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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 030 - ???

(author note: the first arc – first dungeon & growing up is finished. With this chapter we officially entered the second arc – dungeon raider)
Varn walked slowly towards the nearest town with a guild hall. When he arrived at the town entrance, for a moment he reminisced about Bruit village. The happiest time of his life which turns into a memory now.

He know that he has to let go of his past. Right now, a man is only for himself. He will trust no one, he will help no one. He only has one aim, get strong and clear many dungeon. For that, he need to be a 「dungeon raiders」.

At first he will not interact with the guild other than for dungeon information. He actually could search a dungeon by himself using 「dungeon counter」 however it was a priceless artifact at the cost of 1000,000DP. From Flora he knows that there are only 10 「dungeon counter」discovered and it was all in the hands of the adventurer’s guild. But that fact enough to make him believe, there are other dungeon master like him that aimed to clear others dungeon.

Therefore, he need to take guards against fellow 「dungeon raiders」 too.


“Brother, now I’ve become a 「dungeon raiders」 too. Now you have to take me to a dungeon with you.”

a cute girl wearing leather armor is pleading to her brother. The girl is still in early teens but her beauty couldn’t be contained. There are also small curves being carved on her body. The brother on the other hand fully clothed by armor, has a clear face and chivalrous air around him.

“Well well, isn’t she a lovely girl? Ryud, why don’t you let Mina come with us. Afterall she already become a 「dungeon raiders」.”

another man that seemed to be the Ryud party member then approached them.

“*sigh* alright alright… but you have to be careful and followed my orders okay?”

“yes brother!”
with gleaming eyes, Mina nodded and smiled cheerfully.

They walked out of the guild hall and is going to head to a F rank dungeon near the town. However Mina suddenly turned her body.

“Mina, why are you dozing off?”

her brother words take her back to reality and she quickly shook her head.

“No, I must be having an illusion. Brother, wait for me.”


after walking past a group of 「dungeon raiders」, Varn entered the guild hall. It wasn’t strange for children to visit the guild hall since they sometimes run an errand from their parents to post request or do other task. So nobody paid any attention to him.

He silently walk to the reception area and greeted by a woman in maid uniform.

“Hello young boy! What can I help you for today? Are you helping your parents posting a request?”

Varn shook his head and speak clearly.

“I want to become a 「dungeon raiders」.”

hearing that, the receptionist is surprised. Surely the age requirements to be a 「dungeon raiders」 is only 12 years old but being a 「dungeon raiders」 wasn’t a child’s play. Of course the guild has faced similar problem when a young boy named Ryud signed up as 「dungeon raiders」 however he has a recommendation letter from the central guild hall. Her sister Mina followed his step a few days ago, but who is this boy?

Before the receptionist could reply to his statement, a 「dungeon raiders」 nearby seemed to heard it too.

“Heh, child these day is looking down on 「dungeon raiders」. Even though Ryud and Mina have some abilities and enrolled at young age, this is not a child’s play. Why don’t you go back to your mother and grow some more?”

Varn seemed to think of something when the man who seemed to be a 「dungeon raiders」 in front of him mentioned Ryud and Mina. However when the man mentioned something about his mother, his anger exploded. One of the reason of his 「Berserk」 state is because he failed to protect his mother. Although he wasn’t at 「Berserk」 state, he is now clearly enraged.

“What did you say?”
with a vicious look that didn’t suit his youthful face, Varn asked coldly.

“I said, why don’t you go back to your mother and drink some more of her milk?”

Right now, Varn is around 1.3 meter. He wasn’t tall and wasn’t short either. However his clean face indicating that his age isn’t far off the ten years old mark. It wasn’t hard for the 「dungeon raiders」 to look down on him.

After hearing one more insult from the 「dungeon raiders」, Varn take out his wooden sword from his backpack.

“Haha, are you going to fight me boy? What can you do with your wooden sword?”

The 「dungeon raiders」 in front of him is laughing with his hand is on his waist. Showing off his superiority before his laugh abruptly ended as his eyes rolled back and he lost his consciousness.

The receptionist is the only one see what happened clearly.
The small weak looking boy in front of him suddenly swung his sword upwards and accurately it hits the 「dungeon raiders」 jaw. With using that one hit, like ants defeating elephants, the small defeating giants, Varn take out the 「dungeon raiders」.

Varn slowly put his wooden sword back and walk towards the receptionist again.

“I’m sorry that we’re disturbed. What is the requirements to be a 「dungeon raiders」?”

“A-a yes, please wait a minute.”

the receptionist regained her composure hearing Varn’s voice. She goes into the back room to take some documents while the other 「dungeon raiders」 who is on the scene was dumbfounded. They realized what just happened but they don’t want to believe it.