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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 099 - Lela’s resolution

The aristocracy union’s meeting was adjourned and each person left in succession. Elena and I were talking secretly.

「Seiji-sama, what are we going to do from now on?」
「For the time being, since it’s necessary to the be cautious for Suga and Ikebu town, let’s stay at the Suga town today.」
「That’s right, we better do so.」

While we were talking such a thing, Rondo approached.

「Elena-sama, and Seiji as well, there will be a little dinner party, would you like to come?」
「Am I a bonus?」

「I’m sorry. Because there’s a place that I must go, I can’t attend.」

Ignoring the astonished Rondo, Elena took my hand and left the conference hall briskly.

「Elena, isn’t it fine to attend the dinner party?」
「Seiji-sama, we need to go to Suga now, isn’t that right?」

Elena looked at me with a worried expression.

「Elena, are you so worried about Suga and Ikebu town?」

「Alright, well then, let’s go immediately.」

Elena embraced me joyfully.

「E-, Elena-sama! What are you doing!?」

Crap! it was seen by Rondo.
But, whatever.

「Sorry, Rondo.」

Leaving those words, we【Teleported】.

「E-, Elena-sama! Seiji! ……d-, disappeared!?」

Rondo remained standing there for a while.


「Eh? Seiji-sama, isn’t this Ikebu town?」
「Aa. First, I think we should warn Lela that this town is being targeted.」
「That’s right. We better do so.」

For the time being, the number of monsters on the map didn’t increase that much. It seemed okay for a while.

I checked Lela’s location via the beacon.
She seemed to be staying at a luxurious inn.

「That fellow, staying in a place such as this.」

「This inn is reserved. Find another one.」

When we tried to enter the inn, the soldiers who guards the entrance stopped us.

「Then, I ask you to send Lela a message. Tell her that Elena and Seiji have come.」
「Y-, You are!」

Somehow or another, they recognized us in the end.

「Aren’t you Elena-sama!?」

The one they recognized was Elena!

「Immediately, convey a message!」

The soldiers conveyed the message in a hurry and we were able to meet Lela.

「Elena-sama, Seiji. Where have you been? You disappeared in the middle of the victory party yesterday.」

Lela is inside a suite-like room, having a tea gracefully. What a carefree fellow.
Moreover, unusually, Lela is not wearing an armor. I have seen her figure without armor before but since Aya had destroyed the armor, she ended up naked.

「What a very carefree fellow.」
「What did you say!?」

「According to our newly acquired intelligence, the troops led by the Goblin Prince seems to be targeting this place. You better be careful.」
「G-, Goblin Prince!?」

Hearing the name, Lela’s face suddenly went pale.

「W-, What to do. E-, Escape quickly.」
「Escape? What about the townspeople?」
「The townspeople doesn’t matter, I’m from a noble house!」
「You!~ Though you celebrated victory together with them yesterday, you’re just going to abandon them easily?」
「B-, B-, But…… the opponent, is a Goblin Prince!」

「I’ll come to help when it become dangerous. Just hold on until then.」
「Come to help? Didn’t you come to guard me all the time?」
「I’m Elena’s guard. Elena and I will defend Suga town. While you defend Ikebu town during that time.」

「Suga!? You! Which is important, Suga town or me!?」
「It’s Suga town.」
「T-, that’s……」

Lela started to tremble.

「You don’t have to worry too much, I’ll immediately come to help.」
「But, but, from Suga to here, it takes 2 days in a hurry!」
「Alright. I have a magic that can enable me to come immediately.」
「Magic! Is there such a thing? Is it true?」

Somehow, Lela was completely scared. What to do?

「Listen, Lela. If you defend this Ikebu town in the time of this crisis, you’re a hero.」
「But, if you run away…… you are, a coward. You will be reviled as a coward. Your family as well, will despise and look at you with contempt.」
「I-, I understand……」

Lela’s expression suddenly stiffened and she firmly nodded.

