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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 024 - ???

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Ryud and Mina have walked seven days to reach the nearest town with an adventurer’s guild. It wasn’t a problem for them to survive on the way since Ryud has an experience as a hunter. Setting up camps and securing food, he can do that with no trouble. They entered the town and head towards the counter. It was only a small branch of the adventurer’s guild in a place that have no dungeon nearby so it was empty.

“Good day, what may I help you boy?”

“Sir, I need help with my village.”

“Sorry boy, we handle serious business only. We’re adventurer’s guild that deal with dangerous dungeon. Not some menial task like gardening or hunting.”

The receptionist kind of looking down on Ryud and Mina, since their appearance is very poor.

“Sir! I’m not joking here! My village suffered some kind of curse! All of them died!”

Ryud shouted at the receptionist and clearly it taken him aback.

“Can you explain about it to me?”

“A couple of days ago, all of the villagers died unnaturally. Some of them died with tree roots growing on them, some of them kind of withered, and some have a blood flower sprouting from their stomach.”

The receptionist seeing that Ryud eyes didn’t contains lies and it was too much for a boy to make a prank out of dying people. However it is strange for such things to occurred. However the receptionist remember that a while ago the same thing about a village being massacred happened. The Bruit village that Varn used to live. Because of that there may have been a serious situation here, a new dungeon appeared. Furthermore the condition that Ryud describe, unnatural death can only found inside dungeon.

Scorched body because of fire trap, blood drained because of blood sucking monster, except inside of the dungeon or death involving a dungeon, the rest of the world died in a ‘normal’ manner.

“Boy, let me inform the adventurer’s guild head about it.”

After that the receptionist informed the branch head about the situation. The branch head choose to inform the Adventurer’s guild in the capital immediately. They used a dungeon artifacts called [communication tablet] that is used for long distance communication. Since the size itself is as big as a marble dining table, it is mainly placed inside the adventurer’s guild building.

The Adventurer’s guild in the capital took this matter seriously.


(just in case you forgot about the people mentioned below, just check chapter 9 here)

“Why did you call me here Sarmon?”

The man called Sarmon is one of the guild hall member that oversee the adventurer’s guild. The one who asked him is a man clothed in silver armor. He is the one that met with Varn after the incident in the Bruit village happened.

“We got another shocking case. It hasn’t been too long since the incident on Bruit Village yet a possibility of a new dungeon to appear has occurred.”

“What? That is impossible right? Usually there is a time gap in between a new dungeon appeared.”

Usually a new dungeon will appear after some years. The adventurer’s guild may not know this but it was because it took time to gather dungeon points to increase the dungeon rank or create a new lower rank dungeon. Even for Varn, he gets 10,000 dungeon points to make his first dungeon but the amount needed to increase it to E rank is a whooping 25,000 DP which clearly can took him several years to accumulate if he continue what he is doing right now.

“Then, I will immediately go with Danny.”

“I know that he has been your support for a long time but on this mission I want you to take Christel.”


“Yes, Moldov has asked me to assign a mission for her and I think it was better to leave her in your care.”


“I wish as a veteran you could teach her some real field knowledge.”


One week after Ryud and Mina explained the condition, someone from the head adventurer’s guild finally arrived to check on it. Just looking at his armor, Ryud know that this man is someone respectable. However as his support, a girl that seemed to be younger than his sister is having a hard time walking.

The man clothed in silver armor walked in front while the young girl followed behind while carrying a big back pack that is twice as big as her body. Her innocent face is tainted with sweats but it doesn’t hide her cute appearance. She may be a beautiful woman when she grow up but the size of her backpack is worrying enough that it could hinder her growth.

“So, are you the boy that reported the incident?”

“Yes sir, my name is Ryud and this is my sister Mina.”

“My name is Silver and she is my helper, Christel. I’m sorry to hear about your village but we have to hurry. Can you lead the way?”

“Yes sir. It is better for me to find out what happen to my village.  I will reveal the truth as a way to pay respect to the dead.”

“Good boy, your resolve is strong. Shall we depart now?”

Ryud and Mina have a strong mentality. It was because they have lost their parents since they are young and have to bear with it. Losing their grandfather and the rest of the village is a big blow but they have to endure if they want to survive. ‘The dead belongs to the dead but the living have to stay living’. That sentence is quoted from his grandfather and has been helping him to move on. As the sun decorates the horizon, the unbalanced party consisted of a man, a young boy and two girls ventured forward.