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Monster Musume

Chapter 041 - Real combat training, go to the valley and death eating birds

Monster Musume Chapter 41: Real combat training, go to the valley and death eating birds




Today afternoon I let the heroes train with the knights, while Sasha-sensei and I worked hard in the library for finding tomorrow's training place. Even when we narrowed down some places, as soon as the information about thieves being around there was obtained from Librarian-san, we needed to reselect, but was very variously.... We couldn't decide a place even when it was time to close the library, so we had Librarian-san help us and before we straddled the day somehow, we found a place. I had to stay awake since the mock battle with the heroes. 

The next day. When the sun had just risen, Sasha-sensei, the heroes, the knights, and I gathered at the back entrance. While the heroes looked at Ruu and Rin, Sasha-sensei began to talk. 

"Today, you will experience actual combat. First of all even if you kill a monster, you have to be fine afterwards, so we will go to Ledagan valley. Because the country is possessing it, adventurers can´t enter. The devil beast which inhabits it are strong but they aren't higher than B rank. We shouldn't have any trouble" Sasha-sensei 

Ledagan valley was the place we decided yesterday after a hard time. The valley was created by the river which flowed through the mountain range of Mt. Maronma, so the monster inhabited the river and the mountains in the circumference. Sometimes it is used as a training place for the Knight order and the knights working under the heroes had been there once. And because there was information that middle class thieves hid in the nearby forest, we decided to go to this place. 

"We will probably arrive in the afternoon,so we will begin the training immediately as soon as we arrive. We will go to the knights training facilities nearby before the day ends and it is scheduled that we will stay one night. Are there any questions?" Sasha-sensei

"Emm, I can use transportation magic. Though it is only possible to go to a place that exists in my memories, but when I read the memories of someone else who was there before, we should be there in a moment. Still we shouldn't take the horses, because time can be greatly shortened if we go with it, so what do you think?" Saiko 

Saiko proposed so. It is convenient whether there is transportation magic, but can she carry 10 people + my familiars? 

"Can my familiars also be taken?" Tsuchio

"Yes, it won´t be a problem if they touch a person who will be transferred. Though I won't be able to take part in a battle at once...” Saiko

"No problem, even if you take a rest, there is enough time. May I ask you for that?" Tsuchio or Sasha

"Of course, because it's what I suggested. Then, everyone touch my hand, please" Saiko 

Everybody touched the hand of Saiko, while Ruu and the others stuck to my body. 

"Then I will transfer everyone. Until it is completed, you should not separate your hand"

After Saiko said so she read the mind of an knight while closing her eyes, to guide her. And when several seconds passed, after we were attacked by a feeling of floating, the surrounding view changed and we took off like in an airplane, before we arrived in front of a certain big building in a forest. Although I stood firm on the ground with both feet, I’m still a little unsteady. 

“Huu...We arrived. Is this place right?" Tsuchio

“Ye, yes, this is the place. However, your transportation magic is great...” Knight

"Is everything fine with your magical power?" Tsuchio

"I don´t seem to have any problem if I take a little rest. Although I used mind reading magic for the first time, I did well" Saiko 

The vicinity was a forest with an atmosphere akin to the foot of Mt. Maronma. Well, it was natural because it was the same mountain range, because the sound of running water was heard from a long distance. It was probably the river which went through the valley. Just in case, I had the information of the monsters in this area in my mind. Before doing the real combat training, I will confirm it once again.

First the devil beast which inhabits the river. First we have the lizardmen, who have the intelligence that only treats strong muscular strength and the use weapons, so they are known as human-type monsters. Their main weapon is a spear which is a sharpened bone, but individually they use the weapons of the dead knights and adventurer. There also seems to be monsters who use magic and are the most common monsters in this valley. The rock frog with a hard body uses its tongue and earth magic to attack and the acid crab with its powerful scissors and strong acid foam. Both have a big body and their size is the same as a human child.

From the devil beasts living in the mountain, there is only one kind who comes to the valley. This devil beast is called Death Eater bird and looks like a big condor. It is a monster that eats dead flesh and they really like dead flesh. They may eat the creatures which are dead in the neighborhood, but it would be better if they kill each other and eat their own kind. These birds are ferocious and very belligerent and their black feathers combined with their ugly faces are considered to be the symbol of an ill-omen. In a legend of the incaic civilization the great emperor was reincarnated as a condor. 






