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Monster Musume

Chapter 035 - Return, when I come back to Landis Island, the town at night

Monster Musume chapter 35: Return, when I come back to Landis Island, the town at night

Author note : 

There’s are someone pointing about the meaning of the heart at the impression, since magical power is flowing along with the blood vessel , then isn’t the core will be heart right ~?, or that was the result of Tsuchio’s thought. There’s lack of explanation, sorry.



Finishing the investigation safely, we brought the dragon materials home with the town people meeting us with cheers. On the way back, we were attacked by monsters, but with the thoughts of just a little bit more we were able to come back home. We returned without getting any serious injuries. It was all thanks to the smell of the advanced dragon that stained our bodies that a minimal number of monsters attacked us. Since that place was filled with advance dragon smells, it stuck on to us just like that.

In the middle of the night of returning, Ruu and the others ate the advanced dragon’s meat. The meat was only given to Ruu and Rin, because I had Lime digest the dragon’s arm completely. It’s a dragon that evolved into a completely different species with that monsters that exist until now. I predict that this will have little effect on theses girls’ evolution because there are no changes in particular yet, but I expect something will happen in the future. Since Lime’s rank is still not to high, I wonder if she will evolve with the monsters from this forest and the magical power of the advanced dragon’s share together~? Or I thought so…. Well, among the same rank she is located in quite the high place after all. So there will be a lot of magical power necessary for her to evolve. Soon , she will surely evolve. 

We who just returned to town, went straight towards the guild to give our report. It seems that the adventurers who came back first conveyed the information that they know. Furthermore, they told such a lie, that the leader and the others are dead at the middle of the island. Naturally, because we came home, the lie was found out. Those who became in the conspiracy and were telling a lie got an expulsion disposal and the guys who consented tacitly will pay a fine. Oh dear, humans are really hopeless. The guys who got expelled, also got the payment of the expedition this time. Well, they got it quite deducted though.

The subtracted amount is added to our reward money. Furthermore, because we arrived at the center of the island and obtained information and the material of the master, it made the reward become more higher. The material that wasn’t provided to the guild, was equally split to the ones who fought the advance dragon. Well, I have already gotten my share. As for Hayes-san and the others, they seemed to have been able to obtain the material they aimed for. He seemed to have a new armor made with leather and dragons scale.  Everyone is happy, which is really good.

In addition, the information about the monster that we confirmed at the expedition, since it matched with the information that I gave, I was informed by receptionist-san that the bonus for reporting was paid too. After I added up everything, a hefty sum enters my pocket in a dash. When I saw how much it is, an ordinary family can live without working several years in the capital. Uh, speaking frankly, I can't calm down. First of all I received as much as necessary and the rest is kept in the guild. If I tell my name to the guild in another town, I seemed to be able get my money. It's really convenient eh, the guild is.

For now, I payed for the rest of the day for the inn we will be staying at. We returned back to my room, before diving into my bed. I will take it easy tomorrow. The rest of our time we will use for hunting monsters. It is necessary to save up everyone's magic and money after all.... When I thought so and was about to go to sleep, the pocket of my pants vibrates like a mobile phone. Emm, since the egg is placed on the desk in my room ... so the only option is that branch.

Taking the branch out of my pocket, it gave a slight shine and vibrates. Hey, isn't it like totally cell phone. I wonder how I can communicate with this?

As try, I put the branch on my ear and the voice of spirit-san spreads in my head.

『Hel-lo, Hello? Do you hear me?』

『I hear you, what's the matter? I wanted to sleep already』

Somehow even if I didn’t say it with my mouth, with only thinking then it’s already transmitted. So it’s telepathic eh, it’s convenient ~ .

『Have you already returned to town? Were you able to return safely? I just want to make sure you know』

『We were able to return, without any casualties. Then』

『No no, don't hang up! I’m wasn’t able to talk enough after all!』

『I’m sleepy you know...』

『Only for five minutes, it’s okay right ! ?』

『...Only five minutes okay』

『I did it! Then, I’ll speak first kay~ 』

After that, I continued listening spirit-san who didn’t stop talking even though five minutes passed and in the end it was one hour and I was mentally and physically exhausted. At the same time when the spirit had enough talking and cut the phone my consciousness flew away. Damn it, for me, who thought that, since she never talked with any humans before and is speaking happily with me, is a little bit cute ,but is really a fool.... A man is really a fool !




Then in the evening a few days later, I decided to come back to Landis on the day before, because the silver hose said that they will leave with the sunrise of the next day,. After having dinner early, I take the same ship which I took to go to the port. By coming and leaving, the vanity is entirely different even though it’s the same island. Since we were already able to go to the center of the island, the day that people will be able to go to the other side will surely come. At next year’s summer vacation, maybe it’s fine to go to this island again just once. I also have go to meet that spirit,or else. She will use that branch to keep on calling me because she can’t bear the loneliness. Just that, I wanted to be spared of.

 I who landed on Landis went straight to the place where Kisato-san is for now. I need to hear, whether we will sail off tomorrow or not.

In this world without any lighting, there are many people who sleep when it becomes dark. There seems to be a magic tool which lights up, but exist only in noble mansions. What the city of the night show, is either the person who never comes out except when it is night, or the people who go to the shop that cannot open at day.In other words, the night butterfly shop. Apparently, there seems to be many such shops on this island. Where adventurers and nobles gather, and from while ago they touts here and there. A big shop faces the main street and the light of magic lights up the signboard brightly. Emm, usually the knight’s base is in the center of the island right. For that, I have to go across this main street....The tension is like buying a light novel for the first time.

First of all, I arrange it so that Ruu and the others surround me and we will walk in the middle of the street as much as possible. There’s no way a person will call someone that looks hard to call . It is a perfect strategy.

