Rebirth Online World

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My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 015 - Overdue Realization



A murky red liquid flows outward..

Into the scorched earth around it..

Making a puddle before anyone could notice..

Drops became bigger and bigger until..


A wave of blood spurts out from different parts of the body..

Likening it to a broken dam..

It just keeps going and going..

And then, the body drops..

Whose body?

Of course, the armored old man..

What, you thought I would be ripped apart for a second there?

I'm really not trustworthy am I?

Anyway, to explain in simple terms on what happened..

The old man had tenacity, I'll give him that..

He made it to my range before I could react..

And that's saying something..

But while he was using his claws adorned with pale blue flames straight at me..

I noticed it..

It was only a minor detail but..

That moment, I found its weakness..

I didn't even know if it could work that time..

But I was going to die if I didn't make that gamble..

What I found strange was his movements..

There was no preliminary movements..

There wasn't even technique behind his strike..

He purely attacked me with just raw power and speed..

Not that there's anything wrong with that of course..

But in all the years I watched the old man..

I never saw him forsake his technique for pure power..

Because what he always told me was..

{"Power alone cannot make you strong"}

Of course I never did understand what he meant..

Until now..

Because I noticed his blaring weakness..

I knew he had forsaken all defensive methods..

All for making his attack much more stronger..

Thus, I drew a conclusion..

When he invoked what he called [Full Armament]..

He couldn't control himself..

The armored knight was just a pure being condensed with wrathful flames..

No emotions..

No techniques..

An empty shell..

Which is why I used one of the techniques of the [Purgatory Style] against it..

One where I redirected his focus on one spot and sidestepped at the same moment..

This technique was very effective against those who believed in their power the most..

The [Flow Step] was its name..

But I never thought I would have needed to use it against the old man..

Speaking of the old man..

He is now lying on his chest breathing heavily..

The armor broke and conflagurated into the atmosphere when it separated from the host..

The state he is in is horrible..

Literally dozens of swords are piercing his whole backside..

Those swords were my aura swords of course..

Slowly they were disappearing into particles..

And gathering into my core..

By core, I mean my [Aura Core]..

It's a passive skill when I use [Aura Convergence]..

This is where the gathered aura is stored and melded together..

And it also gathers aura from the surrounding 10 meter radius..

Meanwhile that old man sure did a lot of damage..

When I look to the front of the old man where I used to be standing..

I am wide-eyed..

I can't call it anything except..

"A disaster.."

The entire area is scorched..

The green trees, flowers and grass are now nowhere to be found..

Absolute devastation..

Black rocky substances that you couldn't even call earth anymore..

With molten rocks and flames decorate the pathway..

This is evident as far as I can see..

And I can tell you now, in this present state..

I can see very, very far..


Was I going to be like that?

Burned out of existence?

No way, I wouldn't accept that kind of ending..

I'm really relieved I saw that opening..

Because if I didn't..

Just call me Mr. Ash

No, I don't even think ash would remain..

Okay, that's enough negative thinking..

The last sword disappears into particles..

I move closer to the old man, still not letting my guard down..

Yes, I'm not that stupid..


"Old man!"

I grab the old man's shoulders and face him upright..

He really looks terrible..

Wait, that's rude..

Well, forget it..

He has countless bleeding gashes and blood coming out of his mouth and eyes..

It's like a horror movie..

No, that's even ruder..


"What is it?"

Even though it's painful to move, he forces himself to grin..


With blood coming out of his eyes and mouth..

He grins widely..

Okay, I'm getting lost in idle thoughts again..

"Fuuhahaha, you really have grown, haven't you?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

Is this what I think it is?

"You're not that overconfident bratty kid anymore, huh..No wait, you're still bratty even now.."

"Haha, not as worse as you, you sadistic old man.."

I feel my eyes getting hot..

"Hmm? Oi, a man shouldn't cry like that!"

"What...what are you talking about? Are you making fun of me again?"

I say that in a louder voice to hide my inner turmoil..

This is bad..

Even though I didn't start it..

I still did this..

Why now..

Why at this time, I'm thinking about it this much..

Why did I do this..

I finally realize the situation now that my head's cleared up..

All that adrenaline is now nonexistent at this moment..

And like my inner dam broke, tears flowed out..

And I could do nothing to stop them..


Why did I have to fight the old man..

Why did it have to come to this..

Why, why, why..

I close my eyes even though I know its futile to try to stop the endless waterworks..


I suddenly feel a rugged hand on my head..

Ruffling my hair..

It's calming me down for some strange reason..

I remember this..

He always did this when I started my training..

After each day of hell..

He'd cook me a delicious meal..

Then I doze off because of fatigue..

