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Last High Human

Chapter 012 - Last High Human 12: Arriving to Madol (2)

Last High Human 12: Madol (2)

Upon reaching the stables, the two soldiers guarding the entrance stopped me. I got thanked by them for helping Lyett. Seems like she is well known around here… Is she from some noble family? She even gets chased by the inhabitants.

I’m not too good with these people.

I finally joined her at the stables. The smell of dirt, straw, and treated leather drifted into my nose. 

She silently installed our rides in stalls. The wooden wolf with Vexia’s horse in one stall, and the other horses together in another. A young human boy came to us, a notebook and a pen in hand and a purse at his belt. He carried a bucket filled with carrots that he put down next to my silent partner.

Teenage boy: ”That’s gonna be one silver per mount.”

Lyett: ”Put the whole price on my name.”

Teenage boy: ”Understood Lady Lyett. And… It’s good to see you again!”

The youngster gave her a cheerful smile before leaving, whistling. And wait, 'put everything on her name'…?

[Lyett]: ”I suppose Vexia asked you to come take me. I mean, in the crowd...”

Her back turned towards me while she caressed her wolf’s back, she talked with a low, tired voice.

Lyett: ”I’m… scared of crowds. Even though they know I’m not good with people, the civilians keep swarming around me...”

I came at her side to grab the bucket, and moved around the stalls, feeding the carrots to the horses.

Rhod: ”Why?”

She turned to me, her left hand still on the wolf.

Lyett: ”You are not from the region, right…? Around here, I am… well, you can say my family is very well known. And so am I.”

Rhod: ”I’d also say you are popular. One of them just proposed to you.”

Lyett: ”... You don’t need to remind me that. They keep coming and asking...”

Rhod: ”May I ask why you are getting such treatment?”

She looked down her feet, frowning.

Lyett: ”Well… I am the second daughter of the noble family that leads the Commercial Guild.”

That guild thing again.

Lyett: ”And by tradition, I need to get married to a male making sure my lineage continues, since my sister will take over the business.”

That tradition must come from my era...

Rhod: ”I see. And they are running after you for your money more than for yourself.”

Lyett nodded slowly before leaving the stall.

Lyett: ”My mother is letting me find a man that suits my tastes. If I don’t have a partner when I turn twenty, she’ll choose for me.”

Vexia’s horse which was ignoring the carrot I was showing him, was now trying to bite my hand while I’m feeding the other horses.

Lyett: ”I did find someone you know? He is a childhood friend. But he doesn’t have any renown achievements..”

The feeding of horses suddenly turned into a mousquetaire fight with Vexia’s horse. 

Lyett: ”And my family only has eyes on fame. How the hell is that supposed to 'let me choose' ?! I’m not free to choose in these conditions at all…!

Rhod: ”Well… You may have restrictions about who to choose. But that still leaves you the possibility to find someone that fits their expectations.”

Lyett: ”I know…”

There’s no other choice. If I want to feed the carrot to this horse, I have to shove it in its mouth…!

Lyett: ”But there’s no way I can find someone that is famous that I will like. Only noblesmen are renown in this cursed world. And they only know how to order around. They attended the Knight’s Academy, but they never go on the field. How could I ever marry someone like that…??”

Rhod: ”Well… For now all I can say is to wait and see. Maybe that gentleman you like will do something worth your family’s recognition someday.”

Lyett: ”I don’t think so. He’s just a regular hunter you know…”

Vexia’s horse was now munching on the carrot I 'fed' him, silently staring daggers at me. I won the first round. I’ll be back for you once I finish feeding the others!

Rhod: ”You never know what can happen. Sometimes, luck is all it takes.”

Lyett: ”Luck is all it takes… That sounds nice. But reality doesn’t care about what sounds nice or not. I’m done taking care of Fenrir so I’ll take my leave.”

Rhod: ”Do you need me to accompany you?”

Lyett: ”That’s nice of you, but you don’t need to bother. My escort is waiting for me in the Guild Hall.”

Rhod: ”Got it. Be careful anyway.”

Lyett: ”Thanks, I will.”

Lyett waved her hand at me before going through a green door in the wall shared with the Guild Hall building.

Sounded harsh to be her. I wished her good luck with all this.

I finished feeding all the other horses. Only Vexia’s mount needs to be fed. Our eyes met again.

Rhod: ”I don’t plan on losing against you. All resistance is futile, give up and eat this carrot.”

The horse looked at me, it’s eyes burning with fierceness.

Rhod: ”I see. You’re an opponent worth my time!”

I took an estoc posture, as if really preparing for a fight. What a surprise when my 'opponent' suddenly started imitating a bull ready to charge. Or wait, he’s not really planning to charge right…?

As that doubt was striking me, the horse suddenly turned around and, showing me his butt, started to… oh shit…

Like… literally…

I threw the last carrot at him and quickly left the stalls, ignoring the horse’s voice, resembling a laugh. He won the second round.

Once outside, I am struck with a thought. What am I supposed to do?

I can’t really go outside by myself with monsters roaming around. And it’s getting late, the sun had started to set.

I should go see Lyshia. Newt was left alone with her.

I sighed deeply, and walked to the Guild Hall building.

The people inside were all dressed formally and were seemingly preparing to close down the shop. Or whatever this place is. Ah… One of the staff came to me.

Purple-haired Elf: ”Hi, young adventurer, zamasu. We are about to close, you may come back tomorrow, zamasu.”

That waitress was quite something. Long, purple hairs was hiding the left side of her face, marked curves, and a dress showing her right leg up to the thigh. She was also smoking a pipe. 

And she spoke with that weird, haughty tone…

Rhod: ”I’m a friend of the injured woman that got carried here by the gia- By Garland."

Purple-haired Elf: ” Garland, zamasu?”

… What is that zamasu thing…

Purple-haired Elf: ”You may follow me, young adventurer, zamasu.”

Ignoring how weird that woman was acting and speaking, I started following her to the depths of the building, listening to her whispering 'zamasu, zamasu' from time to time.

After a mere minute of walk, we arrived in front of a door on the first floor. Zamasu then knocked and entered the room.

Zamasu: ”My apologies for interrupting, zamasu. Is this the person with your group zamasu?”

Newt: ”Oh, yes. He is.”

Zamasu: ”Very well. You may enter, zamasu. Please take your time zamasu.”

… I swear on the Guardians, I will make nightmares filled with this word…

Zamasu graciously bowed and left quietly, closing the door behind her.

Lyshia was lying on a bed, with Newt sitting on a chair right next to her while Garland was putting bloody tissues in a trashcan.

Garland: ”Rhod, was it? Your friend said she wants to talk with you, so I will take my leave for now. I will come back in an hour at most if you are not finished talking.”

Garland bowed to us like Zamasu, then left.

Rhod: "What a day, was it? It felt like-”

Lyshia: ”Rhod.”

She put her valid hand on her bandaged arm and looked at me with reddened eyes.

Lyshia: ”Tell me the truth once and for all. You’re not from this era, right?” 



Written by Liosennel Senpai
Edited by Panda