar. It consists of clock, hunger bar and energy bar. You can sleep here in this world and set an alarm. Your sleeps here just like your sleep in the real world. We will relax your brain and put it in a resting condition. However for the hunger status, you can eat and drinks food in this world. Although they taste great, it won’t settles down your hunger. We set it up that way, so people won’t play the games obsessively and then died because they didn’t eat in the real world. After all we can monitor your body condition.”
“That’s impressive… Okay then. Thank you once again Irina.”
“You’re welcome Hikaru.” Just then she bows down a little and then Hikaru body starts to shine. The light is so bright until he decided to close his eyes.
When he opened his eyes, he’s in some kind of medieval town. The building is classic, and a fountain in the middle of plaza completes the atmosphere.
“So, this is the world of rebirth online. This city of beginner Edelweiss is so beautiful. But it’s getting late and I don’t want to spend my little money on renting an inn. I guess I’ll log out for now.” That’s what Hikaru is thinking in his head. But then suddenly he shocked at the fact that he didn’t know how to log out. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of another player, so he decided to look out for a NPC.
If you look carefully above each person there is an information bar. But it can only show their guild emblem and their names. Their level won’t show up unless you’re friends with them. To find a NPC it’s pretty simple, they usually have their names based on their job. For example a shopkeeper NPC who sells potion will have Potion NPC name above their head.
He then looked around and finds a standing guard with City Guard NPC name flying above his head. He decided to ask the guards who is standing near the city entrance:
“I’m sorry sir; do you know how to log out?”
“Hahaha… You must be a new adventurer. Okay then I’ll tell you. You can only log out inside the city border. That means you can’t log out when you are out in the field. To log out you just simply have to commands it. Just like how you use skill and open your system windows.”
“I see… Thank you sir…”
With that in mind he decided to end his adventure today. He then calls out the command in his mind… Log out… another light enveloped his body and then he closes his eyes. When he opens it again the only thing he can see is the ceiling of his room.

“Hikaru…” Kongou saying his names out loud, making them the center of attention of the class.
“What is it Kongou?”
“You’ve played RO yesterday right? What do you think? Isn’t it amazing?” Kongou is looking at Hikaru with his eyes sparkling.
“Yes it is. But I log out after I completed the tutorial because I can’t find you.”
“Oh you’re right… Let’s make an appointment today at 7 o’clock at the fountain plaza. You know where it is right?”
“Yeah I know. Okay it settles it then. I can’t wait for our summer breaks to come. We can play every day all day long.”
“Hahaha… Same with me… By the way are you taking the swordsman class?”
“Yes… What about you?”
“I’m taking an offensive caster class. But I have a little bit problems in measuring the distance. So my spell might hit you instead.”
“Ugh… But can it hurt me?”
“Oh well… It seems that you didn’t read the manual book don’t you?”
“Ugh.” Kongou guess hit the mark making Hikaru feels guilty.
“If we’re partying our friendly fire status is enabled. I can probably kill you if my spell hit you instead of the monster. Hahaha…” Kongou said it with a big smile on his face.
“Ugh… It is a bad news for me then… But I know what you mean. Even battling against some slime using swords is hard for me.”
“Yeah I know… And the level up system seems easy but hard to be done. I wonder when we can get to our advanced class.”
“Hmm… I wonder… Anyway, let’s just meet up tonight and level up as much as we can.”
“Sure.” Hikaru answer while nodding.
With a motivation to get home and play, the classes at school become boring and moving slower than usual. Finally when Hikaru get’s home he changes his clothes, grab some sandwich from the table, drink a carton of milk and then return back to his room quickly. He put the Syder in his head, lying down at the bed and presses the power buttons. He closes his eyes and a text pop out.
Welcome to Rebirth online. We recognized your brain wave id. Welcome back Hikaru. Checking the five senses… Commencing login…
“I guess I login too early” Hikaru muttered to himself.
The clock on the bottom right showing that’s its only 6 o’clock still 1 hour before the promised appointment with Kongou. He then walking nearing the fountain plaza and he starts to realize that there’re many foreigner in this game. Of course, the Syder isn’t available only at Japan but its worldwide. The character customization also allows a player to looks like a foreigner. He’s more amazed at how popular is the game. His only problem now is in his English proficiency.
When he arrives at the fountain plaza, a crowd of people can be spotted. He joins them want to know what they are seeing and there is a view that he cannot believe could happened.
