Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 003 - Thinking About the Present Situation

And there I was, lying in a haystack, like the sweet baby Jesus on a Christmas morn..(sigh)

I just keep relating to the weirdest things in the weirdest times..

Maybe that's why I'm stuck like this..

I just keep getting into these situations, I should just roll up in a corner and die..

Wait I already did...


You have learned the skill [Depressing Aura] Proficiency 0.00%

Nope, this is bad, I gotta stop now before I get too depressed..

Since even the horses are now staying away from me..(sigh)

For now, I'll think positively..

Yeah, that's right, I'm mister positive..

Gotta see the bright side of things now..

At least it's still daytime..

Even though the horses are staying away, the crows seem to like me..


Crows? isn't that bad? 


So be it, I will be known as Mister Positive Crow Man! Fuhahahahaha....

You have acquired the title {Depression Incarnate}


Hmmm what's this? Title? Am I a movie?
This is bad, I'm starting to tsukkomi everything..

I'm becoming strange, hmm?
As I take a closer look at the title, something happens.. 


Depression Incarnate
You have gone off the deep end. Too much negative feelings are bottled up inside you, that they have started to affect your personality, such that even crows gather around you. +100AP, -99 LUK

What is this self-loathing title? 

Am I really that depressed to get pity from you, huh?

Wait a minute, somehow, all these windows looked the same..

They seemed familiar..

Where have I seen these before, they look like those windows in..


Am I really in a game?

As I thought that, I pinched my finger hard and bit my lip simultaneously..

Yep, it hurts, and I'm bleeding...(sigh)
Anyway, this seemed to be reality..

But the window seemed real too, so it must be that kind of world..

I quickly draw the conclusion, that this was a world with game-like elements..

Just like some of the settings in the novels I used to read..

Huh? I'm not thinking hard enough about it?

Who? Me? Nope, I don't know what you're talking about..

Well, since this is a game world, there must be commands right?

As I got excited, I thought the first command I wanted, LOG OUT!



I knew it was too good to be true..

Then, let's try another command, STATUS!

And sure enough, a square-shaped window appeared in front of my eyes..

Name: Orion Astrum
Title: The Chosen Ones,  Hidden God's Apostle,
The Loner, Depression Incarnate, Unlucky Person
Level: 1
Race: Human Class: None Rank: Null
HP: 100 MP: 75 SP: 20
STR: 5 AGI: 10 INT: 50
VIT: 10 DEX: 5 WIS: 30
WP: 10 AP: 1000

LUK: -999


Are you always trying to bring down my self-esteem?You got a problem with me, world? Is this funny to you?I don't know why I'm screaming to an inanimate being..

I guess {The Loner} title isn't too far from the truth..

Now, for the next thing, SKILLS!And just like before a window appears, only this time, rectangular..


Aura Amplification - Proficiency 49.98%
Repel Aura - Proficiency 99.01%
Curse Aura - Proficiency 1.00%
Depressing Aura - Proficiency 2.99%
Aura Mastery - Proficiency 20.23%
Aura Manipulation - Proficiency 9.14%
Unique Skills
Aura Gift
Continental Language Comprehension


Hmm, it seemed like I could only use aura-based skills for now..After that, I tried saying a variety of game lingo and terms, which led to no avail..Now that that's over, I wanted to check the skills I got..

But it seems I have company..