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Monster Musume

Chapter 040 - Mock battle again, vows and the work increased...

Monster Musume chapter 40: Mock battle again, vows and the work increased...




After taking a break for about 10 minutes, I think that they had put their hearts in order a little. The heroes have said that they would like to resume the mock battle with me. What would it be like?

"We're sorry, to keep you waiting" Seiya

"You don't need to worry about it. So, how is it? Are you guys already able to point your hostility to your opponent?" Tsuchio

“...Even if you suddenly said that we have to have the urge to kill, as expected we can’t do it that easily" Seiya

"I understand. In that case, please have the spirit to defeat your enemy at least" Tsuchio

“That also contains the urge to kill you know. Are there any other things that we have to do?" Saiko

"That right eh ...Consciously, please show your fighting spirit on the surface. Don’t hide it inside your heart just like what you guys have done until now " Tsuchio 

Because the way of thinking can't be changed so easily, they need to get psyched up within the range that can be done now. The figures of the heroes suddenly became weirdly huge also there’s huge magic power gushed out that goes “spwosh” and looked overwhelming.

"You guys seems able to do it. Then, this time we will do it seriously. We’ll try to kill each other so please do this properly okay" Tsuchio

"Very well!" Seiya

"OK!" Saiko

I close my eyes once and remove the heroes from my view and let my head shift into battle mode. The feeling that a sense spreads through me from sharing magic, Lime also seemed to be in serious mode and her hands changed into the shape of the same claws which the advanced dragon had. With two claws and without becoming diffident for the magical power of the heroes, Lime made her blood thirst overflow.

"Please receive it well!" Tsuchio

While I say so, many talismans are taken out from my bosom, and picked up by my  fingers and thrown out. I attacked Seiya and Taiga with it, but all of it were cut off or avoided. In the end, it only become something as a feint eh … Well it’s not like that is particularly bad though.

With that chance I plunged into Seiya, and swung my sword aiming at his hand and side. Since both of my attacks got evaded, I kick the floor hard and then retreated. Huu, I am really weak in battles with a sword...Support magic is suitable for me.

The movement of Taiga changed, his hesitation from a while ago disappeared. Moving right and left while having Lime as his opponent, he looked for a chance and lunged his fist.  But well, his opponent is bad. To challenge Lime who became serious, even if it is a hero who is fired up, no matter how, it is a stern thing.

Her arms transformed into claws, and that thing grazed and passed Taiga’s body. The moment of his relief only lasted for moment. Right after that, with a slight time difference, Lime attacked with claws from two direction.

Though Taiga tried to defend that attack with his gauntlet, as if she was waiting for it, Lime raised the speed of her attack at a stretch. Ahead of the attack that became intense suddenly, Taiga can't but continue enduring it.

“Taiga!” Seiya

Seiya tried to give support to Taiga by attacking Lime, but I interposed between them. In his protest, he said that I was a hindrance. Seiya swung his sword which was full of hostility. Oh his sword is good now. Isn’t this guy really fast at adapting. After all since his straight attacks pattern did not change, holding tight, my small shield received his attack. I was able to ward off his attack perfectly. If I received it from the front, this small shield would break immediately after all.

Maybe he thought that he shouldn’t keep me company like this forever. Seiya stabbed towards me with his gold shining sword. The golden light drew tracks and his body accelerated suddenly. He tried to break through me quickly. Haa, I said it a while ago….

Seiya was aiming at my chest. Surely his aim was to make me use my shield and blow it away. Well, but you know, there’s no need for me to follow him to that extent.

I don't avert my eyes from his sword’s destination and focus my eyes well and pull my right leg so that I can exchange his stab. No matter how fast he is, linear movement can be avoided somehow. Though I said so, Seiya repeated the same thing without learning his lesson. Really, did this person really hear what I said or not made me wonder …..

Seiya's stab was exchanged by me and his momentum just like that. After I raised my right leg, I hammered my knee into his trunk. His abdomen was hit and he was blown away. Lime retreated to avoid Kurumi's magic, while Seiko tried to heals Taiga’s wounds by magic. Oops, I wouldn’t let you guys do so.

