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Parameter Remote Control

Chapter 015 - Chapter 15 : Female Bitches part 2

At the male toilet, the sounds of water splashing can be heard.

I called Sakuya through mail since I was horny this morning and she serviced me using her mouth, I am not in rush using her meat hole yet.



Because the first lesson already begin, there will no students that will use the toilet. Because our 1st class was Modern Japanese class that was teach by Tomo-chan. It doesn’t matter if I play hooky later on. Because she was madly in love with me!


“N…. fuaa…. Does it feel good, Kotaro-kun?”

“Hora, you can’t stop Sakuya. You need to take it down completely.”

“I, I am sorry…. N…. hamu….”



After I scold Sakuya, she resume her oral service in hurry. Her beautiful hairs swings around as she stuff my meat stick inside her mouth. Every Time Sakuya move her head, the sweet fragrance of her shampoo tickled my nose.

Looking at the figure of beautiful classmate kneeling and suck my meat stick in the male toilet private room, made my meat stick rock hard.

Which girl should I made to suck my meat stick next?

Just like this morning, I think about beautiful girls in the school.

It is not a dream to get all the member from that list.

Or should I just put all the member side by side and screw them in turn? My thought was running wild.


“….. Kotaro-kun was thinking about another girl….”


When I think about girls and made a loose face, before I know Sakuya-san already stop her mouth service and look at me while grasping on my meat stick. It’s kinda scary.

Just kidding~, Sakuya fellation feel too good that I become absent-minded~ when I said it like that,as expected Sakuya was looking at me with scornful eyes.


“Am, Am I Kotaro-kun girlfriend? Don’t think about other girl, as….”

“Un Un, Sakuya is my cute cute girlfriend. The other women doesn’t even reach my eyes.”


“It is true, it is true. As evidence I will put my meat stick inside, Hora, stand up and place your hand on the wall.”

“Kotaro-kun…. I, I can’t live if I am not with Kotaro-kun. That is why I will do all the thing that Kotaro-kun want me to do…. That is why…. N”

“Un Un, I love Sakuya the most. Hora, here I go.”



I stand up and violate Sakuya from the back. When I grasp Sakuya-san soft ass and insert it toward her wet meat hole accept me easily inside.

Sakuya cry out joyfully.


However, how can she tell…. Is this woman’s intuition?

While enjoying her tight hole, I summoned the remote controller and look at her parameter.

Both of her family love and love was 100. The lust was on 80, I understand how Sakuya feel now.

Still, even though this remote controller can manipulate their love level to me, will their desire to monopolize me also raised according to the love level?


Because I plans to made Sakuya-san friend Tsuzurigi Shiori as a female bitch as well, and I didn’t want to hide it from Sakuya…. I want to place Sakuya and Shiori side by side and have a best friends 3P but, it seems like it will be a difficult if it was like this.


If she was thinking about her love to me, Sakuya will become crazy because of jealousy and will become Yandere.


“An…. Kotaro-kun, does it…. Feel goods? Aan”


Sakuya asked while being violated. In order for me to feel better, she move her waist by herself.

Her move was clumsy, but, her loveliness made me unconsciously go *kyun *kyun

When looking at the figure of a beautiful girl in school uniform with only her underwear being taken off and get penetrated from behind, it made me more excited.

I grasp Sakuya white soft ass and begin to move my waist fiercly.


“…. Fua! A…nn…. That is…. Too…. intense….!”

“Gu….! I gonna…. cum…. Sakuya….!”

“Inside…. Please let it out inside…. I want…. I want a lot…. Of it…. Inside…. Aaan!”




I decided to cum inside Sakuya meat hole.

As I ejaculate inside her and the semen hit the wall inside, Sakuya also reach her climax.


“Ah…. you let out…. So much…. Inside….”


I poured a lot of semen inside her.

Furthermore, as if she want to squeeze out all of the semen, Sakuya stretched out her hand down toward my meat stick and use her finger to crawl toward my testcile.

Even though I was still sensitive because I just cum, while enjoying her touch, I poured the last drop inside Sakuya meat hole.



After our deed, I didn’t feel like returning back to the class, so I decided to go to my hideout and kill the time.

I can use this empty classroom without permission as a hideout. Because I already had sex in the morning, I become tired and lie on top of the airbed, and place my head on Sakuya lap.


“You cum a lot inside me again, I wonder if I already become pregnant….”


Sakuya pat her stomach with happy expression.

I see, is that why she pestered me to cum inside her?

However, no matter how much I cum inside her, as long as I turn off [Child Making Mode] on the remote controller, she will not become pregnant.


“Ne, nee Kotaro-kun. If I become pregnant with baby…. What will you do….? Kotaro-kun, did you dislike…. A baby?”

“N? That is right, if it was Sakuya baby it might be cute. I will also take responsibility of it.”

“!? Re, really!? Can I give birth to it!?”

“But you need to become pregnant first…. And then you can give birth to it. And then Sakuya will become my bride.”

“A…. a bride….”



Hearing what I said Sakuya raise her voice and uwa uwaing.

