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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 025 - ???

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Christel can remember her childhood clearly. But she couldn’t remember her parents no matter how hard she tries, because her parents passed away when she is still small. She is only 3 months old when it happened.

A new dungeon appeared near her village. Although it’s only a rank D dungeon called 「The Abyss」, it all happened so fast so the 「dungeon raiders」 couldn’t arrive in time to save the village. She was saved because her parents hide her inside a bucket used to take out water from the well.

After that, her grandfather Moldov, takes care of her. Moldov himself is one of the high ranked officials in the guild hall. At first he wants to keep Christel in the dark about the truth but she was raised in such environment so at 5 years old, she learned about the truth.

She is angry at that time and wanted to be a 「dungeon raiders」 to take revenge and clear 「The Abyss」 dungeon. However that dungeon already ranked up to B rank at this point. Moldov himself wouldn’t let her do such dangerous things. After all she is his last family member.

“If that’s so, let me be a 「dungeon appraiser」 like you grandpa. I might not be able to enter 「The Abyss」 but I will unveiled its entire secret and make sure a 「dungeon raiders」 will clear it one day.”

She learned various things about dungeon for two years. One might call it talents but Moldov knows well how much sweat and blood Christel has poured to be a 「dungeon appraiser」. Dungeon artifacts, traps, monsters, she know wells about it. Better than even seniors 「dungeon appraiser」. If there’s something she lacks, it must be real field experience. That is why Moldov decided to retire and gives Christel a chance to shine.

「dungeon appraiser」 is the one determining the rank of the dungeon. There are various things they could discern a dungeon from. The numbers of level, the entrance appearance, dungeon location, without even entering, they could make a rough guess. But their main power comes from 「dungeon counter」, an artifact that exist only ten in number and being held by “order of the ten wisdom” of the adventurers guild. As Moldov retires, it is now handed to Christel.


“This is the place.”

Silver and Christel, guided by Ryud and Mina to their village. Taking a quick glance at whole village, it stayed in the same condition as when Ryud and Mina leave.

Silver examined the village in awe. This is something he never seen before. There is even a hint of anger and sadness in his expression. Silver himself is a former 「dungeon raiders」. He retired, and applying to be a scout for the guild. If there’s a report regarding a new dungeon, he will come and decides what to do next. Whether sending a 「dungeon appraiser」, examining the damage, cleaning the mess, and other menial things. The number of scout in the guild isn’t many since their job task isn’t really clear but Silver has his own reason. When he was trying to clear a dungeon, a new dungeon appeared and his family is killed in the occasion. That is why he is trying to prevent the same thing to happen again.

He failed doing this when a new dungeon appeared in bruit village recently. Now he tastes the same bitterness in his heart seeing the village where Ryud and Mina used to live.

“How is this possible? Christel, your examination please. Eh, are you alright?”

Although Silver saying that calmly, his heart is throbbing in pain.

Christel expression isn’t much different from Silver. In fact she added her own touch by vomiting on the spot. This is her first time seeing people dies in front of her. What’s more the scene of the village isn’t quite normal. Bite mark with limbs missing probably better than withered and dried up body skewered by roots.

“Uergh… I’m fine… blurgh… “

After spitting out her breakfast, Christel regained her composure.

“Huff… this is the first time I saw this too but I know the cause for their death.”

“Is that true?”

Silver himself is quite experienced but his knowledge is nothing in front of Christel which is by now can be called the dungeon encyclopedia.

“They are killed by 《nature affinity》 monster.  It might be 《leech seed》, which taking nutrients from the host body by acting like a parasite. But it was strange.”

“What do you mean by strange?”

“This area, is in the snowy region, so 《ice affinity》, should be the main characteristic of monsters appearing in this area. However it wasn’t my main concern.”

“Is something else wrong?”

“My 「dungeon counter」 didn’t pick up signs of nearby dungeon.”


Silver is dumbfounded by this fact. Usually whenever a monster appear and raided a town, a dungeon must have appeared nearby. This time, the attack is unusual. Monster with different attributes from the environment and no dungeon nearby.

“I’m afraid to say that this is the first time this ever happened. We must report this and gathered the “order of the ten wisdom” immediately.” (Christel)

“Yes, let us return. Ryud, Mina, I’m sorry to tell you but there is no way to save your village.”


Ryud wanted to say anything but sadness takes over as he is spilling tears. After all this is where he grow up. The place where he laughed and cried, facing the hardship of life.


Mina hugged him as they cried together.

“Ryud, Mina, are you going to come with us?”

Christel asked the siblings.

“Where? We don’t have any place to go.”

“Actually the guild has a special program to accommodate those whose families are killed when a dungeon appeared. I’m one of them.”

Christel then replied with a sour smile.

“It is better than staying here. Let’s go.”

It didn’t take long before Ryud and Mina accepted the offer.

Silver can only stayed in silence seeing that. They boy from the bruit village, why didn’t Silver think of this program?

Is it because his eyes are dead so it’s pointless to take him in?

No, at that time it seemed as if there is an invisible wall dividing him and the boy.

He is silently looking at the sky while thinking what happened to the boy afterwards.