A girl is dancing in the water at the middle of the fountain. The suns start to set down makes the sky colors in red, as if it was meant to be her background. She’s wearing shrine maiden clothes and dancing so beautifully. Her red eyes makes nobody can turn their head away when she stares at them. Her small face and red lips seemed like a hint if she was a princess from a Japanese temple. And her black long hair is whirling around her gracefully as if it dances with her. Her figures just like a model and we can guess from her face that she’s around 17 years old. Judging from the way she dances, she must be a high level dancer class, but her armor isn’t befitting.
Just who in this world is she? That’s what crosses Hikaru minds while watching she dances. Fifteen minutes she dances there and finally she feels a little bit tired. She then decided to stop, going down from the fountain and sit at a bench which is circling the fountain.
Many people then suddenly surround her and asked. What is your name, what class are you, would you mind teaming up with me, would you be my girlfriend, and other things that seem to be making her confused. She then left out a cute voice saying:
“Can you all leave me alone? I’m waiting for my master.”
“Heh… I guess she rejects all of them. But the way she pronounced master, as if she was that person servants or something.” That’s what crosses Hikaru mind.
Hearing that statement many people disappointed and decided to leave, but some decided to wait in the bush and wait for her master to come up and then bully her master. Seeing almost all of the people has leave Hikaru decided to approach her and ask a question.
“Excuse me, could you tell me what kind of dance that you do just now?”
“Eh… I’m sorry but my master tells me not to talk to stranger.”
“Err… If it’s like that then let me introduce myself. My name is Hikaru; I’m just level 2 right now and just login here for the second time. I still don’t know a lot of things that’s why I decided to get some advice from you.” He said while bowing down a little bit.
“My name is Sakuya. And that dance just now is a skill name the dance of time.”
“But I thought your class wasn’t a dancer.”
“Yes my class isn’t a dancer. My clas…”
“Eeh..? How could you use a skill from a different class?” Hikaru interrupted before she finishes her sentences.
“I guess you didn’t read the manual book. Okay, I will tell you.”
She then explains to Hikaru about the circumstances.
“You’re well aware that there are 6 basic classes right? But the class of commoner is a special case. You can learn the skill of all advanced class of commoner?”
“Really? So it’s possible to acquire all skill form advanced class of commoner then?”
“Yes it is possible, but it’s nearly impossible. To acquire one skill from the class you have to go to the class headquarters. Filling in an application form and then do the quest for the skill. The quest itself is hard to accomplish and by doing all of that you will only acquire one skill. So doing that will require a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, you have to spend one skill point to use the skill. That is why not many people really care about acquiring skill from commoner advanced class. Because one skill taken from advanced commoner class mean one less skill from your original advanced class.”
“I see, not many people also have achieved their basic advanced class in the first place.”
“Yes indeed.”
The way Sakuya talk isn’t different from any other player, but her knowledge is something to be aware about. And by the fact she said the player have to meet the level requirements means that she is already on her advanced class.
“So you’re one of a few players that have reached advanced class then?” Hikaru asked Sakuya
“No, I’m not. It is true if there are 12.165 players that have reached advanced class but I’m not one of them. My status as a guardian isn’t recognized as one of the player.”
“Ooh… So that’s it… eeeehhh…?” Hikaru is looking at her and then confused.
“So you’re saying that you’re not a player? Are you a NPC? What is the guardian status that you’re talking about?” Hikaru asked in disbelieves.
“You really didn’t read the manual book didn’t you?”
“Ugh.” Sakuya words pierce Hikaru.
“In this world we have NPC that can be hired by player to help them level up. Because other player that is in your level range isn’t available all the time. You can hire us at the guardian headquarters, but the guardian available there isn’t really on a high level. Also you cannot hire a guardian that has a higher level than you. Not many players in this game use this service for a long time though. Because once we’re dead, our level resets to 1 again. So many players decided to level up by forming a party with other player than hiring a guardian.”
“Well it seems like it’s just a temporary service. While you can get level up along with the player, once you’re dead your level difference will make player reluctant to form a party again and their probably will just abandon you.”
“Yes. That’s true, so that’s why there aren’t any guardian that last longer than a week with a player.”
While thinking in his head about the fact about the guardian. He is lost in his thought and thinking that it is really hard to live in this world as an NPC. Just then he realized how long Sakuya has been a guardian without even dying once.
“So then, how long have you been with your master then?”
“It’s been three months. And in this short time my master always protects me so I never died even once.”
Whoa. Her master is truly a really good player. He then feels that he really wants to meet with this person.
“So, where is your master now?”
“My master is currently filling out some form at the guild headquarters. He asks me to wait here until he finishes all his business.”
