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Monster Musume

Chapter 072 - Chimera

Monster Musume chapter 72: Chimera

“Ruu, that head is vomiting flames! Pay attention!” Tsuchio

“Which head!?” Ruu

“Perhaps the lion, from the other head probably will also come something!” Tsuchio

"Ownership of number 2966 is blank. Ownership of number 2966 is blank" ???


In the laboratory in the underground ruins, we faced a huge chimera. Its head seems to reach near the ceiling with its considerable size. It might be 4-5m.... I´m serious about its huge figure and magic and it isnt a joke. However, this chimera is still great. It is the first time for me seeing such a demon and I was helpless. I should have read about it before...perhaps this monster appeared in Greek mythology and Roman myth.




My consciousness is dragged out from my thought by the chimera´s roar. Thinking, while fighting, you would be killed when you are absentminded!


Covered with malice, the chimera glares at us. The chimera has begun to move for the purpose to achieve the intruder's elimination.


The lion's forefeet are raised, the goat's eyes shine and the snake inhales greatly. Do the heads move separately!? Shit, we have to handle them separately!


“Ruu, you attract the attention of the lion, while we combine our attacks! Lime, you attack the snake and shut its mouth so it can't vomit something! Rin you fight the goat part, perhaps with magic. Shoot it down!” Tsuchio

"Ownership of number 2966 is blank. Ownership of number 2966 is blank" ???


I produce rock snakes so that the chimera is surrounded with a semi-circle, while I give an order to everyone. There is enough room here, so they should play an active part tightly.


We aim, while Ruu catches the shaken forefeet of the lion using her whole body. She´s throwing out all the strength of her body so that the ground collapses but Ruu´s power still isn't enough. At a dash, the chimera swung down its arm and it seemed to have repelled Ruu who flow in the air, but apparently Ruu flew on her own. Her body pose is instantly straightened in the air and she strikes from right above the lion's head.


The goat is shooting many blue lightballs out at the same time and Ruu intercepts each one with an thunder arrow accurately. Whenever the goat's eyes blink, it increases the number of the blue light balls. While at the same time Rin also increases the amount of her arrows, but she dashes out to the goat continuing shooting arrows, because she find out that she will be defeated by magic just as it is. The goat's head is covered with a translucent wall and caught the sparking horn of Rin. As expected the goat is a magic expert, however is that natural because there is only the head?


There while the snake has vomited a glaring purple fog. It seemed to be a poison breath, but when it touched Lime, she absorbed it inside her body momentarily. Lime´s body color changes into purple and a line of dark purple runs to her arms and feet. Lime which has finished absorbing the fog jumps on the snake head and thrust her claws into its head. And Lime is running through its body by slashing the snake into halves as it is. During that the snake tries to bite and tighten up its body to catch Lime, but she transforms her body as she wants and slips away. There seem to be no problems in particular, but...when Lime makes only one mistake in her transformation, she will be killed instantly. In case of the usual lime, she waits at the position in which the opponent's attack reaches the very limit, before she counters with an attack.... Has she gotten excited, because she absorbed her opponents proud magic? I'll make the rock snakes follow up.


“Tsuchio, this fellow is strange! Hitting it properly, it has no effect at all!” Ruu

“...!” Puru!


Ruu rammed her back into the lion´s face, after it was thrown to the ground. Even so, isnt that dangerous? The Lion suffers, so it should have received some damage properly. Yet, why isn't it effective at all? Lime also agrees to that. Seeing the snake´s body, which was damaged by Lime has already recovered with emitting smoke.


"This fellow, when time passes, he will recover! We have no choice but to knock it down quickly!" Tsuchio

"Ownership of number 2966 is blank. Ownership of number 2966 is blank" ???

“That...a little harsh!?”


The lion that has been hit up to now uses it's own skill though it is hit. Ruu could defend against its arm until now, but the nails of the lion seem quite sharp. The scale is torn and blood is flowing out. Ruu lands, falls down and is blown away. After gaining some distance, the lion inhales like the snake. Danger, a breath comes. Unlike Lime, Ruu can't absorb the breath!


From the lion's mouth, a red flame is blown out mightily. Ruu changed her stance and crossed her arms and lowered her waist to withstand that attack. Ruu´s fire resistance is quite high, but this wouldn't be an ordinary flame indeed. I want to avoid that she is hit directly.


