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Chapter 015 - Chapter 15: Memento, cleaning up afterwards, and return

Chapter 15: Memento, cleaning up afterwards, and return

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The disposal of the bodies ended in around 1 hour and I set the tools that the adventurers had on the ground and thoroughly check them. This is the list that I made:

  • The leather armor worn by the young man and the old man, the robe and the canonical robe worn by glasses and the woman.
  • Similarly the sword of the young man, the old man's large sword and the cane of glasses and the women.
  • The bags of the young man and glasses.
  • Shoulder bag, that was placed near the bushes.

Only this much. I carried them on my back along with the monster materials that they probably stripped while hunting. Where is the recovery medicine?

"Do I confirm the contents of this bag first?"

The bag is made from black leather and it fastens to the waist with a belt. Because it isn't too big, nothing great seems to fit inside....

I opened the bag and looked inside. Jet-black space spreads out and I don't know what is in it. When I thrust my hand into the bag, the space was larger than it appeared. When I stirred it up, various things came out. There were bottles filled with green and blue liquid and a small folded map. Food like brown bread and a tent have also dropped.

" this bag a magic item? Does the space inside the bag expand beyond its size?"

The young man's bag has similar contents. There isn't the blue liquid bottle inside. It is probably medicine used to recover magic.

"This thing seems expensive, why did this party possess something like that? Is a C-rank party considered high ranked?"

This bag, the young man made quite an effort to purchase it and Tsuchio wouldn't know that.

"Well, I will take everything that can be useful. As for the swords, I’ll give them to Lime…what shall I do with the leather armor and the robes?"

The one from the old man is burned and the other ones all have holes in them. Though it is usable, but it is hopeless to repair it.

"For the time being I’ll just leave it in the bag. Should I feed the armor and the canonical robe to Lime?"

All things that seem to be necessary are thrown into the bag and the swords, which are not useful for me, were fed to Lime. More time seems necessary to digest them.

"Well, that's that. I also don't need the monster materials, so will you eat them? Or is your stomach already full?"


While shaking her head side to side, Lime, who I was carrying on my shoulders, receives the bag from me. She has become a glutton....

"Hmm, while Lime eats, I should decide your name?"


"You say that I don't need to do that. It’s troublesome to call you unicorn every time and if there isn't a name, I'm troubled."


When I decide your name it must be suitable and it should be a cute one….

“It’s a female unicorn, so Rin may be good" ( Tl note: The name comes from Kirin)

Speaking of a Japanese unicorn, Kirin is associated to the principles of Yin and Yang. Kirin is a pair of male and female body, the male is Ki and the female is called Rin. Therefore Rin is basically the best choice here!


Haha, I have the feeling that she isn't altogether bad even though she has a cold attitude. She is a fellow who isn't obedient.


"Mmm, are you alright? Don't lie."


When she becomes a person, she should be a Tsundere. Her name is Rin after all.

"However, the scales of Ruu were pierced for the first time, weren’t they? When you fight in perfect condition, who will be stronger?"

"Guru!" "Buru!"

Uwa, I'm for both of you! They have begun to fight!

"Guru, gururururu! Gururu, gururururuu!"

"Bururu, bururururu! Burururu, buhiin!"

Ruu and Rin quarrel intensely. When I translate it roughly,

"I can fly in the sky and I'm wasn't defeated when we had close-ranged combat! Even with your strongest skill, you weren't able to defeat me!"

"Even if you are flying in the sky, I can shoot you down with magic! If I was in my perfect condition, I would only have to dirty my horn!"

Is it something like that? Is the dirt on her horn not that mark made by the sword?

"Gurururu, Garurururaa!"

"Hihihin, burururu!”

Uh...the words that I can't really tell fly. I mean both of you are female!? Those aren’t words that a girl should say!

"Calm down, both of you! You understand that you are both strong?



I go in between them and separate Ruu and Rin. Both bared their teeth and growled at each other.... It is scary....

"Good grief....Why are you so aggressive….Don't you girls quarrel in the academy too okay!?"



Uwa, they didn't even try to look at the other party. They also don't want to look me in the eye? I am anxious.... Lime is fast and comes back!


Furthermore after approximately one and a half hours Lime has finished digesting the things that I didn't need. Still, time is required for the digestion of the inorganics after all. Actually, the digestion of the material of the monsters was over almost immediately.

"... Lime, you became something more human like."


She digested a human for the first time and the form of her body became much more human-like. Before she was two or three heads tall, it was the feeling of a small person, now she is four or five heads tall. Her body also grew and her head is around my belly now. How do I say it... she looks like a child.

"Everyone might be waiting for us, so let's return quickly. The sun will completely set soon."

"... purpuru"



“Hey, there. Don't quarrel forever and come back quickly."

Huh, various problems lie ahead....How shall I explain the situation with Rin to Lucas....


"Ah, Tsuchio-kun! Welcome back! ... oh, did the get a new monster? Lime also became slightly bigger..."

"You are late, Tsuchio-dono! ...the number of monsters increased?"

"What happened? Ah, it is Tsuchio-san! ...Unicorn?"

I returned on the back of Ruu who walked and was able to return to the place where the others were without getting lost on the way back. Though it became really dark, they didn't move and waited for me.

"Yes, she was the source of the suspicious magic Ruu felt."

"It was a unicorn... It is necessary even if you bring it, but did you tame it?"

"I tamed it, her name is Rin."

"What... you tamed a unicorn!? That's amazing…”

"It wasn't with my power, it was thanks to Ruu."

I pat the mane of Rin comfortably with a rustle.

"Has Lime grown?"

"Well... the monsters that Rin had hunted were given to Lime"


"Huh, so there wasn't a monster at all"

Rin raises a question, but ignores it for now. I have to explain it properly later.

