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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 029 - ???

(Author note: please don’t be surprised seeing the time jump)

Season changes but the snow around Varn’s ice palace never melted. Spring to summer, autumn to winter, five cycles have passed in a blink of an eye.

A figure of a young teenager around 12 years old can be seen. He is moving past obstacle and traps swiftly as if he was dancing. His upper body isn’t covered, showing some developed muscle but it wasn’t make his body look bulky. He lower body only covered by a simple leather pants that serve no defense purpose. Countless scars and old wound can be seen on his body, telling us about the hardships that the boy has gone trough.

“Master, be careful.”

A flower girl watching from the distance with worried eyes. She is showing her concern for the boy. The girls herself looked like normal 12 years old girl aside from the flower petals that is sprouting around her arms and roots around her feet. Her body isn’t developed yet but small bulges and curves can be seen budding forward.

Varn Redheart, in these five years, he accumulated enough points to earned his dungeon promotion to E rank. However he used this time to keep developing the F rank dungeon to it’s fullest. Traps are more hideous than ever with 0.1 seconds cool down, battling against 100 monsters in the arena at once, but the most important things is he learned about 【artifacts】.

The simplest one is 『Fate tag』 that his parents gave him at his seventh birthday. Even though F rank【artifacts】still have it’s limitation and not much has been found, it is because the price of each【artifacts】is insane. Even the simplest 『Fate tag』 cost 100 DP.

【artifacts】comes with various types and uses. Some can be used as equipment such as 『Magic Armor』with enormous defense. Some complex one also exist like『Wind bangle』 that allowed someone to cast《Wind blade》, which Varn’s father able to execute. Skills are able to be learned without using 【artifacts】, but having one, will decreases the time needed to learn the skill and be used for other training. Because of that, the price of 【artifacts】is fairly expensive. The F rank 『Wind bangle』cost 2000 DP. That’s also the reason why some dungeon only have a small amount of 【artifacts】, although there’s not a lot of them but it is still enough to lure in 「dungeon raiders」since if it was sold, they will get a massive amount of fortune.

Varn is now trying to get past the 「Fire trap」. The one in Varn dungeon is not a simple one, this 「Fire trap」is able to shoot 10 《Fire ball》 simultaneously. Truthfully, the level of traps in Varn’s ice palace is already on par with un-upgraded A rank dungeon traps.

Varn is now running trough the trap as fast as he can. Everyday, he never neglect his training. His speed already far surpassed the wolves as his body physical ability grows stronger. The pressure plate triggered traps then launched 10 《Fire ball》but it was too slow. The 10 《Fire ball》can only landed and exploded behind him. Varn after getting past that last trap, is now walking towards Flora.

“Master, that was fantastic. You are able to get trough 50 traps in only 8 minutes 30 seconds. This is a new record. What’s more you come out unscathed.”

“Hehe, thanks Flora. I guess I’m strong eh?”

In these past years, Varn growth are exceptionally fast. It is because he is driven by a goal to be strong. He need to be strong so he can let go of his past. When he start his training regime, he entered 「Berserk」 state several times when encountering traps that he couldn’t pass trough or monster that he couldn’t beat. However when he return to his senses, it only becomes another goal for him that he has to reach.

You can never change the fact that you are weak. You can never change the past. However by moving on to the future, defeating existence that is stronger than you, one day, you will become strong. That is the thing that keeping his 「Berserk」 state on bay.

“yes master. With this, I could let you become a 「dungeon raiders」without worries.”

12 years old is the minimum requirements for someone to apply to become a 「dungeon raiders」. Actually most of the 「dungeon raiders」 didn’t applied until they’re at least 18-20 years old. They need to make sure that they are ready for this. Strength wise, Varn is able to participate that’s why, in these past year, Flora with the nature wisdom of 「mandragora」, tried to teaches her master about the way of surviving in the community. Truly the most fearsome existence is other human that only think about themselves, not monster or traps. They are not worried to betray their fellow companion when a group of 「dungeon raiders」found a priceless 【artifacts】. That is the thing that Flora teaches to Varn.


“Yes master?”

“Thank you for teaching me all this time.”

“master, why you’re saying that as if we won’t meet again.”

“No, just in case something bad happened to me.”

Flora then smiled at him while sighing.

“master, I know well of your strength. You will definitely return here alive. Just make sure to take guards against other human. After all you know what kind of beings are them.”

Varn know wells about it. Other dungeon master are probably humans. The 「dungeon raiders」 that don’t want to help his parents are also humans. The villager that trying to take advantage of him are also humans. In this life, Varn only believe in Flora and his wolves.

“Don’t worry. You’ve told me that many times.”

Speaking of which, Varn already decided to go to the town and enrolled as 「dungeon raiders」. That is why he test his limit for the last time before going out. It wasn’t like he won’t return here but at least it will be weeks before his next return.

When he is leaving, Varn shouldn’t get worried about his dungeon safety. Even if Flora never show her strength, Varn knows that she is clearly stronger than him. The wolves, is now hundreds in number and each one of them possessed strength to defeat a F rank 「dungeon raiders」. Alpha and Omega, didn’t go another rank up but their intelligence and strength made the other wolves obeyed them, not to mention that many of them are their direct offspring.

In the next morning, Varn is standing in front of his ice castle. His new home, where he has trained for more than five years, he will now leave this place for some time. Wearing only simple leather equipment and some necessity supplies, he walk towards the wilderness.

The wolves walked with him until the end of the dungeon territory while Flora is watching his figure disappears from one of the ice palace tower.

“Master, don’t worry. I will take care of the dungeon when you are away.”

Dungeon Control
Name:Varn Redheart
Dungeon rank:F
Dungeon Points :6185
Number of Dungeons:1
Number of Levels:5
Number of Rooms:14
Number of Traps:50
Number of Artifacts :10
Number of Monsters:168 (2 controlled)
Number of Magical Creatures:1