“Your master seems like a good man.”
“Of course he is. He always protected me all this time.”
When Sakuya said that, Hikaru can see that she is blushing. Her white and pretty face turns a little bit red. Make him forget that she is just a NPC. Just when he was thinking deep, a familiar voice called out to him.
“Hikaruu… Who’s that pretty girl besides you? So this is what you’re doing behind me. You’re cheating on me!”
Just when he looks up, he saw his friend in front of him. He didn’t recognize at first because his hair is long and colored blue. He can see that he is caster class, wearing a purple robe and holding a staff. He forgot that they make an arrangement to meet at the fountain plaza.
“Ugh Kongou… Stop talking like that… Other people may start to think that I was a gay or something.”
“Huh… What are you talking about? Aren’t you a gay?” Kongou replied in a teasing manner.
“Youu…” Hikaru is starting to get annoyed.
“Hihihi…”Just then Sakuya giggling with her hand trying to cover her mouth, she’s preventing the sound to be heard by Hikaru.
“See, even this girl thinks that you are a gay Hikaru. Hahaha…” Kongou laugh really hard after saying that.
After hearing that Hikaru who’s about to explode letting go of his anger and then laugh with them. Just a few seconds later Sakuya look like if she was talking to herself. She must be on a private chat, that’s what Hikaru thought. After that she stands up from the bench and talks:
“I’m sorry Hikaru, and you a friend of Hikaru, my master are calling for me. So I believe I must take my leave now. See you again.” Sakuya giving him her goodbye while bowing down a little and then walked away while smiling from the plaza.
“She’s sure is beautiful Hikaru. Where do you find her? Come on, tell me!” Kongou asked seriously.
“I just met her today at the plaza; she was dancing in the middle of the fountain.”
“Whoa? She is an advanced class dancer? Uooh… Besides she’s pretty she’s also a high level player.”
“Wait a minute. She’s not a dancer. And although she has a high level she’s not a player, she’s a guardian.” Explain Hikaru.
“Whaaaat? A guardian? Impossible…” Kongou just stand there with his mouth open wide and showing his disbelieves.
Hikaru didn’t believe to the AI level in this game. He didn’t expect them to be able to act like Sakuya. Even if the city guards that he asked yesterday on how to log out laugh, but there is no live in his tone. It’s so different from how Sakuya reacts and behave. And the way she dances at the fountain, there’s no way that she’s programmed that way.
“So, want to check out the guardian building?”
“Hell yeah… I want to hire someone like her.” Kongou replied with full of energy.
The two of them decided to walks to the guardian headquarter. Although the city isn’t that big but it have almost all of the important building. Because it’s the town of beginner, they probably designed it for new player to understand the game early on.
When they arrive at the guardian building, they’re surprised to see that to hire a guardian you have to pay 10.000 gold for the application form. He takes out his wallet and count that he only has 800gold. He is given 300 starting gold and gets 500 golds for defeating the slimes. It is so expensive, so that’s probably why there aren’t many people out there who’s using guardian. And when he’s checking to the list of guardian, it’s only ranging from level 1 to level 14.
“I guess they hired a guardian just to know what its look like.” Kongou shove Hikaru side to make him hurt a little.
“Let’s just make a party and level up by our self. By the way, let’s add each other on the friend list first so it will be easier if we want to meet up later.”
“Okay.” Kongou replied.
But when Kongou reach out his hand, Hikaru just stand in his place. If Sakuya master telepathy with Sakuya just now, then is it possible to make friends with NPC? He’s frozen still and shocked at the possibilities. It seems like the system AI is more advanced than any other games out there, much more advanced even from the AI at technology convention.
He remembers going there once with Kongou. He was there to see the Syder get publicized. There is a stand of an advanced AI but it can only answer a few general questions. If you asked a complicated question it will says, “I’m sorry, I don’t know.”
“What are you spacing out for?” Kongou ask furiously.
“Oh… I’m sorry, let’s be friends. Hehehe.” Hikaru apologize to Kongou.
With that done they’re forming a party and trying to hunt for some low level monster. Kongou said that they will be going to beginner’s forest. Kongou seem much more knowledgeable. Kongou then asked Hikaru to buy some health potion from the NPC while he is buying some mana potion. Just to make sure that they are fully prepared.
“Hey Hikaru, we’re going to hunt all night so you better prepare yourself.”
“What? All night?”
“Of course, there’s no school tomorrow. Our summer breaks already starts. Do you forget about it? So we can play to our heart fullest.”