「If there is anything, tell me with this.」

I handed a counterpart of the twin-magic-stone-style string phone I made before to Lena.

「What is this?」
「It’s a magic tool I made that can enable us to talk even from far away.」
「That’s amazing!」

I handed the other counterpart to Elena and let her teach the method of using it.
The two people seemed to enjoy themselves.
Only a little while back, she was almost crying……

「Then Lela, I’ll rely on you later.」
「Oh, I understand.」
「Oh, yeah. Be sure to not prioritize the searching for the enemy.」
「I see, that’s right.」

We said goodbye and deliberately used【Teleportation】in front of Lela. We teleported to Suga town.


 When we teleported to Suga town―
In the distant forest, I was able to confirm that there are many monsters there with the map.

Quite a huge number.
Moreover, not only goblins and orcs, there are also, hobgoblins and high orcs mixed in.

Because there is some distance, it will be tomorrow if they attack Suga town.

If I have something to worry about―

『Lela-san, do you hear me?』
『Elena-sama. Yes, I hear you.』

Elena and Lela are still playing with the string phone.
I haven’t confirmed yet if it can be used properly in the distance but there seems to be no problem for the time being.

We looked for an inn close to the north side of the town, which seemed to be the area where the goblins will attack.

I didn’t particularly choose the inn on purpose.
Because when we looked for an inn in the north side of the town, there was nothing but only one there!

For some reason, the entire building of the inn we found was pink in color……

「S-, Seiji-sama, are we going to stay here?」
「We can notice immediately when the monsters attack if here.」
「T-, That’s right. It’s for the sake of the town.」

Elena and I nervously entered the inn.


The receptionist has a small window in a strange position so that the guests weren’t identifiable. It turned out to be a way to exchange money and keys from there.

「One……one night please.」
「Only the best room is available, would that be fine?」
「Ah, please.」
「Well then, it’s 300 Aurum a night.」

E-, Expensive.

I paid 300 Aurum reluctantly, I received the key and went to the room.

When we arrived at the room, the room was pink. It was painful to look at.
Elena and I will stay o-, overnight in such a place?

「Seiji-sama, there’s a bathroom.」

When I look at where Elena is pointing, there is a bathroom.
Huh? Something is strange.

So, even from inside the room, you can immediately find the bathroom.
Because the bathtub is visible from inside the room.
Why is it visible? Because there’s a glass between the room and the bathroom.

The glass is probably a high-class item here. Using it like this is a waste……

「S-, Seiji-sama, this bathroom. To be in sight……」
「You can go in first, Elena.」
「B-, but……」
「Look, there’s a curtain. Just close this.」
「Oh, you’re right.」

Elena went into the bathroom cheerfully.

But, how it became like this?
This curtain, is thin and…… slightly see-through……
No, it’s nothing.

When I’m appreciating the curtain with all my might, Elena came out dressed in a bathrobe while the smell of soap permeated in the air. 
I immediately looked away.

「Seiji-sama, you can go ahead.」
「O-, Oh.」

When I entered the bathroom, probably the effect of light but, I noticed that one can’t see the outside from the inside. I see, in this way……
I washed my whole body cleanly just in case.

Upon exiting the bathroom, Elena’s face was deep red.

「Seiji-sama, this curtain, it’s thin……」

It seems Elena also appreciates the curtain somehow or another.
And, Elena fidgets.

N?  Elena holds something in her hand while fidgeting.

「Elena, what is that you’re holding in your hand?」
「Oh, this? It was inside the room, it seems to be a magic tool or something. What kind of magic tool is this?」
「It’s probably, used to ease stiff shoulders?」

「So it’s a magic tool to ease stiff shoulders.」

Elena brought the magic tool to her shoulders and channeled magic power. The magic tool started to vibrate.

「Seiji-sama, it feels good.」
「I-, It feels good?」
「Yes, it feels good.」

I engraved Elena’s words deeply into my heart.