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Master of Dungeon

Chapter 000 - Master of Dungeon Prologue

In this world, people were fighting for power. Each kingdom fought with one another, causing a sea of bloodshed that had been sacrificed in vain just to determine the stronger side. However, it all changed when a strange phenomenon happened. 

In the middle of the battlefield between the three sided war, a fifty meter tall tower suddenly emerged. Each side ended up signing a peace treaty to deal with this foreign building. They decided as such so that each kingdom had a chance to explore this tall structure. Elora Kingdom was the first one to send an expedition team of twenty men inside but even after one week no one returned. Holy Kingdom became the second, sending a massive number of three hundred men but it resulted in nothing as well.

After two months, the North Ice Kingdom was finally able to conquer it, and the dungeon disappeared. The group of originally five hundred men returned with only eight survivors. The survivors told everyone about their experiences inside it. Various traps and monsters inside the strange place caused many of their people to die. However, it was all worth it, the eight people who came back alive brought out riches and various artifacts with unimaginable power that could change the world.

The news of the expedition spread far. Elora Kingdom, Holy Kingdom and North Ice Kingdom were now too focused on clearing dungeons for the last two months. When their messenger came back they found out that these constructs started showing up all around the world. The strange phenomenon was now occurring everywhere.

It came in various shapes and sizes, therefore they decided on a collective name for these phenomena. Dungeons.

The war has since then come to a stop.

Dungeons, now nobody in this world didn’t know about it. Every kingdom in this world was racing against the other to clear any new dungeons. Each was striving to clear higher ranked dungeons to showcase their power and gather artifacts.

No one knew how many artifacts have been gathered because each kingdom hid this information. They all knew, that the appearance of the dungeons have put a stop to the war, albeit it was only a temporary truce. When the next war occurs, it will be on a whole new level.

To prevent the war, all kingdom leaders gathered and discussed the future. They decided to sign a peace treaty and form an organization to watch over these dungeons.

One hundreds year ago, an organization called Guild Hall was established based off the conference’s result. The Guild Hall acted as a moderator for the dungeons. Since new dungeons occasionally appeared, the Guild Hall always had an important role to play.

Firstly, the guild hall acted as a neutral faction. They will grant access to anyone from any kingdom if they registered themselves in the Guild Hall as dungeon raiders. This has caused some people to ally with people from other kingdom and has overall reduced hostility between kingdoms. This also eliminated the possibility of any one kingdom monopolizing a dungeon.

Secondly, no one was able to enter the dungeon without a dungeon raider pass, issued by the guild hall. If a person entered a new found dungeon without reporting it first, his dungeon raider identification will be taken forcefully and will be denounced as a criminal that has offended all kingdoms.

Thirdly, new dungeons will always be explored by the guild hall member first to give it a rank based on the types of traps and monsters it contained. This was the Guild Hall’s most important duty. The Guild hall will never clear a dungeon for themselves, they were only tasked to manage it and give it a rank. This was needed because each dungeon raider also had their own rank. They were only allowed to enter a dungeon  that was suitable for their rank. If a low ranked dungeon raider entered a high ranked dungeon, it was the same as seeking death. The guild hall was there to make sure that that didn’t happened.

Lastly, the guild hall kept records of all of the dungeons that have been cleared, newly found, and a list of all uncleared dungeons. Because of these points, people who were seeking fame and power were all signing up as dungeon raiders.

However not all of people wanted to raid a dungeon. Since the war had ended, the people's lives has been prosperous. Peace and freedom filled their daily lives. Each kingdom was competing in clearing dungeons rather than waging wars, leaving most commoners without worry. Although becoming a dungeon raider had great promise for the future, the rate of death was fairly high.

Thus this world can be generally divided into three types of people.

The first type were those who aspired to become dungeon raiders. Second were those who wanted to live out their lives in peace. The third were the noble families that tries to recruit dungeon raiders to work for them.

In a small village that was full of the second type of people, the villagers all lived in peace. Working side by side to make a better life. Smiles can be seen from the villagers faces. It was truly a wonderful sight.

In this small village called Bruit, lived a former dungeon raider. His name was Gerrard. Since meeting the girl of his life, Sandra, he decided to get married and live free of danger. Two years later they were blessed with a boy and named him and Varn.