At the beginner’s forest the common enemy is a level 3 jumping rabbit. This enemy is perfect for Hikaru and Kongou who’s currently at level 2. They just need to kill 10 jumping rabbit to level up. That’s been said but their battle is not that easy. For a couple time, Kongou energy bolt hitting Hikaru instead of the enemy. Hikaru attacks keep missing the jumping rabbit and his sword finally stuck at a tree. After thirty minutes of struggle and effort they finally leveled up.
“Hey Hikaru, have you decided on what attributes to focus on?”
“I don’t know yet, maybe I will increase the entire attribute except for luck. Because we get 5 attributes point and we have to choose out of 6 to distribute it”
“I guess you have your point, but I will focus on INT and DEX so my magic will have a quicker cast rate and higher damage.”
“That’s a good thing, as long as it doesn’t hit me every time and depletes my hp.”
“Hahaha… I’m so sorry about that Hikaru.”
After that they laughed together and decided to go for another round of jumping rabbit. They managed to level up to level 5 and gathered 400 gold.
When they finished their battle that day, Kongou asked Hikaru if he wants to get something to eat. Hikaru nods at the offer and then they arrived at a tavern in the town. It’s named the sinking dolphin. What a weird name for a tavern but soon they realized the meaning behind the name.
The building looks small from outside, but inside it, there is a big hole going underground. There are tables around the hole and there are stairs going down. As they walking down the stairs, they can see dolphin’s pictures decorated the wall. The waiter is wearing blue uniform with a dolphin picture on it. So that’s why they named it the sinking dolphin.
They finally sit down and ordered a set of jumping rabbit steak and grape juice pricing at 30gold total. The steak is delicious. It is tastier than any other meat that they ever have. And the grape juice is so fresh and sweet. It is such a good way to end the meal.
“Aah… It’s so good Hikaru. I think I could never get bored eating this kind of food.”
“Yeah, but it’s only for a temporary measures. Because your real body will still feel hungry.”
“Yeah. So what’s next? Want to try sleeping at the inn?”
“Seems like a good idea.”
“Uuuh… I’m getting excited. Two young man sharing their passionate love at the inn” Kongou talks out loud in purpose so all of the people looking at them.
“Ugh… That’s not what I mean… Of course we will have a separate room.” Hikaru answered with a little anger in his tone.
There are a various types of inn to rent. The price for one room in Edelweiss is ranging from 150 gold until 1000 gold for one night. Of course they can’t afford a luxurious place to spend the night, so they decided to go with the cheapest room.
Inside the room there is only one bed, one table, and one window. The room only illuminated by the light of a small lamp in the middle of the table. It’s so simple but it’s just enough for a person to spend the night. Hikaru tries to lie down on the bed and he found out that the bed is not that bad. He tries to closes his eyes and before he realized it, he’s already sleeping.
Knock knock knock… In the morning, someone is knocking at the door.
“Huh… I want to sleep some more.” Hikaru mumble as he starts to wake up from his bed and opened the door.
“Hikaru… This is bad. I have the urge to go to the toilet. I have done it here, but I still feel that I need to go to the toilet.”
“Hahaha… I understand, but why do you have to come knocking at my door this early. You can just send a message to me. Let’s just log out and meet again at the fountain after we have breakfast. Even though we can eat and go to the toilet in here, our real body still needs maintenance.”
“Ooh, I forgot that I can send you a message. Hahaha. Ok then, see you in the afternoon.” After that, Kongou decided to log out from the game. Hikaru can see that his friend is enveloped with light and then disappear.
Hikaru then decided to go to the fountain plaza first and then log out from there. Because if he log out at the inn, when he log in he will start from there. He’s taking a little time to enjoy the morning view.
It’s amazing. I can’t believe that I was in a game world. Everything here seemed so real.” Hikaru is talking to himself.
After a few minutes of walking Hikaru finally arrives at the fountain plaza. This place is empty, but Hikaru remembered what happened yesterday. He met Sakuya at the fountain. The fact that she is a NPC makes it more unbelievable. After a few minute reminiscing about the event yesterday, Hikaru then decided to log out. Another light envelope his body and then his body disappeared from the plaza.
When he opens his eyes, Hikaru is lying down at the bed. He decided to wake up while stretching his neck. He didn’t feel dizzy from using the Syder for the whole night. In fact, he feels that his rest last night is really relaxing and refreshing. Better than his regular sleep every night.
