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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 023 - ???

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When Ryud and Mina arrived back at the village, they are startled.

The scene in front of him is like a recreated image of hell. Fifty families, 137 members of the village have met their end.

Some of the villager have some kind of plants coming out from their mouth towering 2m to the sky and planted their body as they are skewered to the ground.

The other villagers are crawling in the ground as their bodies become dehydrated like a dried tree trunks.

It wasn’t as bad as the remaining villager which have their stomach ripped open and a small scarlet colored crystal flower blooming  from inside.

The smell of blood in the air soon reached Ryud and Mina nose.

“Uhg, Hoek…”

As Mina couldn’t hold it back, she vomited on the ground.

Ryud is trying his best to hold it in.

“We just left in the morning. It wasn’t even late in afternoon. What is happening?”

Ryud explored the village and found the entire villager is in disastrous state. No survivor left in the village except for them.

Mina who seemed to regain her composure then asked: “Is this why Varn disappear?”

“It was a possibility that he was attacked by the same person who attacks the village.”

“Brother what should we do now?”

“I think we can’t live in this place anymore. It is better for us to head to a bigger village near here and reported what happened to the adventurer’s guild.”

It wasn’t wrong for Ryud to report to adventurer’s guild. After all the [dungeon raiders] are the one who could possibly helped in this situation. Although [dungeon raiders] from the adventurer’s guild need a reward to act but if the information given to them is consisting enough threat, the adventurer’s guild is the one who will issue the rewards instead.

Then, Ryud and Mina get some things from their house before setting off again.

If only the village located nearer to the ice palace, Varn could have realized what happened. The death of 137 villagers could give a boost of 5000-13000 dungeon points depend on their strength. However up to this point Varn is oblivious to what happened at the village.

Of course the main culprit of that scene is Flora. Her hates for human resulted in the deaths of the villager. What’s more they seemed to be a threat to Varn so she decided to take appropriate action by eliminating them.

Ryud and Mina didn’t have any thoughts that it was done by someone from Varn’s side and think it was possible for Varn to be swallowed up in that events too. After all Ryud and Mina never met with Flora nor know about her ability.


Time flows and now Varn’s rabbits farm is progressing as expected.

The time needed for a rabbit to give birth is around three days with the number of offspring’s varying from two to five. It takes a week for them to grow into adult rabbit. However they never overpopulated the dungeon.

Alpha has recovered and Omega has give birth to another five wolves. Combined with the other six, they need around 30 rabbit everyday to be consumed. That means Varn’s dungeon point also increased by 30 each day.

Flora tells him that it will be better if the next step he do is add more levels and start to install trap to ward off intruders since Varn dungeon is now too weak. In case a [dungeon raider] is able to kill Varn or reach Varn’s dungeon deepest part, it will take a while for Varn to recover his dungeon point to create another dungeon.

Varn can focus on guarding the [dungeon heart] which is located at the dungeon deepest part. [Dungeon heart] form is a kind of floating jewel which the size will grow bigger as the dungeon rank gets higher. It can be said as the core of the dungeon and if it was destroyed, the dungeon can be considered as being cleared. Sometimes some [dungeon raider] didn’t clear the dungeon. That way they can come at later times to search for another dungeon artifact.

However it can’t be guaranteed as for now, Varn dungeon didn’t have any traps. Didn’t give any dungeon artifact for [dungeon raiders]. Varn himself is weak so the chance of it being cleared is pretty high.

The time now isn’t that much. As Ryud and Mina will report what happened to the adventurer’s guild, someone will come and found out about his dungeon. Now, Varn is racing against the time to improve his dungeon.