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Last High Human

Chapter 011 - Last High Human 11: Arriving to Madol (1)

Last High Human 11: Arriving to Madol (1)

We rode for around three hours moving at intermediate speed. From the remains of the convoy, we journeyed into the forest until we reached a small river. We followed it heading towards the west joining a large road. From there, far in the distance, I was able to see Yggdrasil, the gargantuan tree the Elves worship as an avatar of their god.

We moved in it’s direction, leaving behind the forest. We rode through a large grass plain, before returning back into another part of the woodland.

Vexia led our group with Lyshia and Newt at her side while I traveled beside the Dryade. She was riding her wooden wolf and leading the eastman's horse, while I took care of Lyshia's horse. I neither met or even heard of Dryades before, therefore I had some hesitations talking to her. But even though she looked reserve and shy, she initiated the conversation by herself. Maybe to forget the loss of her comrade.

We merely started by talking about the deceased Beastman. He was a year-long comrade of her unit. With Vexia and him, there were also three more people, yet they had died in missions along the way .

Rules authorized a unit to function with numbers comprised between six and three members. Now that only two of them remained, they need to start recruiting newbies from the military schools, or either disband and get dispatched here and there.

I asked her what was the situation around the continent, pretending that I had forgotten most of what happened before the made-up attack of the Crimson Daggers at me.

She simply shrugged and said she was not informed on anything else except what happens in Sylven, the Elven Country.

When I asked why the militaries were so inefficient on the field, she grimaced.

[Dryade] ”The last armed conflict was 1500 years ago. Except for those who lived through it and were still alive today and those military families who were going to knight school, no one really possesses combat experience. Not even efficient training. It... wasn't needed anymore, until a year ago.” She said.

[Vexia] ”Madol is in sight, we’re accelerating!”

At this declaration, Vexia’s horse suddenly ran faster. We followed her example.

When we came out of the forest, we arrived at the base of a large hill, with walls were built on the top. Judging from the looks of the construction, the place was a large as a medium size town.

Once we were at less than a mile from Madol, Vexia fired a green flare then a yellow one right after. Lyshia used the same color system to signal our approach to Major Ayuha’s base. A green and a yellow flare.

Right after, the gates opened and we barged in hastily.

Lyett, the Dryade, was the first to jump down her wooden wolf. Newt and I also dismounted.

[Vexia] “Rhod, help me get her down.”

I gave my reins to Newt and moved to Vexia’s horse. She then proceeded to slowly let Lyshia slip into my arms, one holding the back of her knees, the other one holding her shoulders.

[Newt] ”How is she doing? Is she ok? Sh- she’s not d- dead, right?”

[Rhod] ”Newt calm down, we’re taking care of her!”

[Vexia] ”Garland!”

Vexia waved in the direction of a building. On its front was a sign where the word ‘Guild Hall’.was written

What is a guild…?

[Vexia] ”Follow me!”

She then started running towards that direction. The door was opened by a huge, armored person right when we reached it. He or she must be 3 meters tall! And wore a green, heavy plated combat armor.

[Giant person] ”Vexia? Weren’t ye with Lady Lyett?”

[Vexia] ”No time for this Garland, I need to see a doctor or anyone with Healing Magic!”

That Garland giant looked at her with a surprised expression. His attention shifted to me, then to Lyshia’s arm.

[Garland] ”I’ll carry her. Ye should go make yer report at the barracks.”

The giant carefully carried Lyshia in his arms before rushing into the depths of the building, closely followed by Newt.

[Vexia] :”Things are definitely getting worse and worse… Sorry for all this. Ehm…”

She looked at me with a weird face.

[Rhod] ”Wh- What?”

[Vexia] ”I already heard about Corporal Lyshia and her apprentice, Newt. But I don’t know your name.”

[Rhod] ”Oh. Simply call me Rhod.”

[Vexia] ”Rhod is it? That’s a weird name… Well Rhod, I need to go make a report of everything that happened. Can I ask you to go rescue Lyett and take the horses to the stables? Thanks.”

[Rhod] ”Wait, what do you mean by…?”

Vexia had already hurriedly left .

[Rhod] ”... By rescuing her.”

Well, hum… Ok.

I turned back, looking for the Dryade, Lyett. Next to the closed gates, our five horses and the wooded wolf waited where we left them. Fifty meters from them, people gathered, seemingly… surrounding someone.

I see. So my rescue mission is there.

What the hell?

I walked to the crowd, trying to get through. But I could not succeed since they kept pushing me back. I didn’t know what that was all about, but well, I’m supposed to pick up Lyett…

But how am i supposed to? I can’t get to her, and using force is not my thing.

My attention slowly shifted to the gates. Then to soldiers guarding it. Then to our horses. And to the wooden wolf, which silently came to me and was now sitting beside me, staring towards the crowd.

[Rhod] ”Can you perhaps understand me?”

The wolf looked at me, it’s face hardly showing any expression. It yawned.

[Rhod] ”Mmh… Can you maybe… Go take her?”

The wolf tilted its head to the right.

[Rhod] ”W- What?”

The wolf kept looking at me, almost as if… frowning?

[Rhod] ”You… hum… Lyett is in trouble and… Can… Can you take her to the stables? Or... Huh...”

The wolf tilted its head to the left.

[Rhod] ”What am I even doing…???”

The wolf stood on it’s four feet and calmly walked to the crowd. If he is going for her I should follow him.

Once there, he suddenly let out a low, menacing growl. The crowd slowly split in half, allowing us to converge towards Lyett.

[Elv 1] ”Would you like to visit my father’s domain Lady Lyett?!”

[Tiger Beastman] ”I just got paid for a big hunt, let me invite you to some good restaurant at the capital!”

[Elv 2] :”I have always admired you Lady Lyett, please marry me!”

Flooded by everyone’s speech, Lyett looked around herself, seemingly on the verge of panic. Pressed by everyone against the wolf, I ended up climbing on it’s back. His body shivered violently as he stopped walking.

He turned his head, trying to look at me, when I bend down to his ears.

[Rhod ”Let’s quickly grab her and get out of here.”

I poured some energy in him, transmiting my intentions to him. He lowly growled and ended up forcefully making his way to Lyett.

[Elv 3] ”Hey, who are you?!”

[Tiger Beastman] ”Who do you think you are?!”

[Rhod] ”Lyett, grab my hand.”

Lyett looked up at me, half angry and half in panic. She grabbed my hand and allowed me to pull her onto the wolf’s back behind me.

Seeing that, the crowd got angry, insulting me of all names for ‘stealing her from them’.

I did not answer them and simply indicated the wolf that it’s time to leave. We quickly got out of there and, once back to the horses, the crowd dispersed, disappointed.

I jumped down the wolf.

[Rhod] ”Good work. Get her to… the...?”

Before even I could finish my sentence, the wolf ran off to the building next to the Guild Hall thing. I checked the sign again.

...So the wolf ran off to the building next to the Guild Hall, and entered it by a large entrance without doors.

There’s dirt and straw on the ground.

I grabbed the reins of the five horses and led them here.

I'm beat.


Written by Liossenel Senpai
Edited by Panda