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Chapter 034 - Chapter 34: Circumstances of the Advanced Dragon, Circumstances of Spirit-san, Troublesome

Chapter 34: Circumstances of the Advanced Dragon, Circumstances of Spirit-san, Troublesome



Author note: <石破 love love 天驚拳> is great isn’t it. (some kind of game)



The spirit from the big tree at the center of the island wants me to take the egg from that advanced dragon. Well, that's troublesome, but I don't mind it at all though….

"Why did you think I´m a human worth trusting?"

『When I saw your familiars, it was obvious. Each of them, have the similar expression of happiness. Furthermore they had dragon’s divine protection inside of them after all, so I judged that this is enough, that I could trust you』

To the familiars of an untrustworthy person, a dragon won´t give its divine protection, the spirit adds. As expected of the thing that is called as spirit-sama. She is even able to see through divine protection eh.

"I see... So I just have to take this egg back, and then hatch it?"

『Yes, if possible, I want you to take it as your familiar』

"However, who will be the parent to teach it how to fight? For us, we aren’t able to do such things“

『Is that so, after all it wouldn’t be able to keep living if it couldn’t fight』

"Therefore, I have something that I want Spirit-sama do for me. I want to entrust this egg to the dragon who’s gave us the divine protection called Hell fire. Somehow can you get in touch with him. Rather than raised by me, it’s far more better if it gets raised by a flying dragon after all"

『If it is that much, I will manage it somehow. Where do we meet, I want you to tell me』

I told Spirit-sama the place where we will met. It will still be summer holidays even if I return from here after all, but somehow I felt like we will be able to give it before school start.

『Then, I will inform that dragon called as Hell fire about everything okay』

"Thank you. Nevertheless, why does Spirit-san appeared intentionally and entrusts this egg to me?"

『This dragon is the endemic species of this island.... On the top of that, it’s appeared in such a mutated appearance half way, its reproductive power is also low. Originally because there were only two bodies, with this situation I think that it will become extinct in the near future』

"Therefore, you want that this child to go to the outside and to leave a descendant..."

Something like that wouldn’t be able to swim in the sea after all. Or rather, that guy that we killed, isn’t he quite valuable ! 

『Aa, that’s not a problem. Since it’s already reached an old age, later on in few ten years I think it’ll die after all』

"Haa, is that so.... Well, because it was us to have given the decisive blow, I will take the responsibility. Then, it’s about the time we have to go"

『No No, I want you to be here a little more. I never in my life have been away from this tree, so I don't know the outside at all. Therefore I want you to tell me a lot of the outside』

"Well, until I'm called, it is okay. Also, it’s alright if you don't use formal language to speak with me you know"

She have been adding “gozaimasu” at the end of her words after all ~  Well, maybe that’s just how she usually speaks though.

『Ah, I see? Then I will do it so, aah, my shoulders are stiff. Really, I wonder how people are able to speak like that. Hey you, go massage my shoulder.Didn’t I just said that it was stiff』

"….. That’s quite the rude way of speaking. I thought that since it was Spirit-sama, then her way of speaking will be more feel solemner"

『What, can you please not force your sense of value on to me? In addition, didn’t I say that I never left from this place. How can I know how other spirits talk?』

“Eh, how do you inform Hell Fire-san then?"

『E, Did you attach "san" to dragon's name? Disgusting ~ 』


『Aa, wait a minute! A joke, a joke! To the human who received the egg, there’s no way I mean such a thing!』

I was about to leave silently, but my shoulders were grasp by Spirit-san. For her to say disgusting ...Even if people don’t use polite language to the senior, it’s normal to use polite language than that right ....


『Ee, really, it isn't decided!』

"Real intention?"

『There isn´t it』


『That’s why please don’t go away!』

Haa, although I thought that she was an excellent spirit until a while ago.... In me, the image of spirit has heavily fallen.




