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Monster Musume

Chapter 037 - Entrusting the Egg, Becoming a Second Year and a Shitty Hero

Monster Musume Chapter 37: Entrusting the Egg, Becoming a Second Year and a Shitty Hero




After having repulsed the pirates, we moved towards the cave that was the pirate’s stronghold and all the treasures that were saved up from depriving merchant vessels were moved to the silver hose and those who survived were restricted and crammed together in the warehouse. Not one of them could use magic, so if we gave them meals periodically then there seems to be no problem. According to what Kisato-san said, humans are not that fragile beings.

Then, without incident and without the weather getting rough, we arrived at the academy city. Afterwards I returned to the academy, while Kisato-san seems to aim for the Imperial capital per land route from here. We promised to see each other again and parted.

Then, after a few days, Today is the day which is 2 days away from the opening ceremony. Ruu and me went on a excursion early this morning. Our aim is to get to Mt. Maronma and leave the advanced dragon egg to Hellfire-san.

That reminds me I don’t know how to hatch this egg, therefore I asked Spirit-san yesterday. According to Spirit-san, it isn’t necessary to warm the egg, because it seems to hatch on its own if I pour magical power into it. The mother dragon seemed to have already poured a lot of magical power into it. So if I pour a little, won't it hatch? About that I want to consult it with Hellfire-san here and probably decide it then. There is also a possibility of imprinting on it after all.

I arrived at the foot of Mt. Maronma  before noon.There were adventurers who looked shocked when looking at us, but I ignored them and quickly went to mountain’s entrance. I didn’t see those guys who made trouble that time ...I wonder if they ever properly do any honest jobs.

After I enter the mountain, I flew towards the mountain top after avoiding the public eye and walking away from the mountains path. I arrived at the crater after ten minutes. Waiting a few minutes, a big shadow hangs over the crater and a red dragon falls from the sky and stands before me. Muu, his magical power is great as ever... the air here is shaking you know.

『Long time no see, Tsuchio. Our reunion was earlier than I thought』Hellfire-san

“Yes, I also thought that we wouldn’t meet for several years. How is your child?" Tsuchio

『Thanks to you, her physical strength returned and she can fly in the sky now. She seems to want to meet you by all means, so I brought her with me today』Hellfire-san

"Eh, where is she?" Tsuchio

That's good to hear, but where is she?

『She should arrive soon...oh, it seems she already arrived』Hellfire-san

A small hellfire-looking dragon makes a nosedive from the sky. Emm, with this  angle, wouldn’t she plunge into me...?

Right before she collides with me, this child dragon opens her wings wide to brake. Even though she decelerated she couldn't stop completely and plunged into me.

“Giyurururu!!” baby dragon

"Uwappu!? Sh, she is lively, ubububu!?" Tsuchio

She pushes me down and licks my face clean. The figure which wags its tail buzzingly is that of an dog rather than a dragon.

『Huhuhu, she seems to be happy to be able to meet you Tsuchio』Hellfire-san

"Yah, I understand that but, oi stop it ! I’ll play with you later, so can you get away from me now !" Tsuchio

“Giyururu...” baby dragon

The child dragon separated unwillingly. Still this child is very well-behaved. I have to pat her fully later.

『I heard the story from that spirit, so where is the dragon's egg? 』Hellfire-san

"Ah, it's here. It seems to be a mutant species. It seems that there are only a few and the fertility seems to be low... " Tsuchio

『I see... so since it’s a mutant there are only few out there eh. Well, it will improve to some extent if it copulates with a different kind』Hellfire-san

"Is that so. Then, thank you in advance" Tsuchio

『No, I want you to wait a moment. Who will be the parent, Tsuchio or me? Depending upon that, it changes how we will take care of it』Hellfire-san

Who becomes the parent? It's a stupid question, there’s no need to think for that.

"Hellfire-san please be the parent” Tsuchio

『...Is that okay? You killed this child's parents, so shouldn't you take responsibility?』Hellfire-san

"If I become the parent, this child would think it was thrown away by its original parents surely. I feel sorry for this child.’ll be causing trouble to Hellfire-san but ....” Tsuchio

『I see...for this child, you have thought about it』Hellfire-san

"Of course" Tsuchio

With my selfishness, I can’t make this child sad. Hellfire-san also has experience of child raising. That’s why he will bring it up well.

『Okay, let's raise it to an excellent dragon』Hellfire-san

“Thank you. Welcome!" Tsuchio

Because the talk has ended with Hellfire-san, so I will play with that child dragon. When I clap my hand, that child dragon jumps into my chest. While I was being pushed down, I pat all over her body.

