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Monster Musume

Chapter 039 - The first mock battle, New weapon, Ability of the brave man

Monster Musume chapter 39: The first mock battle, New weapon, Ability of the heroes



The next day, I finished breakfast faster than usual and went to the outdoor arena with Ruu and the others. This arena, when students want to do a mock battle they come here, because it is a little away from the schoolhouse. The arena is covered with regeneration magic,so even if it's destroyed by magic and such, it will restore itself automatically. It is usually used in time of indoor training, because the class of battle training uses it with a great number of people. I have gone to see it once, but there’s a plate that said “Do not enter” hanging in front of it, so I had to postpone to see it that time you know`. Well, the meaning is just right when they didn’t want to let someone see it.

Lime evolved once during this winter. I will tell the detailed things later, but her appearance became slightly bigger. Her human-ish parts that are called as hands became more plump and bigger. On her head there’s a small horn-like bump growing. Overall, she looked more stern than before.

At the entrance of the arena, Sasha-sensei was waiting for me. Before entering the inside, I asked for Ruu and Rin to fly and keep alert in the sky.

"Why did you make them fly?" Sasha

"I want to hide the information as much as possible after all. It’s nice right, to be able to put your familiars inside the shadow" Tsuchio

"As usual, you still wear that mask. Furthermore, you even wore leather armor ...” Sasha

“More or less, I have a plan where I will also have to fight. I also brought a weapon you know." Tsuchio

I showed her the sword which I’m carrying on my back. It's a rather short design so that it may be easy to handle and I also brought a small shield. Besides there are other things too, but they are secrets.

"Since when did you use shields?" Sasha

"Yes, I also trained properly you know. Other than that, I have another secret plan" Tsuchio

“Hee...I'm looking forward to it" Sasha

I go with Lime inside and enter the stage. The heroes has already come and rallied with the knights lightly. The weapons used are...a sword by the blond boy, gauntlets for the black-haired youngster and the two girls used canes. When I saw it I had the feeling that the brown haired girl uses attack magic, while that black-haired girl seems to be in charge of recovery and support magic.

The boy with the sword waves his sword with good speed, while the woman knight receives the sword with her shield. Though it is quite a good speed, it seems to be heavy...umm, something is fishy....

By the other heroes too. The black haired guy is shadow boxing while moving around with steps. The brown-haired woman casts some fireballs and shoots them. The black haired woman trains her defense or interference magic. ...As I thought, something is strange.

"Doesn't teacher feel any uneasiness?" Tsuchio

“...That’s right, the quality of their skills seem to be considerably high...Well, if to be saying that it's natural, it is natural" Sasha

"Eh, are you aware of any discomfort?" Tsuchio

"I think that you will also notice it at once. When you do the mock battle, you will know it surely" Sasha

“Haa...” Tsuchio

If that is so, it’s alright even if I didn’t ask it now. It is also bad if I keep them waiting too much. Let’s go to their place quickly.

"I'm sorry, for being late" Sasha

“I am also very sorry” Tsuchio

"No, it is alright because we also wanted to warm up a little. Shall we begin the match now?" Seiya

Match? Does he misunderstand the meaning of a mock battle ...Ah, I got it. Well, it is not actually we are trying to kill each other, the meaning is slightly different right.

"That’s right, I think we start as soon as the Principal arrives" sasha

"Where is your dragon kind? Is this little thing the dragon?" Taiga

"Eー, this small guy? It doesn't seem to be strong at all" Kurumi

"So, what kind of monster is it?" Saiko

Lime who hid behind me was seen by everyone and they uttered their opinion. You aren't supposed to judge your opponents by their appearance you know.

"Let’s save it for later. I have a dragon and another one as familiars. I'll show them to you soon" Tsuchio

“Emm, why did you only bring one?" Saiko

"Your abilities are still unknown to me. So I withheld them" Tsuchio

“We’re not that weak that you can win against us while preserving your power you know" Taiga

Perhaps that black haired guy felt that I tried to offend him. He looked at me with an angry look.

"I didn't say that you're weak particularly. When I saw your warm up a little while ago, I can tell that all of you are strong." Tsuchio

"Did you see?" Taiga

"Well, I only saw a little when I entered the stage" Tsuchio

Information gathering is important. This is the basis for everything.

"Oh, everyone has already come. Then shall we begin the mock battle right away" Principal

The knights, Sasha-sensei and the Principal moved to the audience seating in a more higher place to see it better. Now let's get ready.

After the shield is equipped with my left hand and the sword with my right hand, I hang the sheath on my waist, and I confirm that the talisman is on my chest.

In using a magic, there’s time when one uses a magical item to give aid in invoking the magic. Canes, rings and necklaces. Something which is furnished with a jewel is the most common I think.

This all in the end is just a thing to give aid in magic. A thing that is used to raise the magic’s power by removing it’s casting. Because a spirit dwells in the jewelry, it's possible to reinforce the image. In my case, I don't have any problems with the image at all. So that I don’t need to cast any magic, I decided to use a talisman. A cane with a jewel,is expensive.... Though it is possible for me to buy one, I realized the importance of keeping some money from Danze Island. I don't want to waste too much money.

