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Last High Human

Chapter 003 - Last High Human 3: This Is Me

 Last High Human 3: This Is Me

In the end, after walking for an hour I found a huge tree. Using the knife as an anchor, I climbed, stabbing the wood to secure my foothold.

Near the highest point, I gathered most of my remaining energy into the lower part of my body, enhancing my strength, ran along a branch and leapt off.

But even with all the energy I used, I nearly failed. Only my right hand managed to reach the edge of the wall. Getting on top was even difficult, mainly due to the fatigue.

Most of my strength was spent in this jump. Magic Strengthening puts a lot of strain on the muscles. I had to rest for a moment before descending. As for the descent… My butt was definitely hurt.

The knives can’t really be used as an anchor on walls.

Why did I rush things? Simple. Another fire was raging in the forest and was quickly approaching. It already reached the trunk where I leapt off.

The area around this side of the wall has been razed by man’s hands: chopped trees were everywhere. Only their stump remained scattered here and there in what used to be a forest long ago, some flowers and mushrooms already growing on them.

Now, only grasses remain. Beyond, a few kilometers from where I stood, another wall stood firm, though its seems shorter than the one behind. After a short rest, I walked in that direction, thinking.

I walked through a transportation gate and lost myself in a forest unaffected by fire. I have no proof, but I am sure that the wall surrounded the whole forest, protecting the rest of the area from its fires.

I crisscrossed between several stump, small hills, and other obstacles.

Also, the area around the wall.was cleared with all trees and litter preventing the ashes to ignite a fire.

The second wall splits somewhere on my left. There seemed to be a passage here. Two concrete towers stood erect on each side of the entrance. I covered the remaining distance with caution until only a hundred meters was left.

When I reached the towers, I instantly felt the familiar pressure of blood lust. I unsheathed my sword and tried to ready my shield, before remembering that I already relinquished it.


Instead, I armed my left hand with the knife. I silently crept to the wall, then slowly approached the first tower.

Once there, I sneaked along the first tower’s base until I reached the corner. I took a quick glance on the passage.

Several soldiers of unknown origin were lying on the ground, Mantissars eating their guts.

I recalled what I knew about them.

Mantissars are animals of the monster category. Monsters differed from regular animals in their ability to use energy in one way or another. Some species don’t even know that they can, like the Mantissars.

They looked like two meter tall black mantis, with a mammal’s jaw and scythes instead of forearms. They have poor eyesight and does two things at the same time. They are close to stupid.

Currently, there are a dozen of them: Three were scattered around the corpses, gnawing at them. Five were agonizing here and there, not posing any threat. The other four were hitting the closed door of the other tower, trying their best to take it down.

For now, the iron door isn’t much damaged. If the Mantissars are trying so vehemently to break through it, there must be some survivors in there. I must act.

Those attacking the door were too focused to notice what happened around them. Only those eating the corpses could warn them since those agonizing Mantissars are too heavily injured to do anything.

I closed on the first Mantissar. The ground here was covered with grasses, smothering the sound of my footsteps. I reached the monster unnoticed. With one swift sword slash, I took it down. Thick green blood spurted onto the ground.


I sneaked behind the second one and cut its neck off. The antennas of the third one stiffened. I knelt behind the second Mantissar‘s corpse, lying on my back with sword in hand, waiting for my next prey to come.

Seconds later, the target started inspecting the corpse, circling around it while smelling the headless neck.

I patiently waited, lying on the ground. The Mantissar caught my scent, but has yet to see me. Finally, the monster arrived and stood above me. I quickly got on my knees and with one strong hit, stabbed at its heart.

A chill ran down my spin. I didn’t put enough strength in the hit!

The monster covered its face using its scythes while emitting a low growl, attempting to catch the attention of its kin. I quickly stood up, spinned on my feet and used the momentum to deliver a powerful Estoc blow between the scythes. The head immediately splits in half, a mere two seconds after the growl.

Hiding behind my third victim, I lowered my stance and looked towards the Mantissars in the tower. Fortunately, they were still hitting the iron door: they didn’t hear the growl.

I gritted my teeth, disappointed by my own mistakes. I must fight the tiredness and energy exhaustion while still moving silently and one-hit killing monsters. I received multiple trainings and formations for this. I even read foreign books about all known weaponry and magic. I am a pacted soldier! I am expected to attain perfection!

I have no excuse for this mistake. I felt bad. Really bad. I felt worthless. Is this another ‘emotion’? Does the King and it’s people living with these feelings everyday?


I suddenly heard a scream coming from the assaulted tower. The door was now partially broken and the head of a spear is springing in and out of the breach, repelling the Mantissars.

I walked past the five other monsters. Three have died, one was crawling in the passage between the walls while the remaining one was eating the remains of a soldier.

Thirty meters away from the closest Mantissar, I re oxygenated my brain: inhaled more air, then exhaled until my lungs were near empty, then reversed the process again with another deep inhalation.

I definitely felt more lucid.

Four monsters were at the door. Three were right in front of the entrance, the fourth was trying to get a better angle, moving around his kin. I took a female soldier’s corpse and raised it on my shoulders and silently approached.

I first killed the wandering Mantissar with one powerful slash, then I threw the corpse to the right of the monsters. They stopped attacking the door, their attention taken by the corpse. I killed the leftmost one, then hurriedly jumped the breach between the door and the frame.

I even managed to avoid the spear jabbed at me from behind the door by ducking. A woman, clad in a soldier armor looked at me, surprised. She was wearing a weird armor.

Only her thighs and chest were protected. Beneath, she seemed to be wearing some sort of red dress.

She looked pale, thin, and has bags under her eyes. Tired and starved. How long has she been there?

Rhod: “Hold on, I am on your side. She is still pointing her spear at me, her eyes wide open.”

Woman: ”W… Who are-”

The Mantissars suddenly realized the trickery, and began attacking the door again.

The woman immediately tried to thrust her spear at them, but failed. Her left hand has a twisted finger while her right arm bled profusely. She even attached her right hand to the spear using her torn tissues.

I sheathed my sword and snatched her spear.  With only exhaustion to bother, I quickly granted death to the monsters behind the door.

Once done, I leaned against the wall behind me and sighed.

Woman: “Thanks for the help. But please give back my spear.”

Not even a second to rest, but seeing she is the one in charge here, I obeyed. She took her spear and put it on a table behind her.

The room we are in is circular, with three windows, protected by iron bars like in prisons. There is one big wooden table behind the woman, with chairs and some dead bodies scattered here and there, both monster and non-monster.

Rhod: “I saw dead soldiers outside. Are you the last one?”

She looked at me with suspicious eyes then nodded. At the same time, a loud sound came from the upper floor.


Written by Liosennel Senpai
Edited by Panda