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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 098 - Azos’ hidden room

When we were all talking about what we should do from now on,
a soldier entered in a hurry.

「Reporting. The troops led by Lyle Gewalt-sama had arrived.」
「He finally arrived.」
「Finally arrived?」

Lyle Gewalt will probably take the command of the aristocracy union’s troops gathered in Shinju town.
In other words, the war has finally began.

Well, we must settle the matter about Azos first.

Rondo led Elena and I to welcome Lyle Gewalt.

「Lyle Gewalt-dono, thank you for coming all the way here.」
「Oh, Rondo Warstar. I have put you through the trouble of welcoming me.」

And then, Lyle Gwalt and I made eye contact.

「You, Seiji! How did you arrive here ahead of us!? Even Elena-sama!」

「Aren’t you just slow? More than that, after you left, more than 200 orcs attacked Ikebu town.」

Well, they were actually 300 orcs but the 20 high orcs were……

「W-, What did you say!? T-, Then, is Lela safe?」

You are worried about your daughter more than the town? Well, it can’t be helped.

「For the time being, Lela and the 100 soldiers are safe, as well as the Ikebu town.」
「I-, I see. That’s good…」

For a moment there, Lyle Gewalt had the eyes of a father. And he immediately reverted back to his stern expression―

「Rondo, does the other aristocratic troops have assembled?」
「Yes, we are all set. But―」
「N?  Is there a problem?」

「Yes, we ascertained that Azos-dono had been colluding with the orcs.」
「What did you say!?」

We explained the past events to Lyle Gewalt and decided to interrogate Azos.

We moved to Rondo’s tent.
In front of Elena, Rondo, Lyle Gewalt and I were Azos and the Slums’ merchant, who were bound with a rope, seated.

「Azos, is it true that you have been colluding with the orcs?」
「No, I’ve been coaxed.」
「Well, coaxed by whom?」
「The orc over there!」

「Orc? That merchant?」

Questioned by Lyle Gewalt, Azos had an expression of「Shit!」.

「Lyle Gewalt-dono, that is an orc disguised as a merchant.」
「What did you say!? Azos, you’ve been tricked even though you knew this guy is an orc?」
「T-, That’s……」

This fellow is stupid!

「Shit! Don’t act so proud, you dog who fawns all over the King!」
「What did you say!?」

Azos became strange when he had been cornered. He began to bite Lyle Gewalt.

「Under such a King, the country will continue to decline. Therefore, I turned myself into King and tried to make the country better…」
「Colluding with the orcs, you were just trying to destroy the country!」

「Destroy? Absolutely not. I let both the goblins and the orcs sweep away all the nuisances while I subsequently planned to become the King.」

Everyone inside the room looked at Azos with eyes of pity.
The orc merchant suddenly started to talk.

「Azos, you fool, the Goblin King, won’t make, Azos, King.」
「What!? That’s not what was promised!」

「Azos, you fool, once you finished your task, kill.」
「You tricked me! I provided you food as well as a place to live! 」

「The guy, who had been deceived, is the fool.」

Everyone in the room agreed on that opinion.
Really, what a fool……

「Curse you!  Curse you!!」

Since Azos had become too violent, he had been returned to the cage by the soldiers.

Afterwards, the interrogation started all over again with the orc merchant.

「Orc, what is your goal?」
「Operation, already, commenced, too late.」

「What’s the operation.」
「Right about now, Goblin prince, attacking, Suga, Ikebu. Even if, move now, too late. Town, Goblin, occupation.」
「What did you say!?」

The goblin prince should’ve been killed in the Scab village, or could it be that there are more goblin prince?

「If you want, to live, escape. Then, we won’t, chase after you.」

「Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fool me because I’m not a fool like Azos.」
「You, not fool. I, not deceiving, you. Disappointed.」

But, it seems to be true that the Ikebu and Suga town are being targeted by the Goblin Prince.
Since Lela’s troops are there in Ikebu town, they are still better off than Suga town which is defenseless. Do I have no choice but to go?

While I’m thinking such a thing, the orc merchant started to suggest something.