30 minutes later, the magical power of Saiko was restored. The knights lead us, I on the left, Ruu and the others on the right and Sensei acts as the backguard. This was the formation to protect the heroes. When we moved for a while in the forest, the front opened and we arrived at the river. It seemed we advanced towards upstream. Because lizardmen seem to come out of this area, we must be careful about surprise attacks from the river.

When we walked up the river, Rin sensed that monsters are approaching us. It wasn’t through wind detection, but she seemed to be able to feel their magical power directly. Therefore, the range wasn’t so wide. Have they already come near? 

"Monsters are coming. There are six and are approaching us from upwards" Tsuchio

"We shall fight first. Please imitate us" One of the knights 

Seeing the knights holding their swords and shields, the heroes nod with a firm expression. We won't have to start the fight and only need to watch the vicinity.

Immediately after that, lizardmen jump out of the water with an intense force and charge straight at the knights. They guard firmly with their shields and counterattack. However the lizardmen retreat immediately and return in the river. They ask for an opportunity in the river, so they intend to attack us again. May I support them? 

"Cover me, I will drag them out from the river" Tsuchio

"I will rely on you!" Knight

"Rin, do it" Tsuchio

“Buruu” Rin

When Rin shot a blitz to the water, the lizardmen dashed out from the river one after another. Because they were emitting smoke from their scales, it seemed to had worked a little. Even if they ran back into the river, with this they should know it is useless. Let's leave the rest to the knights now. 

The lizardmen lowered their spears and glared at the knights. As for the first move, it was the blond-haired female knight ( She is named Izaria). She held her shield up and cut down the distance at a stretch. At the same time the other knights also held their weapons and attacked.

One lizardman stuck out his spear and engaged the female knight who stepped aside and parried with her shield. To the side, a sword, flash. Though she stopped cutting the skin shallowly, the posture of the lizardman collapsed. It flung its spear while being in an impossible state. It was blocked by Izaria´s shield who waited for it. The woman knight sent the spear flying and thrusted out a stab, which went through the abdomen of that lizardman.

To the screaming lizardman, the other lizardmen tried to help him. However with her sword held with both hands, she cut the body of that fellow in two halves. Scattering blood, a niron-like fragrance of blood floats in the vicinity. Kurumi´s face became pale and she held her hands before her mouth. 

While Kurumi was doing so, Izaria beheaded the lizardman and gave it the decisive blow. While suppressing the blood breaking out with its hand, the lizardman who fell down died immediately.

As the comrades of the heroes, their abilities were perfect. The group of lizardmen was B-rank and had been wiped out without an injury.

Naturally, after the battle, the bodies were scattered. The corpse which was beheaded was still in a good state. There was one guy whose stomach was cut open and its internal organs were showing out and another one whose face was smashed. It was the lizardmen who wielded a mace. If I say frankly, there was still a considerable grotesque smell. 

“U, Ueeeeee!!!” 

Oh, Kurumi vomited. Turning around, she held the ground with one hand and vomited again. Saiko rubbed her back, but her face was also pale so that she seemed to fall down at any moment. As for the boys...they were considerably the same. Their complexion surpassed blue and was snow-white now. 

"Eguu, uee.... Th, this is impossible, I can't do it!" Kurumi

"Calm down, Youko-san.... Let's rest a little" Saiko

"What did you say, I can't calm down! Egu, ueeee...” Kurumi 

Kurumi was upset and Saiko was trying to sooth her. Oh, what? The first opponent was bad...The lizardmen resembled humans.... 

"At least, they have shown it from the crab...” Tsuchio

"Is that so. Anyway, as you see, it is easy to see severe ones in the future" Sasha

"Teacher's is too strict...haa, It seems that it will take a while until she calms down" Tsuchio 

I will wait until she calms down, so she doesn't feel uneasy about what happens in the future, huh. 





After several minutes Kurumi seemed to have calmed down. Her face was still pale and though her eyes were swollen with tears, her heart hadn't been broken yet. Sensei was right. They may knock the frogs down without any difficult. 

