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Monster Musume

Chapter 038 - Arrival of the heroes and Tsuchio corresponds in disguise

Monster Musume Chapter 38: Arrival of the heroes and Tsuchio corresponds in disguise



One week passed after the principal asked me for a mock battle with the heroes. I talked about the content of the mock battle with Sasha-sensei and talked about the cooperation with Garm. I tried to do the daily thing that Sensei does everyday with her but ...this is quite hard. Doing something like this everyday ... I give my respect to the teachers. When I was having breakfast in the morning of a certain day, I heard the voice of the principal in my head suddenly.

『Tsuchio-bou, do you hear me?』Principal

“E, eh? ...Principal?" Tsuchio

"Hmm, what is Tsuchio-kun?" Lucas

"Aa, no, it is nothing" Tsuchio

『Are you alright?』Principal

『Yes, please say earlier if you want to talk with mind talk...』Tsuchio

『My bad, I will be careful. This evening, the hero group will come to the school. I will tell the details about it before dinner, so please go to principal’s office with Sasha』Principal

『In the evening...What time do they come?』Tsuchio

『You will know when they come, because it is showy. The country is fired up. If the heroes arrive, come to the principal's office immediately』Principal


Now, at last, the heroes group will come. Just in case, I will think of a countermeasure for them. How far can I deceive them I wonder .... 


When the class of the day was over and I studied with Lucas and the others in the library. Several students enter inside and

"The party of heroes seems to be coming to the academy city! They are coming to the academy soon! Let's go see them!" a student

They shout. Those fellows were thrown out by the librarian and the students who were in the library took their baggages and jumped out to the outside.

"Tsuchio-kun, Let’s also go and see them!" Lucas

"If we don’t go quickly the place will be full of people you know ! "  Triss           “Aah ….Just go first” – Tsuchio 

"I understand!" Fall

Lucas and the others also run to the front gate with the other students. Emm, when the heroes come, I need to go to the principal's office immediately. Right? I wonder if I can just go after taking a peek at the heroes first?

"Won't you go to Librarian-san?" Tsuchio

"Well, I'm in the middle of working. In the first place, I am against the hero summoning. Bringing them by force from another world and letting those kids fight for us" Librarian

"Well, it is surely so. Then I will go, too" Tsuchio

"Try you best with the heroes as your opponents kay" Librarian

Oh, he knows. Well, even if Librarian-san knows it isn't strange. After all that's Librarian-san.


After I crossed the plaza which was noisier than usual from the heroes arrival and went against the waves of students who are going to the front gate, I entered the school building. Sasha-sensei was waiting at the entrance.

"Well then, let's go"


I went towards the principal's office with Sasha-sensei. Meanwhile, I took out a mask that I prepared for the measure against the heroes, and equipped it. It was a mask that covered until around my nose. The area around my eyes is firmly open and my view is secured. It seems that this thing is brought from the capital, and usually used in a ball. What should I feels like a certain phantom thief will wear it, together with a black cape. Because it isn't so showy, I didn’t feel too reluctant to wear it.

“...What is that?" Sasha

"When the heroes come, they will come with knights. Right? I don't want to make my social position public" Tsuchio

“Haa, don't mind it. Particularly the knight won’t be interested in us after all ” Sasha

"Well, this is just something like an insurance for me you know. Don’t mind it" Tsuchio

We knocked on the principal's office door and entered inside. There was the principal wearing high quality clothes and she even was wearing makeup which was slightly out of her usual character. Oh, she sure is fired up.

“ Ah, so you guys have co  ... What in the hell is that?” principal 

"It is the same thing as the makeup that principal is using right now . Don’t mind about it." Tsuchio

"So you noticed it. There’s worth in strictly warning him" Sasha.

"It’s not that great. I was told to see through my opponents after all ~ " Tsuchio

"Totally, you guys  .... even myself didn’t do this because I wanted to, you know. I am already this old. It’s totally unexpected for me to have to wear makeup you know …. “ - principal

"I appreciate your effort” – Tsuchio 

Principal must has a lot of problems too eh. After all, there’s a lot of time where she has to associate with nobles and such.  