Several rock snakes appear in front of Ruu and create a wall to protect her from the flame. The inside might surely be high tempered...however they can't prolonged for too long, if I don't quickly shut that mouth! I throw out talismans under and over the lion´s head and earth pillars appear which pierce from top and bottom directly the lion's jaw and nose. There seems to be no great damage to its mouth, but the lion holds his breath at whether it's scared to be hurt from the breath. Using this opportunity, the rock snakes coil around it and Ruu retreated next to me.


“Yes, Yes...I´m sorry, Tsuchio” Ruu


Even if I say Ruu´s fire is strong, how hard must your body be for withstanding this heat. Sweat gush out from her whole body and her face is burning, while her breathe is heavy. One talisman is stuck to Ruu´s body. This talisman is mimicked from Loreen´s talisman art and recovers one´s physical strength. Because I´m unprofessional with recovery magic, the talisman which I made hadnt such an great effect. Using such a talisman, It is good that I can manipulate magic and the efficiency is good. And because cooling effect has been added to this talisman, it is useful in such a case. Well, saying it simply, it's cold and looks like a pita.


"Ownership of number 2966 is blank. Ownership of number 2966 is blank" ???

“Ah, feeling good..." Ruu

“And look” Tsuchio

I use a water talisman and let Ruu drink it. The water made with magic isn't too suitable to drink...but there is no other way this time. I'm afraid of dehydration.


While I'm doing first aid to Ruu, do the snakes attract the attention of the lion. Although their bodies are crushed, the snakes bite the lion resolutely. Though it is bad, let's work hard a little more....


“Already alright, go” Ruu

"Ah, don't force yourself. When it's too hard, say it immediately” Tsuchio

"Ownership of number 2966 is blank. Ownership of number 2966 is blank" ???


Ruu kicks the floor, before she kicks the lion's head. Lime´s fight against the snake is risky, while Rin is using her dash to fight the magic evenly fight against the goat. However the difference of magic amount is clear. At present, because the goat is covered by a barrier, it isnt damaged. Shit, this consumption competition is completely shaved in this way. We have to give strong damage at one time...effective against this enemy, might be Ruu´s breath. However, Ruu´s physical strength is considerably consumed by the flame attack a little while ago. You'd be able to go like magic...afterwards, The combat might be indeed severe. I can’t leave it like this, what should I do....


"Ownership of number 2966 is blank. Ownership of number 2966 is blank" ???

“Daa! There it comes again! I already have understood that you belong to no one now..." Tsuchio


No, wait. Why is a thing like this flowing all the while from just now? There would be no thing like this and meaning to let it flow. May this guy have a conscious? Number 2966 might be this guy.... Does it want to clarify the ownership clearly? Perhaps it says the ownership shifts to an acquisitor....


“Everyone, gain some time a little! Lime settle your fight down a little! Hey, if I acquire you, will you be mine!?” Tsuchio

“Yes, number 2966 will belong to the person who will find it” ???

“You, can you fight? What is this...can you knock number 2107 down!?” Tsuchio

“No, Number 2966 is still incomplete. No.2966 was developed as a general-purpose combat weapon. According to the situation, the design of my arms and legs need to be replaced. And although my arms complete several prototypes which are kept, my legs weren't developed yet. When there are no legs, my battle ability falls remarkably" ???


Tsk, it can't be used...however, cant it win without using everything?


“Where are your arms?” Tsuchio

“In the storage room next door. However there are many machines who are on standby kept who defend against enemies” ???


Are there mechanical insects...hey, I better verify it with Shadow-san or? Since the battle started, she didn't came out all the while...no, she should be able to sense it immediately then.


“Leg, the leg...?” Tsuchio


Suddenly, the fighting Ruu also comes into view now. Ruu uses her claws and exchange breath, Lime keeps cutting through the snake's fang and Rin shot magic against the goat. The snakes act as shields to them and attack voluntarily. ...Oh, you may be able to use it.


“Hey, is any shape of your legs good?" Tsuchio

“When it can be used as a leg, number 2966 will change it so that it may fit automatically. The material must be metal and also should have the same framework as number 2966. Airframe of the machines and their small arms which accompany those”

“It must be metal and the shape is indifferent! Is your body fine!?” Tsuchio

“Yes. My body is made with a special evolution cell made with demon research, so it evolves and fits automatically” ???


