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Chapter 044 - Fight with the thieves



 Several robbers who were in the circle burned from the bomb’s blast and vanished from the cave. Afterward, the humans whose whole body wrapped in flames came out with doubtful steps and fell down at the cave’s entrance. The heroes’ complexions...were pure white and they firmly stared at our opponents. Even here when the robbers came out, they seemed alright.

Climbing over the corpses of their comrades, the remaining thieves jumped out of the cave and collided with the knights who were waiting at the entrance. The robbers came out one after another and tried to enclose the knights. Roux charged at them and broke their defense, before standing opposite of the robbers. From her shadow, Lime jumps at one of the thieves and swings her claws around wildly. Rin fires magic blindly while running around and she occasionally kicks a robber to death. She usually uses magic to attack, but her physical attack is strong, too.... For the moment I can't utilize Rin´s full abilities as a tamer....

“Sensei, let's go!”

"Please do not be late, I will act as the front!"

At night of the day before yesterday, because I kept on writing talismans earnestly while talking with teacher, it wasn't necessary to mind a residual quantity. Because Sensei can't be my sword, I decided to use talismans. If there are more kinds, the width of my support spreads, too...but it requires for me to study. As I`m now, it is likely to pull it to Ruu´s foot.

Teacher pulled her sword out and cut the hand of a robber who held his weapon in his off hand, before her cutting the throat of another one who attacked with his sword immediately. Several other robbers approached her, but the talismans I threw at them hit their bodies directly while making an unpleasant sound, they were blown away.

Seiya cooperated with the knights and they acted well. Every time a robber was cut and hit, he raised a loud voice while shedding tears and crossing swords with the striking robber.

Saiko desperately chanted her magic which she threw at the thieves. Seiya received a small bruise and Kurumi healed every wound one by one. That place doesn't seem to have any problem, so let's concentrate on the front.

The thieves seemed to judge me and sensei to be the weakest somehow, so they surround us with great numbers. Ruu ran up in order to assist us, but the thieves who didn`t surround us prevented her.

"Can you not take out Garm?"

"When it is near here, it's impossible.... It isn't so wide, so its mobility is lost...”

"In this case, we can`t but do it ourselves. At first, let's open up a path!"

Talismans were scattered on the environment and produce a wall that surrounded us in any place other than the front. Furthermore, our speed was strengthened by the velocity of the wind from Sasha-sensei. The robbers kept hitting the talismans in order to break the wall, but I added more talismans one after another to keep on reinforcing the wall.

Therefore the robbers attacked from the place without a wall, however, teacher deals with them one by one. She makes use of her strengthened speed and moves around quickly, so our enemy can't aim at her.

We continued such an offense and defense for a few minutes, but for me, it felt like dozens of minutes. The thieves who were forced to stay were defeated by Ruu who came from the side. Rin made a hole in the enemy's formation with her dash, while Ruu charged at them. At the same time, Lime slaughtered the robbers who were going to break the wall from behind.

Next, the robbers who were routed by Ruu´s invasion scatter, try to run away, but the heroes and the knights were waiting for them. Because their number decreased to ten people, they'll be captured easily. Those who charged desperately were hit by shields and were kicked into their stomach before they're knocked down to the ground. In no time, were the remaining robbers cuffed with a rope and rolled on the ground.

“Huu, it ended safely. Everybody, are there any injuries?"

"We are all right. However, the heroes...”

Although this medium-scale thief group could be controlled without big injuries, the faces of the heroes weren't looking fine. They dropped their weapons and shook while seeing one's hands with a white face so as to be morbid. Saiko vomited again, while Taiga was at his wit's end and crouched down. Humu...Are they alright?

“...Heroes, how are you guys feeling??" Tsuchio

"Not good.... However, isn't unnecessary to worry...?” Kurumi

Kurumi courageously stares at me.  She is a strong woman...Well, it is a reason that killing a person directly because it is part of recovery....

“So, you don't need to worry. It will be an unpleasant feeling. You seem to be able to kill devil beasts without a problem...” Tsuchio

"Even as for devil beasts, there is no reason why we have to kill them!? Still, the feeling of bones breaking still remains on the handle"

“...You pass" Tsuchio

“”””...Eh?”””” Heroes

Huu, they may advance by the thing according to my imagination. According to my plan, the disgust of killing was planted more strongly into them. If I make a mistake here, the heroes might become maniacs....

“E, Eh? What do you mean?"

"What did we pass?"

"Explain it properly!"

“...Shut up your mouths.... Please wait for a moment! Because I'm consulting with Sensei right now!" Tsuchio

May I say it? I wasn’t told to make a secret so that the circumstances of the country were to get affected....

I separate myself from the heroes for the time being and ask for Sasha-sensei´s opinion.

"What should I do? Should I say it?" Tsuchio

"For national circumstances, it is likely better not to reveal it" Sasha

"However, if it's concealed just like that, only distrust to the country will remain. Someone have to say that they passed...” Tsuchio

“I´m, I´m sorry, I absolutely wanted to tell them...” Tsuchio

“...May you not mind it particularly? Will it be necessary for the heroes' growth?" Sasha

“Yes, rather than growth, it is for the future feelings" Tsuchio

“I see, I have to say by the process of the practice, I would also explain it. It isn't prohibited, therefore you may say" Sasha

"Then, if you insist" Tsuchio

I return to the heroes. If I tell them this, their training will almost end.

