Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Master of Dungeon

Chapter 007 - A Farmer


“It’s the same, isn’t it? You’ll get to be a farmer. But instead of focusing on plants, you’ll be rearing livestock. Just like chickens, cows and lambs but, in this case it will be monsters.”

Varn just kept shaking his head.

“If what you said is true, then is there anyone thats practicing this method?”

“Huk huk huk.. Of course.. there is… none.” Ferluci started replying with a smile that was slowly disappearing.

“See! This method must have some flaw or fault. If not, why is no one farming monster if it’s as good as you said?”

“That’s because.. That’s because no one was willing to listen to me!”

Ferluci was now pouting, which didn’t fit his age.

“They always send me away whenever I approach them. When I redesigned their dungeon entrance they destroyed that dungeon and created a new one. They don’t even bother to greet me anymore!”

Varn thought inside his heart, ("That’s what I should’ve done from the start.”)

“Either way, this was what you wanted right? I’ve now told you the method to gather dungeon points without even killing a single human being.”

Varn swallowed his words and indeed this was what he yearned for. Seeing Varn fall into silence, Ferluci continued to talk.

“See, I’m not lying here. They all look down on me and my ability but I’m a true dungeon watcher. My words are worth their weight in gold and if you trust me, you won’t regret it.”

Varn thought again and with a bit of pity, he agreed with Ferluci suggestion.

“Alright! I’ll give it a try. Now, tell me what I have to do!”

“Yes! Finally someone listens to me. First, let’s familiarize yourself with the dungeon building. Try to install some traps.”

After that Varn was taught about placing traps, trap requirements, placing monsters, an artifact’s abilities and uses. He even learnt how to add floors, rooms, miscellanous items and after the tutorial ended, he regained all of the point spent on the way. It was really a good thing to have Ferluci teach him. Others usually ignored him and learnt by trial and error on dungeon controls.

“Seeing you have know all of the basics, my job here is done. I suggest you make a special level, a level for yourself as a special traing ground on a different level from your monster farm. You’d want to be as strong as an A rank adventurer to take revenge after all. It will be useful and cheaper in the long run than depending on A rank monsters. Okay, I’ll take my leave now then!”

“Wait! You forgot to teach me how to farm monsters!”

“Aaah.. Right.. How could I have missed it. It’s simple. You could start with any number of monsters but two monsters will give birth to one child monster soon enough. Then the parents may produce more offspring. Their offspring will become involved with each other and produce more children and continue to multiply at a decent rate. That’s all, like breeding chickens.”

After saying that Ferluci was gone from sight. Varn was left there with a question in his mind.

“Is it as easy as he said? I better think about it later. I will also need to create a training ground. What Ferluci said was something very reasonable. I need to reach at least A rank as a dungeon raider. I want to be able to kill my parent’s killer with my own two hands.”

Varn then started to make calculations. What he’s going to place, where he’s going to put it, he planned it all well. His living quarters and daily needs were also listed down along with their dungeon point cost. After few hours of taking notes, he finally finished.

At first he had 10.000 dungeon points. After creating his dungeon he only had 5000 remaining. The first thing he set up was his living chambers. He created a comfortable room and a bathroom with a large tub. For all of that he spent 500 dungeon points.

His dungeon now has three level. He was going to divide it like this.The first level is going to be his monster farm.The second level is to be fields for planting crops. And the third level is going to be his training chamber. He didn’t have to worry about having to walk to the third or second level because a dungeon master could utilize teleport inside their own dungeon.

He decided to do it from the bottom level first. At the third floor, he created a decent training ground. He created some weapons for 300 dungeon points and redesigned the whole level to make a running ground, a weaponry, and some strength training environment for 700 points.

At the second level he created a mini farm field. It was needed for his daily life and he spent 3050 dungeon points for it. He may have overdid it in creating his “mini” farm since it now looks like a plant-o-torium. He may not have realized it, but he didn’t want to give up on his dream.

He finally arrived at the first level.

“Now, let’s see how am I going to create my monster farm?”

He looked at his remaining dungeon points. “What!”

Out of his originally 10.000 dungeon points, now only 450 remained.

“Huk! How is this possible?”


To breed his first monsters, he needed a lot of them.

“Wolves: 100 Dungeon points (controlled) 50 Dp (free willed). Goblin: 200 Dungeon points (controlled) 100 Dp (free willed).”

He could have four controlled wolves or nine free willed. Otherwise, two controlled goblins or four free willed. He was now mumbling.

“wolves or goblin.. Wolves or goblin…”

He was in a dilemma. After almost one hour, he still couldn’t choose between any of them, until he realized one fatal thing.

“How do you breed wolves and goblins in the first place?”

Ferluci would have known and it was easy. He just needed to make sure the female is engaged with the male in “baby making” procedure. However for a seven year old Varn, how could he have known?