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Monster Musume

Chapter 036 - Pirates re-invasion, double magic sharing, Lime´s first single battle

Monster Musume chapter 36: Pirates re-invasion, double magic sharing, Lime´s first single battle



The Landis island has been left and several days later, the ship went ahead through the route, without any particularly conspicuous events, smoothly. Before long I’ll also become bored with practicing shooting with Rin...I wonder if I should make Ruu practice her breath. There’s nothing around here after all, that wouldn’t be mad at me right.

After deciding that, I got on the back of Ru, and flew away from the ship. It will be dangerous when shooting it near the ship, so I'll go to a place a little far away. If there’s something like a target, then it can become practice though ~ 

When I flew while thinking so, I found a rock that lined up nicely. Though It's near the route of the ship, but well, I have already taken a distance so there will be no problem. Let's make that the target. 

"Ruu, we will aim at that rock with breath. Just like that other day, I’ll be the one who’ll aim at it and Ruu only needs to concentrate and condense your magical power"


For some reason Ruu asked whether it is good to shoot one at a time? But then she corrected herself and said let’s do it immediately. Was there something that came into her mind ? Well, if Ruu said that there’s no problem then there’s no problem. Right.

Ruu gathered her magical power inside her mouth. A bright red ball appears just like before. Though it is not that big, but it’s curtailed into small particles and emitting a dazzling light. Our aim is...let’s try that large rock in the middle. The headwind is blowing a little, let’s aim slightly up, and yep.

"It’s good. Fire!. "

By my signal, Ruu shot that ball of light in great speed. It arrived at the rock which was a number of several hundreds of meters away and in several seconds, dogoon! It explodes. It's collapsed into pieces, and fell down one after another into the sea.  Yep. Well, because I suppressed magical power consumption and the power, I wonder how many times she can shoot again.


"Hmm, what happened"

It seems, that Ruu found a ship that comes out from that rock area. Eh, why is there a ship at such a place!? There are five ships. The rock that was hit directly and one starts sinking slowly, another ship got it mast broken. Wow, I have done it! What should I do, what should I do. I have no way of compensating it!

As I tried to pretend that I didn’t know about it and tried to just go away, Ruu looked again at those ships. Even though I didn’t want to see it anymore, but if Ruu sees it then I have to see it too. When I took a look at the ship fearfully, Three safe ships raise a flag something or other. The skeleton mark that is white to black cloth. So it’s a pirate ship ~

"If it’s a pirate ship, then it’s not a problem even if I sink it right? "


Oh, that is good. The compensation for a ship is not something that I can imagine how much it cost. First, I’ll return to the ship, and then consult it with Kisato-san. After all, it’s not a problem that I can decide with my judgemental ability.




"So there’s a pirate ship up ahead eh. Really, recently we did encounter them a lot."

"It is so.  Well, as for the first, we were not the ones that got attacked. However, why would they hide in such a rocky stretch? Is it possibly an ambush?".

"Perhaps that is so.surely the boss of those guys that we defeated before they appeared. Right? Maybe they waited for us at our sea route. There’s no doubt "

"Then, should we assault the?"

"No. No matter how you look at it, it is too dangerous. Though it was good because there was a guard last time. This is another matter. It would be better to wait this time"

If Kisato-san said so, then that must be true. Right? After all I am not that good with tactics and stuff like that. Let’s leave everything to Kisato-san who is already a veteran here.

"All the members prepare for interception ! The pirates will come at once, and we’ll make them regret attacking the Chivalric Order!"

『Ooh !』

All the crew stopped working, and each of them took their respective weapons. Let’s leave alone Ruu and Rin. I wonder what should I do with Lime … I cannot let her march alone. I also can’t wait for them to board this ship. ……… hmmm , even though it’s dangerous it is not like she doesn’t have any means of attacking.

"Lime, may I leave it, even though it is dangerous to you?"

"Koku..." Purupuru

"Oh, you don't need to rouse your fighting spirit to there. Don't overdo it, I won't forgive you if you die"

I will devote this body to you, eh ….. I am surely loved. To the extent that it’s too good for me. A kiss eh? Is this slime really someone with this kind of character? Well, there’s no problem though.

The pirate ships will come in about tens minute. Hearing about how the battle will go from kisato-san, at first we will exchange magic or arrow shots.  And then we will get into our opponent’s ships, and start close combat. Well, I can give the first shot. Either Ruu or Rin, right.