"Can you explain it now?" Hero

“Yes, for you guys we went to this place so I can implant the disgust of killing something into you daringly. If I say it more simply, is it the feeling of not to want to be used to killing?" Tsuchio

“Eh? But then the demons can't be killed...” Hero

"Demons are like humans, but their essence is greatly different from a human. Because you cannot murder a human, it was not sure if you couldn't kill a demon" Tsuchio

"So far, we are totally different!" Hero

"Yes, I asked Sensei to do that, too. Having fought with monsters and thieves, as I said a short while ago, it's for you guys to hold a sense of hate to kill someone" Tsuchio

"Again why such difficulty. Even if you don't do such a thing...” Hero

"You, do you not enjoy killing?" Tsuchio

“Ye, yes” Heroes

Well, normally it is so. But the heroes aren't ordinary.

"If you don't do this practice and go to the field, could you endure a war?" Tsuchio


Equally, everyone fell silent. A war can change a person, but humans are going to adapt to that severe environment.

"By my choice, I participated in a war-stated mock battle with the heroes and almost destroyed their spirits. Whether they'll be a person maimed for life or a slaughter machine, do they come to enjoy killing one another....? What kind of look would it be though it won't be good" Tsuchio


"What I want to tell the heroes, is one thing. Absolutely, you must not enjoy killing. If you enjoy it, you will be the same as a demon. Don't become accustomed to killing. It is fine to feel guilt and disgust" Tsuchio


"The battlefield where you go to is a place where a lot of lives were lost. You will step over corpses, but you must advance forward. A more severe fight will be waiting for you from now on, so for the people who died already, please remain like you are right now" Tsuchio

“...I will take it in my heart" Seiya

"I thank you and I am sorry for all of my impoliteness indeed" Izaria

"Likewise, thank you, I noticed something important thanks to Mikado" Taiga

"I will be never used to war!" Saiko

“Or perhaps I should say I will not be used even if I want to be used" Saiko

"You're right, Mikado-san, Thank you very much" Kurumi

The heroes gave their thanks. Huu, it'll be all right with this for now. My nail stung them, so it is up to them afterwards.

"Everyone must be tired, let's return after we come back to the lodging and take a short break" Sasha

While seeing the knights running after the heroes who return to the lodging, Sensei and I follow from behind.

"This time thank you. The most was left to you" Sasha

"We are similar in age, so I can understand them. Being found here, aren't you a teacher" Tsuchio

“...I am still in my twenties" Sasha

"I am still in my teens" Tsuchio

“What really.... However, it is surprising that the words they shouldn`t be used to killing came from your mouth. You seem completely familiar with it" Sasha

"A person with experience tells so. When they are used to kill someone, something important is lost" Tsuchio

Well, there isn't a sense of guilt from the cause. Even if I pull it out, I think I ´m different now from my former self.

“...Will you be fine? For you, it'll be important" Sasha

“...Well, speaking of the things that are important to me now, are Ruu and the others. For everybody, to sacrifice yourself is a cheap thing" Tsuchio

"Is it so.... Isn't suppression being enjoyed?" Sasha

"Of course, I haven't crossed over to no fighting” Tsuchio

In the place where the demon beasts and thieves were killed, only materials were left behind.

"We can't teach them anymore, so we will return tomorrow" Sasha

"Oh, now that you mention it, did sensei do the mock battle?" Tsuchio

"It was so if you say so. Everything has been taken by you" Sasha

“Haa.... From the beginning, if Sensei did it, would it be okay? Particularly, I didn't have to be here...” Tsuchio

"Well, when the result is good, everything is good. They are leaving, therefore let's hurry" Sasha

“Ah, please wait!” Tsuchio

At any rate, my relation with the heroes might end by this.  I was able to use the talismans in an actual battle. Besides I'm also thinking variously, while I seem to become busy when I return.





We returned to the academy by Saiko´s transfer magic after she revived her magical power and we all separated immediately. Because their training ended with this, I heard that the heroes will return tomorrow morning to the capital. Therefore after improving their abilities with the knights, they will go to the north fortress. I want them to do their best by all means. 

When I came back to the dormitory after sending my familiars to the monster stable, I was questioned closely where I went by Lucas and the others. Because I didn't go to class for these past few days, they were worried. Still, because the truth can't be said, I deceived them by saying that my class was cut and I made an excursion. They seem to be very angry when I ate dinner with them. They didn't hear what I said at all.

For such a reason, I spent a few days together with the heroesTsuchio

Hee, heroes huh...Spirit

That night, after I confirmed that Lucas slept, I spoke with Spirit-san per telepathy. I didn't talk to her in this past one week and at a stretch, I talked about the event with the heroes.

Not to become accustomed to killing, only their mouth is full-fledgedSpirit-san

Ability adheres, tooTsuchio

Tsuchio-kun wouldn't be so strong by himself Spirit-san

...Well, that's trueTsuchio

Therefore.... I write talismans and use them because I don't have a skill in particular only the quantity of my magical power becomes a problem or the talisman magic is inserted into the ink.  Because I considerably use it, I increased the amount, but they are still average. For a strong image, I have to devise it variously.

Yes, good. I want to see various things, so I will go there, too...Spirit-san

If it's so, you shouldn't comeTsuchio

You easily say so, but it is very difficult. I tried variously, although I think that a result is given soon...Spirit-san

Huh, you can leave the island? How? Isn't your body that huge tree? Tsuchio

I challenge it now! Because I'll go to your place, by all means, you can look forward to it! Spirit-san

Eh, it is physically impossibleTsuchio

For you metaphorically decision that I don't come, stupid TSUCHIO!Spirit-san

The telepathy was cut. Well, it is pleasant to make fun of Spirit-san. Wow, Spirit-san can leave. Tomorrow, let's try hard making talismans!


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