Rebirth Online World

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My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 004 - I Somehow Got an Older Sister?

-Kate's POV-

I try to open my sleepy eyes as I see the sun rising from the window..
It's the start of a brand new day..

But for me, everyday is the same..


As usual, I start the morning off with a sigh to no one in particular..
It's not because I'm sad, but because I unconsciously do it every morning, it has become a habit since, since that day..

Its been a few months since then, and I thought I already got over it, but it seems that it affected me more than I thought..

It had made me mature a bit faster than the others..

Now, I can hardly remember the times when I thought that everything around me looked so bright and happy, not since..

"Mom, why did you have to go.."

I say to no one in particular, as if talking to an empty space in my room..
But I still wait for an answer for a few minutes, and just like always, nothing..

So, I got out of bed, cleaned my room, and did the various chores around the house..

As I did this, I notice dinner has been left alone..

Again, seems Dad didn't come home yesterday, I hope he gets better soon..
Dad was even more affected by Mom's death than me, it was obvious due to the fact that he only used to drink on occasion, but now, its been a regular thing..

It was natural, Dad loved Mom very much..

Well, no use brooding about it..

I cleaned up the leftovers and prepared to go out..

I went outside the house, locked the door, and walked along the road I take every day, in order to go to the market, for me to buy various produce used to make meals..

It's just like any other day, nothing's gonna change but even so..

I live aimlessly today again..


I suddenly notice a large murder of crows flying by, going to the direction of the farm and livestock area..

I got slightly curious and decided to follow them, well, since I had the time..

I follow them towards the farm area..

After a few minutes, I arrive at the stables, where they kept the horses used for various laborious-work around the farmlands..

But it was slightly unnerving, since I didn't remember it being so eerie, and the door was unlocked which was strange, since it wasn't usually unlocked at this time of day..

There was a time wherein I would not be bothered by this one bit, but this was not one of those times..

Since curiosity got the better of me, I opened the door, revealing a dark room, with creepy sounds coming from the inside..

Normal people would turn back right about now, but I seemed to be drawn to the darkness somehow, like there was something I needed to see in there, so I went inside..

What I saw was..


I screamed out loud..

-Orion's POV-

Yep, this is exactly a picture-perfect scene straight out of a horror movie..

Hmm? Explain? Who, me?..(sigh)
Fine, let me tell you what I see..

It was a girl, a petite girl with brown-flaxen colored hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and a cute round face which will most definitely develop in the future into a beauty, and she seemed to be 5-6 years of age, huh? 

What's wrong you say? Isn't that nice? You should die, lolicon?

No, no, no, you didn't let me finish, and who said that last part?

Anyway, it was not all about the girl, it was, how do you say this..

Looking at the whole picture, I guess?

I might just be winging it here, but bear with me, it seemed to look a lot like this..

A little girl, enters a dreary room and walks in without hesitation..

She might as well have been saying, "Hello, Is anyone in here?" or really, any one of those cliche-dies-in-the-first-few-minutes-lines, *cough* as I was saying..

After entering a stable, she expects to see horses sleeping at this time of day, but no, what she did find was much, much worse..

See where I'm going here? No? Okay, I'll elaborate..

I'm talking about, the textbook-run-away-now-and-think-later kind of thing..
First off, the horses are cowering in a corner, and a large amount of crows are flocking together, and was now looking straight at the girl..

But at the same time, they surrounded something which looked like a small, dark entity, clad in a dark aura, that is at the very center of this mess..

And oh yeah, that's right, that dark entity is me..


Yep, this settles it, put up the horror flag, since this is a done deal..(sigh)

How did it come to this, I was just laying here peacefully, and now it seemed, even that was not allowed, why is this happening to me, particularly?

Ah, I can see it now..

She runs away from the stable, screaming loudly, and a few days later, brings an angry mob, carrying with them, sharp pitchforks and burning torches..

Then, they surround the small shed, shouting incomprehensible things like..





Or something like that..

Anyhow, it doesn't change the fact, that I have just now, triggered a death flag, albeit unintentionally, and even though I don't want this turn of events, I can't do anything about it right now, I mean, how can I even fight back in this condition?

Heck, I can't even stand upright by myself..

Have you even looked at me? I'm a baby, for God, no, True God's sake! 

Ah, it seems like I only have a few days until I leave this new world, it was almost just as fast as I entered it, hmm?

"What a cute child, why is such a creature here?"

Strange, she moved closer to me at a high-speed velocity that even I couldn't react to, and was now hugging me, and rubbing her cheeks against mine..

Did she like me? 

Was this even normal? Or a better question would be..

Is this girl really normal?, ah, the hugging was starting to get painful..

I take it back, she just wanted to kill me herself..

Death by suffocation, I never knew this is how I would see the light, huh?

But she suddenly let me go, and lifted me up into the air..

She then looked at me straight in the eyes, and said..

"This child is so cute, and has adorable different colored eyes, I wonder who left you here. Well, it doesn't matter now, since I'm gonna be your big sister from now on, okay?"

Ah, she looks so cute when she smiles..

Wait, wait, wait, this isn't the time to be thinking about how cute she is..

Think back on what she said..

Different colored eyes? Do I have heterochromia? Wait not that, it was something more important than my strange eye features..

Big sister? Yes, that's what I was trying to recall, but wait...

Why, why isn't she afraid of me? 

It was a question I wanted to be answered so i tried to get her attention..
I start to flail around in her arms..

"Hmm? Oh you're hungry, huh? Don't worry I'll feed you when we get back home, I will make the best-tasting milk formula, just for you. So from now on, call me Nee-chan, and I'll call you, my little bro, *Giggle*"

She flashes a radiant smile that was as bright as the sun..
Ah, it's hopeless, so I stop flailing, and let her carry me outside the shed..

To the outside world once again..

I wonder how this will turn out, having a big sister, that is..

And that was how my new life in this world started, with the arrival of my new big sister..