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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 031 - ???

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Varn finished the application as a 「dungeon raiders」 . There is no special rule, to be a dungeon raider. They just need to met the required ages and show sufficient skill. What Varn show in the guild hall is enough to make his power recognized. After all, a dungeon raider will need to be responsible for their own life. Varn was given a 「guild card」 as identification. He looked at the guild card in his hand.

Name: Varn Redheart
Rank: F

Varn have a weird feelings when he actually looked at the guild card in his hand. It was actually similar to the 「Fate tag」 . Was it taken from the same technology? Or was a dungeon master is secretly affiliated with the guild? However Varn could care less about such things.

Varn also learned some rules from the receptionist. Firstly, a dungeon raider only able to enter a dungeon according to their rank. Only after they safely finished ten request of the same rank, they are able to take a request of a higher rank. When they completed the request from a higher rank, their rank will naturally promoted. A request can be taken from any guild hall and reported to any guild hall.

Secondly, a dungeon raider should never enter a dungeon that has a lower rank than their dungeon raider rank. It is to ensure that there is enough room for lower rank dungeon raider to train their skill according to their rank.

Thirdly, unless a dungeon is considered as a ‘must clear’ dungeon, no dungeon raider are allowed to destroy the dungeon core. Since the number of new dungeon is becoming less and less each year.

Of course Varn suspicion risen again when he read the third rules. He is now also thinking hard. If a dungeon was raided many times by dungeon raider yet it doesn’t give the dungeon master enough dungeon points, is there another way for the dungeon master to collect dungeon points to keep spawning monster and artifacts? Since traps are permanent, the problem will mostly lies on monster and artifacts.

Fourth rule, a dungeon raider is responsible for their own lives.

Varn didn’t think much but he was oblivious to the fact. For him, a F rank dungeon might be just a child play. But for others, it is still a dangerous task that could take away their live.

Because he is new and was curious at his earlier question, at how a dungeon could be maintained when it only generates low dungeon points, he wanted to check out the weakest dungeon around.

The quest that he is accepting is taking place at an F rank dungeon, 「Wild Forest」. It was a horizontal types dungeon that only have one level but it is widely spread. Varn in his heart actually wanted to aim for the dungeon core and destroy it but he held back for now.

Varn walked around ten minutes before he finally arrived at the dungeon. The dungeon entrance was like a simple forest but the trees on the left and right of the entrance was really tall and looked really old. There are a guild official standing by nearby the entrance to check on the dungeon riders identity. It is also meant to take record who is entering the dungeon and is their rank suitable for the dungeon. Also if a dungeon raider didn’t make it out after a month’s time, they will be put into missing list and after three month, they will be announced as dead man.

There are some guild officials selling dungeon information at the dungeon entrance however as penniless he is, he couldn’t get any information. Moreover, Varn is a dungeon master, he knows well what kind of traps, monsters or artifacts that is going to appear on this F rank dungeon.

The quest that Varn takes is to gathered 「Moon flower」. Moon flower is only a F rank plants that can be easily acquired with 50 DP. The most advantages of this plants is their high growth rate and their many useful application in alchemy. Varn knows well what this plants look like and where is the most suitable place to grow them. With a light step, Varn verified his guild card and entered the dungeon.

When Varn entered the dungeon, it was as if he was warped to another place. It was a different feelings that he get from his own dungeon.

“What is this?”

Varn was confused. It was a really strange dungeon and completely different from his ice palace. The ceiling couldn’t be seen, as it was completely covered by tall tree branches. The ground is hidden by adult waist height tall grass.

Varn suddenly realized how naive he was. In this kind of situation, it will be hard to notice traps that is laid on the ground since it was hidden by the grass. He also noticed that since he doesn’t have a map of this dungeon, he will need to remember where the entrance was or he might be lost inside. He knows that the next time he got money and wants to enter a dungeon, he will need at least to buy the map.

Now, he realized, how a seemingly weakest dungeon of F rank is actually scary and it was possible for this dungeon to have countless newbie dungeon raider falls as it’s DP food.

Even from this starting place, the road in front of him is divided into five different route.

However little that he knows that the real danger lays somewhere else.


In a small room inside the 「Wild Forest」 dungeon, a middle aged man can be seen. He is sitting in a luxurious room that contrasted with the other room of the dungeon that looked like completely in the deep unknown wilderness. The man is munching on some food before his dungeon control book shined. He opened the book and look over to the usually blank section of the book.

It wasn’t blank today. There are words written in large text in blood red color.

A dungeon master has entered your dungeon.

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