「Hey ~ young boy~. Don’t you want to do something good, with Onee-chans ~ ?」

「Eh, ah, no, we are in a hurry 」

Or not. It seems, that I took the onee-sans too lightly. They come to talk to me normally. Fortunately, they aren’t even coming near so much thanks to Ruu and the others being here. If it’s like this, somehow I will be able to reject them! After all, if they stick to my body, it seem that they will get pushed away after all ! Don’t say that I’m pathetic, I just am not used to it !

“Eh, don't talk about such cold thing~~"

" We will take the lead you know~"

"We will show you the heaven you know ~ ?"

"Please try another person..."

I shake off the older sisters with brisk walking and arrive at the Knight station somehow. Huu, the smell of their perfume hasn´t yet separated from my nose. I should have just come with the ship that departed faster ....

The knight station somehow has the atmosphere of a police box. The differences, may be that the inside is quite wide and weapons are put there and there. There’s also a place where horses are made to stand by. I left Ruu and the others over there, and enter the station. Ah, there is a place like a reception. For now, I’ll try to ask whether Kisato-san is here or not.

"Excuse me, is knight leader Kisato here?"

"He is here, is there’s some business you have with him? "

“Emm, can you inform him that Tsuchio com to meet him ? I´m an acquaintance"

"Wait a minute"

Saying so, the receptionist goes to the second floor and has returned after several minutes.

"The leader calls you. He is on the second floor in the room at the left side at the end of the corridor.

"Thank you"

Climbing up the stairs, I knock at the room door written as captain room.It’s not the commander’s eh.

Inside the room, Kisato-san fought with documents on his desk. The room is lighted up with a half-witted candle. So it isn't a magic tool....

"Oo, Tsuchio-dono. Good work on this one month. The thing like you being able to even arrive at the middle of the island"

"At some extent deaths occurred, but we finished the investigation somehow. As for Kisato, thanks for your effort at such a late time"

"I`m busy with handing over documents to the dwarfs because they wait for a bill. Still, it’s great that you were able to come from the port to here. On the way, weren’t you hailed by a barker?"

"My familiar enclosed me, so no one strongly called out to me"

"Tsuchio-dono, since you look like someone who doesn’t have any experience in that kind of thing. Frankly, I thought that you will follow them just like that you know"

"It’s good I didn’t live to your expectation. Will you depart tomorrow as planned?"

"It depends on the weather, but there is no postponed schedule for the moment. It's because there is also no information about pirates after all"

"Are there no traces about the pirates from last time?"

"Yes, it looks like so. Probably, they’re avoiding us and have been sailing in different the ocean right now"

Well, it isn't necessary for them doing their pirates business in a place where a knight order is after all. The sea is vast

“If it’s just something like a little rain coming, we will still depart tomorrow you know. Don’t be late okay"

"I understand. Then I leave now"

"Ah, yes. Tsuchio-dono, you came with the last ship from Danze Island right? Do you already have an inn to stay tonight?"

"No, not yet. I intend to look for it now..."

Perhaps in almost all places they would be full. Though there must be some place that still has vacant rooms. The search for it will be bothersome

"Then, you could sleep in the nap room of this station. There won't be a problem with your familiars, if you let them sleep with the horses. Because they are accustomed to familiars, they particularly wouldn’t become noisy . The nap room is in the most inside when you go the hallway straight down"

"Then, I'll use it gratefully. Thank you"

“No No, even if you thank for lending the nap room, I am embarrassed. After all  everyone else are either on patrol or are on the top of the bed"

Well it’s the last day after all ~ everyone must want to cut loose even for a bit.

"Kisato-san,you quickly sleep too. When you lack of sleep, you will get seasick you know"

"I understand. Just a little bit more and I’ll put an end to this"

Leaving the captain's room and telling Ruu and the others that we will stay here, I enter the nap room. A bed has already been arranged and in the meanwhile, between them there’s a curtain that can be pulled. This room remind me of a health room or a sickroom....

Because there is nobody here, I lie down on the deepest right side bed after the curtain is pulled. From tomorrow onwards, it will be a sea voyage of over one week again. After all, it’s hard to sleep on board. Therefore I have to sleep sufficiently here and restore my energy.




The next morning though there are some clouds appearing, the wind is also not strong. Therefore it's the ideal sailing weather. For the first time in a month I will be back on the silver hose.

Is it because they traded the goods they bring, but there are more wooden boxes than before loaded on the ship. Naturally, Ruu and the others help again.  I don't know what is inside those boxes, but probably they are spices from around here. Well, I have no base for it. Look, you know, if people pointing at age of discovery then it mean spices right?

Finished packing all the loads, When a day had begun to just rise, the silver hose sailed. well, it’s great if I able to arrived at the academy quietly without any accident. …. 



<Boss of repelled pirates viewpoint>

"Leader! Report from our friend who we sent there, the silver hose sailed off from Landis!"

"Is it reliable?"

"Yes, he really sees it!"

"All members, prepare for departure! And set the course at the place that I planned!" 

"Oh, leader, even if it’s’ to save our face,but as expected it is bad to fight against the knight order. Please reconsider it.."

"Oh, are you giving the instructions now!?"

“N, No! It wasn't never my intention!"

"Well, the knight is certainly strong. However, that is limited to the land. On a ship and battling on the sea, we are better"

"well, that’s true but ..."

"Don't worry about anything. I command directly this time, so we won't lose. So don't worry about it. Don’t just be sitting idly here. Quickly prepare the ship!".

“Ye, yes”

For nearly a month, this is already the limit of my endurance. Having the silver hose as opponent, I will give everything! Just wait for me you tamer. I will send you to hell now!