A talisman differs from canes, because it doesn't need a jewel, so it is a special magic tool. Writing the pattern with a brush and ink that is already charged with magic, and thus it’ll help with the magic. Though it is necessary to cut paper in a uniform rectangle, the materials are cheap and it has quite the good performance. Well , it’s needed to imagine the same magic as the one that’s written on the paper when activating it, so adapting to the circumstances, it becomes impossible to change the image according to the place. Well, if I want to simplify it I have to decided the form no matter what right. It is more or less inevitable.

The talisman that I prepared has a lattice pattern. A so-called Douman-seiman(name of the famous Japanese onmyouji –forget the name- rival) talisman. Because I'm not a onmyoji, it is just really my imagination. Only with this latticework, I can forcefully insert a barrier through this talisman. I can also strengthen the barrier with the talisman. Speaking of onmyouji, it has the image of someone who is throwing a talisman to be to attack, and also create a barrier to protect themselves. Right?

The heroes seemed to already have finished their preparations, because they held their weapons and were waiting for me. Oh, I have kept them waiting. The fact that I was glared by the female knight, is a thing that I know without even needing to look at her place.... After all I felt her hostility flying off towards me. Hmm,hostility? ... Aah, so that is what it meant. I understand now. That’s why I felt something weird back then. That’s right, if I think that it’s obvious it’s indeed obvious.

"Then, both get ready!" Principal

By the shout of the Principal, we hold our weapons. I make the magic in my body overflow and cast body reinforcement! Thinking so...Seiya has spoken to me.

"Emm, do you really not want to call your dragon?" Seiya

"I don´t want call it now. I may call it later. Besides, this fellow is here" Tsuchio

I put my hand on the shoulder of the Lime. At this time, a part of her body hides in a sleeve in my hand. Just like that we are able to share our magical power. A sense spreads quickly and my field of vision is becoming broader.

"Isn’t this alright, Seiya. Because the other side says so, it is probably his self-confidence” Taiga

"Yes, there’s no need to hold back” Seiko

"After all it’s just a match. Isn’t that why Mikado-san preparation is just like this?” – Kurumi

"Is that so? Then we will use our full power!" Seiya

"Of course, otherwise it won't be a mock battle" Taiga

The heroes and I hold our weapons again, and face each other. Then, putting spirit into me, go! – (TLC : actually hiei – from kantai collection’s line when joining the fleet…., kiai, irete, ikimasu!)

"Then, start the mock battle!" Principal




Blonde and black hair come straight at me. I went against blonde, while I let Lime face black hair. (Blonde for seiya – black for Taiga)

When I enter Seiya´s range, he swings down his sword from upwards. Because my sword is short, it wouldn’t be able to reach him from a short distance. I have to take one more step or it wouldn’t hit

Seiya´s sword is fast and his sword talent is sharp. His qualities and talent for only two weeks of training...Was as expected, that of a hero. However, he is slower than the claws of the advanced dragon.

Naturally my body made a hanshin pose (one of kendo stance), and I was barely dodged his sword. Though he raised his sword again, I can evade it by just moving backwards a little.

I aimed at Seiya’s body when it froze for a moment,  and raised my sword. Without minding if our sword crossed, I stopped it halfway and stepped one step forward, and moved the sword to the side. It is because it’ll be hard to fight since I entered my suitable distance, Seiya jumped backward. As for Lime...oh, she pushed him back. Lime´s claw attack was like a dance and I think that Taiga had no time yet to attack. However the other side also stepped back at once, too, but Lime perceived the rise of magic from the back. It’s probably Kurumi´s and Saiko´s magic. I guess they will attack us with magic after they restrained us. If that is so then ….

Lime and I pursued the heroes who retreated. Just after we ran away, ivy grows from the place where we stood and shells of wind fell down from the sky. Stepping forward was a correct decision.

I take out some talismans while cutting down the distance and threw out several one of them as it was loaded with magic. The talismans which approached with an excellent speed, were cut off by Seiya´s sword. Ooh, so it is able to cut the talisman at that speed。After all, the specifications are different. (TLC: just to say , but cutting paper that’s flying is hard)

Meanwhile, I enter the bosom of Seiya. While closing in I did a triple attack, high slash – down slash - stab, but Seiya received it with his sword and avoided it. After all my techniques aren’t strong enough for one year. I already raised my ability by sharing magic with Lime, but if their specs exceed me greatly then it can’t be helped heh.

Other than me, Lime was calm and composed. While avoiding the dozen fists of Taiga perfectly, she also started her attack. She didn´t use the new skill that she got from evolving in winter yet. If it’s like this then there’s still more room for her.

Towards me, Kurumi casted a fire spear. Seiko seemed to try to stop the movement of Lime, but all attempt of restrictions were clearly avoided. Because I shared my magical power, I understand that monsters are sensitive to the signs of magical power. You have to shoot from a wide range or catch them off guard, or they wouldn't be hit easily.

I greatly retreated once and took some distance towards Seiya. The fire spear that was pursuing me was prevented with several talismans that created a barrier.  These talismans are convenient. They are particularly useful, because I don't need to cast a spell. I'd like to increase the variations more.