He then goes out from his room and decided to grab some breakfast. When he is having his morning meal, his mother already finished her breakfast and start washing the dishes. Hikaru then tell her that for the whole day he decided to plays in his room. His mother says okay but make sure that he stops and have his lunch in the afternoon.
After he finished his breakfast, he washes the dish and then takes a quick shower. After that he then back to his room and decided to read a little bit from the manual book. The manual book seemed to be thick and full of unimportant information, but he forces himself to make a quick look.
Starting up guide, basic and advanced class, user interface, experience and battle system, event and quest, list of town and field, the guardian, the arena, the prison. Hikaru paused for a while when he read the prison. He never heard of such a place in the game although he is just a beginner. He decided to look trough the page.
The prison. The prison is located at special field where only GM can warp in and out. Player who’s doing sexual harassment, bullying, forced duel, or even trying to PK another player outside the FFA field will be processed by the GM(game master) in charge and then if they’re proven to be guilty they will be taken to the prison. The player who’s been taken to the prison can’t open their command window and can’t even use their skill. They also can’t interact with other player, so telepathy is out of question. The prison time ranging from 24 hour to 720 hour of login time depend on the crime. So if a player is in a 24hours crime time, he can’t log out and log in back the next day and be freed from the punishment. He has to login for 24 hours in the prison, for him to be released.
With the Syder implemented, we’re always monitoring the brain wave condition of each player. If a player stress level reaches a certain degree, such as fear, anger, and anxiety, our GM will automatically warps to the scene and examining the situation. If our GM didn’t show up at the scene and you feel threatened, you can execute the commands of GM call. Our GM will immediately come into your location. The law created inside Rebirth Online is very strict. That is for one sole purpose, so the player can enjoy the game without any other disturbance. The only crime allowed in the game is pickpocket trough the thief skills. We hope that all of the players have the best time of their life in the game world. Welcome to the world of Rebirth Online.
Whoa… Hikaru is amazed at the law that was applied in RO. So this is why the game is named as the player heaven. This game is truly created so the player can hunt the monster and leveled up. For players who want to test out their skills, they can go to the arena. For players who’s confused about what to do, the NPC can answer their question. This is how a VRMMORPG should be. A true paradise for players.
When he finished reading the manual, the time is almost twelve o’ clock. He then decided to finish his lunch now so he can play without disturbance later. He goes out from his room, having lunch, and then logging in.
When Hikaru opens his eyes, he can see the sun above him and feel that this day is very hot. He decided to wait for Kongou under the trees around the plaza. Not long after he stand there resting from the sun, a message from Kongou came in.
“Where are you? I’m already at the plaza.” That’s what written in the message.
Hikaru then looked around him and he can see his friend in the purple robe. He approaches him and then he asks where they will go leveling today. But Kongou said they’re not going to hunt some monster but doing some quest instead.
Quest in rebirth online just like in any other games is given out by NPC. You can take quest from the quest window. There are several types of quest, hunting, gathering, cooking, crafting, are some of the wide range of quest. There are level requirements, exp point given for completing the quest, and gold rewards.
After looking at the entire quest they decided to take the delivering mochi quest with level 5 requirements. The experience rewards is 100% and the gold rewards is 500 gold. Seems like a good deal. This quest is requested by the Sweets Shop NPC. For further details they need to meet with the NPC. They are walking to the sweet shop and enter it. Inside the shop, an old man in a chef uniform is standing at the back of the counter table.
He must be the sweet shop NPC, shouts Kongou
“Good afternoon sir, are you the Sweets Shop NPC? We’re here regarding the quest of delivering mochi.” Hikaru asked politely.
“Yes you are correct young man. I’m the owner of this shop and I’m the one who put up the request for delivering mochi. As you can see, I’m already becoming too old and I can’t walk too far from the city. But a young man at Elka village has request a mochi for delivery. Will you deliver this mochi to the boy?”
“Of course sir, but aren’t we supposed to have a notification or a window somewhere to check our quest progress?”
“Hahaha… You must be new in taking quest. To put it simply, in front of the quest NPC; all of the party members have to open the quest windows and accept the mission.”
“I see. Thank you sir.”
They open their quest windows and find the delivering mochi quest. They open the window and there is a comfirmation question. “Are you ready to take the delivering mochi quest?” Then both of them click on the yes button.
It says, congratulation, you have been accepting the delivering mochi quest. Your task is to go to Elka village and deliver the mochi to the boy. You can close this window and open it again by calling out quest progress. You may only take one quest at a time.
After reading the information, Kongou then takes the mochi package from the table and put it in his bag. Both of them then go out from the store and decided to go to Elka village.
