Rebirth Online World

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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 020 - ???

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“So, what exactly are we going to achieve by harvesting this much vegetables?”

Varn asked to Flora in confusion.

“You know Varn, they attacked the castle because they wanted to get more of your crops. So, let’s just give it to them.”

Varn is annoyed at how Flora asked him to harvest his beloved fruits and vegetables and now they are going to give it to the one who hurt Alpha and trying to kill him for free.

“That is ridiculous. How can we just give it to them?”

With a smile of a charming woman that doesn’t fit her young appearance, Flora said:” you wanted to end this peacefully right? Let’s just give it to them as a farewell party. With this, we tell them that we don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore.”

“But, aren’t they going to ask for more if we give them for free?”

“Listen to this Varn. At first, you are trading the vegetables with them, which mean you are in an equal position as them. Now, they wanted to take it by force by making your position lower than them. Their goal is like you said, getting crops for free. However this time we switch our position to be higher than them. We will give them this out of mercy. Even if they beg for it, we won’t give it to them anymore. It will make them reflect on their action. It’s like training a pet.”

Although it was harsh for Flora to brand the villager in the same level as pet but Varn finally understand the method. It was give and take at first, and then the villager wanted to take without give. Now Varn is going to give without taking anything and won’t give them anymore no matter what they give unless they apologize and regretted their previous action. It was like treating a dog that done wrong by letting them starves and make the dog beg for food.

“So, is this enough?”

After half an hour, they collected around twenty kilograms of crops. In truth it was only 1/10th of the total crops that is ready to be harvested and there are also plants that doesn’t bear fruit in the ‘Varn’s garden’. At that time, Varn also have to close the hole in which Flora sprouted from.

“I think that is enough Varn. So, what’s with the long face?”

“I just couldn’t imagine that you come from the magic seed that I plant.”

“Haha, I couldn’t believe it myself until I was born. Now, let’s go.”

“But how are we going to carry this?”

Looking at the pile of food, Varn is thinking.

“Flora, are you thinking of using the wolves to carry it?”

“Of course.”

“But, it will take many times for the wolves to go back and forth to carry it all and Alpha which is the biggest one is injured too.”

“Who said that we’re going to carry it in small portion?”

“So? Are we going to carry them all? But we have no basket or carriage.”

“Don’t worry master.”

Flora then moves her flower arms to the ground. In the next second, green roots are coming out from it and entangled with each other making a big green cage. It envelopes the pile of food inside it and the green box is closed. From the front countless vines sprouting out and it seemed to be what the wolves will bite on while pulling the food cage.


Varn can only muttered that when he saw what Flora is doing. Clearly magic is something that exist in this world, however only those who have high mana force or equipped with a dungeon imbued artifact that is able to utilize them. To tell the truth, magic is only usable after dungeon appeared in this world. That is why when the first dungeon is conquered; the artifact brought up was able to change the tide of war truly because of the power of ‘magic’ it holds.

Normal monsters can’t use it too. Only those branded as ‘magical creatures’ are able to perform such a feat. Of course Flora is one of those ‘magical creatures’ that hold the [nature affinity] magic. At how she could gain the knowledge and experience of the mandragora’s, it could be some sort of magic too.

“So master, you know what you have to do.”

Varn then gathered the wolves around the cage. It took some time to tell them what they have to do since they aren’t controlled like Alpha and Omega. Alpha is wounded and Omega is currently pregnant. Varn sit on top of the boxes while the wolves are pulling the green cage by the vines. Flora is seated beside Varn who is now showing a worried face.

“Do you have something in your mind master?”

“No, it’s just I don’t know how to make this thing turn left or right.”

After that Varn and Flora set off on a big green cage, pulled by the wolves. It was a short journey that looked like a roller coaster ride without a seat belt.