I glance up and looking at Sakuya from her laps, when she notice my look for some reason her face become red and she wave her hands and shaking her head around while saying [Iyan Iyan]

Hahaha, isn’t she so cute? Maa, there is no way she can give birth to a baby though.


Sakuya was still writhing with the word bride, but her movement stop soon.

What happen, when I try to speak, Sakuya stretched her hand quietly and stroke my chest that was lying down.




“Nee, Kotaro-kun…. I, want Kotaro-kun baby…. I want to become Kotaro-kun bride….”

“Oh? You are so agressive….”



It seems like she was asking for 2nd round.

However, I already preserve to become Ema and Sayaka-san partner yesterday, and I just cum once inside Sakuya meat hole this morning. My meat stick already being used a little bit too much.

[TL: You should suck it up, you are a harem MC get back to snu snu.]


“Let’s take a little break. Sakuya just squeezed once from me, so it already empty now….”


I summoned the remote controller to lower Sakuya lust level, incidentally I notice the button on the side was increased.

…. not again. My ability keep evolving rapidly.

Before there is only a button to turn on and off for [Child Making Mode], now it has additional one button.


Furthermore in the LCD displayed Sakuya Parameter, my name appear.



Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Mizuhara Sakuya 【Child Making Mode】off

Family Love … 100

Love … 100

Lust … 84


[TL: as I said on the note on some chp before, 親愛 or shin’ai is a deep love or affection that was used for family love, like for brother and sister and son and parents etc, so I used a family love.]



The parameter of Mizuhara Sakuya was like usual. But, on the upper part there is my name with the word [Boost] next to it. And what is this number is about?

The new button probably corresponded with this.


“Nee…. Kotaro-kun…. I want it, Kotaro-kun baby…., …. is it no good?”


Sakuya seems to be in heat, her breathing was rough, she rub her thigh together as if teasing me and her voice was impatient.

My head that was placed on her laps was shaking together with her, but, I am more worried about this button now.

Why my name appear here? Is this button changing something about me? Maa, judging from the ability of remote controller from before until now, it doesn’t seems like something dangerous.

I decided to push the button of the new button for now. *push





*Gun! I can feel something gradually rising from my abdomen. It is a feeling or irritation that was similar with dull pain.

What is this? When I look at my abdomen area in hurry, my meat stick already erected and it feel like it gonna burst out from my uniform pant.

[TL:…… I do say to suck it up but this…. I am speechless….]


“Wa…. Amazing….”


Sakuya said with delighted voice. This feel like the time when I have a mastubration ban for 1 month after I look at a girl panty flash, I was attacked with intense desire just like that time.

When I look at the LCD, the number of the boost already become [⅔].

Probably, this boost was a button to recover and increase my vigour. Now I feel like I can ejaculate another 10 time continuously without any problem.


The feeling of Sakuya thigh on the back of my head.

The smell of female in heat.

This feracious power stimulate my desire power more. When it became unbearable I got up, Sakuya cry out [Fuee….!?] as I push her down and strip off her underwear.

I can’t endure it any longer.



I continue doing Sakuya until the lunch break, when I finally calmed down, the hideout was filled with a thick smell of semen and love juice.


“Fuwa…. Kotaro-kun…. Was…. too amazing….”


We are completely nude and Sakuya was being covered with semen from head to toe, she looks like she become senile and speak while twitching convulsively. Because she always climax every time I cum inside her, and now she can hardly move her body.

*gopo…. The sperm that can’t be contained inside Sakuya overflowed from inside her meat hole.


I have been emptied out and can’t shoot any longer, however, the boost can still be used another 2 times.

Recently, the number of sex sleeve I can use increased, with this convenient button, I can easily keep up with large number of girls from now on.

I will call Tomo-chan sensei here later and violate her until her legs can’t move. If it was the present me, I can shoot any number of time.


Really, this remote controller evolved ability was very convenient to me. No, this remote controller is my ability. By any chance, is my desire reflected into the remote controller?


“Ah…. no…. such a waste….”


When Sakuya look into it, she scoop up the spilled sperm with her finger and lick it up. This figure look so sultry.


“Is it delicious? My semen.”

“N…. it is bitter…. And has strange taste to it…. But, because this was Kotaro-kun….”



Sakuya was so cute and erotic at the same time…. I can’t stand it.

Looking at her cuteness, I huge Sakuya tightly and kiss her…. Is what I was going to do, but I stopped after looking at my sticky semen.

Instead of kiss, I push my meat stick to Sakuya lips. It was meat stick kiss.

[TL: at first I am gonna like euwwww…. But the next word said he only was going to do and I am like syuh…. Anyways i know meat stick kiss was weird but please bear with it.]


“Hamu…. N….”


She thought that I was asking for cleaning blowjob. Then without saying anything, Sakuya begin to taste my meat stick.


“Un~, Sakuya is good girls…. I already cum a lot inside your meat hole, I wonder if you already become pregnant?

“Rebly? I want…. Kotaro-kun baby….”


[TL: she was talking while stuffing her mouth with you know what, so the first word isn’t typo.]

Hearing Sakuya word, I pat her head while thinking (maa, you wouldn’t be able to give birth to a baby yet).

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