"Tsuchio-kun, you returned safely and that's good, but the sun has already set completely. It is dangerous to move now."

"Shall we sleep here today? If there is Rin, monsters won't come near us. Do we place a guard just in case? I’ll keep watch overnight."

"That is great! We must sleep properly!"

"That's right because tomorrow will be more training!"

"But we weren't able to move because of me..."

"There's no helping it, it would be dangerous if you didn’t leave to check things out. Something dangerous could have happened like being attacked while being we are asleep."

"Umm... I see. As compensation, I’ll take the longest time of the watch. Generally, the shift will be around two hours"

"Triss and I will take the first watch. After that Tsuchio-kun and Fal take over"

"Very well! Leave it to me!"

"Yes, Ruu will be helping just in case. When it is our watch, Rin will get up"

It's because Rin isn't familiar with the others yet and Ruu is accustomed to Lucas and Triss, it might be better that way.

"Then let's eat first! It's meatless, but there are a lot of wild herbs and mushrooms!"

"It was quite delicious by just baking it."

"Only toadstools were taken after all..."

When I went here, no poisonous mushroom remained any longer.... I will confirm it for the time being before eating.


"Tsuchio-kun get up"

"Mmm? ...are you a goddess..."

“You are half asleep, get up"

"No no, I'm not half asleep.”

After 2 hours Lucas woke me up at midnight and I get up....

“Huu, Triss?"

"I am already tired. I am *huwaa* too....Already, the limit..."

"Good night. Can you wake up Fal, Lucas already lied down. It will be bad for his skin"

"I'd like to be treated as a girl....but I am a man..." (Tl note: Lucas says this )

"Yeah yeah, good night"

Lucas begins to raise a sleepy voice immediately when he lies down. He doesn't look like he will get up until morning. By the way, is Fal awake yet?

"Hey, Fal. It is time for us to be on watch."

"Ummm....*Huwaa*,*Ohoo* "

"It's still night"

Whether he has low blood pressure or he is absentminded, Fal got up. He is like a girl....

"Aaaa-.... "

"Your drool is coming out. Hang in there, don't fall asleep!"

"I'm holding out..."

... Is he going to be of any use?


"I'm sorry, lying down and getting up is so hard..."

"Don't worry, it is rare for something to happen at this time."

"Even though you don't seem sleepy at all Tsuchio-san..."

"I am used to it"


At three o'clock in the morning, I got up to watch the rebroadcast of the late-night anime that I've watched already. Of course, I slept during class to make up the time. When I think about it now, doing that was pretty absurd. The second year of junior high school was great.

I sit slightly away from the place where Lucas and Triss were lying down. Rin sits down next to me and places her head on my knee. What, should I stroke her fur?

"... Nevertheless, it is great that I tamed a unicorn... I already take to you plenty."

"No, I don't pat you because you want it, I pat you to flatter you"

"Is that so?"

“We tamers can't live without familiars"

I pat the head of Rin. Though I haven't patted a horse before, she doesn't seem to dislike it. That's a relief.

"Huh....It is like a family"

"...It is so. For me, these fellows are just like my family."

I can't meet my parents anymore and these fellows will be something like a family for me. I should’ve been dutiful to my parents more, considering what ended up happening....

"Tsuchio-san, I don't know where your family lives..."

"Well... it’s in a far away place. Very far"

"Are you not from the kingdom!?"

"That's right. Would my features be entirely different?"

"Speaking of which, the iris of your eyes and your black hair is unusual.... Um, is it so..."

Though he already saw someone with black hair, but he never met someone with such an Iris in the eyes.

"Did you come to the academy of the kingdom from a foreign country intentionally?"

"I was traveling alone but along the way I had various circumstances. I was introduced here."

It is a similar explanation I gave to the knight leader. I'm in good spirits....

"Is that so... Are you serious?"

"The academy is fun, I think that it was good to come. Fal, when you graduate from the academy, is there any work you'd like to have?"

"Oh, you mean me? ...I want to inherit the position of my father"

The father of Fal was a soldier of the famous black bear group. So he wants to become a soldier.

"But father and mother objected and said I don't have what is necessary to become a soldier. Only my grandfather supports me. My grandfather was a big reason why I was able to enter this academy."

"Why doesn't your father support your goal?"

"All of my older brothers became soldiers, so it doesn't seem like necessary it's that I become a soldier too."

Um, I see. Probably his father wants Fal to enter the chivalry order. In this world, a knight is also a good job. I understood it when I looked at the leader of the knights.

"Well, I think that your father is thinking about it for your sake and that's why he objected to it. Don't hate him."

"I understand that.... It was a dream of mine from the past that I can become a soldier just like my father."

"Don't give up your dream so easily.... I’ll do my best to support you."

"Thank you very much!"

Well, my support is not a great thing.... I only can do Kumite.

"Does Tsuchio-san have any dreams?"

"Eh, me?"


I can't say that I want to make a monster girl harem. So let's say....

"My to raise monsters to humans like these fellows"

"A monster-human is reliable... The form that a monster can evolve into after defeating a lot of creatures?"

"Well, seems like I'll need to work hard to get there."

It seems in order to evolve you need to beat a lot of monsters. I am going to make a harem with the monsters that are able to become a monster person.

"It's extraordinary dream..."

"It is extraordinary but it is not impossible. The fact that it is confirmed that monsters can turn into monster people alone means that it is possible."

"Even though that is so, it will be tough... Please do your best!"

"I chase it, I'll do my best. If Fal supports me, I feel like it will be possible."

"Eeh!? I matter that much!?"

I don't see the dream yet, but I absolutely will get them to become a person!