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My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 005 - Settling in

Ah, I want to eat curry..Or some udon with a tonkatsu bowl..

My mouth is watering just thinking about it, hmm?Why am I acting like this? 

Well, I just miss Japanese food is all..You don't believe me? (sigh).. 

Okay, I'll spill..Currently I'm running away from reality, this cruel, cruel reality.. 

"Okay little bro, here comes your breakfast.." 

If I could scream right now, I would..And I would have screamed so loud that even the Gods would have heard it..

But for now, let's resist with all my strength, till my last breath.. 


A murky, purple substance in a baby bottle, is shoved inside my mouth.. 

Ah, I can see it, that gentle light..I'm coming for you next Melquista, wait for me... 

And my consciousness faded once more.. 


The next morning, I woke up to the sound of footsteps.. 

I tried to strain my ears and heard faint conversation between two people.. 

"What do you mean, you found your little brother?" 

"Yep, I found him laying in a stable. You have to see him, he's so cute.." 

"But, you didn't have a little brother before.." 

"Yes, but now I do." 

"Why? Why are you picking up random little brothers from stables?" 

"I couldn't just leave him there, you know?" 

"(sigh)..Fine, for now, lead me to where you're keeping him.." 

"Okay, follow me, he's in my room sleeping.." 

Ah, what am I going to do... 

Judging from the tone of voice, it seemed to have belonged to her father.. 

It's like I never seem to run out of problems since coming to this world.. 

I just have to rely on my luck this time.. 

Oh wait, that's a bad idea.. 

No time to think, the footsteps are getting closer.. 


The door opened, revealing a man in his early 30's with brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and chiseled features wearing leather armor with a long sword attached to his waist.. 

"So this is the kid, huh?" 

Okay, gotta act natural, play it cool, play it cool, act like you're sleeping.. 

Then I get lifted up into the air, again.. 

Why does everyone keep lifting me up? 

Am I a dumbbell,or what? 

"Hmm, he does look cute, Kate, do you know his name?" 


"What is it?" 

"It's little bro!" 



"I meant, his real name" 

"That's what I just told you" 

"(sigh)..Calm down me, she's still 5 years old, you can do this..fuuu" 

"What's wrong Dad?" 

"Nothing, nothing, anyway, I'll find out his name" 

Huh? the man's eyes are staring at me, it seemed like he was trying to do something.. 


He said while his eyes grew wider, and a glint could be seen in his pupils.. 

"Astrum, that Astrum?.. No it can't be.." 


"Hmm, oh sorry Kate, it seemed that this baby's name is Orion Astrum, he might have been related to the nobles of the Astrum house..." 

"Hmm? The village has lots of houses though?" 

"No, not the village, but the nobles who govern Meteorum, the Astrum House is the name of the family in charge of governing Astrum Village." 

 "Oh, is that so? So does that mean we can't keep him?" 

"I'm afraid not, sorry Kate.." 

"No, I want to let him stay here!" 

"But if we were to get involved with the Astrum family, various problems would occur, you must understand..." 

"No, I won't hand him over!" 

Oh no, this is getting bad, fast.. 

Quick..think..think..I got nothing.. 

Ah, I'm going to be thrown away again.. 

Well, it's not like its the first time..(sigh) 

I know no one wants to take care of someone like me.. 

Wait, this is bad, I'm getting too down.. 

Black aura is seeping out of my skin.. 

This won't end well.. 

"But still..huh? what's that?" 


"No, it can't be, Sarah's aura magic? *Sniffle*" 

Hmm? Who's this Sarah you speak of.. 

Huh, the man's necklace is glittering, is that a locket? 

Ugh, I can feel my aura disappearing.. 

Huh, why? 

"It really is..I see, this might explain why he was in the stable.." 

Then he whispers to himself in a barely audible voice.. 

"He was thrown away.." 

Okay, I know you were trying to hush your voice to avoid hurting my feelings.. 

But I can still hear it you know.. 

Even if you say it like that, I already know.. 

No, I'm not gonna cry..I don't particularly care about it..*Sniffle* 


Eh? Why can't I control my emotions? 

Ah, this is so embarrassing.. 

I want to crawl into a hole and die.. 

"Okay Kate, it seems, that it's alright to keep him." 

"Yay! Really? Thanks Dad!" 

"Yes, yes, but you have to take care of him, alright?" 

"I promise to love and take care of him forever!" 

Wait, was that a proposal right there? 

No, my heart is not ready, and we still don't know each other that well.. 

But maybe.. 

Wait, this isn't the time for that! 

(sigh) These self-tsukommi's are gonna be the end of me one day.. 

"Hello little Orion, you may not understand me just yet, but my name is Derek Fullbringer, and this is Kate. We're going to be your new family starting from today onward, so call me Dad someday. Okay? Orion Fullbringer, my new son.." 


Status has new information - Name has been changed into Orion Fullbringer (Astrum)


What, just like that? Well, it's fine, it's not like I particularly care.. But really, crying does solve everything.. 


Name: Orion Fullbringer (Astrum)
Title: The Chosen Ones, Hidden God’s Apostle,
The Loner, Depression Incarnate, Unlucky Person
Level: 1
Race: Human Class: None Rank: Null
HP: 100 MP: 75 SP: 20
STR: 5 AGI: 10 INT: 50
VIT: 10 DEX: 5 WIS: 30
WP: 10 AP: 1000 LUK: -999