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Last High Human

Chapter 014 - Last High Human 14.0: You Can(not) Propose A Toast

Last High Human 14.0: You Can(not) Propose A Toast


I silently followed Garland and Bravil, just like a shadow. I don’t remember ever feeling so… so hollow, so empty and... so lost.

I missed everyone. I missed them all. I would like to see them again. But not even our country remained. No one survived. And here I am, alive and well, looking for a job…

I’m the worst…

Garland: ”Hey kid, we’re not gonna hold the door all the damn night for ye!”

Wha…? Oh. We stopped walking. I didn’t notice it… We are at the door of a noisy building, from which came music, clamors and the smell of alcohol…

Where did you take me, Garland…

Bravil was waiting right by my side, looking at me with concern while Garland was holding the door, bending his body to fit the frame’s height.

Rhod: ”Sorry. I was lost in thoughts.”

Since he held the door for me, I entered first. I’m immediately hit by a wave of warmth and light.

The place looked like a countryside Inn. Tables were disposed here and there, with seated people enjoying their meals and drinks. Most of them were either singing or enjoying a good talk. There’s also small groups of people with quieter activities. For example, there was a group of well equipped fighters having a serious discussion in a corner of the room. All sorts of people.

Bravil walked past me, addressing me a warm smile, before directing me to follow her with a polite gesture.

We walked between tables and people, stopping when waiters or waitresses had to pass in front of us. Ah, there’s also Lyett, speaking with a blond bowsman. Her lover seemed younger than her. They were enjoying a good talk too, that’s nice.

We finally reached a corner of the room where two tables had been gathered. Several people were sitting there, chatting. There was a second giant man who looked like Garland. There was also a woman with cat ears and a severe look in her eyes, wearing a weird red dress. (Here: the dress) As well as a tall Elv with blond hair and a young beard. He was talking with a woman and maybe I am wrong, but she must be a High Elf: very white skin, with long and light blond hairs, almost white, and her eyes were shining with a clear yellow color.

Ah. And there’s also a drunk old man eying on Bravil.

Imitating my companions, I took a sit between the second giant and the High Elf. Two of the chairs remained empty.

Second giant: ”Hoi brothah! Who’s that shrimp?”

Garland: ”I was about to tell ye! Shut up ye cunt!”

...Really, what’s going on…

Second giant: ”Heh? Waddya say?!”

What the hell…?

Garland: ”I said shet yer mouth ‘n listen!”

The two giants slowly stood up.

Cat Beastkin: ”Arthos, Garland… Sit down.”

The two giants suddenly straightened.

Garland: ”Yes Ma’am!”

Arthos: ”Yes Ma’am!”

Nice job, Cat Madam… Calmed them down in one go.

Cat Madam: ”So, who is this kid?”

Ah, now that I looked carefully, seemed like everyone were in their late 30’s. I definitely looked younger than them.

Bravil: ”I am not sure, zamasu. But it looks to me like he needs some company, zamasu.”

Arthos: ”What ye sayin’, zamasu girl, everyone needs company when we have alcohol te drink!”

High Elf: ”Shall we simply welcome our guest and enjoy ourselves?”

As usual, High Elves had such soothing voices. Just hearing her speak was relaxing.

High Elf: ”I hope you can excuse them.”

She turned towards me to speak and was now bowing politely.”

Rhod:” No offense taken.”

I returned the bow to her.”

High Elf: ”My… What a refined guest we have here!”

She laughed quietly, a hand in front of her mouth.

High Elf: ”I am Sylvus, nice to meet you young guest.”

Rhod: ”My name is Rhod. And the pleasure is mine.”

Garland: ”Oi, oi, oi kiddo! Ain’t ye a smooth talker?”

Arthos: ”Way to go kiddo! The name’s Arthos! And that dumbass here is my older stupid brother, Garland!”

Garland: ”Oi, shut yer trap asshole!”

Arthos: ”Waddya say, huh?!”

Cat Madam: ”Don’t make me repeat myself, you two.”

Arthos: ”Yes ma’am!!!”

Garland: ”Yes ma’am!”

The two brother got reduced to silence the second time.

Cat Madam: ”I’m Heruz. As for if it’s nice to meet you or not, I have yet to know you.”

Rhod: ”I see. Let’s get to know each other then.”

Arthos suddenly put a hand on his brother’s shoulder.”

Arthos: ”I rarely say this to ye, brother, but ye really found a rare pearl this time!”

Garland: ”Nah, I didn’t. He’s Vexia’s comrade. They brought Lyly back to the guild an hour ago.”

The blond Elv slowly leaned towards me. He had yet to introduce himself.

Elv: ”I’m Alden. A close friend of Vexia. It’s … 'nice' to meet you.”

Arthos suddenly burst laughing, pointing a finger at Alden. As a reaction, the Elv crossed his arms on his chest and looked away, blushing a bit.

