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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 016 - ???

“Chief, we can’t continue like this.”

it was Bolg, the strongest from the village and he is now talking to the village chief.

“I know but there is nothing we can do.”

“What are you saying chief? we can always followed Ryud and Mina if they won’t take us to that man place.”

“Are you sure we can do this?”

“I am confident in my ability chief.”

“Alright, after all you are the strongest out of us all. I permitted this.”

“yes chief! I will definitely come back with a good news.”

after that, when Ryud and Mina take the fish from the village store Bolg secretly followed behind them.

he was so surprised when he saw the ice palace that seemed to be standing out of nowhere.

“What is this place?”

he was so surprised. what’s more when he saw the one that Ryud and Mina trade fish to, what seemed to be the mysterious farmer is turned out to be a little boy.


after that Bolg reported what he saw to the village chief.

“Is that true?”

“Yes chief! I think we should go to his place and take everything. he seemed to have a lot more inside his castle.”

“Alright, you can take some men with you too.”

“Yes chief.”

the village chief and the villager are driven by greed. for them who haven’t eaten fruits and vegetables in a long time, this is like a paradise for them. and the chance to acquire the rest of the vegetables and fruits is laid in front of their eyes.

“Alright, let’s move out.”

in the middle of the night, Bolg and ten villager moves out to Varn’s ice palace. they walked carefully to not cause any noise.

however they don’t know of one important fact. Varn’s palace was guarded by ice wolves.


Alpha was on guard since Omega is going to give birth soon and he noticed the villager presence. not from by sight but from their smell and his sharp hearing.

the other wolves heard that howl and replied.


their howl echoes through out the ice field and shocked the villager.

“Bolg, you didn’t say anything about wolves.” (villager A)

“Brace yourself! how can you are affraid because of some wild wolves?” (bolg)

Bolg calmly regained his senses. he was surprised at first too but, who is he? he is the strongest one from the village. he can’t lose his composure here.

“Readied your weapon.”

although they come to take the crops, they prepared some dagger and spear beforehand just in case something happened, however they never though that it will be used to deal with the wolves.

“They’re coming!”



Varn waken up when he heard Alpha’s howl.

“What is happening?”

Varn quickly wake up and look outside to see what is happening.

outside his ice palace, he saw his wolves are fighting someone. they wear the same clothes as Ryud and Mina.

the battle seemed to have lasted for some times. the wolves receive wound and scratches while the villager is looking worst than them. it’s because the wolves that Varn raised gained ice attributes and bigger, tougher than regular wolves.

“Stop! what is happening here?”

Varn said that and the battle momentarily comes to a hold. the wolves and the villager is now standing in lines at two side.

“Who are you? are you an acquaintances with Ryud and Mina? ”

Varn asked Bolg and the villager.

“Yes, we’re here to trade the fish.”

shamelessly Bolg is thinking of an excuse.

“However I didn’t see any fishes. that’s strange.”

“The wolves grabbed them from us and eat it by force.”


that was an amusing excuse. Bolg must have thoughts that the boy can’t possibly asked the wolves.


the wolves are growling and clattering their teeth. they understand that they just have been mocked by Bolg.

“Is that true Alpha?”

Varn asked Alpha which is now besides him. Alpha then shooked her head while never shifting his gaze from the villager.

“You must be lying. my wolves said he doesn’t eat the fish.”

“How can you believes in wolves?”

deep inside his heart Varn know that at this point it is better to believe in the wolves instead of the villager.

“I’m sorry but can you please leave now? I will act like this never happened.”

Varn is trying to resolve the situation carefully. it must be because of his immature way of thinking. afterall he just turned 7 a few weeks ago.

Bolg on the other hand feel that Varn is looking down on him. who is Bolg? He is the strongest man in the village. how can a mere child threaten him?

silently Bolg put his hand to his back. he take out a dagger that he secretly put in his back waist.

“I’m sorry but I can’t leave empty handed.”