We continued walking up the river. On the way another group of lizardmen attacked us, but the knights defeated them. Although all the heroes looked pale now, I was astonished that they were contemplating until the end tightly. What I mean is whether they can adapt quickly...They couldn’t afford to look away. This place will also show them the makings of a hero. 

In that way for approximately 20 minutes, we finally passed through the forest and arrived at the valley. There were no trees at all and only rocks were lying around. It was possible to walk, despite the fact that the side of the river was narrow, it seems we can continue walking upstream. 

“From here, we will have the heroes fight. Are you okay with it?" Sasha

Everyone nodded silently. For now, I'll trust the heroes from the beginning to the end and when it seems impossible, we can help. Well, first they have to do it. In the case of the crabs, it will be easy.  

In that way we advanced more, until we met the first monster of this valley, the Death Eater Bird. Rin noticed the enemies approaching from the sky and at the time when we saw them, these big birds had done a nose-dive while flapping. Their faces were ugly and they had a bald head. They came poking in with thick beaks.

Everyone avoided their attack and the birds who returned back to the air once again watched our state while circling above us. Though Kurumi chanted her magic, she missed with her trembling voice. She doesn't feel that she can be able to defeat them at all. Hey, aren’t they condors? At any rate, if they were lizardmen, they had to go down. As for the birds, no matter how you looked at them, we're in trouble....

The birds approached again and Kurumi´s fireballs finally hit one. Seiya who rushed up to the bird which lost its balance cut through its neck with one blow. Finally one down, but Seiya's reaction speed...was terrifying. His hand holding the sword trembled. Umm, what should I say at such a time? Well....I approached him and gave a clap on his shaking shoulder. I called out to the heroes who saw me a little. 

“For you guys having killed these fellows, there is no need to worry. This is common sense in this world. Rather, there may be a life that you were able to save by having killed these monsters" Tsuchio

“...Is it true?" Kurumi

"Yes, for the children who live in the mountain, the Death Eater Bird is extremely dangerous" Tsuchio

"...In this case it is fine"  Seiya

Well, humans were not divisible so easily. Rather they have their funny ways of dividing us. Taking time, they digest them slowly and there is no method of solving this problem. 

"The Death Eater birds are dangerous, but their materials are worthless. Though they fight back if they are attacked, they aren't monsters which a common adventurer can knock down. Lime, deal with them" Tsuchio

“Koku” Lime

"Is that so...are children also attacked?"

"Adventurers aren't working voluntarily. It is wrong to blame them, but there is no use to reduce their numbers. Because the death eater birds don't gather together, so let's be careful not to miss it when they attack"


So this is the follow up huh. Fuu, if you are a man, then you would want to show off your courage without question. Well, because I don't have courage, I can't say anything.... 

“You twist your own words, are you really not a swindler?"

"That's rude. Everything is true"

“Eh, because the guild takes out subjugation requests for this death eater bird periodically, these death eater birds aim for the adventurer to some extent. That devil beast will gather at once if meat is left. They do nothing in good and harm a lot and the fecundity is high, too. For a middle rank adventurer, it is a suitable prey"

“Well there seems to be many people who returned and have finished the subjugation"

"Because they are big and also numerous, it will be troublesome when they gather together" 

Well with this, they may kill a devil beast to some extent. Basically, the monsters do only harm to a human, even if it's appreciated and no grudge exist. About the lizardmen, they have to be able to kill them now. No, it wasn't a reason I'd like to make a race which feels pleasure to kill them particularly. For the heroes, they need to be able to kill a monster.

Now that they were summoned as heroes, they need to fight and battles cannot be avoided. They must kill the demons and monsters or they will all die. That's indeed hard and I understand their feelings. To lead these worried juniors is my duty of a senior. 

I who decided that I will live in this world from now on was already an inhabitant of this world. We called them on our own, so we have the responsibility to help them. Fulfilling the responsibility was the minimum obligation as a human. I have to do it. 

Well, let's look for the rock frogs. When they are used to fighting the death eater birds and the rock frogs, they can step up against the lizardmen. 


Author note: "This is a strange hero summoning" Part 3: It is common to kill monsters.

No matter how you look at it, I think they may not be able to kill crisply.