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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 002 - Black

Master of Dungeon chapter 2 – Black

Gerrard, Sandra and Varn are running with all their might. The fire that burnt down the village is getting brighter, it changed the darkened night sky to clear bright day.

“Gerrard, what happened?”

“I don’t know. Monsters attacked our village. From what I know they should be staying inside the dungeon right?”

Gerrard asked Sandra but she shook her head.

“No. This happened once before.”

Hearing that he was shocked and surprised.

“What? How come I didn’t know about it?”

“It was a secret. This happened once at the A rank dungeon 〚Magora〛. Monsters suddenly came out and attack the surrounding area. After the monsters had been dealt with, the dungeon rank has upgraded to S rank.”

“How ccome I didn’t know about this?”

“Even at the Guild hall this information is confidential and the witness of that incident are all dead.”

“You mean?”

Sandra only nods while Gerrard face is full of disbelievements. Varn can only listen silently.

“How can such an important information be hidden from people?”

*rustle* *rustle*


Before she could say anything, a loud voice can be heard from behind them and an animal cried fills the air with terror.

From behind them a five meter tall wolf standing with it’s hind leg and his front leg is similar to a human hand. It’s a human shaped wolf.


Sandra and Gerrard shout in unison.

“Sandra, quick take Varn out of here.”

“No, even if I know that you’re strong, a were-wolf is an A rank monster.”

Gerrard look at Sandra and she could see he already make his decision.

“Sandra, if you and Varn dies, what is the use of me living? If I could die to protect the both of you, it is the biggest happiness in my life.”

Hearing those words made tears flow down from both Sandra and Varn eyes.

“Please, you must stay alive.”

She knows these words have no chance to be fulfilled.

“Dad, you haven’t taught me how to plow the farm, or how to grow the vegetables. You promised to teach me!”

Gerrard look at his wive and son.

“Don’t worry. Your dad is a former dungeon raider afterall. Leave it to me!”

He nods and Sandra understand. She grabbed Varn and run again. Gerrard on the other hand look at the were-wolf and charged.

“Hiiiaaaaaa! I won’t let you pass!”


The sound of his sword clashing with the were-wolf's claw and traveled trough the jungle depth. Varn who heard that can only look back while keep moving forward.

“Mom, where are we running to?”

“After we pass the jungle, there’s a town called Ribby. There’s the Ribby dungeon nearby so there should be lots of dungeon raider. We’re going to look for help.”

But just a few minutes later some wolves has caught up to them.



Sandra noticed that they weren’t in a good position.

“Varn. You should head first to Ribby town. I’ll hold them back.”

“But Mom! You can’t fight.”

“No buts. Hurry or all the villager from Bruit town may die.”

Varn can only grith his teeth and obeyed his mother words.

“Mom, be careful!”

“I should be the one saying that. You be careful.”

Sandra gives Varn a hug before letting him go. She know that this maybe her last chance to held Varn in her arms.

“Now go! I love you.”

Sandra turn his body facing the wolves after sending Varn away. The wolves are circling Sandra and waiting for the opportunity to attack.

“I’ll show you the strength of a mother!”

She shout and lunges forward into the wolf pack.


*pant* *pant*

After running for an hour, Varn stamina has run out. He is now breathing hard.

“I can’t stop here. My father and mother is waiting for me to bring someone to help them.”

He is running forward and takes out two fate tag]. It was Gerrard’s and Sandra’s. It was still coloured red meaning that they still alive.

“That’s the town!”

Varn could see the lights that came from the town. He use it as his guide to reach Ribby town.


He is shouting hard and some of the sentry saw him.

“Boy, what happened?”

“My village was attacked by monsters. Please you have to help me!”

The sentry may think that it was impossible since monsters only appeared in the dungeon, but seeing Varn expression he is in no position to be lying. The sentry then shouted to his companion and said.

“Quick, gather the dungeon raider in town. Tell them that it's an emergency.”

Five minutes later Varn is in Ribby’s town Guild hall surrounded by more than thirty dungeon raider.

“What is it Jack? Why did you ask us to gather here?”

A big masculine man, with a big axe on his back and a scar on his cheek asked the sentry while yawning.

“Here, listen to this boy.”