“Giyurururuu!” baby dragon

"Here, here, you are really energetic. Hope you become an excellent dragon" Tsuchio

“Giyuruu!” baby dragon

『...Tsuchio, if you put your hands on my child, you need to have the resolution to overstep over my corpse』Hellfire-san

"Eh, no , what are you saying? There’s no way I’ll lay a hand on Hellfire-san’s child right -- ” Tsuchio

『Then it is good...I already warned you』Hellfire

Since it seems that child dragon has become fond of me, Hellfire-san is worried whether she will get tamed by me. Well, in the end she will still forget about me right . ... When I thought about that, it made me sad eh….. 

“It’s fine even if you don’t become fond of me, but at least please don’t forget about me okay ….” Tsuchio

“Giyuru!” baby dragon

So that it will be carved in her memories, I make full use of my caress and pat her all over her body. If I do this to this extent, surely she wouldn’t forget about me. Right?

『Then let's leave soon. Hey, don't stick here forever. Tsuchio wouldn’t be able to go back like this you know』Hellfire-san

“Gyu-!” baby dragon

"Look, you're gonna get scolded by Hellfire-san. We will still be able to meet again. Kay ?” Tsuchio

“Gyu, gyu gyu gyu-!” baby dragon

Hellfire and his child flapped their wings and flew away.

『Then I will surely keep that egg. For Tsuchio …. Well, I’ll tell that you’re the egg’s benefactor 』(TLC : the egg is genderless after all XD) Hellfire-san

"Please" Tsuchio

『See you then』Hellfire-san

“Gyuru-!” Baby dragon

In that way, the dragon parent and child flew away. Well, let’s return quickly. I also have to prepare for class after all.





Winter passed and it was spring, and we became second years. In this world, there are no winter holidays and spring holidays like in Japan. Every day I studied all the time in the academy.

Even when I became a second grader, nothing changed in particular. The class is the same as the times from a year ago. I will continue study martial arts. If a master dies, the familiars can't fight anymore, therefore I must train my body to protect myself. Because I also have no skills, I can’t become that much stronger .... but at least I can still polish my techniques. Right?

Something happened one day when approximately two weeks passed after I became a second grader. I'm having breakfast like usual and Lucas who was late got his meal and sat down next to me. He became taller than a year ago and his hair has expanded too.  Even if he is seen, with this long hair he looks more like a girl.

"Tsuchio-kun Tsuchio-kun, it is serious!" Lucas

"What happened, Lucas?" Tsuchio

"The demons has invaded the north of the kingdom they say!. We still seem to able to hold them at the fortress, but it seems to be a matter of time until they break through they say!" Lucas

That's certainly a great event. Since until now they always attacked from the direction of the empire with no problem...What happened suddenly? Was there a change in their plan?

"The Knights and adventurers seemed to go for the subjugation...However, the war situation doesn't seem to be good for now.... I'm worried" Lucas

"That’s true eh … if they are able to break through, it will be a big problem after all. Unless someone is able to find the way out, it will be no good " Tsuchio

If this was a light novel, then surely people will be summoning a hero from another world .... In this world too, there isn’t such a magic. So it isn't an impossible story right ~ .

"Well, even if we worry about it, the situation cannot be changed at all. Let's concentrate on the class" Tsuchio

“Though it is so...Tsuchio-kun, you’re so calm. You're like an adult" Lucas

"No, I too was quite surprised about it. After all, they're the enemy who attacked my country. Since there will not be any changes even if I become impatient about it. I am able to act calm like this " Tsuchio

"Nothing will change even if become impatient about it eh …... .The thing that we can do, is almost nothing...” Lucas

"That's true. Alright, let’s finish our breakfast quickly" Tsuchio

“Yep, you are right" Lucas

Lucas carries his bread to his mouth. However, a demon invasion eh.... If I’m not wrong, an existence that is able to command and control a monster, is called demon. Right?. Something like Hellfire-san too, is a demon per se. Right? However, I can feel he was a being like that in a way.

The demons came from another continent and entered from north and are going south. If we don’t take back the north, surely the demon invasion will never end. Right ….? To begin with, it is no time to have fights between countries. Everyone needs to cooperate alright.

"Tsuchio-kun Tsuchio-kun, it is indeed serious!" Triss

"I have already heard about it. The demons attacked. There’s nothing good even if I'm worrying about it. Just quickly eat your meal" Tsuchio

" That is so, Triss-chan. The only thing we can do is to study and gain the ability even if it is a little" Lucas

"Why are both of you so calm indeed!?” Triss

""There is not a thing that I can do it even if I mind it after all [Tsuchio] (Right~)- [Lucas]""

This sudden demon it a herald that something will happen soon? Let’s pay attention to it a bit.