Lime looked at me and fell down to my side too. Taiga who should have considerably moved, only looked like he out of breath a little. So they also have the upper hand at stamina too eh then a protracted war is disadvantageous.

"...Mikado-san, we have the power of heroes, I don’t intend to brag, but I have confidence that we are quite strong. Perhaps, I think that we greatly surpass you on the performance side" Seiya

"Yes, it's really so. To have this much ability in just 2 weeks, I lost my confidence you know" Tsuchio

"But in reality, it isn't so. In the first place we came for the training of battle with many enemies, but we are only getting pushed around in a one by one fight. Though we win in ability , why can't we defeat you?" Seiya

Although they have to find the solution  by themselves, but it is my duty as a teacher to tell them. There is no help to it, I will point it out lightly.

"Certainly, your talents are something to be amazed about. As for your talent, it is widely apart in ability with me. Your sword is fast and heavy, but it's only that" Tsuchio

"Only that...?" Seiya

“Yes, because your offensive is straight and monotonous, it is easy to read the timing. No matter how fast it is, it isn't significant if it can't hit. Even your straight line attack. But since from the start your talent is already high. If 2 of you were to do a coordinated attack then it will be a threat to me you know" Tsuchio

"So you mean that I am abusing my talent?" Seiya

"In a sense, it will be a matter of course. One month hasn’t even passed since you came to this world after all. Everything will be alright as long you polish your skills" Tsuchio

Well, there’s not only that. Or rather, that one is the most important.

"And another one. Heroes-samas, what kind of feeling do you have when you are doing this  mock battle with me?" Tsuchio

“Eh? That’s, that I will win! It is that feeling. Right?" Seiya

"So, we were fully motivated!" Tsuchio

It is good to be motivated.... but when it is actual fighting, that won't work so it's a problem.

"In actual fighting, monsters and demons are attacking in order to kill you. Naturally they thirst for blood or hostility, such things are included among the attacks. Lime, please show your thirst for blood a little" Tsuchio

“Koku” Lime

When Lime releases her thirst for blood to the heroes, all of them were overwhelmed and went back by one step. This is the so called, drowned in the atmosphere

"Thus an enemy is attacking with a thirst for blood just like this. So you must fight with equal hostility and thirst for blood, too. I don’t’ think that you will have this feeling easily... but unless you goes through this, you guys wouldn’t  be able to fight with the monsters" Tsuchio

“”””......”””” The heroes

All of them were silent. It is no wonder, after all, in japan they would never experience being the target of thirst for blood or targeting someone with it. This is the true appearance of the uneasiness that I felt before. When the heroes are that strong but I felt like they didn’t have some kind of force..... If there is no blood thirst or hostility, that’s the matter of course.

"First of all, let's rest a bit. Because overdoing is a poison for everyone’s body" Tsuchio

Because the shock seemed to be strong, we took a rest for the time being. The following is entrusted to the knights.

I walk to Sasha-sensei and the Principal. Sensei is expressionless as usual and the Principal looked as if he was satisfied.

"I see, it is blood thirst.... Because they are from a world without war, they don't have such a thing. If it’s like that, then I can only nod my head that you’re able to fight with them 1 on 1 for a short time period" Principal

"As soon as I do mock battle with them I quickly realized it you know. There’s no vigor after all" Tsuchio

"Nevertheless, it's’ amazing that you’re able to evade those attacks. No matter how straightforward their attacks are, they have high ability you know. I am truly impressed" Sasha

"When I share magic by the devil's hand, our senses are unified. At that time, maybe it’s alright to call it as the battle sense of the familiar.  How should I move? I become more natural about  understanding what to do. Since Lime’s battle style is resembling a human, it’s become more easy for me to put it into practice you know" - Tsuchio

The time when I tamed Rin, I became able to use body strengthening magic because I received the magic of Ruu.The devil's hand is a skill to manipulate magic by touch with my hand. Because I had a part of Limes body concealed in my hand, even if she was away from me, we were able to share our magical power.

“Haa, your devil hand is really deep.... If you can do that, won’t you be able to revive some kind of top notch martial art right?"

"No, my body can't do it. It’s only to the extent where my body can move"

By the way, the heroes will become considerably better in this. To what extent can Lime and I hold on. After all I also wanted to test my own ability. Let’s make it so that I won’t call Ruu and Rin until the last minute


Author note:

"This is a strange hero summoning” Part 1 They didn't train very much, but they are very strong.

They will be able to defeat monster or some small fry with their magical power alone, but since Tsuchio has an experience fighting something that’s stronger than him that wouldn’t have any effect. Since they just arrived from modern Japanese, they didn’t know about the thirst for blood and such. Right?

By the way, Tsuchio in just one year of training already was able to surpass the heroes, technique-wise. However that’s still only half of his ability.

Also the thing related to the talisman, it was just something that got mixed by Tsuchio’s prejudice about onmyouji and such. In the end it’s just his imagination, so maybe it’ll sound weird for an onmyouji lover reader. But please understand it.