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Chapter 057 - Objective Achieved


TL: Meteorempsan

ED: MasterOfCoin



Chapter 57- Objective Achieved



Aniki-> Big brother (By the way, this one’s Chinosaurus (all the time))

Honorifics-> San, sama

(ED: I am officially changing Forxx to Forks since the translation seems to be that even at first it wasn’t, sorry for annoyingly sticking with Forxx for awhile. Also, Swordplay is being changed to Dagger Arts since I can’t be bothered to switch it every time and the translations make sense for the name)


A few minutes after finishing the battle with the Orc King,

Me and Mount Pig-san proceeded to return home by heading towards the exit of the Orc Forest.

“Come to think of it, Mount Pig-san”

When I asked Mount Pig-san that he then said,

“Yes! What is it Aniki?!”


By the way, Mount Pig-san has started to call me Aniki now.

It would be nice if he just called me normally, but for some reason he refuses to do so.

“Why was Mount Pig-san in this Forest? I think that you know from the notice at the guild, but this Forest is off limits unless you have permission from them.”

“Are you serious!? I have already received a request from the guild yesterday, and I've been here since then, hence I don’t know about the announcement.”

Ah, I see.

The announcement was made today.

Then, there is no way that Mount Pig-san would know of this then.

“I understand. I get the gist of your situation.”

“Then, that's fine! Oh!? Aniki it's ok if you just call me Mount Pig, yo. If you could do that, then I could speak more freely, yo!”

N n, even if you say that. When you speak to person of the older generation, then it's natural to use honorifics, na.

“Even if you say that…. By the way, Mount pig-san, how old are you?”

“Me? I'm Nineteen years old this year!”


“Eh? 29 you say?”

“Nope, tsu! I'm Ninteen this year!”


He has a face that looks even older than mine, the men of this world have faces that look way too old!

“I see. Then, I will stop with the honorifics and speak to you normally. Nice to meet you, Mount Pig.”

“Yes! Nice to meet you too, Aniki!”


And then, Me and Mount Pig had a light chat while we proceeded to the exit.

On the way,

“Mount Pig, stop. Its an Orc.”

I spotted an Orc walking towards us from the side.

We~ll, let's take care of it. So I thought, when I tried to take out my weapon from my Item Box, Mount Pig said,

“Aniki! Please leave this Orc to me!”

Saying so, in front of eyes, Mount Pig takes out the sword from his back.

We~ll, from the previous status of the Orcs, Mount Pig should be a lot stronger, and there’s no need to worry about him losing. For now, let's just watch.

“Mount Pig, Don't get careless, yo.”

“I understand!”


And so, Mount Pig ran toward the Orc.

Fumu~, as I thought, he seems to be a lot faster from before at the guild.

Mount Pig covered the distance in a moment.


Mount Pig’s swing was beautiful and cleanly cut into the Orc!



As I thought, a one-hit kill was expecting too much.

I could understand that from Mount Pig's status, he tried to split the Orc in two, but he doesn't have that kind of power!

While I was thinking that, the Orc raised a fist toward Mount Pig.


But, Mount Pig dodged.

He got away from the Orc in a moments time, and countered the attack!


And then, started attacking first,

“Take this!!”

He attacked the same location as the previous attack.

I see, Mount Pig’s style of attack is Hit and Run.

It is not a style that you can easily imitate from its appearance, it requires quite the proper timing.

And then, after several attacks of the same kind, the Orc collapsed in the same spot.


And then, Mount Pig looked at me with a proud expression on his face.

“Aniki! How did I do!?”

“Ah! Honestly, it was unexpectedly good in a way, yo. I never knew you were this good. Not bad, Mount Pig.”

When I praised Mount Pig’s fighting style, he looked really happy.

“Alright! Since I don’t really get praised by anyone, this feels really good!‘

We~ll, if you think about it carefully, he came here all alone.

Just his face alone proves how competent he is.

“Alright then, shall we head to the exit?”



And then, after ten minutes or so, Me and Mount Pig were able to safely get out of the Orc Forest.

Now, if it was me alone, then by going at full power I could return to Forks in a few minutes.

But this time, Mount Pig is with me, what shall I do?

“Mount Pig, i'm going to return back to Forks now, is that alright?”

Mount Pig, who heard that, looked a bit distressed.

“Running back, desu ka, aren’t you going to rest on the way?”


“I'm sorry Aniki! I don’t have the capability or the strength to do the same!”

I thought so.

As I saw from the status of Mount Pig previously, he has very low endurance.

It can’t be helped.

(TL: How did he become C-Rank without the Endurance to last long fights, was it the face?

(ED: I concur)

“Then, Mount Pig! Just stand the way you are.”