Then, about a week after that day. Lucas and the others ran in a hurry towards me.

"Tsuchio-kun, a great event!" Lucas

"Tsuchio-dono, a great event indeed !" Fall

"Tsuchio-san, it is serious!" Triss

“What it is with all three of you together.... You are so noisy this morning” Tsuchio

What was it this time? Did the empire also invaded this country? Or did a subjugation corps repulse the demons?

"Using the secret art from the kingdom which is transmitted to the royal family, a hero will be summoned from a different world they say!" Lucas

"...Are you serious?" Tsuchio

"It’s a very serious! It’s indeed a hero you know! A hero!" Fall

“That’s awesome right ! Since it’s something called as a hero after all, surely it must be someone so strong!" Triss

Summoning a hero from a different, it isn't a reason to decide yet that I was also summoned from Japan. There is a possibility that it will be summoned from a different world. But why is it, that I hold the firm belief that person will come from Japan by all means. Haa-, if it comes out that I´m from the same world as the hero they summoned now, will I also be raised as a hero? I wonder .... well, as long they don’t find out it’s fine, as long they don’t find out. With just our black hair feature is similar to them, wouldn’t people think that we came from the same world after all.

“Hero heh ...when is that hero summoned?" Tsuchio

"I don't know it well yet.... After all the information is from the capital, so it’s the news quite long ago" Lucas

"Is it so. Well, if they really summoned one, I think that the country will announce it on a large scale and we will know it immediately" Tsuchio

"After all they already especially use secret arts for it right ~ , Surely they will show off that they succeed to do it" Lucas

"That kind of thing. Well, information will appear soon" Tsuchio

.... I must be careful to not get entangled with this.

In the afternoon of that day, I am called by the principal and went to the principal's office. On the way, I meet Sasha-sensei who has also been called.

"I wonder why we got called?" Tsuchio

"I don’t know, the principal’s train of thought is hard to guess after all. Well, because you and I are tamers, isn't it something about that" Sasha

"I suppose so. Well, we will know it as soon as we hear about it" Tsuchio

I knocked and entered the principal's office. As usual, the principal rested his elbows on the desk and sat down.

"Hello, principal" Tsuchio

"Is there anything you have to do with us?" Sasha

"Aa, there’s something that I want to you guys do you know.  Actually , the heroes party will come to this academy in a few days. I want you to do a mock battle with them" Principal

... The heroes party, will come? As soon as I resolved to not have anything to do with it, this is what comes …. 

"How is it? Will you be doing it?" Principal

""I decline"" Tsuchio\Sasha

My and Sasha-sensei’s word harmonized. Oh, it is rare that we have the same opinion.

"Why?" Principal

"Well, without explaining the reason being told to do a mock battle with the hero, normally people will reject it you know” Tsuchio

"Then, if I explain the reason, will you do it?" Principal

"Umm, I won't do it. It is too troublesome” Tsuchio

"Sasha?" Principal

"I decline, because it isn't included in my kind of work" Sasha

“...Haa, then I will correct myself. This is a principal order. I will have you two do a mock battle with the hero's party. This is a decided matter. Understand?" Principal

Principal order… it has the compelling force that the person who is going to this academy and the teacher can´t fight back. The principal seems to have fair authority and he seems to even have an influential voice in government. Haa, I have to do it....

"...Thank you" Tsuchio

“...If it is a principal order, there is no other way. However could you tell us the reason?"

"They succeed in summoning the heroes, and those fellows have magical power as it deserving for being a hero. But they have no battle experience. Regardless, it seems they are from a country named Japan and live in a world without war. They can overwhelm small fishes only with their skills, however they will not be able to do anything against an opponent in the same shoes as them unless they have the experience after all. That's why I want you two to do a mock battle" Principal

"Teacher's garm and my Ruu..." Tsuchio

“Yes, in a battle of quantity, they cannot overwhelm the opponent with just talent" Principal

That’s indeed true ~ . If I hadn’t cooperated with the adventurers, the battle against that advanced dragon wouldn't have been a win.

“When the heroes arrive, we will talk about the details. Now, please keep in mind that you guys will do this mock battle" Principal

""Okay"" Tsuchio\Sasha

By the way, these heroes will surely notice that I’m Japanese, when they look at me. Thought surely they wouldn’t dig deeply if I keep feigning ignorance ...However, I must prepare some measures.


Author note: Another world novel template, heroes summoning。It will not be written from the point of view of the ones that got summoned, but 3rd pov. If it was summoned from the present-day Japan actually, such feeling was imagined. Because the monster daughter element thins for a moment. Heroes arc?  But if it ends, I'm planning to do a lot material for monmus (ED: Monster Musume).