"Good grief, what a spirit that treats human roughly"

『That’s alright isn’t it, just this much. Or rather, you, why did you stop using polite language! Even thought you used polite language if it’s dragon!』

"To the fellow who disrespects a person, I will not use polite language"

『That is so funny...ah, Aren’t you pretty good at this. There, it is feel nice』


『Nn , Yes, there. Fuuh, recently because I worked quite a long time, my shoulders are always stiff you know』

"Heeh ~"

After this and that, it ended up that I massaged spirit’s shoulder,  and now is in the middle of massaging her shoulder. Certainly, the shoulders of the spirit are considerably stiff, it's solid like a rock.

"Working for non-stop eh, what did you do?"

『Like I said the politic language, huau!Uuu, you're really good at massaging shoulders eh ...』

“Well, there are various tricks how to do it"

If I make full use of my devil hand and caress, healing stiff shoulders is easy. Caress isn't a skill that makes me  become good at patting, it is a skill to amplify pleasant feelings that is given using a hand. I dare to say, is that eroge?

Because at the place where it become stiff the magical power becomes a bit messy. If I used devil hand, I can immediately understand. Since Spirit’s body is made from magical power, it’s all the more easier.

『A, after you enter this island, Hau~u! Various monsters, u~unn, because you hunted them, it is hard to keep a balance. Hii~n!』

"Then, should we not come?"

『It’s not always, Hya~n! Li, like that. The stimulation from the outside world, becomes the key to evolution after a~ll.... As, as it is, the evolution of the monsters from this island will meet it’s end you know』

"Hee, Then about spirit-sama that can’t move is?"

『Because my main body is this tree, I can only move on this island where the root is spreading au ~ !』

“...Why from a while ago, your wording is all over the place "

『Wh, who’s fault do you think it is , Khi~n ! It’s because you keep massaging, Aaah, me!』

"Then, shall I stop?"

『No, Nobody told you to stop right!』

Then don’t say that. Good grief, what a selfish Spirit-sama she is.

"Then, what is it that you want me to tell you?"

『E, Everything okay, everything. Everything except about this island, that you know』

“No, I don't have enough time to talk about it"

『It’s okay, I’ll just read your thoughts. You can be relieved, I will not touch the memories that you don’t want talk about』

“E, no, I can't feel relieved..."

『Then, I’ll read it alright』

As spirit said that, it felt like someone peeked into my brain. An unpleasant feeling as if everything from me was seen through, runs through my head. After a few seconds, the disgust stopped. 

『Hmmm, a different continent eh. Well, those who are living there are coming here, I wonder if it’s a  strange thing』

"Did you read it already?"

『Yes, I properly ignored the memories that seems like you don’t wanted to know okay. Or rather, your memories about this world is weirdly few eh …. possibly』

Wha! Did she realized that I was a person from different world!? Well, though I don’t particularly mind even if she realized it, but I can’t imagine what she will she do to me!

『By any chance, do you have amnesia?』


My body that’s already ready to jump at spirit at any moment, harden .... Aa, that's right. Normally if there are only few memories, everyone would say memory loss right.

『The memory that you don't want me to see must be the memories you don't want to recall right! ... I'm sorry, that I talked so much until now. As for why you use honorific for your dragon, a painful past memory must be the cause right....』

After she got misunderstood alone, she advance the talk alone though.

"Yes, it is actually so. I don't remember very much of my past"

I’ll just followed her gratefully right here.

『I thought so.... It must be hard for you right』

“...Well, it is particularly fine"

『You can't say that.That’s right. You, become my friend!』

"I decline"

『Wh, what? It is strange, I just heard you declined, is it my imagination?』

"No, spirit-sama’s ear is normal you know"

『Wh, why you don’t want to become my friend!』

"I already have enough friends after all"

『The more the merrier right ! Alright, you don’t need to restrain yourself you know!』

"No, like I said I don’t want to. Also, isn’t spirit-sama is the one who’s wishing for a friend"

『Ha, haa? What are you saying, I don’t know what’re you saying!』

"Well, the fact that you can’t leave from this island, then you are always here alone right? Since there’s no one living here other than the monsters, you can’t talk with other people too. Well, the story is different if you made one of the monster into your friends"

『U, uuuuuu...』

“Becoming my friend is something that Spirit-sama wished for. It was not something that I wished for. Furthermore friend is existence that’s equal, if it’s something that’s given one sidedly then … spirit-sama?"