When they go out from the store, they realized that they have a big problem. Although they have taken the quest, they don’t know where the village is and how to get there. They’re too embarrassed to go back to the shop and ask the old man. But Hikaru then remembered something useful. Every NPC in this game is knowledgeable and can answer your every question. After that, they decided to ask the city guard where the Elka village is.
From the NPC information, the Elka village is half hour walking away from Edelweiss city. The route is safe from monster and they won’t get lost from the road, because they only needed to go in a straight line.
The road is pretty big and surrounded by beautiful trees and flower. Just like walking at a national conservation park. Although it’s missing some endangered species. The two friends walking in silent until Kongou finally let out some voice.
“Hey Hikaru… Don’t you think this world is a little bit strange?”
“What do you mean by that?” Hikaru looks a little bit confused.
“Just exactly like what I mean. The world is amazing, the trees here are wonderful, although the battle system is hard to master, but the atmosphere is just too good to be true.”
“Hmm… I get it… I have been thinking too for some time. The NPC here have a high level of intelligence. They can answer your entire question.”
“Yeah… I realized that too when we’re talking to the guards. It is giving me goosebumps. It’s a good thing that he can laugh and talks but the tone in their voice is emotionless.”
“Hmm… The more I think about it the more I don’t get it. So how can it be that Sakuya is a NPC? She must be lying to me.”
“I think she lies to you so you won’t disturb her anymore. Hahaha…”
While the two of them laugh, he is keeping in mind the possibility that Sakuya is a player. If she is a NPC, he can’t find a reasonable reason on the way she laugh and smile.
After one hours of sightseeing they finally arrived at Elka village. They look for the boy who requested the mochi by asking to the village NPC. After they deliver the mochi to the boy the quest window opened and has been updated. To finish this quest, report back to the shop owner.
They then decided to walk back to the city. While they are on the way back, they can see some beginner too walk past them heading to Elka village. Hikaru then asked to Kongou.
“Hey Kongou… If we take a quest from the quest window, is it gone from the system or repeatable by another player?”
“It is repeatable by another player. Although for some event quest, they can be taken by every player but only the fastest player can receive the reward. The reward is a unique item. It means that only one item exist in this game. If a player finished it first the quest progress will be updated and said that it has been finished by the player.”
“So it is one of many ways for a player to show to the other player that they are more capable than them. It would be great if we can finish a quest like that and everybody will know our name.”
“Hahaha… Dream on.”
When they arrived at the sweets shop, they report to the shop owner that they have delivered the mochi to the boy. The quest window then gets updated, congratulations in finishing your quest. And then it disappears. Both of them gained a level and 500 gold rewards. They walked out from the store and then rest for a bit at the plaza.
“Hey Kongou… Doing quest is easier than hunting for monster right?”
“Yeah, you are right, but some quest required you to hunt for monster too. For example, a quest to collect rabbit’s leg from jumping rabbits.”
“Hmm… I see… Don’t you think it’s better for us to gather some more teammates? I mean, we need at least one supportive caster in this party.”
“Yeah… Oh, I know, we can search for a teammates form the party windows. It has a recruit board which has the list of people who’s looking for a party.”
“Okay, let’s find other teammates.”
Both of them then opened their party windows. They look at the recruit board and deciding some filter for the entire list. The level range is at level 6, and the class is a supportive caster. After seeing the two candidates from the search results, they decided to go to the nearest player. Her name is Leona and it shows that her current location is at the north gate of the city.
Hikaru and Kongou then decided to walk to the north gate of the city. When they arrive, they can see a cute little girl in a red robe standing besides the city guard. Her body is only as tall as the guards shoulder. Maybe she is a middle schooler, that’s what they thought.
They approach her and both of them surprised to see that she is a foreigner. Her blue eyes and blonde ponytail hair; makes both of them afraid to strike up a conversation. Because both of them can’t speak English very well.
“Good afternoon, are you Leona? Are you the one that put the request at the alliance headquarters?” Hikaru asked while trembling. He fears that he may spell the wrong words.
“Yes I am. And you don’t have to speak English with me; the Syder can read the brain waves and translate them for us. It reads your brain waves about what you want to say and sent it to me in a way that I can understand. So in a matter of fact, I’m saying all this words in English. But all of you heard it in Japanese right?”
Whoa… Both of them surprised at how she talks and the fact that the Syder can translate their language.
“Okay then, so you’re a supportive caster right and looking for a party. My name is Hikaru a swordsman, and my friend here is Kongou, an offensive caster. Would you like to join our party?”