「I’m, hungry. If you, want more, information, give me food.」
「Information?  What kind of information?」

「Azos’, love, small human female. Azos, many, small female, gifts.」
「Small human female? ……Is it perhaps, pedophilia!? Where are those gifts at!?」
「Azos’, house.」

When we heard it, Rondo’s troops stormed into Azos’ mansion―
There were 10 girls confined inside a hidden room.

The girls were only children of about 8~12 years old, some of them were also injured.
Elena gently healed the girls’ injuries.

I won’t absolutely forgive Azos.

At that time, the orc had a delicious meal inside the cage.
Azos was rampaging inside the cage next to it.


 Afterwards, the aristocracy union’s meeting took place.

Inside the conference hall, 7 aristocrats sitting in a semicircle while Azos stood in the middle.
Lyle Gewalt is on the top seat, Rondo is sitting on the right and, Elena and I are sitting slightly apart from the others at the back.

Everyone present seemed to have peculiarities. 
Their siting positions were probably the same as their towns’ location.

The one who I’m worried about is the young man with fox-like eyes, he seems to be the feudal lord of Ikebu town.
When I used【Appraisal】, his name is『Branford』.

What is this guy! He acquired【Information Magic】level 3.
More importantly, he can also use【Appraisal】.

That fellow was staring at me since a little while ago.
Since I used【Concealment】to disguise the result of my appraisal, even if he used appraisal, he should see mine as level 1 merchant.
It seemed he was done appraising me, with「Hmp」snort, he suddenly lost interest in me.

That fellow seemed to appraise Elena next and *shuddered* was terrified at Elena’s high level.
I trained Elena, take thatttt!

「I hereby declare the start of the aristocracy union’s meeting. I think you were already informed beforehand that Azos has been caught colluding with the orcs. This is our first agenda.」

The meeting commenced with Lyle Gewalt speech.

But suddenly, the man with fox-like eyes『Branford』raised his hand and asked for permission to speak.

「Branford, permission to speak granted.」
「Thank you. First, could you introduce us to the princess and the merchant at the back?」

「Merchant? I understand. First, I think everybody knows but, it’s Princess Elena Delaidos.The Princess herself, investigated the conspiracy wriggling behind the scenes of this war.As for the man next to her, the Princess’ guard, he is called Seiji.」

Branford narrowed his fox-like eyes even further and glared at me. A level 1 merchant as a guard, he probably felt a sense of incongruity.

Lyle Gewalt explained to everyone about Azos and the Scab village, and discussed what should be done from now on.

And, after the discussion, it had been decided that Azos will be sent to the Royal Capital to receive death penalty.
Azos with a pale face, was taken by the soldiers.

The agenda was moved to the discussion of the war.

「What is the movement of the demon lord’s army?」

The man with fox-like eyes stood up and began to answer.
Perhaps, this guy’s job is information gathering?

「The demon lord’s army seemed to have received intelligence about us; with approximately the same number, they amassed 15, 000 soldiers and deployed them to the『Central plain』.」

Is『Central plain』the name of a place? Perhaps, it is located between Shinju town and Demon town.

「Princess Elena, I’m very sorry. Even though the Princess has uncovered the goblins’ conspiracy with so much effort. Since the demon lord’s army has also started to move, it’s impossible to stop the war anymore.」
「T-, that’s……」

As Lyle Gewalt said so, Elena hung her head low.
While everyone looked at Elena who was hanging her head low, I raised my hand and asked for permission to speak.

「The likes of a merchant asking for permission to speak, this place is the high aristocracy union meeting. Know your place!」

The fox eye bastard got angry with me raising my hand and yelled.

「Well, fine. Permission to speak granted.」
「B-, But……」
「I said it’s fine.」

As Lyle Gewalt said so, the fox eye bastard dejectedly withdrew.

「Then, I’ll speak. It seems the goblins plan to exhaust us when fighting against the demon lord’s army. I think it’s a good idea to avoid getting exhausted and quickly establish a place to have a meeting with the demon lord’s army.」

Elena pleasantly smiled to my remark.
But, as for the other aristocrats, in particular to those who raised their objections, did not.