It is possible to go in this case. However, For that, It is necessary to knock down the machines who search for enemies outside. Can we knock them down? ...As expected, it's hopeless in this way. Can only I do it?


“Shadow-san” Tsuchio


When I call her with my voice, Shadow-san will appear immediately from my shadow. Did she keep collecting something there? Apparently, there seems to be no light and the mechanical insects couldn't catch Shadow-san so they were beaten one-sidedly.


“Did you finish collecting everything? Whether you're unready, please bring me all things on the other side. Is the capacity okay? Okay, I rely on you” Tsuchio


Shadow-san returns to the storage room again. Ii she still fighting? To be honest, my magic is very limited and might be the point. Ruu is exerting herself, so even I have to risk my life.


“How many machines are outside?” Tsuchio

“Perhaps 12 machines, all who operate gathered together now” ???

“12 machines...will we manage them somehow?” Tsuchio


I arrange heavy talismans in a cirlce in the air and two in front of me. Now...let's do it.


“First fire on the right side. Fire causes earth, earth causes gold, gold causes water, water causes wood and wood causes fire" Tsuchio


The talismans connect with each other in a line and a red pentagram was drawn in the circle that is floating in the air. Huu...I have to move quickly next.


“Next, wood on the left side. Wood causes fire, fire causes earth, earth causes gold, gold causes water and water causes wood” Tsuchio


This time a green pentagram is drawn in the circle. Let's do it then.


"Wood that can grow thick as provisions pile up and let the two multiple star fire shine!" Tsuchio


When the green pentagram is drawn, the red pentagram begins to pulse and shine red. When thinking that sparks scattered, this magic blazed up like a rising star in a moment.


More than half of my magic is invested in this talisman art and dizziness attacks me momentarily.  Well...I´m all right and there is no problem. Consciousness is reliable and because I don't feel ill, I can continue!


“Eat this, fire and gold cruelty!”


The pentagram is inhaled into the heavy fire talisman and shot at the entrance. Probably because the talisman had accumulated my magic, it still endures though it scorches a little. In case of the two stars, I manages to use it also with a talisman made from quality paper. Now, the machines will be blown off with this!


When I call back the talisman put on the entrance at hand, a rock breaks and falls to the ground. The machines seemed to have tried to break the rock with their guns held at their abdomen and circled around the entrance. Before confirming that the talisman jumped into them, I made a earth wall in front of me and bent my body while closing my ears.


The next moment, a large roaring roars through the room and a hot wind blows hard reaching even behind the wall. Next something ran against the wall noisily. Wha, What knocks against it!? The machines!?


Even the chimera is stunned by the intense eplosion. Should I throw this at the chimera...no, because everyone will be involved in it. Well, I know how long it takes until it eplodes and when we get down in time, it will be okay.


The sound by which something runs against the wall also stopped, so I stood up and look to the entrance. It seems I have blown up the wall and the entrance collapsed. In the surrounding were laying the scorched armor of the mechanical insects and which were melting away. All machines collapsed at their places, because they were eaten by the explosive flame. Truly a intense explosion.... Knocking against the wall, were they fragments from the entrance? Seeing this scence, no machine was destroyed. Their legs bent in different directions and only their eyes were destroyed.


When the back which creeps suddenly was reflected on the pretext of the talisman, the goat collided with a thrown lightball, burned and scattered. I seemed to have been marked by the chimera now. The lion and snake prepare their breath. However Ruu gives the lion an uppercut and Lime transformed into a foil and wrapped around the snake mouth so that it eat its own poison fog. The moment when I thought the fog was sucked up and seemed to come off finally...Lime´s body was dyed purple again. A long time will become high.


It was the goat which keeps shooting magic at me, but I think that whether Rin rush at it because it can't be ignored, I decided to beat it first. Rin´s magic has also fell below the half. Although the chimera and my familiars didnt use their full amount of abilities here, it became a endurance battle of using magic non-stop and recovery abilities. In this way, will we overcome the time problem?


“Shadow-san, let's end it. Please carry all mechanical bugs scattered around this passage here! Also, can I have quality paper!"


A paper roll is thrown out to me, while Shadow-san swallows the mechanical insects near the entrance. Let's make something which can be used as number 2966´s legs.