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Chapter 058 - Toward a new Rare class Monsters

TL: Meteorempsan

ED: MasterOfCoin


Chapter 58- Towards new Rare class monsters.




Alright, it's a little early, but let's have some breakfast.

Today I will probably be going to Stone Forest.

Even if it's a little, it’s better to conserve my  strength.

I got off the bed, and do a light stretch.

Alright, there doesn’t seem to be any problems with my body.

Then, let's go to the first floor.


“Oh? Yuma, come sit here.”

It’s Iguru. This guy is always like this.

We~ll, I will have breakfast with him for now.


“Yo Iguru! Good morning. How was yesterday? Did you raise your level?”

When I asked that to Iguru, he made an extremely smug face and said,

“Oh, yo! Because I kept hunting all day yesterday, I was able to rise by 1 level! How was it with Yuma?”

“I also gained some levels yesterday, yo. Since I took down Six Orc King's yesterday, I got quite a lot of power from that.”

When I said that to Iguru he had a surprised look on his face like how that happened to me.

“Ha~a, Your still doing such mind blowing things as usual. If you didn’t tell me personally that you took down Six Orc King's, i wouldn't have believed you at all.”

“We~ll, I was actually quite tired yesterday. It took quite a long time to find one after all.”  

“By the way, Iguru, do you know of the Adventurer named Mount Pig?”

“Mount-Pig? Of course I do! He has a hideously terrifying face, but in truth, he is actually quite a nice guy. He is also quite capable in regards to his strength. That is all I know about Mount Pig, why did you ask?”

“That is, I kinda saved him by coincidence yesterday over at the Orc Forest.”

“He~e, that guy being saved is quite unusual. We~ll, he is a promising candidate either way. Please forgive him as long as he doesn’t over do it.”

“Ah, I know. He wouldn’t be able to run away even if he did.”


But still, his reputation seems to be quite damaged due to his appearance. Seriously, Damn.

Appearance shouldn’t be the deciding factor of a person.

We~ll, I can’t say much about other people anyway.


While Me and Iguru were chatting, Mari came over with the breakfast.

“Yuma-san, Iguru-san, this is today's breakfast! Have your fill and do your best today as well!”

Saying that, Sari placed the breakfast on the table and returned to the kitchen.


By the way,

“Hey Iguru, Do sari and the other people of this town know that there will be a Great Invasion?”

“N? Ah, I think they do. The Lord of this city announced it yesterday.”


I see, Sari and Saria-san know that there will be a Great Invasion soon, but it's the same as usual.

It's quite hard to spend a day so calmly while knowing such a thing will happen.

It's quite a big problem.


“Is that so? Then, for Sari’s sake, you have to give your all for this city.”

“Right! Alright, let's quickly have breakfast and have a great day today!”


And then, as usual, Me and Iguru quickly cleared all the food.

“Alright then, Iguru, i'm heading to the guild. Meru-san told me that the surveillance report for the Stone Forest is coming in today. If that happens, I will have to go to the Stone Forest for extermination.”

“Seriously! You're seriously amazing! If it's you, I think that you will get rid of all the Rare classes before even the Great Invasion occurs!”

“That's what my aim is. Then, i'm heading out. Iguru, do your best, yo.”

“Ou! See ya.”


And then, I parted with Iguru, and started walking toward the guild.

Now then, today is probably going to be Stone Forest. I don’t know what kinds of Rare classes are over there, but Cockatrice is not quite enough.

I'll just ask when i’m there.

While I was thinking of such a thing, I reached the guild.

When I entered inside, I could see that the number of people had increased since yesterday.


While I was wondering why,

(ED: I am spacing out Head Hunter now since it makes more sense as a title even though it looks wrong to a view and to Google Docs ;-;)

“Oi, Head Hunter has arrived.”

“As I thought, the Head Hunter will remain in this town! If it's like this, then we are going to be fine!”

“I heard also that the Head Hunter went into the Orc Forest yesterday and took care of all the Rare classes! If it's like that, then stop the Great Invasion!”

“Ah, The Head Hunter is working very hard for this town even though he just arrived a few days ago! People like us can’t run away seeing this!”


It seems that the fact that I took care of all the Rare classes has spread around positively.

But still, why do they know about this?

Thinking that, I looked toward Meru-san, who in return, smiled with her tongue sticking out.

Ah, Meru-san gave it away. We~ll, it's cute, so lets forget about it.

“Good morning, Meru-san.”

“Good morning, Yuma-san. Sorry about spreading the news of you defeating the Orc Kings. But still, the guild that had low moral, is now quite higher than before.”

“No, no. It's alright. The positivity seems to be in the right direction. Also, it's not like a secret I was trying to hide anyway.”

(ED: I am glad he isn’t like the typical MCs who hide their strength for stupid reasons, really grinds my goat”

“Thanks a lot Yuma! Do you want a kiss from me in return?”

Kiss….she says……..

It’s indeed a nice proposal, but could you not say that in a small voice. All the surrounding eyes suddenly seemed to be concentrated over here! All the gazes that were filled with favorable light, were now filled with killing intent!


“It is pleasant proposal, but I shall refrain. Can I hear about what happened to the report from the Stone Forest?”

“Ch~e. N~o matter. The report came in and overall, there about Three Rare classes in the Stone Forest. All of them are a variation of the Cockatrice.”

The of them huh. There are fewer compared to the number of Orc Kings. Rare class of cockatrice huh, this will be a pain.

“What is the name of this Rare class?”

“Ah, the name of the Rare class is Goratrice, ne.”

Somehow, the name seems to be quite contrary to my expectations…..

“That, that seems to quite the strange name.”

“Right, but it is considerably stronger compared to the Orc King's, during the last invasion, a lot of people were injured because of it.”


He~e. It seems to be quite strong even with that strange name.

“This, how is a Goratrice different from the Cockatrice?”


“The biggest difference between the Cockatrice and the Goratrice is the physical ability. The Cockatrice is a B-Rank monster. The Goratrice has the physical capabilities surpassing that of an Orc King. The poison is also vastly stronger than that of a Cockatrice”

Are you serious? This seems to be quite the tough opponent to take down.

The poison is stronger than that of a Cockatrice you say! I guess I need to raise my Poison Resistance for this mission

“It seems to be quite the strong foe. Meru-san, I have a question, is there any method to raise my Poison Resistance skill?”

“Magic items are the easiest way to do that. There are some magic rings which raise the skill level of Poison Resistance. The value of the magic item also increases equally to the strength of it.

I see. We~ll, I guess it's inevitable, since the value depends on its capability.

We~ll, I still need such an item anyway.

Ah, come to think of it, I haven't been to Risa’s place in a while, I guess she might have some.


“Understood. I shall go to the Stone Forest after I get the magic items for raising my Poison Resistance from a friends store. Thank you for everything.”

I said this to Meru-san and left the guild.


Now, I guess going to Risa’s place comes first.


So I thought, while I started to walk towards her shop……..