Spirit who is looking down and became silent since some while ago, and then just like that.


She raised her voice and has begun to cry. Wai, you are crying over it!?

『After all, after all,I’m always, always alone and when I tried to approach the monster they all run away after all then when I think finally the dragon is born it shows it’s fang and growls at me! When I thought that I will be alone if it’s like this at last there’s humans that found this island and I thought that finally I’ll be able to talk to somebody but there’s no one who came to the middle of the island! Even when I wanted to go but you guys only keep killing the monster from the island outskirt like crazy and if I didn’t control it then they will go extinct then I thought that the humans are going somewhere you know! And then when finally there’s someone who’s able to come to beside me and was also able to defeat the dragon and goes up to the tree and was able to talk to me I thought that we will be able to become friends but he didn’t want to is really cruel you know ~ ! WAaaaah! ! !』

Shedding tears like a waterfall, the spirit cries like a child. Even Ruu and the others glance at me with the gaze that felt like it said [ Aah, you made her cry~ ]. Wai, what should I do! Or rather, isn’t  her voice will be heard by the people from below right ! ?

"Ple, Please stop crying okay ~ !"

『Uwaaaah! Stupid Tsuchio!!!』

"Why do you even know my name ! Ahh, really, I understand ! I will become your friend so please stop crying !”

As I involuntarily used polite language for her , I desperately tried to soothe this spirit. When I say that I will be her friend, she stopped crying and shedding tears.


"it’s true"

『it isn't a lie?』

"It isn't a lie"

『You will become my  friend?』

"Yes, I will be your friend"

『Will you talk with me every day?』

"E!? Tha, that’s a bit ...”


"I, I understand! I will talk with you every day!"

『...Hu, huh! You should just say so from the beginning!』

Where did her crying appearance vanished to. It changes completely, the spirit returns to her sassy attitude. This girl ... she just pretended to cry just now !?

『Excuse me, I cried seriously you know!』

"Eh, seriously?"

『That’s of course ! And ,this』

A branch with one leaf is being handed over to me.

『With this, I can talk with you anywhere. When we have time, let's talk with each other. Also, come here again. Even it’s only when you have a long holiday, come visit me sometimes okay』

"I understand. Then, I will leave soon"

『Wa, wait a moment! Wi, will you rub my shoulders a little more?』

"Yes yes, it would be my pleasure "

As a return gift because she troubled me from before, maybe I should do it a little bit harder this time. This time, I'll make her cry in a different meaning.




Afterwards, I left the spirit who’s  gasping for breath because of my patting technique and we went down to the ground. I have to hide the egg and branch.

"Is there something there?"

"No, there’s nothing that’s worth meaning. Shall we go back now?"

"That's right. Our rough investigation ends now, so let’s quickly get back. Okay, all members return! After the catch is dismantled, let's take as much as we can home! Until we return, it's still an investigation you know!"

While saying these usual lines, Hayes-san gathers everyone and we return.We will follow them after a while .

The dismantling of the advanced dragon, since all of the adventurers cooperated together, it can be ended in short time. Well, the part which was burnt isn't usable after all. Even it wasn't a situation that it can be said that the Raw material decreased.

My share was all the things which I hoped for. Because I was asked by Hayes-san for what I use the heart, I answered that it will become food for my familiars. Well, it’s not something wrong so it’s alright right.

I gave the hand to Ruu, all other material is put in the bag on my shoulder. I should let Ruu and the other eat the meat by today. I asked Lime to digest the left over of the advanced dragon’s corpse, we were left behind in the central of the island. Now, we will also take care on our way home.