“Yes I will join your party. “
“Okay then, Leona-chan. where do you want to hunt?” Kongou asked.
“Can you please show some respect to me? Although I’m looked like this, I’m probably older than you. I’m on my second college year.” She explains with a little bit of anger in her tone.
“Whoa… I’m so sorry for my behavior. Leona –san.” Kongou apologized while bowing down to her.
“Never mind… Just don’t call me –san or –chan. I didn’t like that. After all we’re in a game. Just call my name. Leona. Okay?”
“Yes Mam…” Both of them answered together.
“Looking at our level, we probably should go to sewer dungeon. Have any one of you go there before?”
“Not yet. This is our third day playing this game so we didn’t know much about the leveling spot.” Hikaru explained to her.
“Guess it can’t be helped then. Both of you follow me.” Both of them can only nods when they hear her voice, and follow after her. Although she is shorter than them, but her age is much older and she seemed to know more about the game.
They’re walking past the north gate of Edelweiss city and they’re walking heading to the east direction. After a few minutes the forest around them seemed much thicker until they finally arrives at an old looking building. It doesn’t have any sign to tell other what that building is. But Leona seems to be experienced. She opens the front door and they found a stair going deep down into underground. She then walks down the stairs into the sewer dungeon.
Finally after five minutes walking down the stair, they arrived at a big hall. It seems to be the entrance to go into the sewer. Irina then giving commands to Hikaru:
“Hey swordsman, go in front of us and make a formation. Just walks to the left a couple meters and you will see the entrance.”
Hikaru then walks in front of Kongou and Leona. He takes a couple steps forward to the left direction, and then he stops for a moments. In front of him he can see a large pipe with a diameter of 5 meter. He look hesitated to enter the pipes.
“Hey Leona, is it really the right way? It seems dirty and dangerous.”
“Of course it is dirty, it’s sewer after all. The limited movement inside the pipes is good news for your friend here. His skills should be easier to hit than in the open grounds.” She said while pointing at Kongou.
Yes, she has a point. That’s what Hikaru thinks. She seemed to have more experience in battle too. Just when they’re start to walking further, Leona giving them a warning:
“Be careful when you’re dealing with the monster in here. Our enemy is a level 6 angered rat. Their defense and attack is low but they come in a large number. If you can keep casting fireball, we can kill hundreds of them in an hour. Because the movement in here is restricted, you, the swordsman have to keep the front line strongly. Don’t worry about your HP because I will heal you.”
The way she talks is easy to understand and her confidence make Hikaru and Kongou feel calm. Hikaru then have some boots of confidence and said: “okay then, let’s do this. Kongou, make sure your spell is on target.’
“Roger that… I’ll try to kill a lot of them in one cast.” Kongou replied with confidence.
“So, are you ready boys?”
Just when she finished her question, she takes out a whistle from her bag and then blew it hard. Loud screeching noise instantly echoing through the pipe afterwards. After a moment of silent, they hear rumbling noise and squeaking sound. Hikaru get a bad feeling about this. A few seconds later, hundreds of small rat charging in towards their direction.
“Come on, caster, starts casting your fireball. Swordsman, just do a whirling slash if they get near you. You already take that skill right? If they saw their friends died, they will startled for a moments.”
Leona is giving commands to Hikaru and Kongou just like a commander leading her army.
When the angered rat approaching Hikaru, Kongou finished casting his fireball, it landed in the middle of the enemy swarm. Seeing their friends died the angered rat then stop for a moments and then start to squeal. Hikaru then decided to slash a couple angered rats in front of him. He managed to kill some, but seeing Hikaru slashes their friends, a group of angered rat tries to attack him.
Fireball is one of offensive caster basic spells. It has fire elements attacks and has 250 of AOE (Area of Effect) which enabling it to hit multiple enemies within the range.
“Caster, don’t stop your fireball. Keep throwing them at the enemy.” Leona keeps demanding something that’s really hard to do.
“Ugh… There’s just too many of them.” Hikaru is getting his hand full trying to ward off some of the angered rats. Finally an angered rat managed to bite Hikaru on his leg. Distracted by that, more and more rats managed to latch on Hikaru’s body.
“What are you doing swordsman? Use your whirling slash!” Leona shouting to Hikaru who’s just standing there becoming the angered rats target.
Whirling slash is swordsman skills that allows them to turn their body and slashes all enemy within their weapon range.
“Ugh…Urya…” just then Hikaru’s body spin and wards off the angered rats that’s been sticking to him and kills them.
