Rebirth Online World

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My God-like Adventure in Another World

Chapter 000 - Prologue



On that fateful evening, as I was walking back home, I started thinking about my life again.

I've had enough of what makes up my daily life: no friends... no hobbies... nothing... But the most important point is my family life. 

Yelled at, bashed and sometimes tortured. It was my 13 years old daily routine. I couldn't continue.

As I was thinking of such a thing, my eyes went to the park's quay. I changed direction and walked toward it.

I stopped one step away from it. Was this life worth continuing?


No! No, it was not fucking worth it.

With this last thought, I jumped, regretless.

Suddenly, a black circle formed below me, swallowing my body and mind.

Everything went into nothingness.


I was brought back to my senses by the deep voice of a man.  

  "So, you are finally awake kid. Good."

 "Wait where... where am I...? And who are you?!"

 "You are dead, kid." 

 "WHAT??!!"  - I screamed, but then I remembered, the quay, the feeling of the water filling my lungs. 

 "Where you are from, kid, I do not know. But I do know what awaits you." 

 "What awaits me?" 

 "Yes. Let me tell you kid. You will be sent into another world through reincarnation to live a new life, free."

 "Free? Reincarnated? What do you mean?!"

 "I mean that I am giving you a new life, kid. In another world, free from everything you despised in your previous life."

 "But... Does that mean I will be dropped in that... that other world like that? With no prior knowledge or ability to help?"

 "You won't receive any knowledge kid, as I want you to find your own way by yourself. Seeing how you will interpret this world's wonders is what I want to witness. But you will be given an ability, which is called a skill in the place you'll be sent to."

 "A... skill? What kind of... "skill" will I get?"

 " A skill above all others. A skill to surpass the world's bounds and common sense. A cheat skill."

 "A cheat skill...? What is it about? What will it do?"

 "You will become the equal of a god, kid."

 "A Go.. A god...?"  I couldn't help but ask, surprised   "Do you mean like, an actual god...?" 

 "The term "god" would not be the perfect decription. You won't be on par with my godly powers and prowesses, as you can still die and age. But, appart from that, kid, you will be as strong as a god. While your power will be hard to control in the beginning, you will learn over time. Just be carefull when you'll begin to use it."

 "Sounds good enough to me. When do I depart...?"

As I asked the question, I suddenly felt a violent headhache and I fell on the ground.  

Everything around me went back to oblivion...


edited by Liossenel H.Ashfox and causse