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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 018 - ???

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Varn is now looking somewhere in the middle of the night. It was in the direction of the village that Ryud and Mina lives, of course it was the same village where Bolg that attacked him lived. He is now looking at that direction with eyes full of rage and confusion; he is currently located at one of the ice palace tower.

Varn is confused at what he has to do. Whether he succumbed to wrath and teaches the villager a lesson. Or forgive them for what they have done. He can easily order the wolves to go and wreck the village however he also knows how the villagers will feel after that.

“No, I can’t do that. But they have hurt the wolves and trying to kill me. This is self defense right? I am just taking some precaution in case they decided to attack me again. No, I know how bad it feels having your village destroyed. However they are the one who start this, not like my village. Yes, I have decided.”

Just when he turned his body, he saw a beautiful creature illuminated under the moonlight in the darkness. The creature is at the same height as him, around 120cm. It looked like a human but its feet are connected together, entangled in some kind of roots. Where the arm should have located, a big flower petals are grown. It colored white pinkish like a sakura tree blossoming.

The stomach area sides are covered by green vines but the front was left open, revealing a white pale skin. In the lower abdomen, a giant leaf is hanging, covering the nether area. Two same leaves are also appeared on the upper abdomen covering the little bulge on the chest area.

Varn is examining this creature from bottom to top. When he reaches the head part, he noticed that it was actually a female creature. She has a pretty green short shoulder-length hair that matches the color of her pupil. The lip of her is rose red colored and looks enchanting. In the middle of her forehead, a crystal blue colored round gem can be found; it was gleaming like a diamond. Her face is showing that her age is fewer than ten and around Varn’s. She is clearly the most beautiful girl Varn ever seen.

“Greetings master.”
The girl voice was so alluring. Childish yet hold a hint of womanly charm.

“W-Who are you?”
The charmed Varn quickly regained his sense and composure when she greets him.

“I have no name master. Would you like to bestow me with a name?”
The girls then asked politely while lowering her posture like a princess giving a bow.

“No name? That was strange. Why are you calling me master? Also why you are asking me to name you?”
Clearly at this point, Varn already forgets about his dispute with the villagers.

“Yes, I have no name since I just born a few minutes ago. You are, my master. I am a servant that can only live because of your good and kind nature to care for me. It was natural that you are the one who will name me.”
The girl replied while giving a smile that makes the sun pale in comparison and the moon goes to hide because her beauty exceed both of their greatness.

“Me? That was impossible! And how can you enter my ice palace without being noticed by the wolves?”

“Of course it was possible master. The wolves didn’t notice me because I am always here, inside your domain.”

Varn couldn’t understand the nonsense that the beautiful humanoid plant like creature is spouting.

“Master, will you please give me a name?”

In the midst of the confusion, Varn decided to follow the flow for now. He looked at her appearance again and decides to give a name that fit her. After thinking for a while he found a suitable name.
“Then, your name will be Flora.”

“Flora? Flora… flora…”
The plant girl then muttered that name for several times before smiled at him again.
“I liked that name master. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it. I think it suits you. So, what are you?”
Varn asked her in curiosity. Of course he would. Suddenly she appear and asked him to gives her a name.

“I am your servant master.”

“I know that you keep saying that I am your master. However, when, and how, did you become my servants?”

“I don’t know master. It is just at the moment I open my eyes, my instinct is telling me that my master is you.”

“Hmm… So you are just born here in the dungeon?”

With a simple nod the girl replied: “That is true master and I just born a few minutes ago.”

Varn put his hand on his chin and immediately realized. The best thing to know about what happened inside the dungeon is by examining his dungeon status.

Dungeon Control
Name:Varn Redheart
Dungeon rank:F
Dungeon Points :885
Number of Dungeons:1
Number of Levels:3
Number of Rooms:12
Number of Traps:
Number of Artifacts :
Number of Monsters:8 (2 controlled)
Number of Magical Creatures:1


However he found nothing wrong. Is she really telling the truth?

The easiest way to find out is by looking at her status window directly. If she belongs to the dungeon that Varn own, he will be able to look at her status. He knows this fact because he can’t use this sort of identifying skill to someone that isn’t on his side. For example he couldn’t check the status of Ryud, Mina, or Bolg but he could check the status of his wolves and more importantly, the plants that he grows inside the dungeon. It was one of the factors that make it easier for him to fulfill the plants needs and create the crops to grow in optimum environment.

He just needs to touches the plants or the wolves to make the windows appear.

“Flora, can I touch you?”

With a smile she replied: “You can do anything you want master.”

Varn touches Flora’s shoulder and a window appeared in front of him.

“Impossible!” he exclaimed.