Taking my intention into account, Lime approached Taiga again. Kurumi fired a fireball blindly to stop her, but I used several pieces of talismans and produced a wall, which protected Lime from everything that seemed to hit her. The area was filled with black smoke, so I couldn’t see the heroes anymore. It seems they worked out a strategy a little. Well , if it’s only like this I am still able to do something about it.

"Spirits of the dead, remove the smoke and expose my enemies, Sweeping fog” Tsuchio

A mass of wind appeared over Lime’s head and a strong wind arose when it exploded. Smoke was scattered to the neighborhood at a stretch and exposed Seiya's and Taiga’s figure who were approaching Lime. Because they can't aim when they can't see their opponent, there is no support from Kurumi and Seiko for the moment. What kind of image did I have? Of course it’s Po00mon.

I thought that maybe there’s chance that this kind of thing would happen. Thank god I practiced this. As it’s name said, it’s a magic to remove fog though.

Though the smoke was removed, the heroes were charging straight at Lime. However, Lime who piled up her strength moved to attack faster at once. 

She approached Taiga quickly and countered his fist by slipping under it and she punched his chin with an uppercut. He fell down to the ground and faints wearily. Taiga was the first one who was defeated.

Because Lime faced Taiga, Seiya attacked me again. He raised his sword overhead, on the top of his sword there’s an eye dazzling huge light sword taking form. Uwaah …. Eh, isn’t this an absolutely finishing move among finishing moves. Right? So he intended to make up his straight honest movement with huge range and firepower. Well for this thing there’s no problem, but it’s not a skill that should be used on me dammit! Are you trying to kill me ! Aah, he tried to kill me.

Because I would die if I don't avoid it, I threw out all the talismans which were in my chest. 20 sheets become 1.  The lattice on four lengths and five sides was drawn. The number of the intersection of the height and width line was 20.

"Great Wall!" Tsuchio

I don't need to say a spell, I only need to say the name. The walls which I made with one piece of the talisman, each built a big wall consisting of several walls. Well, can the wall endure it....

The huge sword encased by light was swung down and collided with my studded wall. Although it can withstand for an instant, the first wall was broken immediately. The force of the light sword weakened and it collided with the second wall. The talisman that got cut fluttered in the vicinity.

After that the wall kept on being broken, until there was only one wall. Suddenly, when the last wall made a crack, Seiya put more power into his sword , and at that time Lime attacked him from behind. She neutralized Kurumi and Seiko, while I withheld Seiya. She separated a part of her body to tie those two up.

While she brushed away Seiya's foot, she just ran through him and stood before me. She became slightly smaller. Exactly, she suppressed two people hastily while sharpening her body....

"Thank you, Lime. I am sorry to let you overdo it" Tsuchio

"Purupuru" Lime

Cling! Both her hands transformed into claws and she fought with Seiya. Alright, I will help her too!

At the same time when Lime fell back, I appeared from behind and attacked Seiya. Seiya who was going to pursue Lime, can't help going around to receive me.

In the place where he was cut several times, Seiya swung his sword and counterattacked me. Over there I squatted down, and Lime jumped over me like having matched eyes, and she striked at Seiya. 

I withdrew immediately and stood up again searching for the opportunity to attack. Seiya, who’s, once again, counter attack got hindered, stayed in a defense form. Let's suppress him quickly!

Lime attacked Seiya from the left and I attacked from the right. When Seiya tried to cut back, Lime interrupted his timing and pursued him. She didn’t give Seiya time to attack.

Lima and I cooperated well with each other without sending even a signature and without calling out to one another. When we shared our magical power, our senses and thoughts mixed together. We know what each other thinks, how to move next, and how the partner want to move. We know each other well. I wonder if it’ll become useful if used at the time of sex …… No, if that’s then there’s no feeling in it. That kind of thing,  can get you fired up since you don’t understand. I have no experience tho.

I cut into him with a downwards diagonal slash towards the shoulder and Lime cut him up to the upper left. Lime used both of her claws to cut across him. It is Seiya who parried with his sword and avoided us somehow, but his sword was finally blown off by Lime. Lime and I pointed our weapons at Seiya to show that the mock battle ended.

