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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 021 - ???

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Varn can run at the same speed with the wolves. Clearly the speed of the wolves slowed down because pulling the big box containing food isn’t that much. However the up and down road with sudden left and right turns of the uncontrolled wolves caused enough shock to make him throw up as soon as they arrived.

“Master, are you okay?”

“*Hoeek* Ugh… I’m fine… *Hoeeek*..”

Flora is showing a calm face. After all in the middle of the journey, she planted herself to the cage and it feels as if she is riding a boat in a calm river. After a few minutes, finally Varn regained his composure.

“So, what do we do now?”

“Let’s just leave the food here.”

“Eh? Aren’t we going to tell them that we’re going to cut ties with them?”

“No need for that. Let’s just leave. If they wanted to talk to us, they will come to us.”

Varn then agree with the logic and decided to head back.

“So, how are we going to get back?”

Varn looked at the wolves while Flora put her hands on the ground again and make a green snow sled.

“Are we going to ride that thing?”

“Yes master, is there something wrong?”

“It’s going to be pulled by the wolves’ right?”

“Yes master.”

After thinking seriously for a while Varn said to Flora: “add one more vines, I’ll be pulling it too.”


Clearly Bolg think their plans have failed. It was such a good opportunity but he blows it up. It wasn’t his fault. Nobody tell him there will be wolves guarding the place. He is now full of shame, what should he tell the village chief tomorrow? The opinion of the villager that goes with him has decreased too because of the incident. Bolg then decided to sleep to chase away the bad thoughts.

In the morning there is a big commotion in the village. Bolg wakes up immediately. Did the villager found out about his failure? Bolg gets out of his house trying to find out about what is happening. In the village plaza, a big green cage is placed. He soon finds the chief among the crowd calling for him.

“Bolg, come here.”

“Yes Chief.”

“Do you know what this is?”

“It’s made from tree roots and the shape is like a big box.”

Bolg is the strongest warrior of the tribe so it was natural for the village chief to ask for his opinion.

“So, the question is why it is here?”

“I don’t know chief; do you want me to try to open it?”


Bolg then go back to his house to take a big axe. His big and muscular body fit the axe so much as if it was made only for him to wield. Utilizing his strength, Bolg then start to swing his axe sideway as if cutting a tree.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

After a few swings, there is a crack in the box shaped object. It was enough for Bolg to peek trough and see the content.


Bolg exclaimed and jump in surprise.

“What is it Bolg?”

“It seemed that it was a success! This is fruit and vegetables!”

The whole village jumped in joy hearing that. The chief know the success Bolg said is about the mission he gave him. In his heart Bolg think that the naïve boy feared for his live and give this as a compensation to leave him alone. However knowing that his tactics has worked, Bolg won’t stop.

“Today, we will have a party!”

The village mood has been lifted but there are two people that is confused.

“Brother, what is the meaning of this?”

“I don’t know Mina. We have to go see Varn.”

Ryud and Mina then leave the village quietly.


Varn finally arrived back to the ice castle and this time he didn’t throw up but covered in bruises. He is struggling to pull the sled forward while the wolves are pulling it to the right and left. Sometimes he win, sometimes he fall to the ground and pulled by the wolves. But at least he didn’t throw up.

Catching his breath then Varn realize something important when looking at the wolves.

“Flora, what about the food for the wolves? I traded fish with the villagers for my wolves.”

“Master, did you forget I have knowledge of thousand years, it was an easy task. We will breed our own rabbit.”

“The rabbit?”

“Yes master.”

“But there is no rabbit in the [dungeon control] list of monster.”

“Master, we just need to catch the wild rabbits and put them inside the dungeon while giving them a perfect environment to breed.”

“I understand at how to catch rabbits but how to breed them?”

“It is the same way as you breed the wolves.”

“The same way I breed the wolves?”

Varn then show a blank look on his face. So, he just needs to catch rabbit, put it in the dungeon and it will be multiplied by its own. He is so stupid for not realizing this. Flora noticing that, Varn is heading in the wrong direction.


“Eh? Yes?”

“How do you breed the wolves?”

“Eh? How do I? Wouldn’t they breed by themselves?”

“No they won’t!”

“But the wolves are breeding by themselves. T-T-T-then I just need to catch them and put them inside the dungeon right? After a few days, a swallow is going to drop by and put the baby inside the rabbit’s belly and after another few days, baby rabbits are going to come out.”

After a short sigh Flora said: “Let’s just catch the rabbit master. I’ll take care of the rest.”