I picked up Mount Pig while he was wondering what I was about to do. Fumu, it's alright if he is only a little bit heavy.

“A, Aniki!?”

“Alright then, let's go!”

Carrying Mount Pig, who was on my back, I started to run at full power.



I could hear Mount Pig screaming a lot.

We~ll, let's leave it.

After a few minutes of carrying Mount Pig on my back,

“Alright, we finally reached Forks. Mount Pig, we are here, zo.”

Even though I called out to Mount Pig there was no answer.

Thinking that it couldn’t be helped, I dropped him on the spot.


“What!? Where is this?”

“Oh? You’ve come back. We returned to Forks, zo.”

Using this method, Me and Mount Pig were able to return back to the city safely. We went through the gate and entered inside. Now, shall I go report the matter of the Orc King's to the guild?

“See ya Mount Pig, I am heading over to the guild to make my report.”

“Aniki, thank you very much for today. I will never forget your help! If something happens, please make sure to tell me. I will do everything within my capability to help!”

“Ah, i’m counting on you at that time. Then, see ya.”

And so, Me and Mount Pig separated.


Now then, let's go to the guild.

After a while,

“Got it.”

I was able to reach the guild safely, and I went ahead and pushed open the door.

Fumu, the atmosphere from the morning seems to have decreased.

We~ll, thinking that, I went over to talk to Meru-san.

“Good Evening, Meru-san. I’m a little tired today so, I will report the matter here. All the problems at the Orc Forest have been taken care of.”

When I said that to Meru-san, she was surprised de,

“Lies! Yuma, it hasn’t even been a full day since you left, yo!”

Fumu, it seems that it is hard to believe.

We~ll, it can’t be helped, I showed the Six headless corpses of the Orc King's from my Item Box.

“Uwa, Yuma, what are you truly? This is a feat which can’t be achieved unless you have the strength of an S-Rank, yo!”

“Then, please believe that I have the strength of an S-Rank. I just have one more question I need to ask.”

“Ha~a, i'm already tired of being surprised by Yuma. So, what's the question?”

“Has the investigation at the Stone Forest and the Gorudo Shinrin been completed?”

“That, Gorudo Forest looks like it will take more time to investigate, but Stone Forest will probably be completed by tomorrow.”

“I see, then I shall come back tomorrow. I shall take my leave. Meru-san, you can do it, ne.”

And then, I and Meru-san completed our conversation, and I left the guild.

Now, I was unable to do a lot of things today. Let's head back to Zinnia.


After a few minutes, I was able to return safely to Zinnia. And as usual, got in my room and laid on my bed.

“Fu~u, that was quite tiring.”

Many things happened today.

Annihilating the Orc King's and the meeting with Mount Pig.

We~ll, after coming to know Mount Pig, he seems to be a great guy.

It seems like it could be a start of a good friendship (relationship).

Thats right! Speaking of Mount Pig,

“I haven’t confirmed my Status.”

Lets quickly look at it! Will it have reached the goal of 100? I opened my Status nervously.


Satou Yuuma

Level: 102

HP: 700/700

MP: 450/450

Strength: 300

Endurance: 300

Agility: 200

Luck: 540



Experience x20

Skill Experience x20

Appraisal: Level 10

Sign Isolation: Level 8

Sign Perception: Level 2

Swordplay: Level 6

Item Box: Level 4

Cooking: Level 1

Negotiation: Level 3

Awareness: Level 1

Magic Operation: Level 2

Fire Magic: Level 3

Water Magic: Level 1

Wind Magic: Level 1

Recovery Magic: Level 3

Poison Resistance: Level 1

Paralysis Resistance: Level 1





Rabitt Hunter

Novice Magician

Novice Chef



Honour Knight

Natural Womanizer?


“Oh? I have achieved my goal of reaching Level 100! This is a pretty amazing thing! Now then, both Strength and Endurance have reached 300. That's about three times that of an Orc King, it's probably even enough to go against a Cyclops. The other abilities are still low, but Agility is at 200. There is nothing to be said about Luck, and my skills are gradually leveling up. The Dagger Arts is now at Level 6, that's a pretty good thing.”

Fu~u, as I thought, today’s gain was pretty big.

Can’t believe that I went over Level 100 in a single day!

I feel a bit weird about this, but its thanks to the Orc Kings.

Well, its seems to be almost time for dinner.

As usual, I had my dinner with Iguru and returned back to the room to sleep.

“Now, Meru-san said that the survey of the Stone Forest should be done by tomorrow, na.”

Then, I guess I will be going to the Stone Forest tomorrow, na.

I am a little worried about the location of the Forest since i’ve only ever been there once during the Cockatrice hunt.


Thinking about such a thing, I fell asleep……..