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Chapter 033 - Monster Musume chapter 33: Versus Dragon and It's Knocked Down by the Volunteer!

Monster Musume chapter 33: Versus Dragon and It's Knocked Down by the Volunteer!



Although it is sudden, but let's talk first about the dragon class. Even if it’s generalized as a dragon, they are divided roughly into two types. The ground dragon which doesn’t have wings and flying dragons who can fly in the sky and who have wings. Though there’s also sea dragons and those guys which possess high intelligence and are able to use human language, let’s leave that alone for now.

Generally, it is thought that ground dragons are the degraded version of the flying dragons. Though one of the reasons is that flying dragons possess more magical power, they are able to fly in the sky right.

In every world, humans hold admiration for things that fly in the sky like birds. Roaming around freely in the sky, and having the power to destroy a town alone. It’s all enough evidence, to be infused with awe about it. But, in the case of the ground dragon, it isn’t to that extent. They don't use magic in particular. It’s just a giant lizard with great power. They’re recognized as something like that.Though they’re not a thing that you can make light of, but if compared with flying dragons then they’re quite underestimated.

However the dragon which is before us now is greatly different from the build of the existing ground dragons. Its legs and body are tightened and is slim. The forepaws and hind legs have a similar shape. As for a dragon having blades on its arms, it is the first time I saw one. And, because I haven't seen one yet I can’t say much but it’s power must surpassed that of a flying dragon right. That's the choice for Ruu. (Tl note: He means the form she shall evolve into)

Ground dragons are a low rank transposition of flying dragon, and it can considered that when you take the wing from the flying dragon then it’s a ground dragon. However this fellow is a dragon which greatly overturns this fact. A monster which evolved with a different system from the flying dragon, for the time being let’s call it as advanced dragon . (TLC : Ground dragon is thought to evolve into flying dragon but this dragon is different, or so it’s seems)

The advanced dragon appeared before us . Fixed its eyes on the adventurers in front of it,


A roar that shakes the surrounding, it’s the form of threat of the dragon. Just like that  the dragon twists, and then rotates its body in one go. The tail which followed blew off the adventurers who were standing in front of it.


"Hi, Hiiiiiiit’s huuuuurrttt!!!???"


The adventurers that were blown off had their flesh on the arms and body scraped off. Probably, it might be the act of that rasp scale. Because blood is stuck on it, I'm sure of it, I need to take special attention to that.

"What should we do! I didn’t hear anything about this kind of thing living in here!"

"Because our objective is for investigation, all members are lightly dressed! If there’s simply any weapon that’s effective against dragon, unless it’s something around Mithril weapon, we can’t really give it any damage!"

"All C-rankers and mercenaries gather up and retreat! The ones who are fighting understand. Anyway just draw back quickly! ...B-rank adventurers, those who have the resolution to fight with me remain here and buy time! Decide it by yourself"

"Bu, but even if it’s you ..."

"Don’t worry, my party’s equipment is mythril based weapon. Go quickly! It’s approaching quick!"

Most of the adventurers disappeared back to the forest. What remained are only 10 odd people of the adventurers. All of the mercenaries already left. Really, this is why it is said that you shouldn't trust mercenaries....

"You, don't you want to draw back?"

"Yes, I never seen such an monster. As a tamer, I can't retreat silently"

"I see, it's better to have more fighting power, even if it is little. I appreciate it. "

Even if he says so, it is certain that we are on an overwhelming disadvantage. Since there is no information about our enemy, the only way to collect them is inside the battled. However, is this really an enemy that will let us doing something like that .... First of all, for the sake of surviving we will have no other choice except of fighting with all we got.

"Shield carriers step forward, receive our opponent’s attack! We don't know how strong its power is, so strengthen the defense with magic! As for other people, attack in waves while surrounding it! Magicians, After strengthening the vanguard by an enhancement magic, attack it with magic!"

To the adventurers who carried the shields stepped forward. The dragon came to attack it. It is mowing down with the blades on both of it’s arms. As expected of these B rank adventurers. Although there’s a fact that it was a blade for the sake of cutting, they’re able to parried it cleanly. Next, people jumped out from right and left wielding their own weapons. Its scales seems to be strengthened by hardening magic somehow, but the mithril weapons are great. They tear the scales and cut its flesh, but the wound is only shallow. Shit, as I thought it is difficult with a longsword. An axe or such, is perfect to wish for heavy weapons in this case.

The dragon chased the people who attacked it. However, Ruu came by and struck its face. Furthermore, Rin´s magic comes flying, piercing it with thunder spear from the side.

Just like that it got its neck strangled. With her free hand Ruu sunk her fist into its abdomen.

"This is good, now stop its movement!"

“ That’s  …  a bit hard"

The power of the struggling and raging dragon is terrific, even with Ruu we can´t hold it down. It breaks free from our restriction and turns around and followed by a slash. Promptly she jumps to the back to evade it, but she got her abdomen lightly cut.