Then he carries me to my bed and tucks me in..

And never forgets to pat my head and say..

{"I'm proud of you"}

Words no one else have said to me even in the other world..

It always had been the thing that calmed me down the most..

I try my hardest to open my eyes..

And what I saw was..

A gentle smile..

That smile he never showed me whenever I was awake..

The smile that he keeps to himself to hide his nice side..

The thing that tells me, it's okay to keep living..

I hazily remember a smile just like this before..

But I don't seem to recall it that clearly..

"You're blaming yourself again..That's your bad habit you know?"

I can't..

This old man..

I didn't know until now how much he meant to me..

Saving me from dying of hypothermia while I was flowing down the river..

Taking care of me in an unknown place filled with danger..

Making meals for me..

Keeping me warm..

Talking to me..

Having fun times joking around..

Well, maybe I have known all along..

When I think this would be the last time we could do those things, I..

Realized for the first time..

That I care deeply for this old man, no..




"Ha, you finally had it in you to call me that huh?"

"I'm sorry Master...for everything.."

"No need to apologize, I was prepared for this from the beginning..Though it is regrettable to only hear you say it when I'm in this situation..But I'm still glad.."

"Master, I never got to thank you for all you've done for me.."

A clear phosphorescent light enveloped Master while I was talking..

"I guess it's time, huh? I'm coming to you now, Lucia.."

No, I haven't even started to thank him yet..

"Master, wait! I didn't even get to say-"

A palm was thrust in font of my face..

And then it landed on top of my head again..

As the flames devoured his existence like wildfire starting from the lower body into the upper one..

With a gentle smile, his last smile, he said..

"No.. Thank you for being born, Orion.."

The last words I heard struck my entire being..

With that grin on his face, he went away.. for the last time..

"Thank you, Master"

I say while looking at the skies where the flames are rising up into and dispersing..

Along with my tears..

Ah, the physical toll of [Aura Limiter Surge] has started..

I feel intense pain and fatigue..

Like I was hit by a truck..

After that, everything fades to black..




I open my eyelids in a daze..

Only to find the break of dawn on the horizon..

How can I see it in a forest, you might ask?

Well, I know for a fact that this isn't going to be called a forest anymore..

It is now a scorched ground and a flat area..

Ground Zero of my last battle with Master..

Huh, Blue windows are popping out from nowhere..

Lets see(Dore-dore)..

You have acquired the title {Dragon Conqueror}

You have acquired the title {Ungrateful Bastard}

You have acquired the title {Plague}

What does this mean?
I look closer at them..

Dragon Conqueror
Given to the select few that achieved the feat of felling a True-blood Dragon
All stats+1000

Ungrateful Bastard
Given to those cruel enough to reward kindness with harm instead of gratitude 
LUK -100

Given to those who are considered harmful to the surroundings and everything around it
LUK -200 AP +200

So mean..

Titles with affinity detected: Beginning conversion

Titles: The Loner, Depression Incarnate, Unlucky Person, 
One Who Passes Work Unto Others, One Who Runs Away From His Problems, Problem-child, Forsaken, Ungrateful Bastard, and Plague has been converted into {Wandering Disaster}

Titles: Dragon Slayer, Dragon Conqueror, Dragon's Disciple, and Friend of the Dragon King has been converted into {Dragon Lord}

Wandering Disaster
One Who was born to be the most unfortunate soul in existence
Such that even the Most Cruel One, Death pities the bearer of this title and gives a fragment of his power
All stats +10000 LUK -9999

Dragon Lord
A being above the supreme beings, the Dragons
[Dragon Tamer Skill Acquired] All stats +5000

You have learned the skill [Dragon Tamer]

Why? Is it in these window's nature to make fun of me?

But the [Dragon Tamer] passive skill is nice..

Huh? A pale blue aura covers my body all of a sudden..

Dragon King's Aura has been assimilated into body - Beginning to unlock 4th Scripture

You have learned the skill [Dragon King Aura] Proficiency 0.00%

You have learned the skill [Aura of Wrath] Proficiency 0.00%

You have learned the skill [Aura Armament Release] Proficiency 0.00%

Aura Gift
Divine Skill - 10 Scriptures of Aura
First Scripture Unlocked:
Enables you to use Aura Magic but disables any other magic
Second Scripture Unlocked:
Added skill: [Aura Absorption] - Enables you to absorb aura from stronger enemies after they have been slain
Third Scripture Unlocked:
Added skill: [Aura Convergence] - Enables the user to store and meld aura skills
Fourth Scripture Unlocked:
Added skill: [Aura Armament Release] - Clads the user in armor form made out of pure aura energy
Remaining Scriptures - Locked State
Effects: +10000 AP, -500 LUK, +2000 MP, +200 INT

Wow, these skills sound amazing..

