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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 017 - ???

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Bolg then swiftly throw the dagger towards Varn.


However one of the wolves noticed that and jumped in front of him to take the hit.


Varn noticed that Bolg is throwing the dagger but the scene in front of him happened too fast. When he realized, the wolf has taken the hit for him.


It was Alpha who is standing beside him who takes the hit.


With bloodshot eyes Varn look at Bolg which is now running away. The wolves want to chase after him and the other villager however they also seemed to be worried at Alpha condition. After all Alpha is their father. Varn wanted to give the order to the wolves but he was in panic too. He was worried about Alpha.

“Alpha! Alpha! Are you alright?”

Varn moves down and try to check on Alpha that is lying down on the ground.


Alpha let out a small cry. The small blade manages to pierced trough Alpha’s skin. However his skin is tougher than normal because of the ice affinity he has. It manages to stop the dagger 1 cm away from piercing his heart. He was saved by a hair breath.

Alpha is signaling to Varn with his eyes to take out the dagger from his body.


Varn noticed that since he has stayed with Alpha for a while. He already familiar with Alpha and can communicate with him.

“Are you sure Alpha?”

Alpha nods weakly and Varn is gripping the dagger handle with hesitation.


“In three… two… one…”


Alpha let out a cry. It hurts more than when it pierced right in. after that blood comes out from the wound gaping open.

“Quick, let’s try to take Alpha to the dungeon.”

Varn asked for help from the other wolves to take Alpha inside.

“Mugi leaf… Mugi leaf… Mugi Leaf…”

As a boy who grows up in a farmer family, he also knows about some herbs that can be used as medication. He quickly searched for the Mugi leaf in his farm and quickly grabbed some of it. He put it in his mouth and after some chew, he spit it out to the wound on Alpha body.


It seemed that it also hurt when it comes into contact with the wound as some smoke can be seen rising from the wound.

“Please hold back Alpha. This will help you to heal the wound faster. It also have effect to cure some poison in case the dagger was poisoned.”


After an hour, Alpha condition has become better. The wound has closed but now there is a scar on his chest. Alpha breathing has become normal too and he is sleeping right now.

Varn on the other hand is moving back and forth like an iron. He is thinking hard.

“What should I do with the villager?”

Varn is still a boy however he also has learned the word, hate and vengeance. He wanted to pay them back, but how? Should he cut off the trade with the village? Attack them with the wolves to give them a lesson. Varn also know how dire the situation in case a battle breaks out. There may be casualties on the wolves side. More importantly, there is a big chance some innocent villager caught up in the battle. When he thinks of that, his body is trembling.

“W-W-What in the world am I thinking?”

Varn looked at his sweating palms.

“If I did that, won’t that make me the same as the dungeon master that attacked my village?”

He just remembers the bad memory he experience not long ago. His family is killed; the village is devastated, all because of a wolf attack.

Varn with teary eyes look up to the night sky.

“Father, Mother, what should I do?”

Varn is lost in thoughts. Meanwhile in the dungeon floor where his farm is located, Alpha is lying down recuperating. After the dagger was taken out from Alpha chest, the blood is still flowing out before Varn applied the Mugi leaf on the wound. Some of the blood has fallen to the ground.

However after some minutes, the blood pool on the ground slowly faded away. Leaving no trace behind as it was absorbed into the ground.