"Then wait in the reception room over there. I will go to meet the heroes" Principal

"Very well. Now I remember, should I have brought my familiars?" Tsuchio

"No, it's no problem, because we will talk only today. Even if we need to show a devil beast to them, there’s Sasha-sensei’s Garm" Principal

He said so and the principal left. It’s great if I can put Ruu and the others in my shadow. After all, I can bring them everywhere I want if it’s like that.

"Then, let's wait in the reception room. Keep in mind to mind your manners. Okay?" Sasha

"I don’t want to get arrested because of lese majeste after all" Tsuchio

"The knights are troublesome.... You must be careful, too, nobles do not seem to like us" Sasha

"It also depends on the other party you know. I will pay some respect if the person is a splendid person" Tsuchio

Pig or that old-lady noble, if the small friction of the noble is like them then it’s still alright ....but if all the nobles of this country are like that...if it’s like that, I will leave this country.

"Well then, before the heroes come let’s confirm the details. What we should do is.” Sasha

"Seriously and sincerely, bringing interest to our opponents, right?" Tsuchio

"That's right. First, it’s about our role ...” -Sasha



For one hour we waited in the reception room, until I heard the sound of several people walking here from the outside. Our consultation stopped and the attire is arranged at once. Well, I straighten my collar and adjusted the position of my mask.

"The rest shall be discussed later" Sasha

"Okay" Tsuchio

From the door facing the corridor, the Principal enters and sends a sign to us with his eyes. Okay, tight your polite manners.

Wearing gorgeous armor, 4 knights with swords entered inside. Circling all round them. There’s 2 men and 2 women.

Sensei and I kneeled down and put our right hands on our left chest, and then bowed our heads. When putting it in this way, there is no problem for now. Hasty prepared manners are like that after all.

“Humu, there is a teacher who has some knowledge of manners heh"

"Because the kingdom only has this only academy, it's only natural"

"Umm, Please raise your...heads"

A quiet dignified voice sounds echoed through the reception room. As I raised head, the two men and two women stood there looking like they can’t calm down.

All of them look like Japanese. One boy has blond hair and the other has  raven-black hair. For the girls there was one with a brown bob hairstyle and another one with black long hair.

"Thanks for coming. It is a great honor to meet the heroes. I’m Sasha-sensei and I'm teaching in this academy. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance" Sasha

"Similarly I am also honored. I am a student of this academy, I´m Mikado" Tsuchio

Tsuchio absolutely sound like an Japanese. In case of Mikado, it still passes as a name of this world...perhaps.

"Please stop these polite words! Though we are called as heroes , we were just some students a while ago" Hero 1

“That’s true, Sasha-san is a teacher, and we are your students" Hero 2

"Going that far as to humble yourself, it is also hard for us to talk!" Hero 3

"Therefore, please talk usually as always. I am asking this as a hero" Hero 4

“...In that case I'll do so" Tsuchio

"Thank you for your consideration" Sasha

I understand that I attract eyes at a stretch when wearing this mask on my face. Naturally, I thought that it would happen.

"You, what is this mask in front of the heroes! There should be a limit to this impoliteness! Take it off right now!" Izaria one of the knights

"...Excuse me, I can't do that. Because it isn't suitable to show my face to everybody..." Tsuchio

"Izaria, Because he might also have some circumstances, it isn't good to force it" Seiya

“If Se, Seiya says so. Let's do so" Izaria

Wow, the woman knight blushed and took back her words immediately. As expected, a hero has the qualification to raise flags for a harem.

“Ah, sorry to be late in mentioning this, but I'm Mitsuya Seiya. I'm 17 years old, I'm looking forward to your guidance” 

"As for me, I´m Hihitani Taiga. Nice to metcha"

"I am Youko Kurumi!"