Is it over?

Well then, let's start moving to the cabin while checking my status..

I wonder if my level increased from beating master..

Hopefully I get to a level above 100 since Master told me that a human's level limit is level 200..

I think to myself the keyword while standing up..

I start walking and a blue window appears in front of me..

Name: Orion Fullbringer (Astrum)Title: The Chosen Ones, Hidden God's Apostle, 
Martyr,Wandering Disaster, Dragon Lord, Beast-hunter
Level: 666
Race: HumanClass: NoneRank: Null
HP: 150000/200000MP: 100/320000SP: 160000
STR: 4000AGI: 8000INT: 16000
VIT: 20000DEX: 2000WIS: 3200
WP: 4500AP: 500000LUK: -9999


A joke?

I look away..

I must be still tired..

I look again..


Yep, it's not a dream..

But who could blame me for thinking that?

What is it with these stats?


Government conspiracy?

Anyway, these stats are high..

And this is in my limiter state..

What would happen if I released my limiter now..

I'm scared..

What might happen to me..

More importantly, what is with that level?

The first thing I want to comment on is that ominous number?

Am I in a demon cult or something?

I won't summon a demon god out of nowhere will I?

And isn't a human supposed to stop growing at level 200?

Did Master lie to me?

No, he never lied to me even once..

But it clearly says human race right there!

What the heck is going on..

I can't..

This is too tiring.. hmm?

As I was bickering with my status problems..

I finally reached the cabin..

Now, the first thing I want to do is..


"Let's make something to eat!"

Meanwhile in the different parts of Quadra at the time~

In the infertile lands of the Demon Continent, 8 shadows with horns are walking together..

They were the ones called "The Travelling Sword Party"

In the lead was an unusual black-haired young man followed by 7 others..

He suddenly stopped and looked towards the north sky..

A red-haired youth noticed their leader stopping and said..

"What's wrong Ren?"

As if the boy snapped out of his deliberation, he turned surprised and said..

"Oh, it's nothing! Let's keep moving.. the ruins must be here somewhere.."

"You're really weird Ren.."


That magic power..

So large..

And there were two of them..

Why did one disappear though..

Well, until we meet in the future..

It's not my problem..

He thought as he sprinted to the front again..


In the hot deserts of the beast continent..

2 figures were trudging along the forgotten path of sand..

When the boy with silver hair covered with a hood hiding his wolf-ears inside turned to the west..

"You felt it too? Kaito?"

A pale-faced dark-haired man hidden in a black hood that just begs to be scorched in this heat spoke to the boy..

"Ah, such a gigantic amount of magic power.."

"But I guess the fight is over now since one of them is gone.."

"You're right, let's get a move on, Mortem.."

"Hmm, lead the way then.."

"Okay, [Summon Familiar]"

A silver hawk comes out of a magic circle and flies towards a certain direction..

The black-haired man casts wistful eyes towards the horizon and muttered under his breath..

"I hope you found what you're looking for Arcveil.."


In the lush green forests of the Elves Continent..

A young woman with blond hair is standing on the branch of the tallest tree known in existence..

The World Tree..

And she looks to the east and said to herself..

"I guess they have started to move, huh?

She jumped down from the branch 100 meters from the ground..

A normal person would think she would have died right there but that was a wrong conclusion when it comes to her..

"Spiritum Jeres Miroid Aztus"

She recites incomprehensible words and wind suddenly forms around her feet gently lifting her into the ground..

"Let's tell the elders about this.."


In the human continent..

Inside the Royal Castle located in the Capital..

A festive mood occurs..

For this was the Princess' birthday..

A party ensues with food and drinks..

And people gathering to make merry around the princess..

During the party, she hastily sneaks out into the royal training grounds and find someone there..

It always brings a smile to her face and a glimmer to her eyes when she saw the spectacle..

A red-haired woman with blue eyes concentrating light particles into her hands and releasing them outwards..

The shining of the stars are comparable to this magic training she always does..

"[Constellation Area]"

The place is filled with stars of different shapes and sizes for a minute..

And then it glimmers away as it disappears..

"Hmm? Ah, it's you Meriam.."

"Yes, it's me again Aria-neesama!"

"Come to watch me practice again?"

"Can I?"


She suddenly looks towards the south border and thinks to herself..

What terrifying power clashes..

Someone that powerful is this close?

I guess the time the heroes moved has arrived..

I better make my own preparations now..

She suddenly looks towards an image projected using stars which only she could see..

In the shape of a little boy grinning stupidly staring into her with playful eyes..

Please give me strength..