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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 026 - ???

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One week after delivering the food to the villagers, Varn thinks that the villager must have understood their meaning. Varn continues his daily life where he is busily training. The dungeon has increased growth effect which is now affecting Varn. It is a wonder though why his body growth didn’t affect his age. Time passed on quickly as nothing special happened near his dungeon.

One month later…

“Master, why are you smiling?”

“I think I’m getting stronger again.”

“Haha, of course master. After all you are training every day.”

Right now Varn is able to run six hours nonstop. Swing his self made wooden sword for 100.000 times; hold his breath for 1 minute under water and lift a rock twice as big as his body.

Not only that, his dungeon is growing too.

Alpha and Omega keep on reproducing like mad. There are already 25 wolves inside the dungeon including them. If not for the rabbit ranch, Varn would be frustrated, trying to find food for them. As 2 + 2 = 4 and 4 + 4 = 8, the number of rabbits keeps on growing exponentially. He even wished there are more wolves so the rabbit numbers won’t keep growing.

Varn now earned 80 dungeon points each day. He finally learned why Ferluci said making a monster farm will benefit him. His earning is equal with a dungeon that killed one adventurer every day.

80 dp a day, 2400 a month. In around a year he is able to build his E rank dungeon. However Flora tells him a different option.

“Master, your aim is to clear the dungeon that killed your parents’ right? In that case, it will be better if you use the points to improve this dungeon first as the perfect place for you to train. You don’t need to make a high level dungeon to make yourself high leveled.”

Although Varn didn’t get the reasoning, but he still comply with her request.

He adds two more level to his dungeon costing 2000 DP. The best thing about adding level, it could be placed anywhere. The two levels are placed in the first and last position. This is how his dungeon layout looked like.

1st level: empty

2nd level: rabbit farm

3rd level: Varn’s farm

4th level: training room

5th level: empty

“Master, later on, we will fill the 1st level with various traps. We need to do it to familiarize you to other dungeon traps. The 5th level will be used as an arena. Occasionally we will summon monster and you have to fight them. After all you will have to fight them when you entered another dungeon.”

Only after Flora explained that Varn understand her logic. Right now when he goes to raid a dungeon, he will start as a low level 「dungeon raiders」. Therefore his own dungeon only needs to be at rank F. As his 「dungeon raiders」 rank increase, that is when his own dungeon rank should be upgraded.

“Master, from the knowledge of mandragora that has been passed down to me, I can now assessed your power hasn’t even reached F rank adventurer. We might need to create dungeon artifacts to help you raid another dungeon later on.”

Varn have no way to tell what Flora said is true or not. But he believes that she is the only one that understands him and will never betray him. When he explained about the dungeon master, his desire for revenge, Flora attitude towards him didn’t changed at all. She softly said that she will support him with all of her effort.

Time flowed as Varn focused on training inside the dungeon. He has a clear goal in mind. He will make revenge on his parent’s killer. Although the road is painful and dangerous, he needs to walk on it. Step by step until he can kill his parents’ killer with his own hand.

However fate isn’t kind. It always comes with unexpected surprise.


“How are you doing reaper?”

“My, my, isn’t that you Ferluci?”

Ferluci, the old man wearing black robe is appearing out of thin air in front of a man. This man looked so skinny and large black circles under his eyes can be seen.

“What brings you to my dungeon? Do you want to trick me again? I remember last time you asked me to attack the bruit village saying I could easily earned DP. I only get 87,000 DP from it.”

“Hehehe, it wasn’t my fault. I only said that bruit village is a good place to build your S rank dungeon.”

“Alright, it was my fault in the first place for believing you. So, what is your real reason coming here.”

“Won’t you offer me something to drink first? After all I am here with some good news.”

With a flick of his hand, Reaper takes out his 「dungeon control」 book and summoned a full high grade tea set for 2000 DP.

“Now, tell me the good news.”

As he takes a sip of the tea, Ferluci looked at him with a smile.

“Impatient aren’t you? Right now, as the only S rank dungeon master, you are able to access S rank trap, monster, and artifacts.”

“Darn it! You tricked me again. I already know that from the beginning.”

“Hukhukhukhukhuk… of course that is not all. I’m here to send you a warning.”

“A warning? How can it be good news? Wait, a warning is good news. Warning about incoming attackers which only mean more DP for me. Hahaha. That’s what you’re telling me right? So how many is coming? 300 A rank 「dungeon raiders」?”

“hukhukhukhuk… you get it all wrong.”


“I am only here to warn you. There is a new F rank dungeon master and his mind is set to kill you.”

“Hahaha, that is so funny. What can an F rank dungeon master do? But, where could I have possibly angered him? Did his parents died inside my dungeon?”

“It will be fun if you found out about it later. That being said, when the F rank dungeon master has reached this place.  Hukhukhuhukhuk.”

As he said that, Ferluci take another sip of the high quality tea and disappear into the air.


Dungeon Control
Name:Varn Redheart
Dungeon rank:F
Dungeon Points :1105
Number of Dungeons:1
Number of Levels:5
Number of Rooms:14
Number of Traps:
Number of Artifacts :
Number of Monsters:25 (2 controlled)
Number of Magical Creatures:1