"My name is Hiei Saiko, thanking you in advance"

(Tl note: Seiya and Taiga are the boys and Kurumi and Saiko are the girls. Also when I first read their names, I thought about Taiga from Kuroko no Basket, Kurumi from Date A Live, Saiko from Tokyo Ghoul and Seiya from Saint Seiya)

The heroes and the principal sat down on the sofa.Sasha, the knights, and I stand behind them. It seems that we will talk about the mock battle from now on.

"I was asked to prepare a battle against devil beasts for the heroes by the king. Though actual combat is the best way to acquire experience, it is necessary to become accustomed ahead of that to some degree. Therefore I have arranged a mock battle as training for you by using the familiars of these two people. Are there any questions?" Principal 

"Yes, what are the familiars of these two?" Seiya

"It won't be told yet. It is rare to fight against a devil beast which you know in actual fighting. So that it will be more closer to the realistic battle, I will not tell about their familiars yet. We will do a match tomorrow and I want you to work out a countermeasure against them” Principal

"I have a question! We have strong confidence. We considerably fight well against the Knight Order. It may become a rude way of speaking, but do two of them have any ability to battle in the same ground as us?" Taiga

Well, there wouldn’t be any different if they battled with weak opponents. So the comment is also natural.

"Well, you won't find out until you fight them...but it's certain that neither of these two are weak. Sasha-sensei is a former A rank adventurer and Tsuc...I mean Mikado has a dragon class familiar. They are both excellent tamers” Principal 

"A dragon class!? The masked man!?" Seiya

"Yes, though it is the result of a sudden meeting" Principal 

“Dragon...then he seems to be surely strong" Seiya

"Are there any other questions? If not, then let's lead you to the dormitory soon. It'll be early tomorrow morning, therefore please rest quickly"

The heroes and the knights leave the reception room, so that only the principal and we stay. Huu, to use a polite tone is tiresome as expected.

"Thank you, both of you. Tsuchio even remembers proper manners" Principal 

"I don't want to use it so often…. Because,after all, I am not used to it” Tsuchio 

"What is the reason of that mask?How long did you have an inferiority complex towards your face?" Principal 

"No, because it is troublesome to explain it, that was just a reason that I thought on the spot. There is no deep meaning to it" Tsuchio 

"Haa, to lie to the hero party...You have great guts" Principal 

“No, it isn't to that extent” Tsuchio 

My circumstances may justify a lie. I must use it properly in the TPO.

" Hearing from the conversation from before, tomorrow morning to do the practice, what do I do for my class?" Tsuchio

"For me, too. I'm the only tamer teacher here” Sasha

There is only Sasha-sensei, because the amount of tamers is few. Even the second years are taking the same class as me after all.

"For Tsuchio there are special holidays and for not being absence, I set supplementary lessons for later. The class of Sasha is replaced with a different class. Because I already talked with the other teachers, you will hear it later" Principal

"Supplementary lessons?...I hate that..." Tsuchio

“Well, this practice battle with the heroes, I will add it to your grades properly. Thought it’s bad for you, please bear with it” Principal

"I understand, I just wanted to say it. And then, next morning where and when should I go?" Tsuchio

"Come to the outdoor arena directly after you finish breakfast. Bring your familiars with you. Prepare yourself neatly because you fight first Tsuchio-boya" Principal

"Understood" Tsuchio

So I go first heh. Well, Sasha-sense can hide her Garm in her shadow after all. If we want to hide the familiars before the actual battle, it’s obvious that I go first.

"So, we also don’t get any information about the heroes?" Tsuchio

"Of course . There is no meaning of a mock battle if not so. Well, I will only tell you that Kouya-called hero is the holder of the holy sword. Okay, you guys have to go quickly too. Eat dinner quickly and go to sleep" Principal

My back is pushed by the principal and I'm thrown out of the reception room with Sasha-sensei. Even if he didn’t say so, I will still go out by myself…. 

"Then please do your best tomorrow. The first match, please win" Sasha

"Well there will be a little opportunity to see the other party and to work out a strategy at that time" Tsuchio

No matter how I say about theses heroes, these fellows have no battle experience at all.  Well, I can’t say that my experience is abundant too. After all, one year ago I was also the same Japanese person as them after all..... I will show them the slight difference in our experience.