Again, Rin pursues it with magic. Ruu also tries to counterattack immediately too, but it greatly withdraw back to avoid them. As soon as it made a landing, it kicks the ground again and comes close to Ruu at once. The blade that brandished left and right was evaded by a hair’s breadth. She hits it’s face that tried to snarl from above. Still the movement doesn't stop, and thus since it swung its tail like a flow she took a distance with a back step.

Over there, this time the advance dragon’s pursuit has started. When we thought that it’s lightly accumulating it’s power, it misses on the spot. Or what we thought so, a slash came flying, tearing the sky. Though she without change jumped above. That’s the advance dragon’s aim. The other side also made a big jump, and took the place over Ruu that’s still not to high above the ground. Just like that she was hit, and dropped down to the ground. Though Ruu was able to somehow land with her legs, the advance dragon that came from above straddled over her. It tried to bite her face but she frantically evaded it by stretching her neck. With the approaching lightning spear, the advanced dragon stops its attack and flies back down. Over there ,spear of earth and fire, then wind sickle are emitted and penetrates through the scales of the advanced dragon, and tears it apart.

...This is, quite severe eh. Even though we able to take it by surprise, we weren’t able to give considerable damage, or rather it was able to turn the table back on us.  Light attacks won’t do it. If it’s not an attack that is stronger and heavier so as to be able to defeat it at one blow...!

"Can't its movement be stopped?"

"...Do you have some way to defeat it?"

"More or less. Although the accumulation is long. I will attack with the strongest attack I have. And, if that is impossible, I think we probably can't defeat it"

"... I see, Let's entrust it to you. How about the support?"

"As much as possible, please give it to this one"

"Okay, hey! Apply support magic at this dragon as much as possible! Only as much as possible!"

Seeing support magic being applied on Ruu steadily, I tell my intention to Rin who is in the distance through magic.

And Lime hid herself for a long time after that advanced dragon appeared and gradually approaches. I also transmit our strategy contents to her. Yep, the preparations are complete, the only one left is Ruu only.

"Ruu, this is a skill that gives quite a burden to you. So please endure it for a bit okay"

“Guruu, gurururu”

"...Thank you. Ruu, it’s a waste for someone like me to become your husband you know"


Don't say something like that, because you are my husband eh.... as long there’s Ruu and the others who give their absolute trust, there’s no way we will lose to that dragon.

Magic swells up in Ruu´s body and flames spout out from both of her fists. Thanks to the dragon's protection, Ruu acquired a lot of magic at a stretch, but she still can't handle it. For her who’s only able to use only strengthened magic in the first place, using fire that is manipulated by magic must be hard right..

Therefore, that’s where I come in. The thing that Ruu isn’t able to do I will do it,  the thing that I am not able to do I leave it to Ruu. That’s my, style as a tamer.

Leaved the bare minimum magic at other parts of her body,  concentrated the magic at her fists, wings, and also her legs. The magic that gathers in the fists is condensed further, squeezing down to one point. The image is a black hole. Flames swirls around Ruu´s hands and bright red fireballs appear. The preparation is completed by this, the rest is that we need to stop its movement!

"Please stop its movement!"

" Understood, magician group!"

When the adventurers who took the attack of the advanced dragon withdraw, before the advanced dragon pursues them, the prepared magic is shot off from the magicians. A rope of soil and ivy grows from the ground and restricts the advanced dragon tightly. If it runs wild again, it wouldn’t even take more than several seconds...but it is enough for Ruu to attack.

With the power that’s capable to crush the ground, Ruu dashes out towards the advanced dragon. We arrive with the highest speed at a moment and maintain the same speed to approach the enemy. The advanced dragon who shook off the binding sees Ruu who is approaching and took a backswing with its right arm. It came like I thought!

The blade which is shaken in a staight line. However, we bend ourselves and dive under it and enter the bosom of the advanced dragon who has swung down its arm. If it’s in this distance, Ruu’s fist is the faster one.

The fireballs in her palms hit the face of the advanced dragon. That’s right eh....

"My fists are burning red-hot, roar and cry to grasp victory!"


At the moment Ruu gave one final push, and the advance dragon got engulfed in a heat ray that burns until few tens of meters ahead. In the middle of it there’s a core that is like a laser of fire. Since around that has become a structure of a flame that swirls around. The laser part should hit directly into the face of the advanced dragon. Did it work!?

When the black smoke clears, the advanced dragon which is burned and roasted on its whole body stood there. The damage on its head is particularly terrible and half of it has been completely melted. However even in this state, the eyes of the advanced dragon still has light in them, and it seemed to be able to still move more. It’s eyes said that there would be no means to beat it anymore, its expression is convinced of victory. Well, perhaps that was the strongest attack that our side gave.