I can smell love in Alden’s reaction.

Garland weakly punched his brother’s shoulder.

Arthos: ”Oi, what is… it… Oi… What with the long face…?”

Garland and Bravil were now displaying a dark expression on their faces.

Bravil: ”Lyly hast lost a forearm. It got cut by a Mantissar which had Cocatrix Blood on it.

Garland: ”The wound was fresh, so I cleaned a lot of it to slow down the petrification. But enough poison got into her body.”

The silence fell around the table, contrasting with the light atmosphere of the other customers.

Alden: ”That’s her for you… Charge in first. Make mistakes. Charge again and THEN think.”

Sylvus: ”Alden, please…”

The drunk old man looked at us all, frowning.

Drunkard: ”Lyshia may have a hot temper, Alden… But don’t forget how many times it got you all out of a tight spot.”

Alden remained silent.

Drunkard: ”Bravil, anything we can do for her?”

Bravil: ”Not that I know, zamasu.”

Garland: ”Magic and stuff are not my thing even though I’m studying it. But I can tell for sûre, she needs to see a Master at the capital. But we can’t move her in her current state.”

Bravil: ”And a Master won’t travel to such a remote location for one person.”

Again, silence fell on the group. And I hate to see people looking down like that.

I grabbed a bottle of alcohol which was placed near me, and filled a glass full before standing and raising my glass.

Rhod: ”A toast to Lyshia. She’s a good person.”

Everyone looked at me with confused eyes. Did I screw up?

Finally, Alden filled his glass and raised it too.

Alden: ”Well yeah, she’s stupid but a good person. A toast to Lyshia.”

The rest of the group then filled and raised their own glasses, having a toast to Lyshia.

After gulping down and fighting the burning sensation in my throat, I let myself fall on my chair. Bravil filled my glass again, but I usually don’t drink alcohol. Maybe later.

Heruz: ”So, what brings him here?”

Garland: ”Ah, yeah. Lyly actually wants me to help him find a job.”

Bravil: ”Zamazu…”

Sylvus: ”A job? It won’t be easy to find one. With Vexia’s report, it has been decided to order the evacuation of Madol. All civilian commerces will have to close down tomorrow, except for those supplying the militaries and guild members.”

Drunkard: ”Yeah. How are they supposed to defend Madol if no one can repair their weapons and armors, or refill their engravings for example.”

The drunkard scratched his hairs, revealing for a split second two small horns above his forehead.

Garland: ”Why don’t we simply take him in?”

Bravil: ”Garland! He is too young, zamasu! He will get himself killed, if we take him with us, zamasu!”

Rhod: ”Thanks for the concern. But I can defend myself.”

Arthos: ”Really, kiddo? How’s that body of yer’s then?!”

Out of the blue, the giant’s fist came flying straight to my face. I threw my head backward and grabbed his wrist with my left hand. I then prepared to punch him back with my right hand, but remembering that I am holding my glass in it and seeing the surprised face of my opponent, made me regain my lucidity.

I then realized that I was preparing a punch in order to kill, while his punch was strong enough to only knock me down.

Instead of hitting him back, I tightened my grip on the glass and threw it’s content to Arthos’s face.

Except for him, the rest of the group started laughing at him. Heruz’s cat ears twitch.

Heruz: ”I changed my mind. I like this kid.”

Arthos: ”Damn kiddo, ye got me good!”

Hun... it didn’t take long for Heruz to change her mind.

Drunkard: ”Hey lad… Rhod, is it?”

Rhod: ”Yes?”

Drunkard: ”That’s quiet some strength and reflexes you got there. Do you perhaps have actual combat experience?”

Rhod: ”Yes I do.”

Drunkard: ” -Yes I do.- You’re not very talkative, lad. And except for combat experience, what else can you do?”

Rhod: ”Well… Anything that is related to combat and war.”

Drunkard: ”Anything related to combat and war, you say? Does that include blacksmithing?”

Rhod: ”Yes.”

Drunkard: ”For how long have you practiced?”

Rhod: ”Two years and a half.”

Drunkard: ”That’s not much, but still… Heh. Tell me lad, would you like to get back in a forge? I am looking for an apprentice to look after my workshop.”
I’m not fond of it but… Better than nothing I guess. I may even learn a thing or two.

Rhod: ”I need to find a job. So, yes.”

Drunkard: ”Nah, lad, don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you if you want to work. I’m also looking for someone to clean the stables. My question is: would you actually LIKE to get back in a forge and hammer the shit out of melted pieces of metal?”

Rhod: ”Hammering metal…? Well, the question is not if I would like, but who would not, don’t you think?”

Drunkard: ”Garland, I’m like Heruz: I like this kid.”




Written by Liosennel Senpai
Edited by Panda