While rubbing Ruu with my right hand, and Rin with my left hand I looked over the pirate ships. Just a little more and they will shoot their magic. I must finish preparations first.

There’re three pirate ships. Surely the one ship in the back is where their leader is. The inviolable rule when doing the boss competition in an RPG, is to defeat the small fries first before beating the last boss!

I synchronized my magical power with both Ruu and Rin at the same time. The sensation spread over my whole body instantly. It’s really a pleasant feeling.  No, not good ....  I was already prepared myself, but it’s more than what I thought. Though I never did it , but surely this is what it feels when people do a 3[Piip] ! Ruu and Rin also seems quite in pain too. Their eyes become bloodshot, and their breath is rough.The eyes which looks at me, it is the eyes that is looking like it is looking at their prey. Wait,  are you girls alright!? Well, you know, I do quite a lot of things too when in I am in Japan, so I can bear it if it just like this  ... but it seem that it is not like that for ruu and Rin ….. Shit, it was a lack of consideration.

"Wait a moment, I will stop it now"



"Eh, it’s alright? Not a problem? For real? Aren't you overstraining yourself? ...Then it is good. Please always say when it is painful. "

Because Ruu and Rin said that she is alright, I focus on the pirate ships and looked towards the front. However, before I realized it, Lime moved in front of me, and she hugged my stomach

"Lime, what's the matter? You have to stay behind Ruu right?"

“...!” Pugogogogogoo!

"Please don't strangle my stomach! ugh, it’s hurts hurts ! "

Is she perhaps jealous? Lime who strangled my stomach . Thought it did not hurt, but it has the power that is capable of breaking my body. Though Lime who always pulls back with Ruu and Rin, but she seems to lose all of her restrain if it’s with me. Ah, it’s bad, her magical power became darker. As if she had a proportion for it, the power to strangle me becomes stronger.

"Lime, calm down! I will make it up for you okay!"

“...” ...

Though her power becomes weakened a little, she didn’t seem to have any intention to release her arm . Shit, Do I have to say the contents of compensation.... a make up that is equal to the sensation of 3[piip] …. Is there’s something like that!  ? (TLC : apple pie, 3 …. Whole 3 apple pie, with lemon tea) 

"Umm, that’s it…… I will sleep together with slime, until slime satisfied okay !".

“...” ...

Is, is this still no good ….. 

"We will synchronize our magical power one full night ! "

“...” ...puru

“Al, also until Lime goes to sleep, I will always caress Lime ! "

“...♪” purupuru♪

Lime took a sudden change, and then followed by her rubbing onto me with a good mood ….. Somehow, I felt like I was being leaded smartly. Well, nothing will happen even if I worry about it now. Let’s just focus on the thing in front of me!

"OK, let’s go! Ruu, Rin!"



As I synchronized with both of them at the same time , Ruu and Rin’s tension went through the roof. Their magical power was going wild. It created a squall in their surroundings. So that those magical power didn’t go around wildly, I desperately tried to control the magic with my hand.  I control the magic with each of my hands separately. It can be said to be quite a feat, but I already grasped the amount – nature – speed – density and such of Ruu’s and Rin’s magical power. Therefore, it is possible to control by formalizing it roughly unconsciously. Finally we were able to arrive at this stage, or such a feeling eh. if it continues like this then Lime will be left behind, but I can’t do it 3 of them at the same time after all  …..   To what extent will the pleasant feeling will be raised, I am quite worried. 

OK, I concentrated in my right hand and felt Ruu’s magical power that felt like a fire that burns brightly and is flickering around. In my left hand is Rin’s magical power that felt like thunder that flickers and creates its track while giving a spark. I apply each of it with the form that I already decided, and then materialized it as a magic.

The light ball of breath in Ruu’s mouth, and the lightning arrow that comes from the magic circle around Rin, floated in great number. It’s like a gatling gun, the one who handle its shooting – appendix control is me ... I do not get a real sense very much eh. After all, Rin is the one who gives the magical power supply, and also the rough control.

I moved the magic in the form of making a wall in front of the ship, and released the arrows all at once. Arrows and magic also comes flying from our opponent’s side too, but it all got shot down by the people from the Chivalric Order.

Ruu’s breath hit the flank of the opponent’s ship just as according to plan. The light ball with all of the considerable magical power, by power as I cannot compare with the test-firing before, made the pirate ship’s centre area blown up. Over there came Ruu’s pursuit, just like in the Danze island, Lime attached to her tail, and then she swung it around on the deck. The pirates who got hit directly got their bones broken and were blown off. The guys who were able to dodge it are all smashed by Ruu´s fist.