Suddenly, the body of the advanced dragon shakes as having received a big shock from the side. Furthermore, a needle jumps out of the ground and breaks through the stomach which has no scales. That’s right, being able to defeat this fellow with one blow, I never thought so from the start. I didn’t have that much of self-conceit after all. All I said was that I will surely bring it down right. Therefore, I asked Lime and Rin for the ambush. We attacked its face to smash its nose and ears, so that it didn´t notice Lime coming close to it. In the place where defense became light, and I asked Rin to pierce it at the stomach. With this, it is our victory.

When Lime and Rin get away, the advanced dragon falls down to the ground. There was no light in its eyes, even when we wait for tens of seconds, there is no movement from it. Yosh, with this we were able to completely defeat it right.

"...Did we defeat it?"

"Yes, we defeated the master of this island"

"Yosh, it is our victory!"


The adventurers who fought raised a shout of victory in relief. And then, they surround me and hit me repeatedly on my back. Well, though it took time to come here and we had a hard time to defeat it, it was worth it. For now, let's take a little break....





“Then, about the distribution of this thing right here .... Personally,I  think that we should distribute it to this tamer is the top priority. What about the others?”

After everyone took a break, we will decide the material share of the advanced dragon now. Although the material of defeated monsters belong to the person who defeated it, because I cooperated with everyone to hunt it down this time, we have to decide the share. In addition, there is also a part of the material we have to submit to the guild after all.

To the top priority distribution of me, there is no one who objects. Ooh, I thought that there was more objection...as expected, they are B-rankers.

"Well, then say which part you want. First of all, say every parts that you want?"

"Everything eh...okay,maybe one arm, the heart, the tusks, the scale, the meat and the bones"

“Humu, one arm...but the fingernails that is attached to it is it no good?"

"Ah, it's all right"

"That's good. Meat and bones, you may take up all places that remained because we can’t take so much home. The heart, too. About the tusks and the scales, I will tell you after deciding the share of everyone"


Then for a while, the discussion about the shares continued. And afterwards,

"After we decided that we will dismantle the dragon later, we will check that big tree first. Knowing that the master disappeared, it’ll be too late when the other monster are approaching. Magicians, please cool that corpse"

The purpose is to prevent meat from rotting. After waiting for the magicians to end their work, we went to the big tree.

Confirming that no monsters are caught even by Ruu´s nose and detection, We approach the tree slowly. And at last, we arrived at the root of this huge tree.

"Seeing it up close, it is bigger.... Very much, it doesn't seem to be possible to take a leaf"

"Or perhaps I should say, is it okay to touch this tree? Somehow, I have the feeling that we shouldn't approach it"

“...Certainly.an elf...There’ none eh. There is no help for it. After we roughly estimate the size also confirming the situation, let's just  collect the fallen leaves and go back. The master disappeared after all, so it is possible to come back again"

With Hayes-san´s command, the adventurer who are deployed in the neighborhood begins to examine it. When I try to help them, I was stopped by Ruu and the others. Apparently, there seems to be something on the top. They seem to be slightly interested and wants to go to the top.

After I refused Hayes-san, I got on Ruu and we flew to the place where the leaves grew thicker. The place where’s Ruu and the other got interested is,where the branches gathers in one place and are connected with the trunk. When we fly to that place, there is something like a bird's nest in the hollow of the place where the branches separate and a big egg was inside it.

We approach the tree and go down in the nest. It seems to be like the nest of that advanced dragon somehow. Even when Ruu and the other gets down, it seems there will be no problem at all. 

I pick up the egg at that place. The size is about 30cm, it’s .it’s quite big.

“...Is this perhaps that dragon egg. That fellow, did it try to protect this?"

『Yes, that's right』(speak with very polite word)

Suddenly, At the time when I thought that I heard a voice from somewhere, a greenish elder sister jumped out from inside the tree. Her body is covered with leaves and ivy, she had truly the impression of the forest people. (TLC: a.k.a dryad)

"Emm...who are you?”

『I'm the spirit which resides inside this big tree.』

"When you said spirit, is the one which originates from the magic inside the?"

『That’s right. Spirit is the nature itself, it can also be said as the unification of the earth, in the place where the magic is particularly thick like this place, something like me is able to manifest a shape 』

"Hu-h, you are rather like a tochigami eh”

『Tochigami, what is that?』

"Aa, tochigami is something like a protector of this area? I don’t really understand the details"

『Is that so. If it’s in the meaning of protecting the the land of this area, then I’m something similar to that Tochigami. But even so, Tochigami is it ….. it really has nice sound right』

"I am very happy that you like it. With that, what do you want spirit-san?"

『Ah, yes. I think that you are a human who is worth my trust. That's why I appeared intentionally this time. To you, I want you to take this dragon egg』


So the Spirit-sama has personally come out for this eh ~...。For some reason, it is troublesome.


Author note: Which name is appropriate for the skill, “heat end”, “shining finger” or “fire fist”? (Tl note: Gundam:) ) (TLC : By the way that shining finger is name that Okabe Rintarou gave to one of his member man, Also I remembered Heat end as the name of the skill of some kind of game?)