“Mister, please save my parents and the villager of Bruit town. When we’re sleeping monsters suddenly attacked us.”

“Huh? Don’t tell lies boy. How could it possible?”

“Rick, look at his expression he couldn’t be telling lies.”

The sentry said to the man.

“Please believe in me mister.”

“Even if I believe in him, why should I go?”

The other dungeon raider didn’t show any protest to Rick’s statement. It seemed that he is the leader of this group.

“What do you mean?”

The sentry is the only one questioning him.

“As I said, we dungeon raider only raid dungeon. We don’t have any responsibility to help others.”

The sentry is boiling with rage and asked him.

“You! How can an A-rank dungeon raider like you, Rick from the Steel claw group act like this.”

Hearing the man comes from an A rank group, Varn saw a glimmer of hope.

“Mister please! With your power you definitely could save my village. What attacked my villages only wolves and one were-wolf.”

Hearing Varn words, Rick startled.

“Were-wolf? Wolves are no problem since they are only C-rank monster, but a were-wolf is an A rank monster. Knowing that we’re going to raid the Ribby dungeon tomorrow, why should I go and put my group into a risk of being injured?”

“You! So are you planning to let those people die?”

The sentry is now grabbing Rick collar.

“Heh, I definitely won’t be going. If anyone of my subordinate wants to help then feel free to take them.”

Jack the sentry then turn his body to the crowd.

“Did anyone of you want to help this child saving his village?”

Varn expected some will help him but they all keep silent. Rick finally shout from behind.

“Who we are?”

“Steel claw!”

The men reply in unison.

“What we do?”

“Raiding dungeon!”

“Now, will we help this boy?”

“No we won’t!”

“You guys are unbelievable! Come on kid, let’s try to go to Kine town. It’s only two hour away on horse.”

Jack tried to take Varn away but Varn know it will be too late by then. Moving two hours away will take four hours in total just for travel. Varn then fell to his knees and beg to Rick.

“Mister Rick, please help my parents! I’ll give you anything in return.”

Seeing Varn there, Rick didn’t even change his expression.

“Listen boy! We dungeon raider are not working for charity. We’re working as dungeon raider to get money. No one here is crazy to risk their lives for chivalrous action.”

“If it’s money, my parents will pay you.”

“Hmph! How much do you think your parent could pay us. What’s more Bruit village is only a small village. Even if you gather all of the village fortune it isn’t enough for me to swing my sword.”

Varn then cried and grab Rick’s leg. He is pleading to him.

“Mister please mister! Help me!”

*sob* *sob*


Rick move his leg and send Varn flying backwards and hit the wall.


“You, what are you doing?”

Jack saw Varn flying across the room and hit the wall on the other side. He quickly comes to Varn and check his condition. He is unconscious.

“Rick! I won’t forgive you for this.”

Jack sending glare to him but Rick return it with murderous eyes that even send chill to Jack’s spine.

“Who do you think you are? Just because you’re the town’s mayor son you could talk like that to me. Men, let’s get back and rest. We’re going to enter Ribby dungeon tomorrow.”

Just like that the Steel claw group leave the Guild hall. Jack then tried to wakes Varn.

“Boy, wake up!”

Varn eyes slowly opened and he noticed that the dungeon raiders has gone.

“Sir, where are they going? Are they going to save my parents?”

Varn asking emotionally but Jack only fell silent.

“Sir, tell me that they’re going to help me! Tell me that they’re going to save my parents! Please tell me!”

Two stream of water soon fall from Varn’s eyes to the ground.

“Sir.. Hik.. Please tell me… Hik… They’re going to save my parents… Hik…”

Jack couldn’t bear to watch Varn so he stand up and head to the exit. Before he get out Jack said to Varn in a low tone.

“I’m sorry….”

After Jack gone, Varn cries out as loud as he can.

“HUAAAAAA… FATHER… MOTHER… I’m sorry… I couldn’t bring people to help you.. I couldn’t bring people to save the village.. I’m sorry…”

Varn then remember the back of his father after he said “leave it to me” .

He also remember the last word from his mother. “I love you.”

He is hoping that they’re okay. Varn finally remember he is holding to his parent [fate tag].

He put his hand to his pocket and takes out Gerrard’s and Sandra’s [fate tag].

The tags lost its color and had turned to black.