As for the ship that Rin attacked, the pirates who were on the deck that mostly got pierced by a lighting arrow, escaped on board. All the preparation is done, and now it’s only needs to give the final blow. Right?

Rin’s horn made a bluish white shine, giving a spark off thunder  on the top of the ship. A cluster of the same bluish-white light appeared. When I thought that it made a one beat, it exploded and transformed into countless small lightings . The lightning arrow rained over the ship and pierced it. Using the lighting arrows as one needle to pierce through the hull. Though if it’s just one then the most it can do is just make a little hole, but if that needle counted more than ten and more of it that we’re on the top of the sea ...Seawater was flooded in the ship in an instant . Well, the moment the lighting needle made the hull as a pincushion, surely almost all those guys who were inside the ship would be dead. Right?


As she used a great amount of magic in one go, Ruu sat on the deck. Though Ruu is still running wild, and if it's compared with Rin she still has more than a margin in her magical power. Even if Rin’s magic consumption is not that big, but for her to shoot more than a hundred of that, and furthermore to end it with thunder.  Well, Rin too still has more room in her magical power, but for her to use it in a great amount in one go, surely she is tired.

“Tsuchio-dono, Quite flashy magic you have there! We also can't lose! Everyone, aboard the pirate ship!"


With a roar, the knight members put a ladder and went onto the pirate’s ship. As the knights entered the ship, the pirates equipped a light leather armor and a cutlass-like sword with a small buckler. To say it’s either adventurer or a pirates, for a person who never sees them it’s hard to differ right? Though Kisato-san is wearing metal armor, but it only protects the important point as the chest and gauntlet. His weapon is maybe also due the assumption that it’ll swung on board, it was a small mace and small buckler. (TLC: no, he just paladin)

In the ship that placed in the back, the knight are already embarked on it. Is this because Ruu was already running wildly over there. The ship of partial destruction has already left it to the knights. I take Lime with Ruu and flew to the ship at the back.

While beating over the pirates who came attacking, I searched over the person that looked like their leader. Since it look like Lime can handle something like the underling pirates, she stabbed to death those pirates over there.

"I found it , the tame ! You already prepared yourself right!?"

When looking for the captain in the deck, a man wore a leader like hat with a feather attached to it,and is wearing a luxurious clothing appeared in front of me. Eh, this person knows about me? …. Aah, if he is the leader of those pirate that attacked that damned noble, for his subordinates that managed to run away to tell him about me is not strange right.

"..." Purupuru

"Eh, do you want to do it alone?"


"...Okay, do it. Oh, but if I already consider it as dangerous, I’ll stop you okay . Spirits of the dead, By the power of an diamond hurting no one, Steel body"

I cast a hardening magic to Lime. With this I can be relieved. The rest is to believe in her and watch her battle.

"Diiiiiieeee damn it!!!"

The captain who came attacking Lime with a saber. It seems that he can somehow manage to use magic. His sword blade is covered with a magic power and gives a dim light. If there are hardening and support magic from Ruu, well I think that, that way is bad. Also there’s need for Lime to receive it. Lime that slided her body and evaded that attack. 

As it is a captain, his skill seems to be also quite high. Though his attacks that move in a flow, she evaded it as the attack slided over her skin. Lime is able to handle it well

"Shit! What is this guy!? "

"It is slime"

"Bullshit! There’s no way that there is a slime that exists that is able to evade my sword!”

"Can’t you just see the facts in front of your eyes ….. Lime, just finish it already. He’s not that great"

Hearing my word, Lime goes onto the offensive. The stab that aimed over her body, she made a hole over it and then that attack went through it, and then it quickly turned back. And so what a miracle, the captain’s saber is stucked inside lime’s body.


The captain that tried to pull out his saber in panic, but that action itself is a mistake. The captain that stopped his movements to pull his sword, Lime didn’t let that chance escape. Her hand become thickly sharper just like a stake, and pierced over the captain’s chest. If he quickly step back at that time, maybe he would still have a chance to run away though… 

The captain who vomits blood from a mouth, and falls down. The knight members battle also seemed to already meet it’s end. The sound of sword fighting has ceased and the sound of people throwing away their weapons can be heard. In this way Lime, it was her first victory in single combat.


Author note: If it’s [Piiip] then it’s safe right! For present Tsuchio, this is his limit. Though it’s just for now.