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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 022 - ???

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There is a big difference between monsters and magical creatures. It wasn’t at the ability of magical creatures to cast ‘magic’. It was something more complicated. Monsters can be classified as controlled and normal monsters. The difference is only one listened to the master order and the other is not. The difference between monsters and magical creatures is at their ability to think. Monsters mainly act on their instinct. Magical creatures on the other hand are able to ‘think’ based on their reasoning. It was why the man-eating plants eat their master, it wasn’t their instinct; it was their reasoning. They don’t want to be ordered by human which is their prey and weaker than them basically.

It was the same with Flora. As a magical creatures, ‘mandragora’; she could think by her own. It was only because of her Alpha’s blood mutation that she acts loyal towards Varn. Loyal isn’t quite the correct words though, it only prevented her from killing him and could stay around him. Or it is because Varn is still 7 years old that she didn’t think of him as a threat like the other humans. Maybe it was also out of gratitude that she could mutate as an [ice blood mandragora] because ‘mandragora’ although was a magical creatures, they are weak. A mutated ‘mandragora’ like Flora was one out of a million, her power and potential also beyond a normal ‘mandragora’. As ‘mandragora’ species that is hunted by human only to be used as medicine and such, her hatred was transferred along with the memories. She hates human except for Varn.

That is why; it wasn’t natural for her to act kindly to the villager. It was strange that she didn’t do anything to them and come up with a plan to give them food.


“master Varn, I think that is enough rabbit.”

“Do you think so?”

With the help of the wolves, Varn managed to caught around 100 rabbits in the area and leaving it void of the fluffy creatures. The wolves helped to caught them too but sometimes they accidentally killed it. Right now there is no rabbit left in the area.

“Let us use the first level of the dungeon. It was empty right?”

“At first I want to use it as a monster farm but the wolves love to stay outside and I don’t have any dungeon points to try out summoning another monster to put in the ranch.”

“Don’t worry master, we got rabbit now.”

Flora didn’t bother to teach Varn at how the rabbit produce their offspring. She just tells them that the wolves can only eat one rabbit per wolves right now. Because the priority is to increase the number of rabbit instead of using them as a food source.

Using Varn dungeon points that are now 885, he spent 200 for turning the first level of his dungeon into grassland, 200 to summon wild plants that could grow fast as the rabbit’s food. As for their nest, the rabbit can dug their own holes to sleep on. With 485 left, he is tempted to plant two other magic seed but stopped by Flora. They didn’t know what it will turn out again. It was like playing a joker card.

There is also a reason why they will raise the rabbit inside the dungeon. The dungeon itself can increase the growth of living beings. Be it animal or humans. Varn strength is growing day by day is also affected by the dungeon. It was also the reason many people goes inside the dungeon. Dungeon raider growth inside the dungeon is unimaginable and that is also the other reason to raid a dungeon other than for dungeon artifacts.

Since the rabbit need some time to grow Flora brought Varn and the wolves to the nearby river and teach them that there is another food nearby. The wolves didn’t have trouble getting into the cold freezing river since they are ‘ice wolves’ that have high resistance to cold.

Flora doesn’t act hostile towards the wolves. Maybe it was because that her ‘blood’ mutation is caused by Alpha. In other words Alpha can be considered as her father and the wolves automatically become her siblings. She is also basically a magical creature that is closer to monsters than humans. That is why Flora cares about the wolves.


“Brother, no one is here.”

Ryud and Mina at first arrived at Varn’s ice palace. They entered easily because there are no wolves guarding since they are out hunting with Flora and Varn. They also didn’t enter the dungeon because the entrance was camouflaged as a door in the back and only adventurers will notice that it was a dungeon entrance.

“Maybe he is hunting rabbit outside.”

“I wonder if something bad has been done to him by Bolg.”

“Me too, but there is nothing we can do by standing here doing nothing. Let’s just return here tomorrow.”

Ryud and Mina never think that their decision to look for Varn that day saved their lives.