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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 019 - ???

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“Impossible!” as Varn exclaimed that words, a window appeared in front of him.


Status window
Name:FloraRace:Ice Blood Mandragora
Gender:FemaleStatus:Magical Creature


The only thing that makes Varn realized is Flora’s status. ‘Magical Creature’, he remembered that he only have one magical creature inside the dungeon. It was the magic seed that he planted. If Varn look closer at his surrounding, he should have noticed her when he is treating Alpha.

Magic seed, it was one of the lowest ranks of magical creature that is affordable. It was cheap because no one can guess what it will grow into. Of course Varn hoped for it to be a magical tree that bears magical fruits like golden apple or crystal grapes. However not a little of it grow into a man-eating plant or dehydrated tree. Some of the best outcome is the legendary yggdrasil that can only be grown in 0: 1000000000000000000 ratio and depends on the planter luck or treant that could protect the dungeon and boost the soil fertility.

Flora herself was a regular magic seed at first. Because of the location of Varn’s dungeon, it absorb the ice attributes from the surrounding snowy ground and planned to grow up into snow cabbage plant, snow carrot, or snow turnip. Her scheduled time to sprout is another two weeks. But, when Alpha was being treated inside the dungeon, Alpha’s blood falls to the ground and it was absorbed to the ground. The pool of blood isn’t naturally absorbed by the soil but by the magic seed.

The ice attribute magic seed then gained another factor to boost its growth. The blood is full of nutrients that accelerate its growth. Another thing that makes magic seed is cheap because no one can guess their attitude towards their master. Man eating plants will of course eat the planter. Rock throwing ent throw their master with rock at the size of big boulder. Fortunately the thing it absorbed from the blood is the [controlled] status of Alpha, however due to the differences of race, it can only be carried as [loyalty] towards Varn. It was good enough since mandragora is known as a deadly lethal plants that feeds on human’s brain. It removes the threat of Flora attacking Varn.

“You are the magic seed that I plant!”
Varn smiled when he finally solved the mystery puzzle.

“Yes master. I can only grow because of your unending care and everyday tending.”

Although she is now loyal to Varn, her race is still the deadly mandragora. She also undergoes unique mutations that add ‘blood’ besides ice on her name. Of course she has an added trait that is connected to blood.

“Master, may I have a drip of your blood?”

Although Varn is confused, he complies with the request. Flora reach out one of her petal arms and make a small cut using the edges of the flowers that is surprisingly sharp. A drop of blood then comes out and Flora caught it using the flower shaped arm. She brings it towards the crystal jewel on her forehead.

The instant the blood touches the jewel, the crystal gem turned into red and a small whirlpool are swirling inside. Flora closes her eyes and inside her minds, she saw a movie being played. It seemed like eternity but in truth only a single second passed. Inside her mind she saw Varn as a baby, growing up, having his seventh birthday, seeing the calamity on his village, becoming a dungeon master, raising the wolves and the plants, and today dispute with the villager. She isn’t actually seeing it in third person view. It was as if she is experiencing all of that as Varn.

It was also the same phenomenon when Alpha’s blood absorbed by her. She recalled Alpha memories and close relationship with Varn. That is what causing her to be loyal to Varn. There are a lot of possible ability that she could gained from her ‘blood’ mutation. But the one that she gets is this ability called [blood memory].

When she opened her eyes that are just blinked, it was teary and a drop of crystal clear tear flowed out.

She is looking at Varn with sad eyes that make her looks more beautiful. She then stepped forward and hugged him.

“Master, we have something to do.”

Varn who was caught by surprise because of the sudden hug can only stutter.
“W-W-what is it?”

“The villagers.”
“Ha? How did you know that?”
“I’m sorry but I just read your blood.”

Of course it was something that Varn couldn’t understand.
“I got a glimpse of your experience trough the blood.”

Varn then understand the reason she hugged him.
“I know what we should do master.”
“Wait, aren’t you just born a few minutes ago? I’m who is seven years older than you, even confused at what to do.”
“At human ages master that must be true. But I have hundred thousand years of experience taught by the nature.”

The instance Flora transformed from a simple magic seed into a mandragora, waves of knowledge rushed into her head. It includes the knowledge of previous mandragora. Mandragora is a special type of plants. The method to grow them was unknown and Flora was just created out of luck. The condition for them to born was unknown. There are only records of them being hunted for their recovery effects. But no one truly knows if a mandragora lived on their garden and died there. Because they are a rare creature that only followed the law of nature. If the nature tells them to be born, they will appear. If they are told to wither then they will die. As the nature’s grace fall upon all other mandragora, Flora also bestowed by the same grace and it was their knowledge about life.