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My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 006 - The Plot Moves Forward A Little

-Kazuya's POV-

I wake up, wash my face, eat breakfast and get ready for school..

Just like any usual weekday..

"I'll be going out first!"

"Have a nice day at school!"

My parents say as I walk out the front door..

When I got out of the house, I went through the gate and noticed my neighbor..

She was watering her garden, so I greet her when I pass by..

"Good morning, Mrs. Kazehaya"

"Good morning to you too, Tomohiro-kun, have a fun day at school, okay?"

"Thank you, I will.. See you later then.."

I walk along the path I take every morning when commuting to school..

Since it's not that far, I don't have to take a train or a bus to get there..

My name is Tomohiro Kazuya, 2nd year high school student at Hoshizora Academy..

My parents are nice, and school life is great for me..

But there is a never-ending boredom to this routine..

Just as I was thinking that, I saw a familiar face..

It was my best friend..

"Hey, Moriyama!"

"Hmm? Oh it's just you, Kazuya.."

"Hey what's with that attitude, huh?"

"(sigh) It's nothing, at least not something an honor student like you can understand. Ah, it's over. I'm at the brink of failing dude.."

"Maybe it's because you don't put serious effort into it.."

"Ah, I don't want to hear you preach. I'm so envious of your brain. Hey, give me half, no just a quarter is fine, so please save me.."

"Idiot, I can't give you my brain, that's impossible!"

"Ehhh, why not? *Chuckle*"

We always joke around like this with each other..

But he's right. I can basically do anything I put my mind to without even trying..

A few years ago, I thought it was natural..

But now, even I start to wonder why I learn so fast..

But, its disrespectful if I doubt a good thing, so lets put it out of my mind for now..

We walk together until we reach school and enter the classroom..

Hmm, somehow something's off..

I feel like it wasn't always this easy going inside the classroom, but I don't know why..

"Hmm? What's wrong, Kazuya?"

"No, it's nothing, lets just take our seats. The bell's about to ring.."

Maybe I'm thinking too much..

I go to my seat and sit down, huh? There's an empty seat besides me..

What? Who was sitting next to me again? I just can't seem to remember..

The bell rings and homeroom starts..

The teacher started to call out names in order..

"Okay, it seems everyone is here. Let's start homeroom.."

Why? Isn't the seat next to me empty?

I wanted to ask the teacher but I was afraid to be thought of as weird..

I continued thinking about it while in a daze..

And now, it's the end of the day..

Everyone was packing up their bags, and started to go home..

Normally, I would have done the same thing, but today was different..

So, I made my way to the teacher's room..

"Teacher, I want to inquire about something. Do you have some time?"

"Oh, Tomohiro-kun. Sure, what do you want to know?"

My homeroom teacher said while taking a seat at his desk..

"Well, it's about the seat next to me. I can't seem to remember something. What was the name of the 40th student, at the back of the class again?"

"Are you feeling alright Tomohiro-kun? There's only 39 students in my class though?"

Strange, this is really strange. What the heck is happening here?

My head is

I dashed off from the teacher's room..

"Tomohiro-kun, wait!"

Teacher seemed to be shouting something but I didn't catch it..

I arrived at the school roof, and proceeded to gaze out beyond the setting sun, as if to calm down my aching head..

"Am I going crazy? Is this stress accumulation? What the heck is going on here?"

I scream out loud to no one in particular..

But a voice seemed to have responded to my incessant ramblings..

"I finally found you, my hero.."

It was a heavenly voice that seemed to embody divinity itself..

When I turned around, I saw a beautiful woman..

She looked like she was in her early 20's, with pure white skin, and shiny silver hair..

But, there were horns growing out of her head..


After I looked at her for a good few seconds, she said something incomprehensible..

"It seems that your memory is being suppressed by a divine class brainwashing magic. Hmm, I wonder which God did this?"

What? Gods? Magic? It just got more complicated..

"Wha-what do you mean suppressed?"

"Hou, sorry I got lost in thought there. You're still confused right? Well, it's the effect of that magic. Wait just a bit, I'll dispel it right..*ugh*?"

The woman seems to be in agony..

Then she calms down in a few seconds..

"(exhales) It seems to be quite strong. There is no other choice. I need to use a portion of my power for this. Tell you what, hero, if you promise to fight for me, I'll lend you my aid.
I will also cure you of your headache while I'm at it. How about it?"

This woman seemed really weird, but the pain in my head was only getting worse..

It felt like I was going to split apart. I wanted to think about this more, but..

It's getting hard just to even think..

There's no other way..

"Alright, I'll fight for you or whatever, just let the pain go away!"

She grins for a second, and went back to her elegant appearance a moment later..

"Excellent. Very well hero, I will hold up that promise.."

She started gathering light and darkness, mixing them together in harmony that changed into a bluish hue with gleaming, beautiful darkness, the result looked like..


"[Divine Moon's Restoration]"

She said those words I couldn't understand, and almost instantly, the pain in my head subsided, like it disappeared as if it was a lie..

While I was about to thank her. I felt something cold in my chest area..

A giant sword seems to be lodged in my chest..

Funny, I don't remember bringing a sword to school..

I look up to the woman to get some answers..

"Sorry for the late introduction, I am the one known as Polaris, The Goddess of the Moon and you, my boy, are my new hero..."

I see..

That is something, but it's not really helping in this situation..

"I'll meet you again when the time comes. Take that sword..

Treat it as a parting gift..

Don't disappoint me now, my hero.."

Those were the last words I heard in this world, before falling into a deep darkness..