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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 027 - ???

(Ps: how many of you are hungry for more Master of Dungeon, raise your hand. Finally the first dungeon is set, intruders are taken out from nearby and this time, we will enter the growth mode. The story may seem to flow slowly but I do that to make sure you understand where I will do time jump later on. Hahaha. I’m building a nice solid and firm foundation like this chapter. Read it and you will love it. Don’t worry there will be time jump later on but for now please bear with me with the small, powerless, vengeful but naïve little Varn. )

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“Are you ready master?”

Right now, Flora is asking Varn with a serious tone.


“Alright. I’ll start the countdown. 3…2…1… Go!”

As Flora count goes down, Varn is running forward.

They are now located at the 1st level of Varn dungeon. This place is used as trap level. The point of this level is not to place trap for the intruders but for Varn so he know how to deal with it. He needs to learn it because he is going to clear dungeons.

Right now, Varn is going to run the 「spike trap」, 「arrow trap」, and 「spring trap」.

Each of the trap cost 500 DP. At first Varn is concerned that the cost was too much but Flora explained that it was something necessary.

Varn already spent three days analyzing the characteristic of each trap. 「spike trap」 are divided into three types. They are divided based on where the spike will appear when triggered. From below, side, or above. There is even an option to upgrade the 「spike trap」 based on how it will be triggered. Normal 「spike trap」 trigger is whenever something walks into the trap territory. By something, it could be anything. From humans, rat, wooden log, anything could triggered it. 50 DP to make it a wire triggered trap, 100 DP to make it pressure plate, 150 DP to make it controllable, and 20 DP to reduce the cool down per minute which is 1 hour normally.

When Varn realized that traps actually hold such possibility, he immediately understands why Flora advised him to learn about it. Someone might be crazy enough to make a controllable 「spike trap」 with 1 second cool down and Varn could be its victim.

Traps sizes are fixed. That’s why dungeons will have many rooms separated by traps. There is an option to add another level or expand current level so each dungeon will have its own characteristic and their own personalized traps.

There is also various ways to deal with traps. Disarming them, triggering them without hurting yourself, avoid them, some traps are even possible to be walked pass trough, fast enough to dodge the effect.

Right now, Varn traps are all basic types. He will upgrade them when he got enough DP. By doing this, Varn also realized how far his goal is. To clear the dungeon that annihilated his village that is at least A ranked, he need to be able to deal with at least A rank traps. He hasn’t even think about A rank monsters inside.

Even for F rank traps, there are 20 types. E rank traps is still locked but from the number of ???? on the 「dungeon control」  book, he know there are 60 kind of types being listed.

That number however still far from him. He needs to focus on the one in front of him.

Varn proceed to the 「spike trap」. It was a normal spike trap that will be triggered when something walked into its target range and the spike will appear from below.

Varn takes out a piece of rabbit meat from his bag and throw it forward. The meat flew through the air and landed on the ground.


The sound of sharp metal piercing can be heard. Countless spikes appeared from the ground and impaled the rabbit meat. Even if it was the lowest F rank traps, any normal human will surely die from it. The power is not something you could look down upon. Varn also realized that it was easy since he already know from the start where it is located.

In a real dungeon, if this kind of trap is hidden or disguised to the background, there is no way to tell if there is a trap. The trap itself merges to the surrounding. Normal eyes wouldn’t see the difference therefore you need experience to actually notice it.

The best part about traps is they will rearm their self once the cool down has been refreshed. There is no need to clean the trap or do maintenance since they are doing it automatically. No need to sharpen the spike or reloading arrow.

Proceeding to 「arrow trap」, there are more variations from where the arrow will shoot from. Front, back, below, above, sides. Arrow types, normal arrow, iron arrow, fire arrow, silver arrow, barbed arrow, armor piercing arrow, and various types which prices grows up according to their penetrative power.  The patterns of the arrow being shot are also able to be modified. X types, scattered type like fireworks, one line, zigzag pattern, even the 「arrow trap」 which is one of the basic traps can be customized to such detail.

This time Varn take a more bold approach. Since this one is an X patterned 「arrow trap」, coming from above, he decided to deal with it head on. The trap is triggered and countless arrows flying down. Varn concentrate fully and dodged the arrows. Each time he dodged an arrow, it was so near that his skin is scratched from the air friction. Covered with bruises, Varn is able to deal with it but it was too reckless. He could’ve lost his life there.

The last one is 「spring trap」. It was a trap that involves spring in the activation. The types are different, whether the spring will launches the target into spike wall, send them back to previous traps, forcing them to go forward with no time to prepare for the next trap, launches a boulder at the enemy using the spring, it was also highly customizable.

Just when Varn is going to move towards the 「spring trap」, Flora called out to him.

“Master, we need to stop for now.”

“No, I can do this.”

“Please listen to me master. Master!”

Varn heed no attention to her words. He already starts running towards the next trap.

“Alpha, please stop him.”

Alpha who is there to watch his master trains, immediately understood what Flora means.

Although Varn speed is equal to ice wolves but Alpha is still faster than him. Alpha arrived on time and pushed Varn body sideways from the trap.


Varn looked shocked seeing Alpha there.

“What happened?”

However he is more surprised seeing his body covered in bruises and look around with confused look.

“Master, I should be the one asking what happened. You lost yourself there.”

“I… I don’t know.”


[Yes, I can do this]

Varn said that after he easily cleared the 「spike trap」.

[I need to be stronger. I need to clear these traps so I can clear a dungeon. I will avenge my parents.]



[Why is Alpha here?]

“What happened?”

“Master, I should be the one asking what happened. You lost yourself there.”

“I… I don’t know.”