“See, it’s not that hard to kills hundreds of them. You just need to keep focused. Here’s, some helping buff.” After saying that, Leona starts to cast her skill. When she finishes, the HP and MP of the party refilled by 10%. She also cast some defense up skill on Hikaru to help him.
After some times, Hikaru and Kongou already adapted to battle and becoming better in killing the angered rat mobs. They managed to land their skill better and mastered the way to maintain the party formation. Finally they managed to kill the last one of the angered rat.
“Whoa… What a fierce battle.” Hikaru then fall down to the ground exhausted.
“Phew… Finally we managed to kill all of them.” Kongou let out a big sigh to show that he is exhausted.
“Not bad… To see that we managed to level up 2 times and get a decent amount of gold.” Said Leona, who seemed to get through the hunts without much trouble.
“Whoa! I didn’t realize that we leveled up two times and collects 1300 gold. We’re now level 8. Yeah…” Hikaru’s seemed surprised when he’s looking at his status window.
“I guess I won’t punish the two of you seeing that you have learned a lot from this battle. Huh… Hunting in the sewer, ruins my manicure.” Leona is saying that in an evil manner while looking at her nails.
“Hey, you’re just taking it easy. It seems like we’re just a slave that’s working for you. Look here, we’re dead tired while you don’t even try to catch your breath. And what about the punishment, we’re not your underling, we’re your teammates.” Kongou is angered by Leona words.
“Firstly, in that battle, I used my skill to keep both of you alive. If I’m not here, both of you probably already died long time ago. So, I’m working hard here just like you. Secondly, I’m giving you punishment if you make a mistake. For example, the swordsman there, if he breaks our formation, our party will be vulnerable to enemy attacks. And if he breaks the formation I will give him punishment. And you, don’t you realized I’m kindly enough to take both of you to hunt in here. Not many people know about the trick to gather the angered rats. And while doing that, I’m helping the both of you to adapt to the battle system. Don’t you realize that your skills is much more accurate now, caster?” Leona said all of that haughtily.
Hearing all of that Kongou can only grind his teeth. He is disappointed in himself and accepted the fact that right now, Leona is better than them. He then looked down and seems to be reflecting on his mistake.
“Well said Leona. It is true in fact in this battle we learned a lot and we realized that our skill is below yours. But can you please call us using our names? Don’t call us swordsman or caster anymore. We have our name. Mine is Hikaru and his is Kongou.” Hikaru is saying all of that with a big smile on his face.
“Hey Hikaru… You don’t seem offended with her words.”
“Not at all… After all what she said is the truth. Right now we may be lacking in some area. But we will catch up to her in no time. Hahaha… I’m looking forward to our next hunt with you again Leona.”
“What? You’re still planning to team up with this witch? Her words can easily slice us in two.” Kongou seems to be protesting.
“Hehehe… I think we can learn a lot from her. Instead of asking to some high level player that is only just telling us the theory. She could accompany us in our battle. It’s like learning battle from the teacher is better than learning from the books.” Hikaru keeps his big smile on his face. He must be feeling happy to find dependable teammates.
“Hohoho… It seems like you realized of how great I am Swords.. I mean Hikaru. Hohoho… I’m looking forward to see how you try to catch up with me. I hope both of you could amuse me.” Leona is laughing hard and she’s so full of herself.
“So let’s be friends shall we?” while saying that Hikaru stand up and offering his hand.
“Well… If you insist…” Leona took Hikaru’s hand acting like if she was forced to accept it.
“So let us head back to town. I think we’ve done enough for today. And my stomach is grumbling.” Said Kongou who has been silent for some time.
After that, they decided to go back to Edelweiss city. Seeing the time is already evening, Hikaru and Kongou decided to have dinner first.
“Well then, we’re going to take some dinner first. Let’s meet up again in an hour. See you later Leona.”
“I guess I’ll have my lunch too and take a shower. My body feels dirty and smelly. Well then, I’ll log out first.” She said while sniffing at her robe. After that a light envelopes her and then she disappear.
“Man… What’s her problem anyway? Her face is pretty but her words are sharp. I think she’s just some rich spoiled little brat. But to think she is older than us, there are a lot of people who play RO huh?” Kongou asks Hikaru while putting his elbow in Hikaru’s shoulder.
“I think she’s just lonely. Anyway, let’s log out. My stomach is already rumbling. Let’s meet up again in an hour.” Hikaru said that while holding his stomach. His body is then covered by light and he disappears. Seeing that his friend is gone, Kongou then do the same thing.
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