“Huu...as expected, I’m tired.... If it took a little longer, it would be dangerous. Lime, please separate from those two girls" Tsuchio

“Koku” Lime

The body of Lime which restricted the girls, released them and approached like a slime to here. When it returned to Lime’s body, her size returned to her original form.There’s seem to be no loss. Thanks goodness.

"First of all, please wake him up. After taking a little rest, we'll speak variously" Tsuchio

Lime seemed to hit his chin precisely, but there was no sign that he was getting up. Really even if the others shake him, he won’t wake up. Because there was no helping it, Kurumi dumped water over him to wake him up. While rubbing his chin, Taiga walked unsteadily.

“...Haa, I am tired...” Tsuchio

"Thanks for your effort. The last cooperation was great" Shasha

"The last cooperative attack was perfect you know. No, more than that perhaps?" Principal

"Well, since we knew what each other was thinking. We were able to match each other's movement. Well, to the extent that I can follow though. Lime too, if she was able to move with all her might, she could go much faster" Tsuchio

If the enemy was one, two people can fight more profitably than one. If the ability of our opponents was better than me, then I would leave it to Lime and go around to support her instead.

"More than that,  because I have used up all the talismans, I want to buy more...” Tsuchio

"Oh, because we take a little a rest after lunch, would it be enough time?" Principal

“Since when did you come to use talismans?" Sasha

"I only started using it just recently you know .... All I can do is still is to throw them off or make a wall out of them after all” Tsuchio

There were also more ways which they could be utilized, but they were quite difficult.... Studying was required.

“The weak point of a tamer is the tamer itself after all. Sasha-sensei, what kind of measures are you taking?" Tsuchio

"No matter how strong your familiars is, if the tamer is weak, you can't become an A rank you know. I can fight by myself to some extent you know " Sasha

As she said so, there’s indeed 4 short swords hanging on her waist. So she will fight with that, eh. The image of Sasha-sensei fighting by herself …. Yup, I can’t imagine it.

“...Then that means, if sensei is fighting, then you will win?" Tsuchio

"I will. I thought they are quite strong since they’re heros...but honestly, they bore me" Sasha

"It's pitiful to say that. These young people who hadn’t fight in their lifetime, were summoned without knowing why and need to fight now. Rather it is great that they're able to fight like this. They are also able to get over the thirst of blood too" Tsuchio

"You protect them strangely. Is there something?" Sasha

“N, No, it isn't so...” Tsuchio

I am, for some reason have no problem when it come to it, but those guys can do the same as me after all. The next step for them, maybe, is to kill a monster. Right?

"Since they can’t win against me, it seems I have to leave it to you too for tomorrow" Sasha

"Umm, yes.... Even if they can be hostile, they don't seem to be able to have it until they have the urge to kill. It was only Lime this time, if there were Rin and Ruu, they would lose at a stretch. Garm will be more dangerous" Tsuchio

"Well that’s true ....it's best to correspond to malice with malice and first they must do something for it...” Sasha

As I thought, there’s no other way than to make them kill a monster …. Though it’s bad to going too far, but it’s not a problem that can be postponed.

"It seems to be really s necessary to let them fight against monsters outside” Principal

"They also have to have experience of killing a person. Because demons have many human types, too" Tsuchio

"True. Then it means, we shall make them fight random monsters or random races. With their ability, I think there’s not many who are able to match them" Principal

"When the time comes, there are knights, too. Then it will be the training of the actual fighting outside from tomorrow morning" Tsuchio

"Ok, I also will tell the other party to go by that policy. About the thieves, we collect information every day. Let's gather them up immediately" Principal

"Thank you very much. Sensei, let’s search for a place where the monsters are suitable for the heroes team" Tsuchio

"Understood. Afternoon training is cancelled" Sasha

"These heroes totally need a lot of looking after. Tsuchio, you know their abilities. Choose a place with Sasha" - principal

"Understood" Tsuchio

The problem before the training start eh ….. For these guys who lived a light novel life, how will they be able to kill a monster. I want someone tell me about it. ….. 


"This is a strange hero summoning" Part 2 The heroes who’re bathed with malice are able to normaly fighting

He got absorbed in the atmosphere right … ?

Also, Tsuchio is everyone’s darling.